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Story could apply to this person in 1881: Story Source
Eaton Treasure (1816) of North-Brewham
his name was actually Exton Treasure

all other records
Richard P Creed (1824) of Maperton
later of sheephouse farm bruton

Eva G Hooper (1871) of South-Brewham
Eva disappears off the face of the earth after marriage in 1902. Perhaps she goes out to Australia where known cousins lived. More work needed.

William E Treasure (1857) of North-Brewham
his farmhouse in North Brewham burnt down. Two of his sons went out to WA; his daughter later to Queensland. She is listed on the family gravestone with her date of death (1993).

Brewham churchyard, family info and records
Ernest W Balch (1874) of Milborne-Port
married but had no children

family info
William C Swanton (1837) of Bratton-Seymour
the Swantons are featured in \\\'In Praise of Bratton Seymour\\\', a book by Mary Whidfield. They farmed in Dibden Hampshire for a while but returned to Bratton, later mostly ending up around Shaftesbury.

book, research
Bessie Rogers (1854) of Henstridge
youngest dau of Henstridge\\\'s first postmaster. About to marry Samuel Davis in 1882. They stayed in Henstridge.

information from great-grandson
Edward Biggin (1821) of Castle-Cary
son of Paul and Charlotte (Dyke) Biggin, thatcher, who eventually married after Paul was involved in other relationships. Edward was one of the few Biggin children to remain in England. The rest went to Melbourne, mostly in about 1852.

Australia death indexes, migration records
Silas Dyke (1809) of Milborne-Port
Silas was a glover employing 21 men in Church Street in 1851. The Dyke factory produced 480 different styles in the 1930s but for several years before closure in 1984 concentrated on sporting gloves

Victoria County History - vol7
George M Amor (1857) of Bruton
from the birth records, George appears to have had a twin brother (this needs checking). Believe George was a draper -he married twice, and had one son (born 1887). He has no descendants living but siblings may have issue.

family records
Mary A Creed (1816) of Weston-Bampfylde
Mary Ann was Miss Lye. She had a nephew Thomas Lye Taylor who lived with her and George

George Creed (1817) of Weston-Bampfylde
George had previously been bailiff to his widowed sister at North Barrow. But after her children grew up he married Miss Lye and came to live in her parish, Weston Bampfylde at Little Weston

census, wills
Esau Golledge (1856) of Lovington
later the farmer of Middle Farm Hornblotton. He married twice and had one son George, and one grandson Tom Golledge who died in 1998 in Hornblotton. There are no descendants.

family info
Uriah Parsons (1823) of Charlton-Horethorne
Lord of the Manor of Charlton Horethorne. Unfortunately died following the results of a shooting accident

local newspapers
George Gregory (1831) of Eastrip
His sister Mary Gregory married age 18 to Thomas Hooper of Brewham, and they went out to Australia about 1879. Mary is rumoured to have returned to England shortly afterwards as a widow, but there\\\'s no proof, and her children certainly stayed out there

email from cousin
Samuel Warren (1823) of North-Cheriton
farmer at Lattiford, North Cheriton. Lattiford House was built in the year 1800, and the Manor House occupied by Samuel\\\'s widow in 1903 according to Swetman. Inherited the farm from his uncle Charles Warren about whom several slanderous stories still exist

Journal of TH Baker of Mere Down Farm 1895; George Swetman, History of Wincanton 1903
Kate Warren (1842) of Blackford
Kate had just been widowed and was living at Blackford with her mother, presumably at East Hall Farm. The Richards family looked after her in her 40 year widowhood. She later lived at The Batch, Wincanton

letter from grandson, census
William E Warren (1852) of Abbascombe-Templecombe
not much is known about William. He was the only Warren boy, and still in village in 1891. His sister Sarah\\\'s will implies that William had died leaving no family. Two sisters went to Lincolnshire while two more were unmarried and retired to The Cottage, Henstridge

wills, census
William D Tabor (1837) of North-Cadbury
was on the verge of going out to farm in New Zealand - sailed 1883

info from descendant
Thomas Tabor (1839) of North-Barrow
was re-potting swedes on Christmas Day 1909 when he died

his granddaughter
Oscar W D Tabor (1878) of North-Cadbury
Sadly three of his sons were killed fighting in WW1. They were New Zealand citizens,


Story could apply to this person in 1861: Story Source
Gertude Warren (1861) of Maperton
she married and went to live in Boston, Lincolnshire, producing the only grandchild

my research
Bessie Luffman (1860) of Milborne-Port
married Frederick Davis c 1878 and moved to USA about 1880. Had 3 children the eldest was named Frederick and all were born in US.

Emigrant shipping records - family notes
Benjamin Biss (1849) of Ansford
Of an old family from the parish

Parish registers

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