Rodda Harris The picture on the left is the will of Samuel Hynam, a haulier, made in hospital the day before he died.  It is written on headed paper in the handwriting of the doctor.  Though very ill, Samuel still manages to sign his name.

Rodda was left a widow in 1901 with eight children.  The eldest girl had gone with her family to the tin mills of Ohio in 1893, and the youngest was just nine.

The Hynams built a row of six cottages, Incline Terrace, off Vicarage Road.  Rodda, known as 'Mam' to her grandchildren, lived there till her death aged 81, a week after her daughter.  She could not read or write.



Hynam is not a very common name.  We think they came across the Severn from Somerset.  It appeared on the tree from Sue Jones, which she had from talking to her mother.  Four of the girls in the family had died or moved away from the area by 1930 - so we didn't know much about them to start with.  (Lizzie had died in 1918 of Spanish flu.)

So I found a Hynam living in Vicarage Road in the phone book in 1991 and rang her up.  It was Muriel and she was the only one of the name left, seeing as her father was the only boy in a family of nine.  Muriel and her cousin Annie put together a family tree showing all the cousins.  I met Annie a few years later at her home in Ynysforgan.  She knew everybody's business.