Tom's Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939

County Wexford is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including yearGeocoded address*
O'RYAN of Provincial Bank Limited -- Wexford -
MALONE of Coolree -- Wexford -
RIORDAN of Rosevale -- Wexford -
SPANNER of Neemstown Kilmore county of -- Wexford -
GIBBON of Sleedagh -- Wexford -
FORRESTAL of Murrintown -- Wexford -
ROCHE of Cleariestown -- Wexford -
TALBOT of The Rectory New Ross -- Wexford -
HORE of 18 Upper George-street -- Wexford -
KELLY of 5 Upper Rowe-street -- Wexford -
SMITH of 12 William-street -- Wexford -
MEYLER of Lower John-street -- Wexford -
SHEIL of South Main-street -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Francis-street -- Wexford -
HUMPHREYS of Castle Hill House Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
HORNICK of Johnshill House Fethard-on-Sea county -- Wexford -
BREEN of Templetown Fethard-on-Sea county -- Wexford -
HADDEN of Springfield county -- Wexford -
HESS of Walsheslough Rosslare Strand county -- Wexford -
DEVEREUX of Tomhaggard county -- Wexford -
WOODROOFE of Ashfield Clonard county -- Wexford -
HILLOCK of Ardara Spawell-road Wexford county -- Wexford -
ROICE of 11 Monument-place Wexford county -- Wexford -
QUAID of Monument-place Wexford county -- Wexford -
QUAID of Monument-place Wexford county -- Wexford -
MORRIS of 1 Leinster-terrace Wexford county -- Wexford -
O'FARRELL of The Faythe Wexford county -- Wexford -
MOORE of Br ookville Wexford county -- Wexford -
ROCHE of St Joseph s Home Rockfield House Wexford county -- Wexford -
O'KEEFE of Faythe House Wexford county -- Wexford -
MCCARTHY of Whites House Wexford county -- Wexford -
O'CONNOR of Westgate Wexford county -- Wexford -
WHELAN of Bull Ring Wexford county -- Wexford -
SINNOTT of Whiterock Wexford county -- Wexford -
O'KEEFE of Summerhill Wexford county -- Wexford -
ROSSITER of Newbawn Wexford county -- Wexford -
PIERCE of Rocklands Wexford county -- Wexford -
DOWSE of George-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
KELLY of Lower George-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
REDMOND of 7 High-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
MURPHY of 9 Monck-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
DOYLE of 18 North Main-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
MALONE of Slaney-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
KIRWAN of Mary-street Wexford county -- Wexford -
DONOHOE of 3 Swan-view Wexford county -- Wexford -
MORAN of Cornmarket and Commercial Quay Wexford county -- Wexford -
LOUSLEY of The Folly Wexford county -- Wexford -
LETT of Balloughton House Wellington Bridge county -- Wexford -
ORPEN of Monkgrange county -- Wexford -
HOWLETT of Shelbaggan Ramsgrange county -- Wexford -
SMITH of Patterdale Campile county -- Wexford -
CARROLL of Coole Campile county -- Wexford -
MEANEY of Arran Cottage Kyle county -- Wexford -
MURPHY of Ballyhiho Tacumshane county -- Wexford -
RONAN of Ballymurry Tacumshane county -- Wexford -
FURNEY of Churchtown Crane county -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Edermine county -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Kilmacoe Curracloe county -- Wexford -
WILLIAMSON of Clifford Rosslare county -- Wexford -
JACOB of Ballyhealy Kilmore county -- Wexford -
KEATING of Ballyhealy Kilmore county -- Wexford -
TURNER of The Gardens Courtown House county -- Wexford -
ROWE of Oylgate county -- Wexford -
BYRNE of Sion Crossabeg county -- Wexford -
REDMOND of Crory Crossabeg county -- Wexford -
CODD of Newtown Ferrycarrig county -- Wexford -
ESMONDE of 30 Upper Pembroke-street Dublin and Ballynastragh county -- Wexford -
KELLY of Ballymurtagh county -- Wexford -
STAFFORD of Scar House Duncormick county -- Wexford -
STAFFORD of Clonjordan county -- Wexford -
DONOVAN of Ballymore Camolin county -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Garrydaniel Monamolin county -- Wexford -
RANDALL of Cornwall Killurin county -- Wexford -
REIGH of Carrowreigh Taghmon county -- Wexford -
BRENNAN of Main-street Taghmon county -- Wexford -
WARD of Duncannon county -- Wexford -
SHANNON of Newbarn county -- Wexford -
BYRNE of Corlican Kilburn county -- Wexford -
SHANNON of Newbawn county -- Wexford -
TAYLOR of Tullabards Bridgetown county -- Wexford -
TAYLOR of Tullibards Bridgetown county -- Wexford -
KEHOE of Newton Adamstown county -- Wexford -
ROSSITER of Rahern Adamstown county -- Wexford -
DWYER of Coleman Arthurstown county -- Wexford -
ANGLIM of Riverview Arthurstown county -- Wexford -
COLCLOUGH of 70 West Hill St Leonards-on-Sea and Tintem Abbey Arthurs-town county -- Wexford -
O'GORMAN of National Bank House Ferno county -- Wexford -
CLEARY of Glenranny Boolavogue Ferno county -- Wexford -
HORE of Monageer county -- Wexford -
KINSELLA of Ballina Blackwater county -- Wexford -
MERNAGH of Ballyoughter county -- Wexford -
CLANCY of Ballylucas county -- Wexford -
COLLINS of Longraigne Foulksmills county -- Wexford -
BENNETT of Loughnageer Foulksmills county -- Wexford -
CLEARY of Glenranny Boolavogue Ferns county -- Wexford -
LINDSAY of Ferns county -- Wexford -
BAILEY of Ballycadden Ballyroebuck Ferns county -- Wexford -
LETT of Tinnacross Ferns county -- Wexford -
DONOHOE of Grange Clondaw Ferns county -- Wexford -
TYNDALL of Prospect Lodge New Ross county -- Wexford -
Person living in the areaMore details, including yearGeocoded address*
POYNTZ of Ardnagreene New Ross county -- Wexford -
SHAW of Bank House New Ross county -- Wexford -
ROCHE of Talbot Hall New Ross county -- Wexford -
BOLAND of Ballywilliam New Ross county -- Wexford -
DWYER of Ballyleigh Ballywilliam New Ross county -- Wexford -
KEOGH of Creacon New Ross county -- Wexford -
EXSHAW of Ivy Cottage Rosbercon New Ross county -- Wexford -
DOYLE of Brandon New Ross county -- Wexford -
POWER of Newton New Ross county -- Wexford -
TYNDALL of Oaklands New Ross county -- Wexford -
DOYLE of North-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
FREEMAN of 54 South-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
NUGENT of 68 South-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
HENNESSY of South-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
MURPHY of 4 John-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
O'SULLIVAN of Quay-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
MORAN of Quay-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
KEARNS of Mary-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
DONOVAN of Mary-street New Ross county -- Wexford -
PLACE of Rosemount New Ross county -- Wexford -
POWER of The Quay New Ross county -- Wexford -
MAHON of 14 Ard-Na-Greine New Cross county -- Wexford -
CONNOLLY of The Cottage Oulart county -- Wexford -
HARDINGE of Ballinclare Ballycanew county -- Wexford -
THACKABERRY of Cranacrower Ballycanew County -- Wexford -
BRADSHAW of Primrose Lodge Carnew county -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Laver Bay House Bannow county -- Wexford -
BOYSE of Bannow county -- Wexford -
FURLONG of The Rectory Bannow county -- Wexford -
FURLONG of The Rectory Bannow county -- Wexford -
FREEMAN of Mount Alexander Goray county -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Ladys Island Broadway county -- Wexford -
DAVIS of Ballymacane Brpadway county -- Wexford -
MURRAY of Saltmills Dunbrody county -- Wexford -
ROCHE of The Castle Ballycogley county -- Wexford -
SMITH of Mayglass Ballycogley county -- Wexford -
CRONIN of Monntfin Ballycamey county -- Wexford -
WATKINS of Ballynabarney county -- Wexford -
KINSELLA of Knockavotha Gorey county -- Wexford -
O'CONNOR of 2 Grattan-terrace Gorey county -- Wexford -
BYRNE of Bornacourtia Kilmuckridge Gorey county -- Wexford -
KELLY of Ballinure Kilmuckridge Gorey county -- Wexford -
BYRNE of Bornacourtia or Killincooley Kilmuckridge Gorey county -- Wexford -
ROSSITER of Gorey county -- Wexford -
METGE of Lark Hill Inch Gorey county -- Wexford -
MOORE of Creagh Gorey county -- Wexford -
POOLE of Ballyowen Gorey county -- Wexford -
POOLE of Ballyowen Gorey county -- Wexford -
KAVANAGH of Kilanerin Gorey county -- Wexford -
HUGHES of Levuka Courtown Harbour Gorey county -- Wexford -
DOYNE of Wells Gorey county -- Wexford -
JOHNSON of The Crossways Gorey county -- Wexford -
JOHNSON of 22 Main-street Gorey county -- Wexford -
McDOWELL of Main-street Gorey county -- Wexford -
FLUSK of 42 McCurtain-street Gorey county -- Wexford -
EKINS of Ramsfort Gorey county -- Wexford -
BORTHISTLE of Bolaney Hollyfort Gorey county -- Wexford -
O'NEILL of Tomgar House Ballycanew Gorey county -- Wexford -
NOLANS of Rinvanny Gorey county -- Wexford -
O'NEILL of 7 O Neills-terrace Mill Park-road Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
JERVOIS of Fairfield Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
NUZUM of 4 St John s-terrace Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
JERVOIS of 6 St Johns-terrace Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
JERVOIS of 6 St Johns-terrace Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
MURPHY of Bree Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
DEATHE of The Moyne Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
BROWNE of Prospect House Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
BLACKER of Woodbrook Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
MURPHY of Bushpark Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
BOYCE of Castle Hill Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
WILKINSON of Castle Hill Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
CREAN of Templeshannon Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
DAVIS of Clonhaston Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
OAKES of Asquintion Monart Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
FURLONG of Templescoby Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
FURLONG of Templescoby Enniscorthy county -- Wexford -
EVANSON of Camolin Rectory county -- Wexford -
DARE of Newtonbarry House Newtonbarry county -- Wexford -
BOOTH of Ballinapark Newtonbarry county -- Wexford -
COWMAN of Meads-side Newtownbarry county -- Wexford -
MAHON of Newtownbarry county -- Wexford -
SIM of Home Farm Newtownbarry county -- Wexford -
LAWLER of Riverview Newtownbarry county -- Wexford -
KEHOE of Moortown Ballymitty county -- Wexford -
POUNDER of St Johns-terrace Enniscorthy eounty -- Wexford -
HARRIS of Riverview House Enniscorthy Wexford -
PIERCE of Rocklands Wexford -- Wexford -
WALSH of Carroreigh Taghmon -- Wexford -
BOGAN of Tincurra -- Wexford -
CALLWELL of Monart Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
GEORGE of Cahore Gorey -- Wexford -
DAY of Prospect Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
FORTUNE of Clonevan Goney -- Wexford -
OTOOLE of Askakeel Coomew -- Wexford -
MORRISON of Ballintore Hill Ferns -- Wexford -
BROWNE of Bregorteen Barntown -- Wexford -
LETT of St Anns Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
STOPFORD of Kiltennell Gorey -- Wexford -
OCONNOR of Taghmon -- Wexford -
NOLAN of Clare Inch -- Wexford -
Person living in the areaMore details, including yearGeocoded address*
STAPLES of 19 High-street Wexford -- Wexford -
MURPHY of Abbey-square Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
FORTUNE of Adainstown -- Wexford -
ROBERTS of Woodview Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
HAMILTON of The Bull Ring Wexford -- Wexford -
DEACON of Rathfardon Clonroche -- Wexford -
TRISTRAM of Longraigue Foulksmills -- Wexford -
WALSH of Knockmullen Gorey -- Wexford -
DURIE of 18 Parnell-street Wexford -- Wexford -
KELLY of Lynd House Clonard-road Wexford Wexford -
GALLAGHER of Newtown Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
JOHNSON of Ballylurkin Kilmuckridge Gorey -- Wexford -
WALLACE of The Faythe Wexford -- Wexford -
STEDMOND of Mental Hospital Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
KENNY of Quay-street New Ross -- Wexford -
BOLGER of The Cottage Blackwater -- Wexford -
OBRIEN of 12 Templeshannon Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
BOYD of Kiltra House Wellingtonbridge -- Wexford -
ROCHEI of Clcariestown -- Wexford -
DOYLE of 55 North Main-street Wexford -- Wexford -
NUNN of Alma Wexford -- Wexford -
CARROLL of Landscape New Ross -- Wexford -
LAWLER of South-street New Ross -- Wexford -
WHITE of Peppards Castle Clonevan Gorey -- Wexford -
BARDEN of Fethard -- Wexford -
JOHNSON of The Crossways Gorey -- Wexford -
ROBERTS of Clonhaston Mano r Enniscorthv -- Wexford -
CARTY of 75 Irishtown New Ross -- Wexford -
NAME of Churchlands Wexford -
ICONNICK of St Anthonys Waterloo-road Wexford -- Wexford -
ENNIS of 17 Parnell-street Wexford -- Wexford -
KEARNEY of Carrigbyrne Newbaiin -- Wexford -
KINSELLA of Ballyconlore Inch -- Wexford -
MORAN of Quay-street New Ross -- Wexford -
CULLEN of Arnestown Ballymitty -- Wexford -
DORAN of Ely House Wexford -- Wexford -
KELLY of Cedar Lodge Rosslare Wexford -
TENNANT of Rocksborough House Roxborough Wexford -- Wexford -
NOLAN of Redmond Monument-place Wexford -- Wexford -
MARTIN of Rath Kyle Adamstown -- Wexford -
WHITTY of Whitty?s Cross Blackwater -- Wexford -
HAYES of Gragreen Bannow -- Wexford -
MCDONALD of Ballinacoola Curracloe -- Wexford -
RATH of Castle Ellis -- Wexford -
DOYLE of Ardross New Ross -- Wexford -
O'KEEFE of Summerhill Wexford -- Wexford -
GLASCOTT of Alderton New Ross -- Wexford -
PIKE of Ravenswood Newtownbarry -- Wexford -
OCONNOR of Kings Arms Hotel Newtownbarry -- Wexford -
CONNOLLY of 32 Faythe Wexford -- Wexford -
KAVANAGH of Larkfield House Killanne Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
FITZGERALD of Quay-street New Ross -- Wexford -
FITZGERALD of Quay-street New Ross -- Wexford -
WARING of Summerville Ferns -- Wexford -
OCONNOR of Brownswood1 Enniscorthy -- Wexford -
MANSFIELD of Ballygillane Kilrane -- Wexford -
CROKER of Beaufield Newtownbarry -- Wexford -
WHITNEY of Charles-street New Rqss -- Wexford -
DICKENSON of Priory-place New Ross -- Wexford -
HORAN of Arthurstown -- County Wexford -
MURPHY of Arthurstown -- County Wexford -
GETHINGS of Clobemon Ballycarney -- County Wexford -
HANOCOCK of Laurel-grove Tullicanna Ballymitty -- County Wexford -
MAYLER of Harristown Ballymitty -- County Wexford -
CHAPMAN of Bamtown Castle Barntown -- County Wexford -
KEHOE of Bregorteen Barntown -- County Wexford -
SCALLAN of Bally valoo House Blackwater -- County Wexford -
LACY of Garryvadden Blackwater -- County Wexford -
FITZHENRY of Coolhull Wellington Bridge -- County Wexford -
WELDON of Cafnesore Broadway -- County Wexford -
GARDNER of CahoreGorey -- County Wexford -
KENNY of Campile -- County Wexford -
NEWCOMBE of Castlebridge -- County Wexford -
GOODALL of Wilmont Castlebridge -- County Wexford -
KAVANAGH of CoolishallGorey -- County Wexford -
NUNN of Bally Kelly Drinagh -- County Wexford -
MACKESSY of Estuary House Duncannon -- County Wexford -
MACKESSY of Estuary House Duncannon -- County Wexford -
MULLETT of Toberona Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
LETT of Ballinadara Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
CONRAN of Rathnurc Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
CURTIS of Millpark-road Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
MCCARTHY of Fairfield Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
ELDERKIN of 10 Millpark-terrace Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
ARMSTRONG of St Johns-terrace Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
CUFFE of Fairview-terrace Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
DELANY of Bree Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
ORPEN of Monksgrange Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
CLANCY of Ballyhoge Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
SLOAN of Mill Park House Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
CROWE of Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
LACEY of Glenbrien Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
RUDD of Clonhaston Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
BOURKE of 10 Castle-street Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
COADY of 28 Court-street Enniscorthy -- County Wexford -
WALSH of The House of Missions Ennis-corthy -- County Wexford -
POOLE of Ballybeg House Ferns -- County Wexford -
KINAHAN of Clohamon House Ferns -- County Wexford -
HAUGHTON of Ferns -- County Wexford -
LOUGHLIN of Vallytracey Boolavogue Farm Ferns -- County Wexford -
Person living in the areaMore details, including yearGeocoded address*
WALSH of Corbetstown Ferns -- County Wexford -
O'NEILL of Monageer Ferns -- County Wexford -
MORRISON of Ballintore Hill Ferris -- County Wexford -
HOGAN of Grange Fethard-on-Sea -- County Wexford -
O'LEARY of Foulksmills -- County Wexford -
McGRATH of Clongeen Foulksmills -- County Wexford -
LAKIN of Horetown Foulksmills -- County Wexford -
LAMBERT of Ballyrarinell Glenbrien -- County Wexford -
DORAN of Ballaghboy (otherwise Leskinfere) Gorey -- County Wexford -
HEGARTY of Levuka Gorey -- County Wexford -
PRATT of Seafield Gorey -- County Wexford -
KAVANAGH of 16 St Michaels-place Gorey -- County Wexford -
LOWNDES of Clonattin House Gorey -- County Wexford -
JONES of Banogue Gorey -- County Wexford -
ASHMORE of Clonevan Gorey -- County Wexford -
BOLGER of Glasscarrig Clonevan Gorey -- County Wexford -
SMITH of Ballinamona Ballycanew Gorey -- County Wexford -
SMITH of Ballinamona Ballycanew Gorey -- County Wexford -
BRITT of Harbour Masters House Rosslare Harbour -- County Wexford -
GULLY of Fountain-view Courtown Harbour -- County Wexford -
MOORE of Tunisbeg Inch -- County Wexford -
BEAUMAN of Hyde Park Inch -- County Wexford -
TODD of The Bungalow Ivilrane -- County Wexford -
HEMMINGWAY of Ballinlug Killanne -- County Wexford -
O'LEARY of Ballinlug Killanne -- County Wexford -
TOWNSEND of Ballyhealy Kilmore -- County Wexford -
FURNEY of Ballycronigan Kilrane -- County Wexford -
FURLONG of Churchtown Kilrane -- County Wexford -
SMYTH of Kyle -- County Wexford -
CODD of Churchlands Mayglass -- County Wexford -
LAWLER of The Mall Bunclody otherwise Newtownbarry -- County Wexford -
LAWLER of Main-street Newtownbarry -- County Wexford -
TYNAN of Main-street Newtownbarry -- County Wexford -
SINNOTT of Ballinerode Oulart -- County Wexford -
DOYLE of Moneyboe Oulart -- County Wexford -
KENT of Battlestown Ramsgrange -- County Wexford -
HAMILTON of The Bull Ring -- County Wexford -
BURNISTON of Prospect Lodge Ballyanne New Ross -- County Wexford -
HEARNE of Chilcomb House New Ross -- County Wexford -
FORTUNE of New Ross -- County Wexford -
CURRAN of Haughton Hospital New Ross -- County Wexford -
HEARN of Bellevue Newtown New Ross -- County Wexford -
ROCHE of North-street New Ross -- County Wexford -
KEARNEY of 33 South-street New Ross -- County Wexford -
WALSH of Airmount New Ross -- County Wexford -
BARRY of Glynn Lodge Rossclare -- County Wexford -
MORRISON of Bearlough Rosslare -- County Wexford -
CLARKE of Church View Old Pound Wexford -- County Wexford -
DOYLE of Auburn-terrace Wexford -- County Wexford -
COURSEY of 1 Lambert-terrace Wexford -- County Wexford -
LYSTER of Curracloe House Wexford -- County Wexford -
ROCHFORD of Westgate Wexford -- County Wexford -
MAYLER of Rathaspeck Manor Wexford -- County Wexford -
CAMPBELL of 7 Upper George-street Wexford -- County Wexford -
SCALLAN of 18 Upper George-street Wexford -- County Wexford -
KAVANAGH of 7 Lower George-street Wexford -- County Wexford -
JONES of Springfield Hill-street Wexford -- County Wexford -
KEHOE of 101 North Main-street Wexford -- County Wexford -
ROCHFORD of 12 South Main-street Wexford -- County Wexford -
WICKHAM of Mount Foley Wexford -- County Wexford -
BYRNE of The Hollow Camplin New Ross -- county Wexford -
CLEERE of High Hill New Cross -- county Wexford -
CORNOCK of Leinster Lodge Rosslare -- county Wexford -
GAYNOR of Selskar-street and of St. Johns-road Wexford both in -- county Wexford -
HARDY of Island View Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
HARPUR of Sunnyside Waterloo-road Wexford -- county Wexford -
HOLDEN of North-street New Ross -- county Wexford -
IRWIN of Kilcannon House Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
JONES of Prospect Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
LOMBARD of Avenue House Gorey -- county Wexford -
MAHER of Bridge-Quay New Ross -- county Wexford -
MASTERSON of Garrybrit Ferns -- county Wexford -
MULLANE of The Bungalow Gulart -- county Wexford -
MURPHY of Killeagh Blackwater -- county Wexford -
MURRAY of Mary-street New Ross -- county Wexford -
NOLAN of Mary-street New Ross -- county Wexford -
QUIGLEY of Piercestown -- county Wexford -
REDMOND of Misterin Adamstown -- county Wexford -
SINNOTT of The Ballagh Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
STEDMOND of 2 Island-road Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
THOMPSON of The Hotel Duncannon -- county Wexford -
WALSH of Killinane Drinagh -- county Wexford -
CANTILLON of Rinvanny Gorey -- county Wexford -
DIXON of Boromount Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
FARRELL of Tomsollagh Ferns -- county Wexford -
HESS of Strand-road Rosslare Strand -- county Wexford -
HICKEY of Felthard-on-Sea -- county Wexford -
HOLMES of Lisnamoe Ballinapierce Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
JEFFARES of Ballykelly Drinagh Wexford -- county Wexford -
LLOYD of Tintern House Saltmills -- county Wexford -
MORTON of Priory-street New Ross -- county Wexford -
OCONNOR of 5 Mary-street New Ross -- county Wexford -
OLEARY of Main-street Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
OROURKE of 7 King-street Wexford -- county Wexford -
PETTIGREW of Clifton Villa Spawell-road Wexford -- county Wexford -
STEDMOND of The Hospital Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
BOXWELL of Millknock Killinlck -- county Wexford -
BREEN of Kiltealy Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
DOYLE of The square Ferns -- county Wexford -
FRENCH of Monageer Ferns -- county Wexford -
Person living in the areaMore details, including yearGeocoded address*
HADDEN of Belvedere Wexford -- county Wexford -
HICKEY of Clonsharragh Duncannon -- county Wexford -
KERR of Kellys Comer Mount Alexander Gorey -- county Wexford -
KINCH of Mount Alexander Gorey -- county Wexford -
MANSFIELD of Ramstown Lower Corey -- county Wexford -
MAYLER of Harristown Ballymitty -- county Wexford -
MCCARTHY of 5 Lower Rowe Street and Whites Hotel both In Wexford -- county Wexford -
MORTON of Ballinaclash Blackwater -- county Wexford -
MORTON of Mount Blalree Cottage Rosslane Harbour -- county Wexford -
MURPHY of 3 Tuskar View Wexford -- county Wexford -
OMORCKOE of Ardgarry -- county Wexford -
ONEILL of Roseville New Ross -- county Wexford -
STEPHENSON of Raheen Adamstown -- county Wexford -
SWORDS of Bree North Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
TYNDALL of Oaklands New Ross -- county Wexford -
WALSH of Clone Castletown Inch -- county Wexford -
WHITNEY of Mount Alexander Corey -- county Wexford -
WICKLOW of Ballynastragh Corey -- county Wexford -
YATES of Westcliffe Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
ARMSTRONG of 3 St. Johns Terrace Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
BUTLER of Fairfields Killinlck -- county Wexford -
CARTON of The Square Bunclody -- county Wexford -
CARTON of The Square Bunclody -- county Wexford -
CAVANAGH of St. Marys Terrace New Ross -- county Wexford -
CONRAN of 10 North Street New Ross -- county Wexford -
CRAMPTON of Ballyrane Killinlck -- county Wexford -
CULLEN of Hill Crest New Ross -- county Wexford -
DALY of Mill Park Road Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
DEANE of Longralgue Foulksmills New Ross -- county Wexford -
ELMES of Robinstown Palace East New Ross -- county Wexford -
HELY of 11 Tuskarmore Terrace Rosslare Harbour -- county Wexford -
HILL of 36 South Street New Ross -- county Wexford -
JACOB of Ballypadara House Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
KELLY of Tara House Inch -- county Wexford -
LETT of Clone Ferns -- county Wexford -
MAYLER of Hairlstown Ballymltty -- county Wexford -
McCarthy of Rafter Street Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
MEADOWS of Ballyrane Killinlck -- county Wexford -
NAME of Coolbaun House Ferns -- county Wexford -
RINGWOOD of Sunnybank St. Senans Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
SHALLOE of Farm House Bannow -- county Wexford -
STEPHENSON of Spafield Wexford -- county Wexford -
WALSH of 5 Lower George Street Wexford -- county Wexford -
WARREN of Clonmore Bree Ennlscorthy -- county Wexford -
WILLIAMS of Dunbrody Rosbercon New Ross -- county Wexford -
BALE of Rivervlew Ennlscorthey -- county Wexford -
NAME of Friary Farm Coolgreany Inch -- county Wexford -
BYRNE of Belgrove Duncbunack -- county Wexford -
CONNOLLY of Market Square Bunclody -- county Wexford -
CONRY of National Bank House Wexford -- county Wexford -
FRITH of Corey Avenue Corey -- county Wexford -
GIBBON of Kiltennel Gorey -- county Wexford -
HANNA of Barrystown Wellingtonbrldge -- county Wexford -
HARVEY of Broomley Kyle -- county Wexford -
LAMBERT of 12 Lower John Street Wexford -- county Wexford -
LIVESEY of Shieling Courtown Harbour -- county Wexford -
MURPHY of Rathangan Duncormack -- county Wexford -
OGRADY of Gulart Gorey -- county Wexford -
RATH of Kilcotty Ennlscorthy -- county Wexford -
SKRINE of Ballyrankin House Ferns -- county Wexford -
TAFFS of Tara Poulshone Courtown Harbour -- county Wexford -
WILLIAMS of Dunbrody Rosbercon New Ross -- county Wexford -
BROAD of 36 Island Road Enniscorthy -- county Wexford -
DONNELLY of Charlotte Row Gorey -- county Wexford -
FORBES of Kildavln Murrlntown -- county Wexford -
FRENCH of North Street New Ross -- county Wexford -
HALES of Rossigiol Station Road Rosslare Strand -- county Wexford -
KELLY of Moneytucker Ennlscorthy -- county Wexford -
LAKIN of Horetown Foulksmills -- county Wexford -
MEADOWS of Cooloughter Ballycogley -- county Wexford -
ROBERTS of Carrlgduff Bunclody Ferns -- county Wexford -
SIBBALD of Tomgar House Ballycanew Gorey -- county Wexford -
SMITH of Newbridge House Clonegal Ferns -- county Wexford -
TOWNSEND of Chelsea Lodge Duncanhon -- county Wexford -
YOUNG of Ballylucas Ballymum -- county Wexford -

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