interesting marriage capers

Mundane or propane:

Victim: Jane Mullins 1817-1912
Circumstance: Second time lucky. Her first husband dragged her off to the United States, gave her three children and fled west. Her second husband, sporting Joe Teek gave her a home back in England, started her children in business and let her live to the age of 94. The home she made with her second husband was ...(Wells Journal 1926) one of the pleasantest situated houses in the district. It stands well above the moor over which it looks, and the sun shines on it from early morn till late at night . The sun, often a ball of fire, sinks but for a short time in the summer months to rise in the east again to warm this happy homestead.
Origin of this story: Wells Journal 1926

Blew me away. Way to go.

I'd have had more exciting afternoons at the corn clinic. Get this snoozeworthy material off the site.
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