interesting marriage capers

Mundane or propane:

Victim: William Haine 1818-1906
Circumstance: William Haine of Southmead, a respected farmer and local preacher married again. “His first wife died and left him with many children - later he met a Mrs Parsons, widow with many children also. This couple imagined each other wealthy and fancied the other’s property. They married - and at the Church door were met with creditors!! For ever after they and all the children lived a cat and dog life. In the end a separate house, still standing [1950], was taken for the Parsons children, by now grown up.”
Origin of this story: Letter from Margaret Haine of Limington 1950.

Blew me away. Way to go.

I'd have had more exciting afternoons at the corn clinic. Get this snoozeworthy material off the site.
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