interesting marriage capers

Mundane or propane:

Victim: Mary Creed
Circumstance: The Creeds’ maidservant went to a new situation on Lady Day 1719 as she could not tolerate the constant attention Mrs Creed paid to the parchment-maker and the whole village was talking about it. They say that moonlight is the friend of lovers. In this instance the moonlight flooding in through the kitching window was enough for the servants to see quite clearly what the couple were doing. Mrs Creed spent a quarter of an hour in the ox’s stall with her neighbour Mr Webb and returned, her back covered in straw. The matter came to Thomas Creed’s ears and he brought the case to the Quarter Sessions. What he hoped to accomplish by this we cannot fathom. He let out the family home and went to live with his brother while Mary let a year or two pass... [tick tock]. Mary was then given a licence to marry her parchment-maker, Emanuel Webb, and came back to live in North Barrow.
Origin of this story: Jewers Marriage Licences Bath & Wells; Quarter Sessions Records Somerset Record Office

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