interesting deaths

Mundane or propane:

Victim: Kelita H
Cause of death: Road acident Fell out of her car
Circumstance: | Kelita was travelling \"at highway speed\" in her Chevy, cruising down Country Road 519 with the wind blowing through her hair, when she and her passenger decided to swap seats. In this situation, a less hasty person would stop the car for a \"Chinese fire drill\" but Kelita was a little more creative than that. Fortunately, you see, her car had an open T-Top. She stood up, pulled herself onto the roof, and she fell. And then Kelita was travelling solo \"at highway speed\" down that country road. The Fayette County Coroner\'s Office reported that the 20-year-old died from injuries sustained while impacting a guardrail.
Origin of this story: Darwin Awards 2010

Blew me away. Way to go.

I'd have had more exciting afternoons at the corn clinic. Get this snoozeworthy material off the site.
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