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Mundane or propane:

Victim: Mary Haine (1853-1877)
Cause of death: Drowned or crushed at the Bath & West Show
Circumstance: Bath City celebrated the three-day centenary of the Bath and West of England Agricultural Society, several toll bridges criss-crossing the Avon providing a short cut to the showground for the 10 000 people arriving at Bath Spa Station. Mary and several of her family had made the day trip from Ilchester. The 10.47am excursion train arrived from Salisbury, a thousand passengers looking forward to a day’s enjoyment, in high sprits, rain not having yet begun. Due to large queues, there were estimated over 200 people on this bridge, walking as quickly as possible over “little knowing the risk they ran”. Immediately, the bridge parted in the centre. The south end rested for a few minutes on the towpath giving seconds for many to escape, avoiding a worse disaster. The north end fell clean into the water. Mary was one of the five who died at the scene. Her sister Ellen’s leg was broken. The inquest notes state: “Identification of the body of Mary Haine was here given [at the Boatmans Arms] by Mr Thomas Haine, farmer, of Madbrook farm, Westbury, his wife’s sister. Deceased, who was 21 years of age, and unmarried, managed her father’s house, Southmead farm, Ilchester.” Mary was buried at Ilchester, the parish register gives her death as at Widcombe Bridge
Origin of this story: newspaper, Bath, 1877

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