interesting deaths

Mundane or propane:

Victim: Mary Hopkins and William Pike
Cause of death: Lightening, Killed both by a "large ball of fire from heaven".
Circumstance: Death noted in Pilton Parish record."A more full accout of ye above catastrophe, June in the 18th in the year 1782, the top part of the spire of this (church) tower was destroyed by lightening, the weather cock in part, melted and ye lightening conducted by ye bill of the cock into the clock, melted and lost some of the wires belonging to the clock--from thence decended to the Belfrey, kelled William Pike, a young man, then tolling the bell and also killed Mrs. Mary Hopkins, wife of Rev. Mr. Hopkins, Vicar of this parish."
Origin of this story: Parish Records for Pilton Parish Church,Salt Lake City, Utah.

Blew me away. Way to go.

I'd have had more exciting afternoons at the corn clinic. Get this snoozeworthy material off the site.
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