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Ayrshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABEL of 16 Mill-road Irvine -- Ayrshire
ABERCROMBIE of Monktonhead Monkton -- Ayrshire
ABERCROMBY of 20 Darley-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
ADAIR of Drybridge -- Ayrshire
ADAIR of Letter Villa Upper Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ADAIR of Londonston Cottage Trabboch -- Ayrshire
ADAM of 14 Bankhouse Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
ADAM of Victoria Cottage 173 Main-street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ADAMS of Auchenames Portencross West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ADAMS of Overton and Potencross -- Ayrshire
ADDISON of Dunolly Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
ADDISON of Fernbank Woodside Dailly -- Ayrshire
AGNEW of Alisa Cumnock Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
AGNEW of Highfield Ashgrove Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
AILSA of Culzean Castle Maybole -- Ayrshire
AILSA of Iona 11 Hillhouse Road Barassie Troon -- Ayrshire
AIRD of 8 Kilwinning Road Dairy -- Ayrshire
AIRD of Asselfoot Pinwherry by Girvan -- Ayrshire
AIRD of Irvinedale West Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
AIRD of Westmount Newmilns -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 1 West Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 10 Smith-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 22 Whinfield-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 3 Bankhouse-avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 3 Fullerton House Troon -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 4 Weir-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of 84 East Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of The Mount Beith -- Ayrshire
AITKEN of The Mount Beith -- Ayrshire
ALCORN of Kenora 10 Caerlaverock Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 115 Hill Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 13 Aitken-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 19 Kerr Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 32 Vennel-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 4 Townend-strcet Dairy -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 5 Manor Avenue Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 72 Caledonian Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of 88 London-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of Beechbank Castle Park Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of Laurel Bank James-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of Morag 22 Gilmour Street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of Orchardlea Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of St Nicholas Hotel Prestwick and care of the Union Bank of Scotland Ltd Stewarton -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of The Grange Darvel -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of The Orange Darvel -- Ayrshire
ALEXANDER of Welhvood Manse Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
ALLAM of 24 Dallas-place Troon -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 1 Acre Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 17 Kerr Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 17 Sandfield Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 18 South Neuk Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 19 West Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 33 Burn Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 36 Main-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 44-North-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 49 Brown Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 5 Sandringham Largs -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 6 Gardenrose Avenue Maybole -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 6 Gardenrose Path Maybole -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of 6 Seabank Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Ashcraig Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Auchenweet Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Auchinweet Farbolton Mauchline -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Bredon Ardrossan Road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Bridgend House Dailly -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Broomhill Dunlop -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Craigallan Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Hearthstanes Seamill -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Innesfell Beith -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Methven Burn Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Penrioch Kingcase Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Shalloch Allanvale-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of South cottage Portencross -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of The Tiles St Ninians-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Victoria Cottage Bankhead Springside -- Ayrshire
ALLAN of Wemba St Ninians-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ALLEN of 29 West Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
ALLISON of 2 the Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
ALLISON of 27 Gogo-street Largs -- Ayrshire
ALLISON of Stewarthall 9 Burns Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
ALLWOOD of 24 Hutcheson Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
ALPINE of Netherlaw West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ALSTON of 8 Brisbane Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
AMUNDSON of Ealrile House Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 1 King Street Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 10 Campbell Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 12 Boyds ton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 15 Barr-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 15 Glebe Road Galston -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 15 Meiklewood-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 22 Mansewell-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 23 Lugton Road Dunlop -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 26 Glenburn Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 28 Glebe-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of 35 Beggs Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Beechwood Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Blair Farm Fenwick -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Drumley Annbank Station -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Fairholm Loudoun-road New Milns -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of High Kilbride Stewarton -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ANDERSON of Mayfield May Street Largs -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Mayfield May-street Largs -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Roseneath Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of Swanston Cottage Alloway -- Ayrshire
ANDERSON of The Whins Troon -- Ayrshire
ANDREW of 11 Woodside-crescent Glasgow and of Nether Auchendrane Alloway -- Ayrshire
ANDREW of 15 Montgomerie-street Androssan -- Ayrshire
ANDREW of 37 Main Street Monkton -- Ayrshire
ANDREW of Amish 36 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ANDREW of Mossgreen 53 Caerlaverock-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ANDREWS of 7 Watson Terrace Irvine -- Ayrshire
ANDREWS of Townend-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ANNAN of Rowantree West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
APPLETON of 22 Western Crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
ARBUCKLE of 4 Laverock Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
ARCHIBALD of 36 Vennel Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ARCHIBALD of 36 Vennel-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ARCHIBALD of 37 Overton Court West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ARCHIBALD of Brownhills Beith -- Ayrshire
ARCHIBALD of Craighead and Craigmill Farms Dairy -- Ayrshire
ARCHIBALD of Langside Cottage 7 Langside-place Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
ARMOUR of 40 Adams Avenue Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of 35 Stockbridge Crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of Cubrieshaw Hall Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of Droffan House Stewarton -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of Dunallan Stair Pork Girvan -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of Glengany Louisa-drive Girvan -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of Glengarry Louisa-drive Girvan -- Ayrshire
ARMSTRONG of Plotcock Farm Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
ARNEIL of Whin Cottage Bay-street Fairlie -- Ayrshire
ARNFIELD of Hylands Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ARNFIELD of Hylands Station Road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ARNOTT of 3 Busbane Glen Road Largs -- Ayrshire
ARTHUR of 17 Glendoune Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
ARTHUR of Montgomerie Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
ARTHUR of Steybrae Drummilling Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ASHWORTH of Penwatha Dalry -- Ayrshire
ASTLEY of Seathwaite 11 (Srangemuir-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ASTLEY of Seathwaite 11 Grangemuir-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ATKINSON of Garpin Farm Crosshill by Maybole -- Ayrshire
ATTON of Hawhill Dairy -- Ayrshire
AUCHENCLOSS of 9 North Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
AUCHENCLOSS of Marchmount Yerton Brae West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
AUCHIHVOLE of Trlffeny Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
AUCHINACHIE of 68 Dairy-road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
AULD of 23 Knockushlon Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
AULD of Dalhanna Cottage 23 Kilmarnock Road Crosshouse -- Ayrshire
AULD of Muirholme 26 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
AULD of Rodinghead Mauchline -- Ayrshire
AULD of Southfield Grassmillees Cumnock-road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
BACKHOUSE of Mossback Farm Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BAILLIE of 76 Byres-road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BAILLIE of Drumloist Fairlie -- Ayrshire
BAILLIE of The Cottage Dreghom -- Ayrshire
BAILUE of Eastwood 20 Sortie Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BAIN of 18 Cochrane Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
BAIN of Bumlea Largs -- Ayrshire
BAIN of High Manse Dunlop -- Ayrshire
BAINS of Beechwood Manse Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of 20 Car Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of 20 Car Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of 25 Seamore-street Largs -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of 4 Queens-terrace Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of Craigdhu Nursing Home Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of Craigknowe DalmeUington -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of Dunselma Eventide Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of Dunselma Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of South Bay Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
BAIRD of the Schoolhouse Alloway -- Ayrshire
BAKER of 90 Main-street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BALFOUR of Troon -- Ayrshire
BALL of Eldo House Monkton -- Ayrshire
BALLANTYNE of 1 Mansefleld-terrace Dunlop -- Ayrshire
BALLANTYNE of 1 Manselield-terrace Dunlop -- Ayrshire
BALLANTYNE of Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
BAMBOROUGH of Cumbrae Cottage Karnes Bay Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
BANKS of 12 Campbell-place Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
BANKS of 121 Argyle Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BANKS of 38 Belirock Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BANKS of Bracadale Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BARBER of Kirklandside Hospital Hurlford Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
BARBOUR of 54 Bellevue Crescent -- Ayrshire
BARBOUR of South Kllruskln Farm West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of 10 Brisbane Street Largs -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of 30 Seton Street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of 9 John Street Largs -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of Arthurlie Parkhill Drive Dalry -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of Barrholm Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of Hollingside 141 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of Inshalloch John-street Largs -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of Mount Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
BARCLAY of South Stoneyholm Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
BARLOW of The Haven Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
BARR of 18 Snowden Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BARR of 2 Montgomerie Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BARR of 26 Merksworth-avenue Dairy -- Ayrshire
BARR of Cerna Overton-drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BARR of Darrochdene 4 Southannan Road Fairlie -- Ayrshire
BARR of Muir Farm by Mauchline -- Ayrshire
BARR of Paisley Convalescent Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BARR of Redheugh Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
BARR of Thorndale Hotel Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BARR of Willow Cottage Townend-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
BARRIE of Morag 34 Burriside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
BARROW of Holt House Headlands Drive Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BAUCHOP of 19 Charles-street Largs -- Ayrshire
BAXTER of 26 Townhead Irvine -- Ayrshire
BAXTER of 4 Stair Park-terrace Girvan -- Ayrshire
BAYNE of 16 Whinfield-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BAYNE of 40 Blairbeth-road Burnside -- Ayrshire
BEALE of Drumlamford Barrhill -- Ayrshire
BEATTIE of 30 Howgate Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BEATTIE of 31 Blairbeth-road Burnside -- Ayrshire
BECKET of 27 Windmill-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BECKETT of 118 Queen-street Glasgow and Glenfoot Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BEDINGTON of Northcote 18 Douglas Place Largs -- Ayrshire
BEGG of 67 Sharon-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
BEGG of 8 Afton Bridgend New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BEGG of Calrnhall Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
BEGQ of 67 Sharon Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
BELL of 12 Crichton-avenue Dairy -- Ayrshire
BELL of 140 Barbleston Road Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
BELL of 18 Braehead Dalry -- Ayrshire
BELL of 25 Burn Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
BELL of 25 Greenside Maybole Ayrshire
BELL of 3 James Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BELL of 5 Langside Place Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
BELL of 6 Langside Place Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
BELL of 9 Union-street Troon -- Ayrshire
BELL of Arran View 23 Grangemuir-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BELL of Craigronach Troon -- Ayrshire
BELL of Craigview Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BELL of Craigview Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BELL of Heathbank Barrmill-road Beith -- Ayrshire
BELL of Kingarth 1 Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
BELL of Lealholm Gardenrose Avenue Maybole -- Ayrshire
BELL of Miremont Alton Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BELL of Miremont Alton Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BELL of Monkton Miln Monkton -- Ayrshire
BELL of Montgreenan Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BELL of Wyllie Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BENNIE of 85 McGregor Avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
BENNIE of Levenbank Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BENNIE of Woodbine 129 Adamton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BERNARD of Ashcraig Cottage Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BEVERIDGE of 48 Lugton Road Dunlop -- Ayrshire
BEVERIDGE of Fullwood Farm Stewarton -- Ayrshire
BEVERIDGE of Fullwood Stewarton -- Ayrshire
BEVERIDGE of Springbank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BICKER of 17 High Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
BICKER of 26 Fullarton Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
BICKET of Garven Bank Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BIGGART of Westhaven Lochend-road Troon -- Ayrshire
BINNIE of 13 Brisbane Glen-road Largs -- Ayrshire
BINNIE of Netherbank Carrick-place Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BINT of 33 Townhead Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
BIRCH of 78 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
BIRRELL of Dunselma Eventide Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
BISHOP of Winton-place Bay-street Fairlie -- Ayrshire
BISSETT of Torloisk Caldwell-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BLACK of 138 Main Street Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BLACK of 2 Sandringham Terrace Largs -- Ayrshire
BLACK of 3 Cuthbert Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
BLACK of 8 Banhill Terrace Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BLACK of Barskimming Mill Farm Mauchline -- Ayrshire
BLACK of Eastmore Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BLACK of Foulpapple Farm Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BLACK of Mossley Hill 11 Allanvale-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BLACK of Rosemount Nursing Home Stonecastle Irvine -- Ayrshire
BLACKADDER of 3 Eglinton-place Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BLACKIE of Loanda 1 Gogoside-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
BLACKLEY of 6 Dalrymple Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
BLACKWOOD of 4 Walden Road Hurlford -- Ayrshire
BLACKWOOD of 63 Glasgow-road Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
BLACKWOOD of Greenbank West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BLADES of Bridgend Patna -- Ayrshire
BLAIR of 22 Auchenmaid-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
BLAIR of 40 Sidney Street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BLAIR of 8 Braehead Dairy -- Ayrshire
BLAIR of Wilmerton Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BLAKELY of 27 Bridgegate Irvine -- Ayrshire
BLAKELY of Bridgegate Irvine -- Ayrshire
BLANCHE of Ardoch Skelmorlie Castle Road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BLANE of Cubrlshaw Hall Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BLANE of Patna -- Ayrshire
BLYTH of Braehead House Dairy -- Ayrshire
BLYTHE of Mandingo Anderson-terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BOAL of 73b Donaldson Avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
BOAL of Clydeview Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BODEN of 14 Boydston Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BOGIE of Klonesk Dairy-road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BONE of 18 Bath-street Largs -- Ayrshire
BONE of Chamberhouses Irvine -- Ayrshire
BONE of Doune Greenfield-avenue Alloway -- Ayrshire
BONE of High Lodge Cloncaird by Maybole -- Ayrshire
BONE of Monktonhill Farm Monkton -- Ayrshire
BONE of Nethermuir Monkton -- Ayrshire
BONELLIE of 30 Main Street Stralton Maybole -- Ayrshire
BORLAND of 16 Jamieson Terrace Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BORLAND of 18 Jamieson Terrace Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BORLAND of 18 Jamieson Terrace Loudown Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BORLAND of 47 Blair-avenue Hurlford Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
BORLAND of High Castleton Stewarton -- Ayrshire
BORLAND of Westhaven Lochend Road Troon -- Ayrshire
BOSWELL of Auchinleck House Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
BOWIE of Redholme 65 Irvine Road Largs -- Ayrshire
BOYCE of Lynwood Longhill-avenue Ailoway -- Ayrshire
BOYD of 13 Wallace-avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
BOYD of 25 Straiton Road Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
BOYD of 3 Whinfield-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BOYD of 30d-block Barleith Hurlford -- Ayrshire
BOYD of 6 Countess Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
BOYD of 6 Montgomerie Terrace Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BOYD of Birchbank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BOYD of Gleniffer Montgomerie Drive Fairile -- Ayrshire
BOYD of Irvine-place 71 Nelson-street Largs -- Ayrshire
BOYD of Kilmeln 142 west Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
BOYD of Miramar 9 Winton Circus Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BOYD of Townend of Symington -- Ayrshire
BOYLE of 30 Sinclair Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
BOYLE of 9 Highfield Dairy -- Ayrshire
BOYLE of The Craig Fairlie -- Ayrshire
BRADY of 24 Marina Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BRAID of 15 Fullarton Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
BRAKENRIDGE of Royal Bank-buildings Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BRAND of Lauriston 15 South Crescent South Beach Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BRAND of Lauriston South Crescent South Beach Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BRANIQAN of 27 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
BRECHIN of 7 Berelands Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BRECKENRIDGE of 14 Kelrig Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BRISBANE of Barclough Coylton -- Ayrshire
BRITTON of 16 Wood Road Troon -- Ayrshire
BROCK of Heath Villa 2 Seabank-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BRODIE of 28 Whinfield Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BRODIE of The Half Way Hotel Symington -- Ayrshire
BRODIE of Wedgewood Corsehill Place Ayr -- Ayrshire
BROOM of Rodinghead near Mauchline -- Ayrshire
BROOMFIELD of 3 South Fens Upper Largs -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 1 Blanefield-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 1 Newton Place Girvan -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 10 Aulslle Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 11 Canal-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 14 London Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 15 Bellevue-crescent Ayr -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 17 Ladeside Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 23 Orchard Street Galston -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 39 West Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 46 Whitehall Maybole -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 5 Hutcheson-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 6 Wilson Street Largs -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 60 Sharphill Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 64 Loudoun-road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 7 Haylie Gardens Largs -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 71 West Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 79 Canal Street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BROWN of 8 Willockston Road Troon -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Ardgour Montgomerie-crescent Fairlie -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Carrick. Hotel Maybole -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Craignahullle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Croftmohr Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Croftmohr Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Dalnaskyl 23 Glasgow Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Dunclutha Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Dykehead 44 St Quivox-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Erlsmere Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Fordel Pantonville-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Glenbuck House Glen-buck Cumnock -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Glenconner Farm Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Janellen 77 Stevenston Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Kelton-villa Barr by Girvan -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Locherbank Hamilton-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Moss-side Mayhole -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Newlands Oakfield Cottage Catrine -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Qlasserton 24 Caledonia Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Rockholm Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Roselea Kirkmichael Maybole -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Rothbury Alton-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Southampton House Pathhead New Cummock -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Southbank 2 Cassillis Street Ayr -- Ayrshire
BROWN of The Cottage Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Tintagel Dairy -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Weidfla Stiir Park Girvan -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Werdna Stair Park Girvan -- Ayrshire
BROWN of Woodwynd Cottage 39 Woodwynd Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
BROWNING of 27 Blackburn Drive Ayr -- Ayrshire
BROWNING of 5 Morris-road Prestwick Ayrshire
BROWNLIE of Northcote Turnberry -- Ayrshire
BRUCE of Auchenbarroch Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
BRUCE of Morven Caldwell-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BRUMWELL of 58 Castlehill-road Ayr -- Ayrshire
BRUNSDON of Curllnghall Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
BRYAN of Hazelbank Catrine -- Ayrshire
BRYANT of The Marigold Hotel Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BRYCE of Balgonie Gateside-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BRYSON of 116/118 Main Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
BRYSON of 5 Welton Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
BUCHAN of Garthland Eglinton-place Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BUCHAN of l9 Whitehall Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
BUCHANAN of 286 Kings Park Avenue Glasgow and 58 St. Meddans Street Troon -- Ayrshire
BUCHANAN of 34 Arrol Drive -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BUCHANAN of Ferness Largs -- Ayrshire
BUIST of Rosemount Private Rest Home Stanecastle Irvine -- Ayrshire
BUNTEN of Upper Barr Barr -- Ayrshire
BURNS of 104 Main Street Dreghum -- Ayrshire
BURNS of Cringate Law Brae West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
BURNS of The Manse Coylton -- Ayrshire
BURNS of The Neuk Courthill Road Dalry -- Ayrshire
BURNSIDE of 2 Robertson-crescent Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
BURRELL of Perceton House Irvine -- Ayrshire
BURROWS of 34 Titchfield Road Troon -- Ayrshire
BURTON of Barrhill -- Ayrshire
BURTON of Cairnlea Main-street Barrhill -- Ayrshire
BURY of 43 Douglas-street Largs -- Ayrshire
BUSHELL of Royden Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
BUSHELL of Royden Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
BUTLER of St. Johns Maybole -- Ayrshire
CADDIES of 70 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
CAIRNIE of Seafield Largs -- Ayrshire
CAIRNS of Belmar Upper Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CALDECOTE of Flat C 21 Castle Bay Court Largs -- Ayrshire
CALDERWOOD of 13 Kirkton Road Fenwick -- Ayrshire
CALDERWOOD of Ingleside 2 Ellis-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CALDERWOOD of Roselyn Dairy -- Ayrshire
CALDERWOOD of Rowanlea Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CALDERWOOD of South Beach Manse 8 Montgomerie Crescent Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CALDERWOOD of Wellington Villa Dairy -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of 117 Glasgow-street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of 15 Almswall Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of 30 Hill Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of 47 Meadowfoot-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of 7 Dallas Road Trocn -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of 7 Portland-terrace Troon -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of Burnside Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of Highfield 27 Newmills Road Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of Kilmuir Brisbane-road Largs -- Ayrshire
CALDWELL of Morton Milton Farm Galston -- Ayrshire
CAMERON of Capelo Southannan-road Fairlie -- Ayrshire
CAMERON of Dunselma Fenwick -- Ayrshire
CAMMOCK of 2 Scafield Louisa-drive Girvan -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 1 Sandringham Terrace Largs -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 11 Ainslie Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 11 Dean Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 15 Cunlngham Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 16 Weston Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 22 Christie Gardens Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 26 Beach Road Barassie Troon -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 27 Beggs Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 28 Cochrane-street Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 45 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 5 Buchanan Street Largs -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 6 Culzean Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 67 Irvine-road Largs -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of 68 Argyle Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Craigie Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Dunruadh Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Haylie House Old Folks Home Largs -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Marina House 3 Marina Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Pyannot Lodge Barr -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Roseneath Cottage 6 Melbourne Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Sangara Falrlie -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Seamill Hydropathic West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Shawwood Farm Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of The Congregational Manse 27 Woodburn Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of The Cottage Beresford Lane -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Wellpark Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
CAMPBELL of Wellpark Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
CANDLISH of Glenafton Hospital New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
CANT of 82 Caledonian Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
CANT of Dunard Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CANT of Dunard Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CARGILL of Trochragus near Girvan -- Ayrshire
CARLILE of Strathyre Ardrossan-road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CARLIN of Kilmarnock Station Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CARNDUFF of 63 Glasgow Road Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
CARR of 33 Tumberry Drive Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CARR of South Offices Kelburn Fairlie -- Ayrshire
CARRICK of 3 South Park Avenue Girvan -- Ayrshire
CARRUTHERS of 10 Winton Circus Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CARRUTHERS of Glenhaven Boathouse-avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
CARSLAW of Rosemount Private Rest Home Stonecastle Irvine -- Ayrshire
CARSON of 29 Snowdon Terrace Seamill West Killbrlde -- Ayrshire
CARSON of 8 George Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
CARSON of 94 Boglemart Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
CARSON of Drumbain Dunure -- Ayrshire
CARSWELL of 16 Brewland-street Galston -- Ayrshire
CARSWELL of 3 Manseheld-terrace Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CARSWELL of 57 Marina-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CARSWELL of 62 Brewlands Crescent Symington -- Ayrshire
CARSWELL of Chirmorrie Barrhill -- Ayrshire
CATHCART of Drumgrange Kirkcudbright -- Ayrshire
CATTERSON of 45 Carmel-avenue Bonnyton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CAUGHIE of 3 Barr Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
CHADWICK of Ranfurly 7 Park End-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CHALLONER of The Cottage Barassie-by-Troon -- Ayrshire
CHALMERS of 19 Sidney-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CHALMERS of 48 Glendoune Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
CHALMERS of Broombrae Farm Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CHALMERS of Windlehurst Main-street Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
CHAPMAN of St Annes Barassie Troon -- Ayrshire
CHARLES of Rosemount Rest Home Stanecastle Irvine -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CHARLESWORTH of 73 Doonbank-crescent Patna Ayr -- Ayrshire
CHEESEMAN of Yarpha Old Glasgow-road Stewarton -- Ayrshire
CHENHALLS of 14 Bank Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CHERRY of 12 Templand-road Dalry -- Ayrshire
CHEW of 7 Kennedy-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CHISHOLM of 41 Main Street Dundonald -- Ayrshire
CHRISTIAN of St Helen 9 Burnside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
CHRISTIE of 2 Logangate Terrace Logan Cumnock -- Ayrshire
CHRISTIE of Fisherton Manse Dunure -- Ayrshire
CHRISTIE of Kersebridge House Beith -- Ayrshire
CHRYSTAL of Pinminnoch Girvan -- Ayrshire
CICHY of Ballochmyle Hospital Ballochmyle -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 10 Barr Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 15 Crosbie-road Troon -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 155 High Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 16 Auchenmald Drive Langs -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 24 Garnock View Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 27 Glasgow Street Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
CLARK of 65 Midton Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Annet Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Ashfield Montgomery-street Girvan -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Clifton Millport Isle-of-Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Fionnla Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Mokoia 11 Crosbie-road Troon and Blair Dailly Girvan -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Northend Douglas Place Largs -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Southlands Bentinck Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
CLARK of The Cottage 2 New Road Galston -- Ayrshire
CLARK of Westbank Troon -- Ayrshire
CLARKE of 80 Dundonald-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CLARKE of Afton Lodge Annbank -- Ayrshire
CLARKSON of Bankhouse 34 Bankhouse-avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
CLARKSON of Kaladoma James-street Dairy Ayr- -- Ayrshire
CLARKSON of The Cottage 3 School Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
CLEASBY of 4a Castle Bay Court Largs -- Ayrshire
CLELAND of 21 Catrine Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
CLELAND of Braemore West Main-street Darvel -- Ayrshire
CLELAND of New Farm Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CLELAND of New Mill Kil-. marnock -- Ayrshire
CLELAND of Priestland Mill Darvel -- Ayrshire
CLELAND of Towerhill Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
CLELANO of 39 Hill Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CLELLAND of 36 Western Crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
CLEMENT of Kirkland Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CLEMENT of North Boreland Dunion -- Ayrshire
CLIMIE of Howford 2 Moorfield Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
COARD of 44 Eglinton Street Beith -- Ayrshire
COATS of Auchans Dundonald -- Ayrshire
COATS of Bardykes Fairlie -- Ayrshire
COBBOLD of Knockdolian Col- morell -- Ayrshire
COCHRAN of 16 Noodleburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
COCHRAN of Monktonhead Monkton -- Ayrshire
COCHRANE of Clifton 25 Standalane Stewarton -- Ayrshire
COCHRANE of Mount Pleasant Dairy -- Ayrshire
COCHRANE of Railway Hotel 1 Lainshaw-street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
COCHRANE of The Cross Beitli -- Ayrshire
COCKBURN of 12 Kerr Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
COCKBURN of 12 Kerr Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
COCKBURN of Balvonie Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
COCKS of 128 Barrhill Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
COE of 10 Wallace Street Galston -- Ayrshire
COGHILL of Mackerston Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
COHEN of Mhor West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
COLLINS of 3 Carrick-drive Crossbill May-bole -- Ayrshire
COLLINS of Hamewith Straiton -- Ayrshire
COLVIN of 48 Bridgegate Irvine -- Ayrshire
COMBS of The Haven Montgomerie Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
COMRIE of Waterside Dairy -- Ayrshire
COMRIE of Waterside Dairy -- Ayrshire
CONCHIE of Greystone Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CONLEY of Braemar Caldwell-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CONN of 154 Glencaim-street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
CONN of Wellington Villa Dairy -- Ayrshire
CONNAL of Monktonhead Monkton -- Ayrshire
CONNELL of Boswell Cottage 55 Ayr Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
CONNELL of Burncroft Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CONNELL of Hillcrest John Baird-street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
CONSTABLE of Montgreenan Cottage Montgreenan Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
COOK of 31 East-road and of 21 Glasgow Vennel Irvine -- Ayrshire
COOK of 66 Lime Road New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
COOK of The Garrock 32 Fullarton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
CORBET of The Isles Newmilns -- Ayrshire
CORRY of 29 Hood-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
COSSAR of Station House Dunlop -- Ayrshire
COUBROUGH of The Cleves Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
COULTER of 17 Dairy Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
COULTHART of Woodcroft Symington -- Ayrshire
COULTON of Achiltree Cottage Fairlie -- Ayrshire
COUPER of Southwood Monkton -- Ayrshire
COUSAR of 11 Townhead Irvine -- Ayrshire
COVENTRY of 22 Rankine Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
COW of The Croft Dairy -- Ayrshire
COWAN of 49 Braidwood Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
COWAN of 7 Shore Road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
COWAN of Drumsuy York-road Troon -- Ayrshire
COWAN of Station Cottage Lugton -- Ayrshire
COWAN of The Knock Main Road Fairlie -- Ayrshire
COWIE of 17 South Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
COWIE of Loanend 68 South Beach Troon -- Ayrshire
COWPER of 1 Fullar ton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
CRAIC of St Johns Citadel-place -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CRAIG of 15 Parkhill Drive Dairy -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of 19 Cross Street Galston -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of 36 Woodwynd Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of 39 Central Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of 5 Love-lane Dalry -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of 5 Middlefield-Drive Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Baidlandmains Dalry -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Bankend Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Burnside House Catrine -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Burnsyde Cottage otherwise The Bungalow Burnfoot Road Fairlie -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Dixton Farm Lugar Cumnock -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Drumoyne 1 Sinclair-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Le Chalet Campbell Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Mosside Dalry -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of Roselea Cottage Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
CRAIG of The Neuk Montgomerie Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
CRAM of 1 Bay View West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CRAM of 1 Bay-view west Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CRAMB of 56 Boglemart-street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 1 Segton Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 12 Sharon Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 16 North-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 5 Templand Crescent Dairy -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 5 Templand-crescent Dalry -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 57 Briarhill Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 6 Boathouse Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of 69 Sharon Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Broadwood Straiton -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Crawford Lodge Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Everlie Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Everlie Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Kirkton Beith -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Links Lodge Turnberry -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Manrahead Beith -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of South Halket Lugton near Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of St John s House JMaybole -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Wellmount 3 Grahamston Avenue Glengarnock -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Whin Cottage Bay Street Fairlie -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Windyhouse Beith -- Ayrshire
CRAWFORD of Winifred Cottage 10 Daisy-road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CRAY of 33 Montgomery-street Girvan -- Ayrshire
CRESDEE of Hillend House Dalry -- Ayrshire
CRICHTON of Craighdu Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CROMBIE of 33 Dairy-road Kilbirnle -- Ayrshire
CROMBIE of The Meadows Beith -- Ayrshire
CRONNIE of Main-street Barrhill -- Ayrshire
CROSSLEY of Glenhaven 1 North Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CROW of 9 Gogo Street Largs -- Ayrshire
CROW of Afton Cottage 2 Dunlop Road Stewarton -- Ayrshire
CRUM of 19 Links-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CULLEN of 64 Loudoun-road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
CULLEN of Myrtle Bank Dairy-road Beith -- Ayrshire
CUMISKY of The Bungalow Garden Street Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
CUMMING of 9 Fullarton Square Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of 2 Lindsay Avenue Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of 36 Main-street Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of 4 Bailey Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of 4 Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of 5 Ballochmyle-terrace Catrine -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of 7 Hutcheson-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of Airthrey Kilmarnock-road Monkton -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of Balmoral 9 Dunlop Street Stewarton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of Grange Farm Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of Norrelbank Darvel-road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
CUNNINGHAM of Sawmill Cottages Rozelle Alloway -- Ayrshire
CURR of 51 Ladyford Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of 13 Brown-terrace Mauchline -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of 16 Seabank-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of 41 Portland-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Craigdhu Nursing Home Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Gowanlea Farm Dalry -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Kilchoman Montgomerie-drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Macfarlane Brigend Meigle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Mackerston Boarding House Largs -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Oora Lynn Dunlop Street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
CURRIE of Weston Dunlop -- Ayrshire
CUTHBERT of Logan Cottage Coalhall -- Ayrshire
CUTHBERTSON of Home Cottage Montgreenan Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
CUTHBERTSON of Windyridge Merlewood-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CUTHILL of 49 Overton Court West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
CUTIIBERTSON of Nine Weston-terrace-west Kilbride -- Ayrshire
DALE of Claremont 03 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
DALE of Trelawney Glebe-avenue Mauchline -- Ayrshire
DALGLEISH of 24 Campbell Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
DALGLEISH of 67 Ritchie Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
DALVEEN of The Wigwam Dundonald -- Ayrshire
DALY of EwanriggGrahainston-avenueGlengarnock -- Ayrshire
DALZIEL of Braeside Sorn-road Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
DALZIEL of Mid Auchentiber Cottage Auchentiber by Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
DARLING of Lilac Bank Dalhowan Street Crosshill by Maybole -- Ayrshire
DARROCH of Drumore Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of Glendown -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of Redyett Eglinton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of Redyett Eglinton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of Redyett Eglinton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of South Beach House Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of South Beach House Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
DAVIDSON of Wanlock 9 Douglas-street Largs -- Ayrshire
DAVIES of Calmview 19 Stoneyholm Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
DAVIS of Woodford Greenock-road Largs -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DAWSON of 31 Hill Place Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
DAWSON of 68 South Beach-road Troon -- Ayrshire
DAWSON of Castle View Shewalton Road Drybridge -- Ayrshire
DEANS of Drumlolst Fairlie -- Ayrshire
DEIGHTON of 40 Dunlop Road Barrmill Beith -- Ayrshire
DEMPSTER of 23 Montgomery Avenue Beith -- Ayrshire
DEWHIRST of 30 Kennedy Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
DEY of Cairnheath 13 Marina-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
DIAMOND of 2 Hutcheson Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
DICK of 101 Fall Avenue Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
DICK of 14 Kirkoswald Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
DICK of 2 Kirk Close Dalry -- Ayrshire
DICK of 28 Victoria Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
DICK of 7 Whitehall Maybole -- Ayrshire
DICK of Brewland Street Galston -- Ayrshire
DICK of Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
DICK of West Altercannoch Barrhill GIrvan -- Ayrshire
DICKIE of 2 Wil lock stone-road Troon -- Ayrshire
DICKIE of Dalsalloch Cottage Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
DICKSON of Larghmuir Dunlop -- Ayrshire
DICKSON of Main Street Dalry -- Ayrshire
DIXON of 22 Car Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
DIXON of Clonaig Monkton -- Ayrshire
DIXON of Crelch Fairlie -- Ayrshire
DOBBIE of 70 Smith Avenue Glengarnock -- Ayrshire
DOBSON of 18 Gladstone Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
DODD of Provostland Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
DODDS of Brown Sandown 38 Irvine Road Largs -- Ayrshire
DODDS of Stanlane Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DOHERTY of 52 Western-crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
DOLAN of 37 Sorbie Road Ardrossan Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
DON of 24 Marina Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
DON of 8 Seafield Drive Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
DON of Whinpack Prestwick -- Ayrshire
DONALD of 32 John Street Largs -- Ayrshire
DONALD of 42 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
DONALD of Banthead Farm Dairy -- Ayrshire
DONALD of The Sheiling Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
DONALDSON of Boyle 23 Montgomelre Crescent Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
DONALDSON of Hillcrest Beith -- Ayrshire
DONALDSON of Kyle Farm Cumnock -- Ayrshire
DONNELL of 23 Waterside Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
DONNELLY of 56 Glencairn Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
DONNELLY of 60 Central Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
DOOLAN of Guillaume 49 Annbank Road Annbank Station Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
DOUGALL of Auldmiln Farm Beith -- Ayrshire
DOUGALL of Laurel Bank Longhill-avenue Alloway -- Ayrshire
DOUGALL of Schaw House Stair by Mauchline -- Ayrshire
DOUGLAS of 39 Greenock-road Largs -- Ayrshire
DOUGLAS of Shallochwreck Farm Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
DOUGLAS of The Curragh Girvan -- Ayrshire
DOUGLAS of Woodside Cottage Pinwherry Girvan -- Ayrshire
DOW of 43 Beachway Largs -- Ayrshire
DOWNIE of care of Warnock Westcroft Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
DOWNIE of Cross Keys Inn New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
DOWNIE of Cumbrae View Fairlie -- Ayrshire
DRABBLE of 50 Fullarton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
DRAKE of Craigiebar 22 Sinclair-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
DRENNAN of Orchard Cottage 13 Orchard Street Galston -- Ayrshire
DRENNAN of Orchard Cottage 13 Orchard Street Galston -- Ayrshire
DRUMMOND of Bella Vista Newmilns -- Ayrshire
DRUMMOND of Craigard Montgomery-drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DRUMMOND of Dalsalloch Farm Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
DRUMMOND of Skeoch Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
DUFF of 4 Campbell Place Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
DUNBAR of Dunara Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
DUNCALFE of Ellsberry Park Hotel Bellevue Road Ayr -- Ayrshire
DUNCAN of 28 Welbeck Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
DUNCAN of Craigdhu Nursing Home Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DUNCANSON of 131 West Hain Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
DUNCANSON of Bentinck Street Galston -- Ayrshire
DUNCANSON of United Free Church Manse Main-street Patna -- Ayrshire
DUNDONALD of Auchans Dundonald -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Annbank House Annbank -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Castlefoot Cottage Dundonald -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Cranworth 2 Maryborough Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Cunningham Baidland Dalry -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Dunselma Fenwick -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Glenfoot Fairlie -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Glenside Farm Maybole -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Glenside Farm Maybole -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Prosen House Stewarton -- Ayrshire
DUNLOP of Shields Farm Monkton -- Ayrshire
DUNN of 16 Winton Street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
DUNN of 35 Seymour Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
DUNN of Femiecraig Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
DUNN of Martnaham Mains Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
DUNSMUIR of Nyanza 70 Brisbane Road Largs -- Ayrshire
DURELL of Monktonhead Monkton -- Ayrshire
DUTHIE of 2 Weston Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
DUTHIE of Epworth Girvan -- Ayrshire
DUTHIE of Gadder 103 Kings Road Beith -- Ayrshire
DYET of Redcliffe 101 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
DYKES of Thomcliff Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
EADIE of 4 Merrick-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
EAGLESHAM of 27 Reids Avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
EASTON of 12 Blackdales Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
ECCLES of 4 Sandfield Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
EDGAR of Tigh-na-Mara Seaview Dunlop -- Ayrshire
EDMONDS of Rosemount Seamill -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EDWARD of 7 Gogoside-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
EDWARDS of 20 Eglinton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
EDWARDS of Black Clauchrle Barrhill -- Ayrshire
ELLIOT of Corwar -- Ayrshire
ELLIOTT of Bourock Farm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
ELLIS of Rosemary 11 Middleton Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
ERENTZ of 2 Dallas Road Troon -- Ayrshire
EVANS of 6 Brandwood-road Stacksteads -- Ayrshire
EVERETT of 46 Overton Court West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FAIRLIE of 143 Adamton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
FAIRLIE of BraeheadsFenwick -- Ayrshire
FAIRLIE of Hillhouse Lodge Fenwick -- Ayrshire
FAIRNINGTON of Woodcroft Skelmorlie Castle Road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
FARMER of 7 Knockmarloch-drive Shortlees Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FARQUHAR of Cringate Law Brae West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FARQUHAR of Main Farm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
FARQUHAR of The' Croft Old Dailly Girvan -- Ayrshire
FARRAR of 8 Watson-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FARRELL of Hillholm 14 Barr-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
FARRER of Blairquhan Maybole -- Ayrshire
FAULDS of Cairnbrogie Maidens -- Ayrshire
FAULDS of Dalveen Newton Catrine -- Ayrshire
FENN of Sunnyside Main-street Colmonell -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of 14 High Street Dalmeillngton -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of 2 Sandringham Largs -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of 5 Elmbank Drive Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of 5 Haylie-gardens Largs -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of 86 Barrie Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of Barr Crawlaw Galston -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of Ferguslea 33 Auchinleck Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of Ivanhoe 3 South Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of Northfield Largs -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of T Mount View Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
FERGUSON of Warriston Anthony-road Largs -- Ayrshire
FERGUSSON of 42 Gladstone-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
FERGUSSON of Brooksyde Fairlie -- Ayrshire
FERGUSSON of Woodland Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
FERNS of Elldon Bridgend Lane Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
FERRIER of 24 Stuart-street Millport -- Ayrshire
FIELDING of 21 Wilson Street Beith -- Ayrshire
FIFE of Kenmure 6 Kay Park Terrace Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FIFE of Roseholm Farm Irvine -- Ayrshire
FIFE of the Place Fairlie -- Ayrshire
FIFE of The Place Fairlie -- Ayrshire
FIFE of The Place Fairlie -- Ayrshire
FIFE of The Thorn FarmDunlop -- Ayrshire
FINDiLATER of 45 South Hamilton- sitreet Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FINDiLAY of Burnbrae Darvel-road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of 121 Glen Terrace East Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of 51 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of Cranford 11 Southpark-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of Greeba Catrine-road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of Laigh Altercannoak Barrhill Girvan -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of Laigh Altercannoch Barrhill -- Ayrshire
FINDLAY of Lea-rig Cumnock Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
FINLAY of Garden House Colmonell -- Ayrshire
FINLAYSON of 11 Ainslie Road GIrvan -- Ayrshire
FINNEY of 17 Park-terrace Lugar By Old Cumnock -- Ayrshire
FINNEY of Sunnyside Colmonell -- Ayrshire
FINNIE of Maulside Dairy -- Ayrshire
FISHER of Laighpark South-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FISHER of Rivermead Catrine -- Ayrshire
FISHER of The Congiegational Manse Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
FISKEN of 22 Bankhouse Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
FITZPATRICK of 128 Rectory Lane Prestwick -- Ayrshire
FITZPATRICK of Saint Peters Presbytery 9 South-crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FLANAGAN of Maryfield 7 Burns Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
FLECK of Fernlecarry 39 Eglinton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FLEMING of 22 Dubbs Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
FLEMING of Castlehill Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
FLEMING of Castlehill Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
FLEMING of Cubrieshaw Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FLEMING of The Hydropathic Largs -- Ayrshire
FLEMING of Wyndberg 50 Saint Meddans-street Troon -- Ayrshire
FLOCKHART of Hamilton Arms Hotel' Girvan -- Ayrshire
FORBES of Dhuhl 11 Helensburgh and Kingsburgh West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FORBES of Jameston Maidens -- Ayrshire
FORGIE of Elderslie Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
FORMAN of Fairlie Lodge Fairlie -- Ayrshire
FORREST of 102 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
FORREST of 3 John Clark Street Largs -- Ayrshire
FORREST of Alloway Mills Doonfoot Ayrshire
FORREST of Altonhill Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
FORREST of Dunselma Eventide House Fenwick -- Ayrshire
FORREST of Woodlands Meigle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
FORRESTER of FLatfield Symington -- Ayrshire
FORSTER of 61 St. Meddans Street Troon -- Ayrshire
FORSTER of Wittleburn Cottage Glen-road Largs -- Ayrshire
FORSYTH of 14 Rankin-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
FORSYTH of Fairholm Alloway Ayrshire
FORSYTH of Gamock 53 Eglinton-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FORSYTH of The Cottage Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
FOSTER of 2 Ingram Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FOTHERINGHAM of 109 Barrie-terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FOTHERINQHAM of 17 Laverock Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
FOX of Erismere Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
FRAME of Ardenlee West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FRAME of Morven West Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
FRAME of Southridge 28 Roebank-road Beith -- Ayrshire
FRASER of 23 Mains Avenue Beith -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FRASER of 5 Mitchell Place Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
FRASER of Abbotsford 2 Wallace Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
FRASER of Blackrock Troon -- Ayrshire
FRASER of Kirkton Inn Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
FRASER of Old Post Office House Main-street Colmonell -- Ayrshire
FRENCH of Beechgrove Fairlie -- Ayrshire
FREW of 5 Snowdon Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
FREW of 83 New. Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
FREW of 9 Arthur Street Stevenston -- AyrshIre
FREW of 94 Glencairn Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
FREW of Elerlee 4 East Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
FRISBY of 6 Arran Place Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FRIZELLE of 20 Mansewell Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
FRY of Primrose Cottage Barr -- Ayrshire
FULLER of 28 Montgomery Terrace Ayr -- Ayrshire
FULLERTON of 11 Arran Place Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
FULLERTON of Wilmar Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
FULTON of 4 Church Square Garvan -- Ayrshire
FULTON of 53 Main Street Barrhill -- Ayrshire
FULTON of Broadlie Dairy -- Ayrshire
FULTON of Gaterig Dalry -- Ayrshire
FYFE of 16 Broompark Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GALBRAITH of 14 Barns Crescent Ayr -- Ayrshire
GALBRAITH of 51 Main Street Patna -- Ayrshire
GALBRAITH of Aldergrove 42 Ardrossan-Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GALBRAITH of Fowlers Croft Stralton -- Ayrshire
GALBRAITH of Kedron Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GALBREATH of Invermay Slcelmorlle -- Ayrshire
GALL of 6 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
GALL of Gillhall Cottage by Darvel -- Ayrshire
GALLOWAY of 10 Gogoside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
GALLOWAY of Hallhouse Fenwick -- Ayrshire
GALT of 7 Glebe Road Galston -- Ayrshire
GARDINER of 50 Parkhouse Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GARDNER of Glenshira 23 Chapelton Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
GARDNER of Whinstone House Dundonald -- Ayrshire
GARDNER of Woodside. Cottage new Stevenston -- Ayrshire
GARMAN of Arran Terrace Ayr -- Ayrshire
GARROWAY of Thorndale Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
GARSON of 82 Eglinton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
GARTSHORE of 4 Holmes-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GASCOYNE of St. Nicholas Manse Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GATHERER of Kilburn -- Ayrshire
GAUL of Winton Park 124 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
GAVIN of 43 Beachway Largs -- Ayrshire
GAVIN of Craigengillan Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
GAVIN of Craigengillan Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
GAYLOR of Eastlea Beith -- Ayrshire
GEDD of 9 Fort Street Largs -- Ayrshire
GEDDES of 13 The Loaning Maybole -- Ayrshire
GEDDES of 15 Klrkmlchael Road Haybole -- Ayrshire
GEDDES of Cubrieshaw Hall Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GEDDES of Refuge Cottage Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GEMMELL of 1 Auchenmaid Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
GEMMELL of 10 North Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GEMMELL of 89 Meadowfoot-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GEMMELL of Oxenward Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
GEMMELL of Rosenell Glalsnock Street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GEMMILL of St. Clair 54 Ritchie Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GEMMSLL of Hillhead Mauchline -- Ayrshire
GEQRGESON of Trafalgar Portencross-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GEYER of 81 Castle Road Upper Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
GIBB of The Sands Fairlie -- Ayrshire
GIBB of Woodlands 6 Meadowbank-lane Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GIBBONS of 52 St Meddans-street Troon -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of 11 Sinclair-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of 15 Montgomerie-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of 45 Main-street Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of 83 Main-street Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Daldorch Catrine -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Howefield Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Humphrey 10 Anderson Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Innesdene Beith -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Mossbank Barrhill -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Mossbank Cottage Barrhill -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Pokelly Hill Farm Fenwick -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Railway Station House Hollybush -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of St Blanes New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Tarbet Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of The Marine Hotel Troon -- Ayrshire
GIBSON of Whitehaugh 35 Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
GIDDINGS of 2 Castlehill Crescent Ayr -- Ayrshire
GIDDINGS of 51 Green Street Ayr -- Ayrshire
GIFFEN of 20 Gogoside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
GILBERT of 61 Lynn Avenue Dalry -- Ayrshire
GILCHRIST of 14 Fullerton Drive Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GILCHRIST of 18 Winton Circus Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GILCHRIST of 79 St Meddans Street Troon -- Ayrshire
GILCHRIST of Dunselma Fenwick -- Ayrshire
GILFILLAN of 22 Auchenmald Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
GILFILLAN of Newhouse Coylton -- Ayrshire
GILLAN of 78 Hayocks Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
GILLESPIE of 1 Orchard Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GILLESPIE of 2 Weir Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GILLESPIE of 44 Raise-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GILLESPIE of Cramond Well-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GILLESPIE of Dunlop House Dunlop -- Ayrshire
GILLESPIE of Llttlestane Cottage Sourlle by Irvine -- Ayrshire
GILLIES of 22 Burnside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
GILLIES of Beechwood Cottage 1 Victoria Cottages 2 Haugi Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GILLIES of Thistleknowe Beith -- Ayrshire
GILLILAND of Palmyra Prlestland Way Darvel -- Ayrshire
GILMORE of Barbreck 59 Bentinck Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of 12 Glebe Cottages Mauchline -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of 15 Glebe Avenue Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Broomknowes Maybole -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Broomknowes Maybole -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Conway 12 Kilmony Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Dunmour 37 Eglinton-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Mainstreet Dunlop -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Maruona Largs -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Nether Gree Beith -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Rosebank Hurlford -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Roseholm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
GILMOUR of Woodend Crookedholm by Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GIRVAN of 9 Whitehall Maybole -- Ayrshire
GLASGOW of Kelburn Fairlie -- Ayrshire
GLEN of 14 Carrick View Mauchline -- Ayrshire
GLEN of 33 Jacks Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GLEN of 48 Kirkland Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
GLEN of 53 Garnock Grove Glengarnock -- Ayrshire
GLEN of Monte 43 Caledonia Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GLOVER of 11 Midton Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GLOVER of Maimhor West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of 2 McCall Avenue Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of 3 Kirkland Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of 46 South Hamilton-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of 46 South Hamilton-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of Allardyce Cottage Galston-road Hurlford Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of Firbank Boar Brae Head Newmilns -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of Lugtonridge Farm Beith -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of Ravenspark Hospital Irvine -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of Speymohr Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
GOLDIE of Speymohr Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
GOLLAN of Lochridge Stewarton -- Ayrshire
GOOD of 6 Whitehall-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GOOLD of 26 Hutton Park-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
GORDON of 2 Grahamston Avenue Glengarnock -- Ayrshire
GORDON of 25 Ailsa-street East Girvan -- Ayrshire
GORDON of 5 Greenside Girvan -- Ayrshire
GORDON of Dalraddle 17 Braehead Dalry -- Ayrshire
GORDON of Klnnoull Barr -- Ayrshire
GORDON of Lorne Cottage Annick Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
GORDON of Toftshill Dalry -- Ayrshire
GORDON of Waverley 32 Harling-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
GOSSELIN of Warlckdale Symington -- Ayrshire
GOUDIE of St. Elmo Mauchline -- Ayrshire
GOW of 1 Academy-street Ayr -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of 15 Cuninghame Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of 4 Castle Park-villas Fairlie -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of 47 Fullarton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of Braehead Barrhill -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of Castle Park Fairlie -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of Crosbie West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of Monklands5 Oswald-drive Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of The Cleddens 19 Ayr Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GRAHAM of Wheel-house Beith -- Ayrshire
GRANGER of 26 South Hamilton Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GRANGER of 47 Portland Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GRANGER of Lochridge Stewarton -- Ayrshire
GRANT of 12 Deacons-place Girvan -- Ayrshire
GRANT of 3 Beech Avenue Irvine -- Ayrshire
GRANT of 3 Bellsburn Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GRANT of 43 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
GRANT of Ardmillan by Girvan -- Ayrshire
GRANT of The Hirsel AUanvale-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GRAY of 17 Berelands-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GRAY of 3 Richmond Terrace Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GRAY of 4 Manor Avenue Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
GRAY of Alness 14 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GRAY of Findlay Annickbank Irvine -- Ayrshire
GRAY of Kirklands Kirkoswald -- Ayrshire
GRAY of Kirklands Kirkoswald -- Ayrshire
GRAY of South Park South-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GRAY of St. Annes 15 Fullarton Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
GRAY of Stepends Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GRAY of Tongue Farm Tarbolton Mauchline -- Ayrshire
GREEN of 111 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
GREEN of 84 Briar Hill-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
GREEN of Parkview 111 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
GREEN of The Congregational Manse 27 Woodburn Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
GREENHALGH of Beach House Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
GREENHILL of 119 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GREENLEES of 7 Sea-field-driye Ayr -- Ayrshire
GREENSHIELDS of 11 Franklin Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
GREGORSON of 20 Aubery Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
GREIG of 127 Glencalrn Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
GREIG of Murrayfield 11 Parkhouse-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GREIG of The Thorn Dunlop -- Ayrshire
GRIEVE of The Rectory Largs -- Ayrshire
GRIMMOND of 17 Golf Course GIrvan -- Ayrshire
GRIMWADE of Orchard West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GUNN of Waverley Snowdon Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
GUTHRIE of 28 Sorbie Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GUTHRIE of 28 Sorbie Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
GUTHRIE of Craignure Cumnock -- Ayrshire
GUTHRIE of Dalveen Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
GUTHRIE of Lochhaugh Kilbimie -- Ayrshire
HADDOW of 95 Corsehill Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HAGCO of 29 Holehouse-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HALBERT of Castleton Jacks-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
HALBERT of Corra Linn 90 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
HALBERT of Corra Linn 90 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
HALBERT of Cumbrae Cottage Main Road Fairile -- Ayrshire
HALL of 154 High-street Irvine -- Ayrshire
HALL of 16 Springhill Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HALL of 24 Tammydales Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HALL of Azila Dunlop-street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
HALL of Denmark Cottage Ferry Road Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
HALLIDAY of 19 Duffield Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
HALLIDAY of Main-street Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
HALLY of The Claunch 70 St. Quivox Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HALSTEAD of 3 Sharon Street Dalry -- Ayrshire
HAMER of The Cottage 2 Hill*Street Largs -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 1 Eglinton Place Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 121 New Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 13 (otherwise 11a) Moorburn Road Largs -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 20 Hillhouse Road Barassie Troon -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 22 Greenan Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 3 Crandley-hill-road Prestwich -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 5 Stirling-crescent Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 8 Fort Street Largs -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 9 Townhead Beith -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of 97 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Anlea Walden-road Hurlford Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Bargany Dailly -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Carnell near Hurlford -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Chalmadale Symington -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Dunrowan Monkton-road Prestwich -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Feoch Darvel -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Sandyford 94 Loudoun-road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Smithstone Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Southview 9 Fort Street Largs -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Vinepark Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
HAMILTON of Woodhall 59 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HAMPSON of Craigard Troon -- Ayrshire
HAMPTON of Breaneli 25 Lovat Street Largs -- Ayrshire
HANNAH of 6 Glebe Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HANNAH of Girvan Mains Girvan -- Ayrshire
HANNAH of Girvan Mains Girvan -- Ayrshire
HANNAH of Hawthorn Villa Mauchline Road Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
HANNAH of The Mount Barr -- Ayrshire
HANNINGTON of Weston 23 Stewarton Road Dunlop by Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HARDIE of Cora Llhn 27 Ardrossan Road Saltcpats -- Ayrshire
HARDIE of Craigddu Skelmortle -- Ayrshire
HARPER of 38 Boydfield-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HARPER of 60 Avenue Shortless Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HARPER of Curllnghall Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
HARPER of Marathon 22 Stoneyholm Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
HARRIS of 67 Fullerton-street Irvine -- Ayrshire
HARRISON of 15 Clover Park Dunaskin -- Ayrshire
HARSANT of 6 Boydfield-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HART of 27 Briarhill-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HART of 3 High-street Mauchline -- Ayrshire
HART of 35 Mansfield Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HART of Alknut Bowfield Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HART of Tree Tops Fullarton Wood Troon -- Ayrshire
HARVEY of 10 Spalding-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
HARVEY of 3 Riverside Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
HARVEY of 50 St. Meddans Street Troon -- Ayrshire
HARVEY of Dunmar Kirkmichael-road Crosshill -- Ayrshire
HARVEY of Falrlelbume Hotel Fairlie -- Ayrshire
HARVEY of Thorndale Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
HASTINGS of Loudoun of Loudoun Castle Galston -- Ayrshire
HAY of 10 Adamton Road North Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HAY of 36 Monkton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HAY of 9 Old Street GIrvan -- Ayrshire
HAY of Cubrieshaw Hall Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HAY of Greenlea Mauchline -- Ayrshire
HAY of Greenlea Mauchline -- Ayrshire
HAYDOCK of Ambers tone Montgomerie Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
HAZLEY of Cubrieshaw Hall Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HEADLEY of High Kilphin Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
HEADRICK of 4 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
HEBBLETHWAITE of Westwood Skelmorlle -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of 14 Craigie-avenue Ayr -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of 15 Greenside Maybole -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of 81 Irvine Road largs -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Crosbie House Monkton -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Dalveen Meadowfoot West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Faskine Fullarton Wood Troon -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Haddington Park West Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Kendoon Symington -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Knockgerran Dailly -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Mdorfield Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HENDERSON of Springfield Glaisnock-road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HENDRY of 3 Cuthbert-place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HENDRY of Cir Mhor West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HENDRY of Clr Mhor 3 Caldwell Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HENRY of The Cunningham Home Irvine -- Ayrshire
HERON of 11 Graham-terrace Stewarton -- Ayrshire
HETHERINGTON of 3 Queens-terrace Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HETHERINGTON of Westfield Dairy Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HEWITT of 10 Bankhouse-avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
HICKS of 59 Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
HIGHET of 72 Gallowgate Street Largs -- Ayrshire
HILL of 1 Robsland Avenue Ayr -- Ayrshire
HILL of 19 Lovat-street Largs -- Ayrshire
HILL of 42 Sinclair Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
HILL of 9 Orchard-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HILL of 9 Thistle Cottages Stevenston Ayrshire
HILL of Dunora The Holm Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HILL of Glenlogle East Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
HILL of Greenwood Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
HILL of Whitefield 90 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
HILTON of Seafield 18 Main Road Fairlie -- Ayrshire
HISLOP of Mackerston Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
HISLOP of Mayfield Place Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
HISLOP of The Moorings Snowdonr terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HOBART of 37 Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
HODGE of 56 Central Avenue Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
HODGE of The Cairn Turnberry -- Ayrshire
HOGAN of West-road Irvine -- Ayrshire
HOGARTH of 1 Ash Dairy -- Ayrshire
HOGARTH of Roseneath 5 Crosshouse Road Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
HOGG of 36 Woodwynd Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HOGG of Terrona Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
HOLBURN of Eastfield Dairy -- Ayrshire
HOLBURN of Parkhead 11 Braehead Dairy -- Ayrshire
HOLLAND of Glanhenwye 5 Allan vale-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HOLM of Haylie House Old Folks Home Largs -- Ayrshire
HOLMES of 6 Arran Place Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
HOLMES of Bar-Loch 19 West Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
HOLT of Mount House Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HOOD of 33 Londoun Road Nevanllns -- Ayrshire
HOOD of 42 Brown-street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
HOOD of Rochport West 6 Darvel Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
HOOD of Rockpark West Darvel Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
HOOD of Sherwood 6 Browns Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
HOPPER of 75 Meadowfoot Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HOPPJERTON of Uplands Caldwell-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HOTCHKISS of Sannox 23 North Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
HOULDSWORTH of Kirkbride Maybole -- Ayrshire
HOUSTON of 11 New-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
HOUSTON of 2 Holmston-road Ayr -- Ayrshire
HOUSTON of Roselea Milton-road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
HOUSTON of West Lynn Dairy -- Ayrshire
HOW of Walkers ton House Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
HOWAT of 70 Briarhill-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HOWAT of 9 Segton Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HOWAT of Burnton Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
HOWAT of Eureka 31 Dundonald Road Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
HOWAT of Sawerston Catrine -- Ayrshire
HOWATSON of 16 Mlchle Street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HOWATSON of 8 Duke-street Galston -- Ayrshire
HOWATSON of 8 Duke-street Galston -- Ayrshire
HOWATSON of 83 South Beach Troon -- Ayrshire
HOWATSON of Sprimgwell House High-street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
HOWATSON of The Square Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 1 South Hamilton-place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 10 Isles-street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 28 Raise-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 35 Stevenston Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 45 Byres Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 5 Cuthbert-place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of 83 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of care of Wright Rowallan 4 Hutton Park Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of Cargill House Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of Easterhill Dairy -- Ayrshire
HOWIE of Firth View Ardoch-crescent Stevenston -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of 14 Hutchison Street Maybole -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of 16 Main-street Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of 22 Stoneyholm Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of 25 Waterside Street Largs -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of 54 London-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Achnacralg Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Culdeam 19 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Dalblair Stair Park Girvan Ayrshire
HUNTER of Dauracherra Prestwick -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Foulton Farm Monkton -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Greenway Greenock-road Largs -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Otterden Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Sanda 28 Watermouth Park Girvan -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of The Beeches Dalrymple Road near Maybole -- Ayrshire
HUNTER of Winton Lodge Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
HURST of Fernbank and Craigwell Beith -- Ayrshire
HUSBAND of Cameron-villa Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
HUTCHISON of 2 Winton-street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
HUTCHISON of 27 Barrhill-road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HUTCHISON of 51 Irvine Road Largs -- Ayrshire
HUTCHISON of Clifford Lodge Largs -- Ayrshire
HUTCHISON of FairlieBurne Hotel Fairlie -- Ayrshire
HUTCHISON of St Elmo 6 South Park-avenue Girvan -- Ayrshire
HUTSON of Lanka West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
HUTTON of 37 Templehill and Lainshaw Morven-drive both in Troon -- Ayrshire
HYNDMAN of Phenar 11 Muirend-street Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
HYSLOP of 121d Cambridge-gardens North Kensington HY8L0P William of Bank House New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
HYSLOP of 18 Hutcheson Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
HYSLOP of 48 Anderson Drive Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
HYSLOP of Beechgrove Sorn -- Ayrshire
HYSLOP of Brachead Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
HYSLOP of Calghar 1 Grangemuir-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
IDIENS of Bogside Cottages Maybole -- Ayrshire
IMRIE of 32 Hamilton Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
INCHCAPE of Glenapp Castle Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
INGLIS of Hutchison 10 Scott Street Largs -- Ayrshire
INGLIS of Inglisyde Ardrossan-road Seamill -- Ayrshire
INGLIS of Westview Newmilns -- Ayrshire
INGLIS of Westview Newmilns -- Ayrshire
INGRAM of 45 Kossglel Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
INGRAM of Hillhouse Lodge Fenwick -- Ayrshire
INNES of Daisybank Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
IRELAND of 17 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
JACK of 12 Cassillis-road Maybole -- Ayrshire
JACK of 49 Stevenston Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
JACK of Ash Villa Straiton -- Ayrshire
JACK of Low Drummilling Farm West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
JACK of Orchardlea Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
JACK of Orchardlea Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
JACK of Orchardlea Ballantrae Girvan -- Ayrshire
JACK of Whinfield 42 Brisbane-street Largs -- Ayrshire
JACKSON of 17 Craigie-avenue Riccarton -- Ayrshire
JACKSON of 2 Weir-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
JACKSON of 4 Kirkford Stewarton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
JACKSON of Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
JACKSON of Yerton West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of 17 Glebe Road Galston -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of 61 Ardlochan Road Maidens -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of Birkhill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of Creochhill Bungalow Creochhill by Mauchline -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of Glenburn Newmilns -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of Oakfield 73 Manse Street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of The Braes Darvel -- Ayrshire
JAMIESON of Tighsonas 10 Cumnock-road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
JARDINE of 7 Allanton Park-terrace Fairlie -- Ayrshire
JARDINE of Ardshlel'9 Dallas Road Troon -- Ayrshire
JARDINE of Bonnyton Drongan -- Ayrshire
JARDINE of Braeside Cottage Drongan -- Ayrshire
JARDINE of care of Martin 15 John Street Largs -- Ayrshire
JARDINE of Dunard Cottage Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
JEFFERSON of Byridge Pentonville-road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
JEFFREY of 2 Yarborough Place Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
JEFFREY of Avondale Station-road Monkton -- Ayrshire
JENKINS of Shilthy Cottage Lugton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
JENSEN of Haylie House Old Folks Home Largs -- Ayrshire
JOHNSON of 9 Grangemuir Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
JOHNSON of Ruling 15 Ardayre-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of 103 St Quivox-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of 31 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of 8 Morris Moodle Avenue Steveston -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of 8 Rankin Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of 93 McGregor Avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of Hill Cottage Irvine -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of Tintagel Dairy -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTON of West Manse Dairy -- Ayrshire
JOHNSTONE of 74 Dalrymple Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
JONES of 17 Portland-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
JONES of 24 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
JONES of 5 Fergushill Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
JONES of Janetfield Cottage Alloway -- Ayrshire
JONES of Kenbank Dalry -- Ayrshire
JONES of Oakhill Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
JONES of Strathmaddie Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
JOYCE of St Thomas Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
JUNOR of Byethorn Troon -- Ayrshire
KAIN of Cumberland House 24 John-street Largs -- Ayrshire
KAIN of South Beach Eventide Home Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
KAMIEL of Ayrshire Central Hospital Irvine -- Ayrshire
KATER of Coniston Glasgow-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
KAY of 16 Brewland Street Galston -- Ayrshire
KAY of 33 Bath Street Largs -- Ayrshire
KAY of Pettock Drongan Coylton -- Ayrshire
KEAN of Nunthorpe 17 Montgomerie Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
KEAN of Raeberry Villa Skel-morlie -- Ayrshire
KEARNEY of Cavancha 11 Spalding-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
KEEGAN of 6 Globelands Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
KEELING of Fairfield House Monkton -- Ayrshire
KEITH of 10 Charles-street Largs -- Ayrshire
KEITH of 29/30 Titchfield Road Troon -- Ayrshire
KEITH of 9 Thornhouse-crescent Irvine -- Ayrshire
KELLY of 11 Auchenharvie Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
KELLY of 15 Western-crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
KELLY of 40 Patna Road Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
KELSO of 39 Shore Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
KELSO of HiU of Beith Beith -- Ayrshire
KELSO of Netherhill Beith -- Ayrshire
KEMP of 25 South Neuk Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
KEMP of Avalon Catrine -- Ayrshire
KEMPT of Broomcraig Largs -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of 61 Townhead-street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of 64 Townhead Street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of 9 Belford-terrace Edinburgh and TheMeagle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of Bridgend House Dailly -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of Daldorch Farm Catrine -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of Dalquharran Castle Dailly -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of Powbank Mill Prestwick -- Ayrshire
KENNEDY of Walston Farm Tarbolton Mauchline -- Ayrshire
KENTLEY of 172 New-street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
KEPPIE of Haddington Park west Prestwick -- Ayrshire
KER of Malmhor West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
KERR of 1 Kirkford Stewarton -- Ayrshire
KERR of 1 Kirkford Stewarton -- Ayrshire
KERR of 21 Anderson Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
KERR of 27 Cardiff Street Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
KERR of 29 Dundonald Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
KERR of 38 Ayr-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
KERR of 51 Stevenston Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
KERR of 6 Douglas-place Largs -- Ayrshire
KERR of Blair Athol Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
KERR of Boharm 46 Woodwynd Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KERR of Cunninghamhead House Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
KERR of Cunrunghamhead House Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
KERR of Fairlieburn Hotel Fairlie -- Ayrshire
KERR of Gatend Farm Beith -- Ayrshire
KERR of Grangepark Grangemuir road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
KERR of Kercalrn Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
KERR of Knockhill Bamnill Road Beith -- Ayrshire
KERR of Netherhall Largs -- Ayrshire
KERR of Old Merrygreens Stewarton -- Ayrshire
KERR of Old Schoolhouse Dunlop -- Ayrshire
KERR of Pedderland Barrmill Road Beith -- Ayrshire
KERR of Pltcon Barrmill Road Beith -- Ayrshire
KERR of Woodbine Cottage Grahamston-avenue Glengamock -- Ayrshire
KESSON of 4 Arthur Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
KEYS of 20 Auchenmaid-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
KILLIN of Lovale Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
KILPATRICK of 18 Abbots Walk Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
KINCAID of Rochaca Ardrossan Road Seamill -- Ayrshire
KING of 2 Clyde View Bay-street Fairlie -- Ayrshire
KING of 66 Dalry Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
KING of 93 Main Street Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
KING of Braeriach Dunlop -- Ayrshire
KING of Warriston Maybole -- Ayrshire
KINNEAR of 64 Mains Road Beith -- Ayrshire
KIRK of 12 Arthur-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
KIRK of 12 Harper Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
KIRK of 15 Nobels Villas Stevenston -- Ayrshire
KIRK of 26 Douglas Avenue Dairy -- Ayrshire
KIRK of Annandale 84 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
KIRK of Beechcroft Montgomerie-crescent Fairlie -- Ayrshire
KIRKHOPE of Redcroft Kidsneuk Irvine -- Ayrshire
KIRKLAND of 61 Kings-road Beith -- Ayrshire
KIRKLAND of Glenelg Delth -- Ayrshire
KIRKLAND of Hill View Kings Road Beith -- Ayrshire
KIRKPATRICK of Couldoran Newmilns -- Ayrshire
KIRKWOOD of 1 Wesley Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
KIRKWOOD of Barrhill -- Ayrshire
KIRKWOOD of dencalm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
KIRKWOOD of Kirklee Fairlie -- Ayrshire
KIRKWOOD of Rosebank Dairy -- Ayrshire
KIRKWOOD of The Craig Fairlie -- Ayrshire
KIRSOPP of Kidsneuk Cottage Irvine -- Ayrshire
KNIGHT of 9 Holding Ploughland Dundonald -- Ayrshire
KNOX of 5 De Walden Terrace Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
KNOX of Hamewith Straiton -- Ayrshire
KYLE of Craigallion Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
LAING of 34 Mountfield Prestwick -- Ayrshire
LAING of 90 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
LAING of Omar 67 Wilson-street Craigie -- Ayrshire
LAIRD of Ingroyd Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LAIRD of Lawthom Farm Irvine -- Ayrshire
LAMBERT of 4 Bruce Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
LAMBERT of Braeheads Fenwick -- Ayrshire
LAMBERTON of Landale Troon -- Ayrshire
LAMBIE of 14 Brisbane Glen-road Largs -- Ayrshire
LAMBIE of 6 East Donington Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
LAMBIE of Charlescote Catrine -- Ayrshire
LAMBIE of Garden Cottage Main Street Dundonald-by-Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
LAMONT of Auckenskelth Dairy -- Ayrshire
LAMONT of Viewbank 44 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
LAMONT of Wester Highgate Beith -- Ayrshire
LAMONT of Willowbank 75 Bridgegate Irvine -- Ayrshire
LAMONT of Willowbank House 40 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
LANE of 27 Wilson Avenue Troon -- Ayrshire
LANG of 10 Weston-terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LANG of 23 Anderson Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
LANG of Templand Dalry -- Ayrshire
LANGLANDS of Craig-en-Tor 3 Allanvale-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
LARMER of Chapelhill House Dairy -- Ayrshire
LATTO of Ardeer Golf Club House Stevenston -- Ayrshire
LAUDER of 11 Dundonald Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
LAW of 5 George Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
LAW of 9 South-neuk Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
LAW of Blair Lodge Racecourse Road Ayr -- Ayrshire
LAW of Vanduara North Promenade Largs -- Ayrshire
LAWRENCE of Brooteyde Montgoinerle Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
LAWRIE of Rose Prior Pentonville Road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LAWSON of 32 Glenriddet-avenue Kilbimie -- Ayrshire
LAWSON of Glendel 8 Eglinton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
LAWSON of Orcadia Winton-drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
LAWSON of The Bungalow Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
LECKIE of 35 Churchill Drive Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
LECKIE of Crisholm 55 Brisbane Street Largs -- Ayrshire
LECKIE of Winton-place Fairlie -- Ayrshire
LEES of 12 Morris Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
LEES of 6 Barrhill-terrace Cumnock -- Ayrshire
LEITCH of 11 Mains Road Beith -- Ayrshire
LEITH of 7 Stanley Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
LENNOX of Woodside 108 Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
LETTY of 53 Haco-street Largs -- Ayrshire
LEWIS of Id Ninians Terrace Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
LIDDELL of 10 Hillside Crescent Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
LIGAT of Woodlands 2 Loudoun Crescent Newmilns -- Ayrshire
LIMONO of Mill House 14 Main Road Minishant by Maybole -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of 6 Craigie Road Riccarton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of 68b Wilson Street GIrvan -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of 8 Haycoks-road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of 9 Riverbank-street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of Foulapple Newmilns -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of Glenbuck House Glenbuck-by-Cumnock -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LINDSAY of Khevocklaw Darvel -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of Main-street Dundonald -- Ayrshire
LINDSAY of Millburn Galston -- Ayrshire
LING of 15 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
LINK of Briarbank Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LINTON of Knoweslde 39 Irvine Road Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
LISTER of Kimberley Upper Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
LITHGOW of 5 Ayr Road Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
LITHGOW of Aberfoyle Cottage High-road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
LITHGOW of Bamsdale Auchinleck Cumnock -- Ayrshire
LITTLEJOHN of 35 New-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
LITTLEJOHN of 35 New-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
LITTLEJOHN of 85 New-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
LIVINGSTON of Afield Dunlop -- Ayrshire
LIVINGSTONE of 45 East Donington-street Darvel -- Ayrshire
LIVINGSTONE of 50 Bellevue Crescent Ayr -- Ayrshire
LIVINGSTONE of Dunallen Snowdon Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LLOYD of Brae House Stewarton -- Ayrshire
LOCHHEAD of Drumore Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LOCKHART of Maybole -- Ayrshire
LOCKHART of Maybole -- Ayrshire
LOCKHART of Mayfield 22 Sharphill Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of 145 West George Street Glasgow and of The Lunes Beith -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of 162 Adamton Road South Prestwick. -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of 2 Ladywell Terrace Maybole -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of 48 Main-road Laigh Fenwick -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of 5 Morven Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of 56 Blair Road Dairy -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of Knocknair Kilbimie -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of Laigh Dykehead Farm Dairy -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of Woodlea Cottage Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
LOGAN of Woodlea Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
LONGRAUIR of Bank Street House Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
LORRAINE of Laurel Bank James-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
LOTHIAN of 4 South Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
LOTHIAN of Aviemore Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LOUDON of care of the reverend William Loudon The Laigh Manse Dunlop -- Ayrshire
LOUDON of Loudonbank Waterside Fenwick -- Ayrshire
LOUDOUN of Greenside Cottage Newmilns -- Ayrshire
LOUDOUN of Loudoun Castle Alston -- Ayrshire
LOVE of 18 Wilson Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
LOVE of 33 Glasgow Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
LOVE of Mayfield Dunlop -- Ayrshire
LOVE of Westlea 4 Clarke Avenue Ayr -- Ayrshire
LOWE of Earith Caldwell Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
LUMSDEN of 105 West George-street Glasgow and Castle Grange Castle-street Irvine -- Ayrshire
LUMSDEN of Stronbule 5 Whlnhill Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
LUSK of Ranfurly 21 Scott Street Largs -- Ayrshire
LYALL of Osborne Villa West Bay Road Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
LYON of 34 Gogoside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
LYSTER of care of Mrs Macmillan Lorraine 38 Beachway Largs -- Ayrshire
MACARTHUR of Seamill Hydro Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACARTNEY of Ochiltree 37 The Lane Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MACARTNGR of Craigdhu Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MACAULAY of 16 Caldwell Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACAULAY of Wark 22 West Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
MACCALL of 2 Burnside-gardens Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MacCORMICK of Bogston Farm Beith -- Ayrshire
MACCRINOLE of 14 Alnslle Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MACDONALD of 13 Weston Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACDONALD of 3 Regent Park Station-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MACDONALD of 9 Duffield Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
MACDONALD of Airyknowe 19 Cessnock-road Galston -- Ayrshire
MACDONALD of Hellina Dairy -- Ayrshire
MACDONALD of Morishill Beith -- Ayrshire
MACDOUGALL of 12 Warren Park Road Largs -- Ayrshire
MacEWAN of 26 Allanvale-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MACFARLANE of 24 Kilnholm Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MACFARLANE of St. Margarets 6 Charles-street Largs -- Ayrshire
MACGIBBOK of Klntraw Sumtnerlea Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACGILL of Norwood Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MACGREGOR of Manse of Glenapp Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MACGREGOR of Viewfield Brackenhills Beith -- Ayrshire
MACHRAY of Coila Montgomery Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MACINTOSH of 26 Crichton Street Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
MACINTYRE of Dr Robertson Ardgowan Stewarton -- Ayrshire
MACINTYRE of Moorcroft Fullarton-drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of 1 Sandringham Largs -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of 14 Bellevue-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of 4 Barns Terrace Maybole -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of 9 Merlewood Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of Careshead House Dalry -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of Carlogle 12 Snowdon Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of Crossbum Bute Terrace Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of Little Croft Headrigg Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACKAY of Lyndhurst Auldlea-road Beith -- Ayrshire
MACKELLAR of Eastwood 85 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of 11 South Western-road Craigbank New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of 14 Clover Park Waterside Dalmallington -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of 2 Ainslie Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of Caberfeldh 32 Castle Park Drive Fairile -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of Cloncaird Parkhouse-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of Grangevale Beith -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of Hazeldene West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of Hunterfield Sea Mill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACKENZIE of Newlands 14 Thornhouse Avenue Irvine -- Ayrshire
MACKIE of Caimduff Loudoun-street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
MACKIE of Westcroft Darrel -- Ayrshire
MACKINNON of Maryfield Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MACKINNON of Mill Farm Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACKINTOSH of Auchenflower Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MACKINTOSH of St. Margarets Manse Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MACKLAM of 6 Newton-terrace Catrine -- Ayrshire
MACLARDY of Westmorland Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MACLAREN of 3/6 Sharon-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
MACLEAN of 26 Mauchline Road Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
MACLEAN of 68 Glasgow Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
MACLEAN of Club Bar 40 New Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
MACMILLAN of Oak Craig Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MACMILLAN of Seamill Ifydro Hotel Seamill -- Ayrshire
MACMORLAND of Leafield The Avenue Girvan -- Ayrshire
MACNEILL of Achadhchosan Beith -- Ayrshire
MACNICOL of 57 Sharon Street Dalry -- Ayrshire
MACNICOL of Baravillin 6 Merlewood Road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MACPHAIL of Marine Lodge 38 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
MACPHERSON of The Victoria Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
MACVEA of Belingwe Turnberry -- Ayrshire
MAIDER of Rigg Cottage Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
MAIDER of The Old Manse Rigg Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
MAIN of Ryesholm Shore Road Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MAINS of care of Baker 13 Stanlane Place Largs -- Ayrshire
MAIR of 17 High Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MAIR of 2 Countess Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MAIR of 25 Nelson Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MAIR of 36 High-street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MAIR of 43 Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MAIR of Rowan Cottage Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
MAIR of Rowan Cottage Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
MAIR of Trabbochburn Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
MAIR of West Collary Fenwick -- Ayrshire
MAIR of West Donington-street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MAITLAND of 18 Midton Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MAITLAND of 24 Carbieston Avenue Coylton -- Ayrshire
MAITLAND of Rydalmount Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MALCOLM of 43 Kelvin-street Largs -- Ayrshire
MALCOLM of Brackenhill Farm Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
MALCOLM of Brackenhill Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
MALONE of 3 Turnberry Cottages Turnberry -- Ayrshire
MALTBY of Tarbet Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MALTMAN of 4 Kirkoswald-road May bole -- Ayrshire
MANSON of Ronachan 2 Dalwood-road Prestwich -- Ayrshire
MARKS of Prestwick Aerodrome Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MARR of Lilybank Turnberry -- Ayrshire
MARR of Octovullin Brisbane Olen Road Largs -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of 15 Halfway Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Braidley Turnberry -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Corona-place Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Kilmory-High-road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Kirkholm Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Little Turnberry by Girvan -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Mansfield Dalry -- Ayrshire
MARSHALL of Mansfield House Dairy -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of 15 Milton-road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of 39 Milnbank Street Glasgow and 117 Welbeck Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of 5 Fullarton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of 72 London Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of C. & D. Mactaggart Campbeltown and of Davaar House Skelraorlle -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of Davaar House Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of Dunreoch 106 Brisbane-road Largs -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of Dunreoch-106 Brisbane-road Largs -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of Laigh Drumlamford Barrhill Girvan -- Ayrshire
MARTIN of The Linn Noddlebum-road Largs -- Ayrshire
MASON of 25 Whitehall-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MATHIE of Klnroy Cottage 7 Causeway Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MATHIESON of Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MAVOR of Skelmorlie House Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MAXWELL of 61 Briarhill Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MAXWELL of Gala Knowe West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MAXWELL of Glenburn Castle Park Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MCALESTER of 17 Avenue-square Stewarton -- Ayrshire
McALESTER of Kemose Stewarton -- Ayrshire
McALLISTER of School House Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
MCARA of Beechwood Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
McARTHUR of 63 Dean Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
McAULAY of 32 Castle Park Drive Mirlie -- Ayrshire
MCAUSLAN of 13 Wheatley Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MCBLAIN of Post Office Cottage Pinwherry -- Ayrshire
MCBRIDE of 57 West Main-street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MCBRYDE of Greenbank West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
McCALL of 16 Car Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
McCALL of 7 Harbour Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
McCALL of Braerlach Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
McCALL of Seria S Stanley Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
McCALLAN of 12 Blairlands Drive Daily -- Ayrshire
McCARROLL of 19 South Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
McCARTNEY of 105 Whitletts-road Ayr and of Dalhowan-street Crosshill -- Ayrshire
McCASKIE of 6 Egllhton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
McCAW of Alameda Fullarton Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
MCCLELLAND of Loudonston Cottage Trabboch -- Ayrshire
McClelland of The Cottage High Coodham by Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
McCLURE of 76 Rarus-place Prestwick -- Ayrshire
McCLYMONT of 10 Loanhead Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
McCLYMONT of 18 Henrietta Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
McCLYMONT of 24 Caldwell Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
McCLYMONT of Glenlaw 41 Adamton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
McCOLL of Glenrosa Annbank by Ayr -- Ayrshire
McCONKIE of 16 Fullarton Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
McConnell of Lalgh Smlthston Maybole -- Ayrshire
McCONNELL of Layh Smithston Maybole -- Ayrshire
McCORMICK of Duhern Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MCCORMICK of Duhorn Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
McCOWAN of 128 Main Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
McCRACKEN of 24 Eglinton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
MCCRAE of 44 Dean-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
McCRAE of Thrums Largs Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
McCRAKEN of 4 Beach Terrace Olrgan -- Ayrshire
McCREAOIE of Balloch 21 Carsphairn-road Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
McCREATH of 46 Cassillis Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
MCCREATH of Rosenlaui Turnberry -- Ayrshire
McCRIDDLE of Barns House Barns Terrace Maybole -- Ayrshire
MCCRINDLE of 28 Qreenside Girvan -- Ayrshire
McCRONE of 122 Welbeck Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
McCUBBIN of Rosebank 24 Barrhill Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MCCULLOCH of 14 Morris-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
McCULLOCH of 8 Belmont Terrace Klrkoswald Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
McCULLOCH of Afton Cottage Gargieston Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
McCURLEY of 11 Corsehill-terrace Springside Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
McCUTCHEON of Broomknowe Kinclair Pinmore by Girvan -- Ayrshire
McDAVID of 8 Guildford Street Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
McDERMID of 173 Glasgow Street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of 10 Rankin-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of 10 Rankin-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of 160 Glasgow Street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of 3 Buchanan Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of 5 Love-lane Dalry -- Ayrshire
McDONALD of 85 Eglinton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
McDONALD of Dalfram Greenock-road Routenburn Largs -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of Graigdhu 22 Berelands-road Prestwich -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of Manse side Cottage 7 Kirkland Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of Rockclihe Bentinck-street Galston -- Ayrshire
MCDONALD of The Sheiling 91 Meadowfoot-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
McDOUGALL of 94 Welbeck-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
MCDOUGALL of Elettra 7 Rankin-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
McDOUGALL of Maryville Daby -- Ayrshire
McDOUGALL of Rosemount Nursing Home Irvine -- Ayrshire
McDOWALL of 24 Montgomerie-street Girvan -- Ayrshire
McDOWALL of 69 Alexander Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
MCDOWALL of St. Aslvalds 5 Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
MCEVOY of 4 Main-street Monkton -- Ayrshire
MCEWAN of Aldersyde Glencairn Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MCEWAN of Craighill Roodlands Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
McEWAN of Nimishant by Maybole -- Ayrshire
MCFADZEAN of Eastwood Stewarton -- Ayrshire
MCFARLANE of 39 Bankhouse Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
McFARLANE of 8 Bank-street Troon -- Ayrshire
MCFARLANE of Balgonie 69 Gateside-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MCFARLANE of Craig Farm Straiton -- Ayrshire
MCFARLANE of Littleton Lodge Turnberry -- Ayrshire
McGAFFNEY of 34 Montgomerie Street Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
McGAFFNEY of 34 Montgomerie Street Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
MCGIBBON of Spring-bank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
McGILL of Thornhill 47 Berelands-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
McGILLIVRAY of Clovelly Headrlgg Road West Killrlde -- Ayrshire
McGOWN of 94 Moorburn Road Largs -- Ayrshire
McGREGOR of care of Campbell Glengarth 2 Brisbane Glen-road Largs -- Ayrshire
McHAFFIE of 6 Weir Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MCHARG of Fairview Hollybush-by-Ayr -- Ayrshire
McILVEAN of Tyrlnghame 12 Golf Course Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MCINNES of Larkfield Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MCINTOSH of Craigard 14 Caldwell Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MCINTYRE of 43 Gladstone Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
MCKAY of 23 Montgomerie Street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
McKECHNIE of 7 South Crescent Androssan and care of Stewart and Osborne Solicitors 37 Eglinton Street Beith -- Ayrshire
MCKECHNIE of Brookfield Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
McKECHNIE of Cralzallan Beith -- Ayrshire
McKEE of Dromrossle 36 Stoneyholm Road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
MCKELLAR of Cloncaird Mains Kirkmichael Maybole -- Ayrshire
McKELLAR of Helenslea 19 Spalding-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
MCKELLAR of The Yett Colmonell -- Ayrshire
McKENZIE of 14 Haco Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MCKENZIE of Loanda 1 Gogo-side-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
MCKENZIE of Loanda 1 Gogoside-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
McKERROW of 27 New-road Mauchlin -- Ayrshire
McKERROW of Burnside Mauchline -- Ayrshire
McKIE of Claebeg Cottage Kirkmichael Maybole -- Ayrshire
MCKILLOP of 11 Western-crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
McKILLOP of Westside Cottage 4 Campbell-place Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
MCKINNELL of 27 St. Cuthbert Street Catrine -- Ayrshire
McKINNON of 45 King Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MCKISSOCK of Nirvana Maidens -- Ayrshire
MCKLSSOCK of Nirvana Maidens -- Ayrshire
McLACHLAN of 20 Victory Park Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MCLACHLAN of Meadowbank Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MCLACHLAN of Meadowbank Main Street Dunlop -- Ayrshire
McLARDY of 1 Allanton Park Terrace Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MCLATCHIE of Millerston Farm Mauchline -- Ayrshire
McLATCHIE of Pollick Uplawmoor Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MCLAUCHLAN of Fairlie Lodge Fairlie -- Ayrshire
McLAWLIN of care of Altken 42 Jellieston Crescent Patna -- Ayrshire
McLEAN of Craig Farm Pin wherry -- Ayrshire
MCLEAN of Monkton Miln Monkton -- Ayrshire
McLELLAND of 21 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
McLEOD of 1 Quarry Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
McLEOD of 22 Parker-street Cleethorpes Lincolnshire and Oxenward Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
McLEOD of Marel Som Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MCLEOD of Rosemount Lodge Monkton -- Ayrshire
MCLNTYRE of 24 Esplanade Cottages Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
MCLNTYRE of Blair-quhan Maybole -- Ayrshire
McLONE of Shore-road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
McMASTER of 27 Bridgend Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MCMASTER of Oardenslde Dalgarven Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MCMASTER of Olrig Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
McMEECHAM of Newfield Mill-road Irvine -- Ayrshire
McMEEKING of 9 Woodburn Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MCMENEMY of Grange Galston -- Ayrshire
McMICHAEL of Westwood Dunlop -- Ayrshire
McMILLAN of East Lynne Eglington-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
McMILLAN of Netherlea Netherplace Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MCMILLAN of Viewfield Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
MCMURRAY of Back-road Dailly -- Ayrshire
McMURTRIE of 3 Robertson Terrace Irvine -- Ayrshire
McMURTRIE of 31 McDowall Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MCNAB of Govanbank Main-street Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MCNAIR of 7 Broomfield Largs -- Ayrshire
MCNAIR of Ardgowan 8 Brisbane Glen-road Largs -- Ayrshire
McNAIR of Hermiston 7 Broomfields Largs -- Ayrshire
MCNAIR of Seafield Fairlie -- Ayrshire
McNAUGHTON of Cassillis House Maybole -- Ayrshire
McNAUGHTON of Fulshawwood Saint Quivox-by-Ayr -- Ayrshire
McNEE of Annlea Ardrossan Road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
McNEIL of 15 Dalvennan Avenue Patna -- Ayrshire
MCNEIL of Big Park Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MCNEIL of Cubrieshaw Hall Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MCNEILL of 10 Duart-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
McNEILL of 18 Mansewell-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
McNEILL of Craigdhu Nursing Home Skelmorlle -- Ayrshire
McNEILLY of 6 Parkhouse Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MCNICOL of Hillview 8 Hamilton-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
McNIR of 15 West-street Glasgow and of Rowallan Troon -- Ayrshire
McPHADEN of Wilson The Vale House Slapton Kingsbridge Devonshire and of Woodstock Largs -- Ayrshire
McPHAIL of Dunara The Holm Cumnock -- Ayrshire
McQUAKER of Craigielea Main-street Barrhill -- Ayrshire
McQUEEH of Pemdene Gulllieston Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MCQUEEN of care of Donaldsorj Atholl Cottage West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
McQUEEN of Ferndene Qullkleston Mauchline -- Ayrshire
McQUEEN of Netherfield Woodburn Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MCQUEEN of The Holm Cumnock -- Ayrshire
McQUISTON of 31 Seafield Drive -- Ayrshire
MCQUISTON of Drumlamford Barrhill -- Ayrshire
McQUISTON of Mochrum Farm Maybole -- Ayrshire
MCROBBIE of Elderslie Hydro Largs -- Ayrshire
McRORY of Ardgower 35 Burnside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
McTAGGART of Glencairn Ardrossan-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
MCTURK of Main-street Straiton -- Ayrshire
McTYER of Qarleffin Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
McVEAN of Birkenward Cottage Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MCVEY of 20 Western-crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
McWHIRTER of 2 Beachway Largs -- Ayrshire
McWHIRTER of Main-street Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
McWHIRTER of Ondal Roodlands-road Girvan -- Ayrshire
McWHIRTER of Oyama 1 Englewood Avenue Ayr -- Ayrshire
MCWHIRTER of Qlenvernoch Wesley Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MEAGHER of St Marys Irvine -- Ayrshire
MEASON of 6 Golf Place Troon -- Ayrshire
MEEK of Thorncliff Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MEIKLE of Ardenlea 42 Castlehill-road Ayr and Camregan Girvan -- Ayrshire
MEIKLE of Avonlea Townhead Catrine -- Ayrshire
MEIKLE of Craigard 6 Seabank Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
MEIKLE of Newtonhead Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
MELVILLE of Belle Vue Low (or Laigh) Fenwick -- Ayrshire
MELVILLE of Bennane Lea Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MELVILLE of Lainshaw Stewarton -- Ayrshire
MENZIES of 13 James Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
MENZIES of 23 Courthill-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
MENZIES of 68 Peden Avenue Dairy -- Ayrshire
MICKEL of 2 Beachway Largs -- Ayrshire
MIDDLETON of 62 Fullarcon Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
MILDOON of 10 Kirkland Crescent Dairy -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of 1 Kerr Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of 21 West Kilbride Road Dairy -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of 21 West Kilbride Road Dalry -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of 59 Haw Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of 9 Seaford-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of Dallars Mains Hurlford -- Ayrshire
MILLAR of Sandringham Barrhead and of 5 Aubery-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 1 Windsor Terrace Millport Isle of Cumbrae -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 24 West Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 3 Town Foot Main-street Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 61 Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 62 West Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 65 Egllnton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 9 St Cuthbert-street Catrine -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 9 St Cuthbert-street Catrine -- Ayrshire
MILLER of 9 St. Cuthbert Street Catrine By Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Ardoch 1 Russell Drive Dalry -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Cessford Crosbie-road Troon -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Darvel Mill Darvel -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Dollars House Hurlford -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Dunclutha Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Gowanlea West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Hazlehead Wemyss-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Muirside Farm Stevenston Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Netherburst Ashgrove Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Teviotdale Caldwell-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MILLER of Titwood Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
MILLIGAN of Laighmuir Villa Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MILNE of 33 Waterside Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MILNE of Appin 67 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
MILROY of 22 Southpark Avenue Girvan -- Ayrshire
MILROY of Gornal Barrhill -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MIRREY of 15 Stralton Road Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
MIRREY of 16 Stralton Road Kirkmichael -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of 101 Main Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of 25 Wilson-street Beith -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of 35 Claremont-crescent Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Benalla 24 Harling-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Broom Cottage Cronberry Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Dalreoch Colmonell -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Hawarden 12 Victoria-driye Troon -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Ivybank Catrine Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Janefield Catrine -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Lansdowiie Golf Coutfe Girvan -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Lansdowne The Golf CourseGirvan -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Mauchline-road Hurlford -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Mountclare Montgomerie Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Netherfield Upper Largs -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Perceton by Irvine -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of Scarba West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MITCHELL of The Haven Caldwell Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MOFFAT of Glenburn 1 Buchanan Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MOFFAT of Glenburn 1 Buchanan Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MOFFAT of Glenburn 1 Buchanan Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MONAGHAN of 8 Doonholm Road Alloway -- Ayrshire
MONAGHAN of Swanston Cottage Alloway -- Ayrshire
MONIE of 9 Glebe Avenue Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
MONRO of 8 Corse-terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERIE of 172 High-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERY of 117 Glasgow-street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERY of 2 Bridge-lane Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERY of 8 Townend-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERY of Fairdene Montgomerie Avenue Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERY of Links Lodge Turn-berry -- Ayrshire
MONTGOMERY of Whitebank Cottage Low Fenwick -- Ayrshire
MOODIE of Craignure Ayr-road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MOORE of Eddington Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORELAND of The Shelling Montgomerie Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
MORGAN of 17 Morville Crescent Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MORGAN of 80 Glencairn Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MORGAN of Glencalin Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MORGAN of Parkend House Cubrieshaw-drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MORRELL of 31 Burnbank Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of 118 Main Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of 18 Montgoir -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of 4 Scott Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of 57 Brisbane Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of 74 Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of 79 Eglinton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of Arden Turnberry -- Ayrshire
MORRIS of Broadlie House Dairy -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of 107 Kelvin Street Largs -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of 37 Bowfield Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of 55 Beach Road Barassie -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of 7 Mill Street Langside Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of Gainford Bogend Symington -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of Lyndene 29 Scott-street Largs -- Ayrshire
MORRISON of Naplesbank 4 Broomfield-place Largs -- Ayrshire
MORTON of 107 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
MORTON of 141 Orchard-street Galston -- Ayrshire
MORTON of 2 Mairs Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORTON of 23 Stewarton Road Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MORTON of 96 Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Braemar 109 Glalsnock Street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Clonlee West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Dobieland Farm Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Dunselma Eventide Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Estcourt Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Greenhall Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Invergower Priestland Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Lintknowe Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Mauchline -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Milton Farm Galston -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Orchard Cottage Galston, -- Ayrshire
MORTON of The Sheddens Darvel -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Westlands Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MORTON of Westlands Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MOWAT of The Bungalow Dailly -- Ayrshire
MOWAT of The Bungalow Dailly -- Ayrshire
MOYES of 77 Morton Road Stewarton -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 2 Boydston Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 22 Roodlands Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 30 Claremont Crescent Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 32 Biggar Road Symington -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 36 Seymour Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 45 High Street Maybole -- Ayrshire
MUIR of 90 Loudoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Braeside 2a Barrhill Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Cowslap Farm Stewarton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Ferndale 1 John Knox Street Galston -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Marshill 5 Ayr Road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Oaklands 149 Glaisnock-street Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Oakmount Jamieson Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
MUIR of Shawsmill Hurl ford -- Ayrshire
MUIR of The Holm Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MUIR of West Lynn 22 Roodlands Road Girvan -- Ayrshire
MUIRHEAD of Haylie House Largs -- Ayrshire
MULLIN of 25 Waterside-street Largs -- Ayrshire
MUNRO of 24 Carment Drive Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MUNRO of 8 Patrick-avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MUNRO of Old Manse Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
MURCHIE of The Linn Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MURDOCH of 31 Queens-terrace Ayr -- Ayrshire
MURDOCH of Aulds Helenton Symington -- Ayrshire
MURDOCH of Merrick Main Street Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
MURDOCH of Merrick Main Street Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
MURDOCH of Netherdale Dunlop -- Ayrshire
MURDOCH of The Ward Barrhill -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 1 McKellar Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 10 Finlay Avenue Dalry -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 107 New Street Dalry -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 12 Foreland Ballantrae Girvan -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 2 Countess Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 2 Countess Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 23 North Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 23 Somerville Drive Stevenston -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 3 Bridgegate Irvine -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of 38 Western-crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of Douglaston Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of Knockskae New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of Rimore 1 Routenburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of Sunny side Colmonell -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of Sunnyside Colmonell -- Ayrshire
MURRAY of Tour Kilmarnock Road Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
MUSTARD of Dalraddie Braehead Dalry -- Ayrshire
MUSTARD of Dtfriaskin -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of 6 The Crescent Stewarton -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of Annickbank 63 High Street Stewarton Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of Annickbank Stewarton -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of Ardwell Stewarton -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of Auchensview Dundonald -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of Femlehurst 29 Jacks Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
NAIRN of Femlehurst 29 Jacks Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
NAISMITH of Rosebank 12-14 John Street Largs -- Ayrshire
NAME of 108 Dundonald Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
NAME of 24 Allarton Street Ayr -- Ayrshire
NAME of 3 Annick Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
NAME of 33 Schoolwynd Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
NAME of 34 Riverbank Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
NAME of 37 Auchendoon Crescent Seafield -- Ayrshire
NAME of 37 Miller Road Ayr -- Ayrshire
NAME of 94 Moorbum Road Largs -- Ayrshire
NAME of Alrdmore Doonfoot Road Ayr -- Ayrshire
NAME of Benrldgeside 66 Irvine Road Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
NAME of Cornisk Hotel Seamill -- Ayrshire
NAME of Cramond Well Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
NAME of Cumnor Hall Racecourse V Ayr -- Ayrshire
NAME of Dunlop Broonhill Farm Dundonald -- Ayrshire
NAME of Dunmore Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
NAME of Glendevon 6 Winton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
NAME of Holmside East Main street Darvel! -- Ayrshire
NAME of Klntraw Summerlea Road West Kllbrld -- Ayrshire
NAME of Lochvlew Beith -- Ayrshire
NAME of Marine Hotel Troon -- Ayrshire
NAME of Marledhu Montgomerie Drive Fairile -- Ayrshire
NAME of Ravenswood 38 Brisbane Street Largs -- Ayrshire
NAME of Reay House Turnberry -- Ayrshire
NAME of Southcliff Dunure -- Ayrshire
NAME of Teviotdale West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
NAME of The Fields Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
NAME of Wellwood Highfield Fairlie -- Ayrshire
NAPIER of Haghill St Quinox-road Prestwich -- Ayrshire
NASH of Crummock Park House Beith -- Ayrshire
NAYLOR of Newholme Montgomerie-drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
NEIL of The Caravan The Place Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
NEILL of 9 Main-street Barrhill -- Ayrshire
NEILL of Boghead Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
NEILSON of 106 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
NEILSON of 34 Monkton Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
NEILSON of Lynn House Dairy -- Ayrshire
NESMITH of Thorndale Hotel Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
NESS of Elphinstone Merlewood-road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
NEWLANDS of 22 Cuthbert Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
NEWLANDS of Fairthom Burns Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
NIBLOCK of 52 Ladyford Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
NICHOL of Dumselma Eventide Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
NICHOLLS of Cubrieshaw Nursing Home West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
NICHOLLS of Eversley Fullerton Drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
NICOL of 74 Boglemart Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
NICOL of Havenspark Hospital Irvine -- Ayrshire
NICOL of The Firs 31 St. Magdalenes-road Craigie -- Ayrshire
NICOLL of Corunna Sorbie-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
NIHMO of Norgrave 44 Noddlebum Road Largs -- Ayrshire
NIMMO of 1 Smith-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
NIMMO of Netherlee Netherplace Mauchline -- Ayrshire
NISBET of 98 Barrie Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
NISH of Kilkerran Maybole -- Ayrshire
NIVEN of Ardshiel 9 Dallas-road Troon -- Ayrshire
NIVEN of Highfield Farm Fenwick -- Ayrshire
NOBLE of Newfield Mill Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
NOBLE of The Curlinghall Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
NORFOLK of 63 Ottoline Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
NORTHCOTE of 45 Links Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
O'DONNELL of 7 Old Raise Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
O'NEILL of 7 Morris Hoodie Avenue Stevenstone -- Ayrshire
O’HARE of 2 Arbuckle-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
O’LEARY of 9 Hutcheson Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
OFFORD of 20 Bankhouse Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
OGG of St Ninians Prestwick -- Ayrshire
OGG of Terrona 7 Main Street Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
OGILVY of Killochan Castle Girvan -- Ayrshire
ORR of 21 Holm Road New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ORR of 26 Scott Street Largs -- Ayrshire
ORR of 3 Kirkland-crescent Dalry -- Ayrshire
ORR of 35 St Quivox-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ORR of 6 Braehead North-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ORR of Biggart Cottage Lugton -- Ayrshire
ORR of Darwhillan 23 Montgomerie-crescent Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
ORR of Dumselme Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
ORR of Failford Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
ORR of Monkwoodmains Farm Minishant -- Ayrshire
ORR of Tiynlaw Symington -- Ayrshire
ORR of Whang House Eglington Street Beith -- Ayrshire
OSBORNE of Greengates 17 Main Street Townend Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
OWENS of Netherhill Beith -- Ayrshire
PACKMAN of Broom Lodge Largs -- Ayrshire
PAIRMAN of Mayfield Meigle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
PALMER of Dunalton Monkton Prestwick -- Ayrshire
PARK of 18 St Germain-street Catrine -- Ayrshire
PARK of Holmwood Beith -- Ayrshire
PARK of Wierston West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
PARK of Woodneuk 10 Gogoside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
PARKER of 16 Khokhlovsky Pereulok Apartment 39 Moscow -- Ayrshire
PARKER of 34 Boyd-street Largs -- Ayrshire
PARKER of Bronwen Ladeside Newmilns -- Ayrshire
PARKER of Meikle Laught Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
PARKER of Wardbowle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
PARKER of Woodlea Woodwynd -Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
PASIFULL of 1 John Clark Street Largs -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of 1 Hogarth Avenue Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of 12 Henrietta Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of 41 Kay Park-crescent Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of 66 Claremont-crescent Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Burnhouse Cottage Beith -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Craig House Beith -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Gamock View Kings-road Beith -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Glenronnie Maidens -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Janefield Catrine -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Knockgardner Farm Kirkmichael Maybole -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Lagg Farm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Lagg Farm Dunure -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Milton-street Crosshill -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Narvik Kirkoswald -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Newton Craig 99 Ayr-road Kingcase Prestwick -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Oakcralg 11 Shore Road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of St. Marys 8 Chapelton-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of The Shelling Maybole -- Ayrshire
PATERSON of Two Four Main-street Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
PATON of 22 Bellevue-crescent -- Ayrshire
PATON of Ardlui Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
PATON of Blair Farm Barrhill -- Ayrshire
PATON of Glendaruel 57 Adaraton Road North Prestwick -- Ayrshire
PATON of Kylerigg 7 Catrine Road Mauchline -- Ayrshire
PATRICK of 14 Fullarton Place Stevenston -- Ayrshire
PATRICK of Greenbank Dairy -- Ayrshire
PATRICK of Ladyland Beith -- Ayrshire
PATRICK of The Netherlynn House West Kilbride-road Dalry -- Ayrshire
PATTERSON of Rosemount Colmonell Girvan -- Ayrshire
PATTERSON of Sinclairston-by-Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
PATTINSON of Upper Lodge Craigie-road Ayr -- Ayrshire
PAUL of 56 Lime Road New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
PAWSON of 10 Muir Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
PEACOCK of 22 Main Street Dunlop -- Ayrshire
PEACOCK of 3 FUllarton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
PEACOCK of Waterside House Dunlop -- Ayrshire
PEACOCK of Waterside House Dunlop -- Ayrshire
PEARSON of Crofthead Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
PEARSON of Morris Villa Prestwick -- Ayrshire
PEARSON of St Monans West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
PEDDLE of 24 Douglas Street Largs -- Ayrshire
PEDEN of Somhill 31 Marina-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
PENNEL of Netherton 3 North Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
PERCIVAL of 65 St. Ninians-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
PERCY of Thorncroft 117 Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
PETERS of 1 Glebe-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
PETRIE of Wrighthill Tarbolton Station -- Ayrshire
PETTIGREW of 108 and 110 Meadowfoot Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
PETTIGREW of 20 Caerlaverock-avenue Prestwich -- Ayrshire
PHILIP of 12 Haco Street Largs -- Ayrshire
PHILLIPS of Fairile Lodge Fairile -- Ayrshire
PHILLIPS of Iantrae -- Ayrshire
PICKEN of 9 Russell-drive Dalry -- Ayrshire
PICKLES of Strait Top James-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
PICTON of 77 Caledonia Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
PINHORNE of St Andrews Rectory Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
PINKERTON of 6 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
PITBLADO of 1 Cochrane-place Prestwich -- Ayrshire
PITT of 19 Bridge-street Girvan -- Ayrshire
POE of 81 Eglinton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of 26 Blacklands-avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of Dallowie Farm Patna Straiton -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of John Knox Manse Stewarton -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of Lockmor Galston -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of Main-street Patna -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of Springfield Mauchline -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of Springfield Mauchline -- Ayrshire
POLLOCK of Springfield Mauchline -- Ayrshire
POMPHREY of 27 Wilson Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
PORTER of Linnfem 55 Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
POTTS of Roness Cunninghame Drive Stevenston -- Ayrshire
PRATT of New Haven 33 Greenock-road Largs -- Ayrshire
PRENTICE of 58 Bentfield-drive off Lady Cant-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PRENTICE of Catherma 9 North Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
PRIDE of 29 Barr Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
PRINGLE of 9 Charles-street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
PRINGLE of Doura Villa James-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
PROBERT of 4 Main Street Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
PROVAN of 3 Hutcheson-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
PRYDE of Mayfield Dunlop-street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
PULLAR of 13 Hutcheson Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
PURDIE of The Beeches Llttlemlll Ranklnston -- Ayrshire
PURDOM of 8 Chalmers Crescent Edinburgh and 23 orchard Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
PURDON of 18 Alisa Street West Girvan -- Ayrshire
PURDON of 3 Brisbane Glen Road Largs -- Ayrshire
PURDON of 82 Dalrymple Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
PURVES of 21 Charles-street Largs -- Ayrshire
PURVIS of 82 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
PURVIS of Lavernock Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
QUINN of Natal House Sorbie-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
RAE of 10 Wesley Place Girvan -- Ayrshire
RAE of 18 Bellesleyhill Road Ayr -- Ayrshire
RAESIDE of 7 James Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of 15 McKellar Avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of 47 Portland Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Cockenzie Cottage Dairy -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Crispin 2 Garnock View Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Fairknowe Maybole -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Greengates 28 Ardrossan-road Seamill -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Heronsford Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Langlands Farm Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
RAMSAY of Northend 22 Douglas Place Largs -- Ayrshire
RANKIN of 69 Fullarton Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
RANKIN of Alvah Upper Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
RANKIN of Briarfield Skermorlie -- Ayrshire
RANKIN of High Mains Farm Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
RANKIN of Kelowna Bowfield-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
RANKINE of 8 Fort-street Largs -- Ayrshire
RANSON of Greenfield 5 Alisa Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RANSON of Greenfields 5 Alisa Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RAYNER of 3 Gogoside Road Larg -- Ayrshire
REDMAN of Braehcad Dalry -- Ayrshire
REES of St Cuthberts Manse Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
REID of 12 Thornhouse Avenue Irvine -- Ayrshire
REID of 45 Byres Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
REID of 5 Highfield Terrace Fairlie -- Ayrshire
REID of 5 Montgomerie Terrace Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
REID of 5 Montgomerie-terrace Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
REID of 60 Glencairn Street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
REID of 60 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
REID of 81 Corsehill Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
REID of Blairmulloch Som by Mauchline -- Ayrshire
REID of Chalmesston Stair otherwise Chalmerston by Mauch-line -- Ayrshire
REID of Glenavon Catrine -- Ayrshire
REID of Green Royd Summerlea-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
REID of Hollybank Main-street Ochiltree Cumnock -- Ayrshire
REID of Norlands Roebank Road Beith -- Ayrshire
REID of Rosemount Winton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
REID of Sawerston Catrine -- Ayrshire
REID of Shawfield Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
REID of Westfield Mauchline-road Catrine -- Ayrshire
REILLY of Loretto 28 Ardrossan-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
REILY of Primrose Cottage Barr -- Ayrshire
REILY of Primrose Cottajge Barr -- Ayrshire
RENFREW of 7 East Castle-avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
RENNIE of Post Office Lugton -- Ayrshire
RENWICK of 8 Regent Park Prestwick -- Ayrshire
REYNOLDS of Tilework Cottage Irvine -- Ayrshire
RIALLAND of Dumfries House Cumnock -- Ayrshire
RICHARDSON of 10 Dalblair-crescent Joppa Colyton -- Ayrshire
RICHARDSON of 12a St. Cuthberts Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RICHARDSON of 141 Argyle Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
RICHARDSON of 57 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RICHMOND of 1 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
RICHMOND of 137 East Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
RICHMOND of 22 Blair Street Galston -- Ayrshire
RICHMOND of 41 Londoun Road Newmilns -- Ayrshire
RICHMOND of Altoun 27 Fullarton-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
RICHMOND of Rowanlea Som Road Catrine -- Ayrshire
RIDDELL of Ferndale Overton-drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
RIDDET of Blackstone Dairy -- Ayrshire
RIDDET of Carlton 3 Mansefleld-terrace Dunlop -- Ayrshire
RIDDET of Corra Linn 90 Waterside Irvine -- Ayrshire
RIDDOCH of 40 Hutton Park-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
RIDLEY of 6 Hunter-street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RIGG of 33 Dunlop Street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
RINGROSE of 25 Montgomerie-street Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
RINTOUL of 35 McAlpine-street Glasgow and of Dunalastair 32 The Store Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of 5 The Crescent Prestwick -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of Broomfield King Street Crosshill Maybole -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of Brownhill House Dairy -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of Craigdhu Nursing Home Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of Craigie Overton Drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of Redcliffe Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
RITCHIE of Stewarts-buildings High Fenwick via Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ROBB of 11 Victoria Buildings Muirkirk Cumnock -- Ayrshire
ROBB of 11 Willockston Road Troon -- Ayrshire
ROBB of Baskerville Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
ROBERTS of 106 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of 105 South Beach Troon -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of 12 Rankin Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of 12 Rankin-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of 12 Rankin-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROBERTSON of 18 Dean Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of 2 Allison Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of 2 Robertson-crescent Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Broompark Galston -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Crofthead Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Dunselma Fenwick -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Hullerhirst Stevenston -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Longford Cottage Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Marella 10 Drum Park Lower Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Morland Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Morland Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Noddsdale Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Orcoma Arran View Dunure -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Red Ridges 11 Noddleburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Remoney Mauchline -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Sandhills Monkton -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Sunnyside Waterside Street Largs -- Ayrshire
ROBERTSON of Woodside Dailly -- Ayrshire
ROBIN of The Hydro Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ROBINSON of 15 Corsehill Drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ROCKS of 86 Montgomery Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
RODGER of 1 Barrie Terrace Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
RODGER of 14 Glebe-avenue Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
RODGER of Auchentiber Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
RODGER of Corriebruach Culzean-road Maybole -- Ayrshire
RODMAN of 24 Portland-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
RODMAN of 6 South Hamilton Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
RODMAN of 6 South Hamilton Place Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ROGERS of 50 FuUarton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
ROGERS of Belleisle Hotel Ayr -- Ayrshire
ROGERSON of 48 Dundonald-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
ROGERSON of Glendyne Bowfield Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ROLLO of Farlngton Montgomerie Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
RORISON of Drumsmodden Farm Ochiltree -- Ayrshire
RORISON of High Burnside Cumnock -- Ayrshire
RORKE of 15 Weston-terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ROSE of The Knowe Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
ROSS of 2 Allanton Park-terrace Fairlie -- Ayrshire
ROSS of Brown 7 Blanefield Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ROSS of Milfort Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ROSS of Rossard James-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
ROSS of Silvercrest Old Glasgow-road Stewarton -- Ayrshire
ROWAN of Corryvreck Pathhead New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
ROWAN of Whitehaugh Monkton -- Ayrshire
ROWAT of Frognal Monkton -- Ayrshire
ROWE of North Cottage Southannan Fairlie -- Ayrshire
ROWELL of Marsden 18 Ardayre-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ROWLANDS of 21 Dean-road Kil-birnie -- Ayrshire
ROXBURGH of 37 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
ROXBURGH of Greystones Kilwin- ning-road Irvine -- Ayrshire
ROY of Fourteen Western-terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
ROYDEN of Chapeltoun Stewartson -- Ayrshire
RUDDOCKS of 15 Greenside Maybole -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of 112 Argyle Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of 33 Burnside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of Craftanrigh James-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of Kerrlx Symington -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of Rhu Ellen Androssan Road Seamill -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of Rosemount Castlepark-drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of Russcroft 12 Barr-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
RUSSELL of Springfield Dunlop -- Ayrshire
SADLER of Shawburn 18 Northern-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SAMPSON of 9 Kay Park Terrace Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
SANDERSON of Woodburn Gogo-street Largs -- Ayrshire
SANDFORD of Maryville Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
SAVAGE of Dunolly Castlepark Drive Fairile -- Ayrshire
SAVAGE of U West Kilbride Road Dairy -- Ayrshire
SAYLES of Fairlie Cottage Fairlie -- Ayrshire
SCANLAN of Pinehill Henrietta Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
SCOBIE of Greenhead-square Dailly -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of 13 St Cuthbert-street Catrine -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of 17 Caerlaverock-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of 4 Segton Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of 47 Overton Crescent West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Belmont Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Cowan Brae Catrine -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Dryburgh West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Elmbank Dalry -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Elmbank Templand-road Dairy -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Glenappin 36 Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Macpherson 8 Gladstone Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Mokoia Garage 124 Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Park View Dairy -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Rosemount Stanecastle Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Shellach Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Thirdpart Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Thirdpart Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
SCOTT of Willow Cottage 10 Townend Street Daley -- Ayrshire
SEALES of 1 Allison Terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SEGGIE of 19 Hill Place Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
SELKIRK of 113 Muir-drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
SEMPLE of 33 Prlnces-street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
SERVICE of Beverley 86 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
SERVICE Of Craigdhu Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
SERVICE of Trabboch Maine Farm Stair by Mauchline -- Ayrshire
SHAND of Rosslyn Charles-street Largs -- Ayrshire
SHANKLAND of Ashfield 8 Montgomerie Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
SHANKS of Bulstonhead Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
SHARMAN of 4 Seabank-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SHARP of Avils Cottage Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SHARPE of Craignessle Patna -- Ayrshire
SHARPE of Post Office-buildings Patna -- Ayrshire
SHAW of Ballochmyle House Manchline -- Ayrshire
SHAW of Overton 20 Stoneyholm-road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
SHAW of St. Margaret Skel-morlie -- Ayrshire
SHAW of Westfield Mauchline -- Ayrshire
SHEDDEN of 1 Seymour Avenue Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
SHENNAN of 49 Caerlaverock Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SHERRIFF of Cragston Stewarton -- Ayrshire
SHIELDS of 122 Main-street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
SHIELDS of 14 Mill Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
SHORT of Lorne-shiel Ardrossan-road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SHREEVE of Greensbank Meadowfoot-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SHUTE of 5 Caledonia-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
SILLAR of Caldrongill Farm Craigie -- Ayrshire
SILLARS of 34 South Hamilton Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
SILLARS of 50 Portland-road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
SIM of Leahead Dunlop -- Ayrshire
SIM of Southpark Stewarton -- Ayrshire
SIME of 5 Gilmour Street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
SIMPSON of 4 Fu Hart on Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
SIMPSON of Vulcan Cottage Hurlford -- Ayrshire
SIMPSON of Woodsley Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of 11 Bay Terrace Girvan -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of 144 Balgray-hill Springburn Glasgow and of 57 Manse-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of Glenalmar West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of Stanwix 2 Bankhouse-avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of Stevenston -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of Strait Top 28 James Street Dalry -- Ayrshire
SINCLAIR of Z2 Belmont Road Ayr -- Ayrshire
SINGLETON of 4 East Castle Avenue Largs -- Ayrshire
SKEOCH of 114 Meadowfoot Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
SKEOCH of 5 Caledonian Road Stevenstow -- Ayrshire
SKIDMORE of 10 Park Circus Girvan -- Ayrshire
SKINNER of Clarendon 20 Kilwinning Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
SLADE of 6 Burgh-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of 16 Patrick Avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of 78 Montgomery Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of Balllgnorrle PlnWherry Girvan -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of Belhaven Craigend-road Troon -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of Belton 7 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of Belton 7 Midton-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of Braefoot Meigle Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of J.D. S. Macmillan Solicitors Mauchline -- Ayrshire
SLOAN of Mansfield Catrine -- Ayrshire
SMEATON of Dunselma Fenwick -- Ayrshire
SMEE of 79 Eglinton Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 1 Halehouse Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 1 Hillside Place Newmilns -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 1 Howard Park-drive Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 101 Main Street Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 16 Fenwick Road Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 19 Cross Street Galston -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 3 Links-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 3 Waverley Place Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 43 Stevenston Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 5 Crawford Street Largs -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 5 Marress Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 50 Glendoune-street Girvan Ayrshire
SMITH of 50 Maxwell Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 52 Colthart Drive Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 60 Lugton Road Dunlop -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 81 Donald Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
SMITH of 9 Links Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Cessnock Mill Hurlford -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Delcombe 74 Culzean Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Dinmont 94 Moorburn-road Largs -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Kings-road Cottage Beith -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Kllmaho Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Knevocklaw Darvel -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Lowersbrldge Farm Mauchline -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Merlewood Beith -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Netherhurst Ashgrove-road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Nocarra 18 Sinclair-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Redneuke Darvel -- Ayrshire
SMITH of The Castle Maybole -- Ayrshire
SMITH of The Cottage New-street Beith -- Ayrshire
SMITH of The Shelling Maybole -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Thirdpart Farm Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Thistleknowe Beith -- Ayrshire
SMITH of Thomwood and of Wallace Street both In Galston -- Ayrshire
SNODGRASS of Gordonhill Dairy-road Beith -- Ayrshire
SNODGRASS of Milligs 101 Ayr-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SOLOMON of Struther Dunlop -- Ayrshire
SOUTHWELL of 7 Lindsay Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
SPALDING of 107 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
SPEARS of 22 Noddlebum Road Larg -- Ayrshire
SPEIR of Fernbank Boig Road New Cumnock -- Ayrshire
SPEIR of Newside Farm Dairy -- Ayrshire
SPEIR of Westwood Dairy Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
SPEIRS of 83-85 Montgomerie Street Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
SPEIRS of 93 Montgomerie Street Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
SPEIRS of Hyndford Campbell Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
STEEL of 137 Orchard-street Galston -- Ayrshire
STEEL of 43 Lynn Avenue Dalry -- Ayrshire
STEEL of 9 Cessnock-road Galston -- Ayrshire
STEEL of Courtthorn Cessnock Road Galston -- Ayrshire
STEEL of Gowanbrae 88 Loudoun-roadNewmilns -- Ayrshire
STEEL of Hunterston West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
STEEL of Oldhall Farm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEEL of Sherwood -- Ayrshire
STEELE of Garven Bank Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
STEELE of Rowallan 87 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
STEELL of Murdock West Tannacrieff Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
STEEN of 24 Caerlaverock-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
STEPHEN of Auchenfail Mauchline -- Ayrshire
STEPHEN of Yerton West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
STEPHENS of Hillend 37 Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
STEVEN of care of Alastair John Steven Chalmers 2 Sidney Street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
STEVEN of Springbank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
STEVENS of St Ives Seamill -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 10 Garrick Street Maybole -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 12 Annick Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 16 Glenburn Crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 19 Dunlop Street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 3 Church Avenue Burnside -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 6 Kirkbrae Cottages Dreghom -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of 8 Townfoot Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of Culdoon 43 Vicarton-street Girvan -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of Janefield Villa Beith -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of Stair House Stair by Mauchline -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of The Garth Bentwick Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of Toorak 76 Ayr-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of Wakefield-terrace 148 Busby-road Clarkston Renfrewshire and Bowhouse Stewarton -- Ayrshire
STEVENSON of Wilburn Barmill-road Beith -- Ayrshire
STEWART of 13 Weston-avenue Annbank -- Ayrshire
STEWART of 17 Winton Circus Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
STEWART of 2 Greenside Maybole -- Ayrshire
STEWART of 38 West Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
STEWART of 4 Hunter-street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
STEWART of 6 Ardrossan-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Avonbridge.4 Winton Circus Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Craighit Colmonell -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Gordon Cottage Stevenston Road Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Hilden 56 Douglas Street Largs -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Mainshill House Beith -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Ravenswood Beith -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Rosebank Woodside-road Beith -- Ayrshire
STEWART of Southpark Monkton -- Ayrshire
STEWART of The Ye tit Colmonell -- Ayrshire
STIRLING of 28 Hutchison Street Maybole -- Ayrshire
STIRLING of 32 South Beach -- Ayrshire
STIRLING of Dunselma Eventide Home Fenwick -- Ayrshire
STIRLING of Winsford Darvel -- Ayrshire
STIRRAT of Viewfield Beith -- Ayrshire
STRACHAN of 17 Wemyss Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
STRACHAN of Dalgowan New Alloway -- Ayrshire
STRAIN of Barrhill -- Ayrshire
STRANG of 7 Weston-terrace West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
STRANG of Cardington Cessnock-road Troon -- Ayrshire
STRATH of The Lodge Hollybush House Hollybush -- Ayrshire
STRATHEARH of Fourways Sandyford Monkton -- Ayrshire
STRATHERN of Beach House Lodge Fairlie -- Ayrshire
STRATHERN of Holm Lea Gateside Beith -- Ayrshire
STRAWHORN of 2 Elmbank Drive Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
STREETER of 31 Caledonia-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
STRUTHERS of 1 Southpark Avenue Girvan -- Ayrshire
STRUTHERS of 13 Auchenmaid-drive Largs -- Ayrshire
STRUTHERS of Cauldhame Dunlop -- Ayrshire
STRUTHERS of Cora Linn Montgomerie-crescent Fairlie -- Ayrshire
STUART of 6 Caledonian-road Saltcoats Ayrshire
STUART of 8 Caledonia-road Saltcoats Ayrshire
STUART of Fairlie House Kilmarnock Ayrshire
STURROCK of Burnlea Largs -- Ayrshire
SUDDARDS of 112 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
SUNDERLAND of 5 Smallbum Muirkirk -- Ayrshire
SUTHERLAND of Glensaugh Roebank Road Beith -- Ayrshire
SUTOR of 99 Glendoune Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
SWAN of 24 Mansewell Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
SWAN of Old Manse Maybole -- Ayrshire
SYME of 32 Frazer-street Largs -- Ayrshire
SYME of 60 North Street Dalry -- Ayrshire
SYMINGTON of Coodham Symington -- Ayrshire
SYMINGTON of Craigonach Troon -- Ayrshire
TAIT of 10 Montgomerie Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
TAIT of 23 George-street Largs -- Ayrshire
TAIT of 31 Nelson Street Largs -- Ayrshire
TAIT of 47 Maxwell Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
TAIT of Craigallan Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
TAIT of Porthead Tavern 4 High-street Irvine -- Ayrshire
TALBOYS of 5 Maxwell-place Hurlford -- Ayrshire
TANNAHILL of 28 Rankin Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
TANNOCK of 9 Catherine Place Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
TANNOCK of Dykes Farm Auchinleck -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 14 Laverock Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 17 Noreen Avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 171 Glasgow-street Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 37 Glenacre Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 4 Duart-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 48 Eglinton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of 8 Barr-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of Bellfield South Beach Troon -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of care of MacRobert Dalmailing Hillhead Coylton -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of Craigdhu Barrhill -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of Cralgvlew 45 Skelmorlie Castle Road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of Monkcastle Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of Redcroft Prestwick Road Monkton -- Ayrshire
TAYLOR of Wellside Maryborough-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
TELFER of Appleuoss Burnside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
TEMPLETON of 167 Main Street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TEMPLETON of 3 Burnhouse Cottages Dunlop -- Ayrshire
TEMPLETON of 34 Rankin Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
TEMPLETON of 80 Glencairn-street Stevenston -- Ayrshire
TEMPLETON of Ellerslie -- Ayrshire
TEMPLETON of Midton Craigie -- Ayrshire
TENNANT of 6 Blackburn-road Ayr -- Ayrshire
TENNANT of Fairlieburne Fairlie -- Ayrshire
TENNANT of Milfort Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
TEVENDALE of The Tower Barassie near-Troon -- Ayrshire
THOM of 31 Carment-drive Stevenston -- Ayrshire
THOM of Capon Craig High-road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
THOM of Capon Craigh High Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
THOMAS of 3 Main Road Low Fenwick -- Ayrshire
THOMPSON of Maplesbank 4 Broomfield-place Largs -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 12 Whinfield-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 14 Burnlea Place Stevenston -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 19 Union Street Largs -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 2 Stair Park Terrace Girvan -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 43 Henrietta Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 5 Berelands-avenue Prestwick and of 44 Eglinton-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 54 Douglas-street Largs -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 6 Franklin Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 63 Ottoline Drive Troon -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of 68 Donaldson Avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Alrena 12 Sinclair Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Barbreck Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Belize Ayr-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Brae of Auchendrane-by-Ayr -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Broadstone Overton Drive West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Castle Hotel Largs -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Creebank 12 Glebe Road Galston -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Crinan 4 Montgomerie-crescent Fairlie -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Dunerle Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Fairhill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Fairhill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Lome Shlel Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Marne11 Newton Catrine -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Rosebank Lugar Auchinbeck -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Strath Hall Stoneyholm-road Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
THOMSON of Weston West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
THORBURN of Burnside Fairlie -- Ayrshire
THORBURN of Craignhor 13 James-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
THORNTON of Lalnshaw House Stewarton -- Ayrshire
TIPPING of Craigmore Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
TOD of 23 East Netherton Street Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
TODD of 105 Ardrossan Road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
TODD of Ivy Cottage 25 King Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
TODD of Moldart Kelburn Avenue Fairlie -- Ayrshire
TOOLE of 12 Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
TORRANCE of 33 Finlay Avenue Dairy -- Ayrshire
TOWERS of 22 Hamilton-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
TOWERS of Springbank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
TOWNSEND of Craigdhu Nursing Home Shore-road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
TRAILL of Invercarrick Pantonville-road Seamill West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
TRAILL of Invercarrick Pantonville-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
TRAINER of 14 Burns Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
TRAINER of Reniart Brisbane Glen-road Largs -- Ayrshire
TRAPP of St Columba Dailly -- Ayrshire
TREANOR of St. Peters Parsonage Dalry -- Ayrshire
TREMBLE of 1 Clark Drive Irvine -- Ayrshire
TULLOCH of Castlepark Drive Fairlie -- Ayrshire
TURNBULL of 121 Argyle Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
TURNBULL of Clairmont Cottage or Villa Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
TURNBULL of Knockbrake Cubzean-road Maybole -- Ayrshire
TURNBULL of Mayfield 58 Ritchie Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
TURNER of 45 Ardlochan Road Maidens by Girvan -- Ayrshire
TURNER of 47 Overton Crescent West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
TURNER of St. Fllians Dundonald -- Ayrshire
UFF of Netherlynn Dairy -- Ayrshire
VALENTINE of 32 Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
VALERIO of 7 Waterside Street Largs -- Ayrshire
VALLANCE of Doonside Carskeoch-road Patna -- Ayrshire
VALLANCE of Windyridge 12 Berelands Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
VANCE of 19a Dalrymple Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
VAUGHAN of Camlarg Cottage Troon -- Ayrshire
VEITCH of 3 Baillie Road Fairlie -- Ayrshire
VEITCH of Lynton Mansfield-road Prestwich -- Ayrshire
WADDELL of South Beach House Eventide Home 7 South Crescent Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
WADDINGTON of Tudor House Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 1 Spalding Drive Largs -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 1 Union-street Largs -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 17 Main Street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 20 Ardrossan Road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 26 Muirend-street Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 32 Beachway Largs -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 5 Duart-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 52 Klrkhall Drive Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 67 St. Ninians-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 69 Sharon Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
WALKER of 7 Bellevue-road -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Camlarg Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Crosbie Towers Caravan Site West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Croslie Towers Caravan Site West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Eastburn Stewarton -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Fcrnbank Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Kaladoma James-street Dalry -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Newarkhill AJloway -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Post Office Cottage Pinwherry -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Pulmullen Straiton Maybole -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Ravensbrook 4 Kilwinning Road Irvine -- Ayrshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WALKER of Ross Cottage Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Ross Cottage Main Street Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Ross Cottage Main Street Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Springbank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WALKER of Walham 3 Crandleyhill-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of 10 Whitehall-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of 28 Alisa Street West Girvan -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of 66 Stoopshill Crescent Dairy -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of 7 Stanley Place Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of 72 Eglinton Crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of 82 Lomond Crescent Beith -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of Auchenbraln Farm Mauchline -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of Failford 27 Harling-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of Gass Farm Straiton -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of Langvale West Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of Lavington Park Sussex and of Kildonan -- Ayrshire
WALLACE of Rossarden Dairy -- Ayrshire
WALLIS of Redholm 1 Hillhouse Road Barassie Troon -- Ayrshire
WALLS of Golfview Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WALLS of St. Rule Sorbie Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
WALSH of 10 De Walden- Terrace Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WALTER of 1 Nobel Villas Stevenston -- Ayrshire
WANDS of 10 Ladyland Road Maybole -- Ayrshire
WANNAN of Belvoir The Esplanade Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WARDEN of Silverdale 5 Station-road Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WARDROP of 55 Head Street Beith -- Ayrshire
WARDROP of Carlton 61 Ayr-road Cumnock -- Ayrshire
WARREN of Allanbank 39 Station-road Leigh-on-Sea Essex and-of 19 Southport-avenue Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WARREN of Helena Cottage Springside near Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WARRICK of Cumrock -- Ayrshire
WASON of Glen ALty Barrhill Colmonell -- Ayrshire
WATERS of Seaview Seamill -- Ayrshire
WATSON of 44 Welbeck-crescentc Troon -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Alknut Bowfield Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Allerton Henrietta-street Girvan -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Ashdale Gateside-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Beith -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Dalfarnier 6 Bentinck-street Galston -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Lalght Park Cottage Joppa Coylton -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Newton Cottage Darvel -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Northfield James-street Dairy -- Ayrshire
WATSON of Southview Lochend-road Troon -- Ayrshire
WATSON of The Cottage Irvine -- Ayrshire
WATT of 16 Castle Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
WATT of 235 Bank Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
WATT of 235 Bank Street Stanecastle Irvine -- Ayrshire
WATT of Ara-gae 5 Buchanan-street Largs -- Ayrshire
WATT of Birkenward Home Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WATT of Firbank Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
WATT of Kidsneuk Cottage Irvine -- Ayrshire
WATT of Kingarth Ardrossan-road Seamill -- Ayrshire
WATT of The Manse of Fenwick by Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WATT of Willowbank Irvine -- Ayrshire
WEBBE of 11a Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
WEBSTER of 24 Lansdowne-road Ayr -- Ayrshire
WEBSTER of Orangefield Monkton -- Ayrshire
WEDLOCK of 9 York Drive Burnside -- Ayrshire
WEIDNER of 9 Ladykirk Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WEIR of 134 High Street Irvine -- Ayrshire
WEIR of 2 Bate Terrace Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WEIR of 21 Western Crescent Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
WEIR of Craigard Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WEIR of Kirkton Cottage Dairymple -- Ayrshire
WEIR of Rockwood Dairy Road Beith -- Ayrshire
WEIR of Stroma Greenock-road Largs -- Ayrshire
WELCH of 22 Highfield Drive Stevenston -- Ayrshire
WELCH of Bengairn Yerton Brae West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WELSH of 59 Kerr Avenue Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WELSH of Broomieknowe Irvine-road Largs -- Ayrshire
WESTON of Hunterston West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WHAITE of The Garth Pinmore Girvan -- Ayrshire
WHARTON of Loudoun Cottage Galston -- Ayrshire
WHITAKER of 24 London Road Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WHITE of 11 Clark Place Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WHITE of 21 Titchfield-street Galston -- Ayrshire
WHITE of 4 Bentwick-street Galston -- Ayrshire
WHITE of Belsfordbank Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WHITE of Delmere St Quivor-road Prestwick Ayrshire
WHITE of High Smithston (otherwise High Smithstown) Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
WHITE of Lalnshaw House Stewarton -- Ayrshire
WHITEFORD of Redholm Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
WHITEFORD of Redholm Kilmaurs -- Ayrshire
WHITEHEAD of 16 Pont Street Chelsea Middlesex and care of Clydesdale Bank Troon -- Ayrshire
WHITELAW of 1 Meiklewood-avenue Prestwich -- Ayrshire
WHITELAW of 4 Springbank Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WHITELAW of Alexandra Terrace 36 Holmhead Kilbirnie -- Ayrshire
WHITMORE of Kirkbride Maybole -- Ayrshire
WHITMORE of Kirkbride-by-Maybole -- Ayrshire
WHITTON of Nithsdale Bowfield Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WHYTE of 17 Old Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
WHYTE of Redesdale Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WHYTE of Wlndyknbwe Ballantrae Girvan -- Ayrshire
WILKIE of 6 Sidney Street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WILKIE of Acre Largs -- Ayrshire
WILKIE of Simpson 88 Gogoside Road Largs -- Ayrshire
WILKINSON of Dunerlc Barbleston Road Dalrymple -- Ayrshire
WILKINSON of West Park Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WILKINSON of West Park Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WILLIAMS of 21 Glebe-road Galston -- Ayrshire
WILLIAMS of 84 Main Street Symington -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WILLIAMSON of 106 Greenock-road Largs -- Ayrshire
WILLIAMSON of 19 The Golf Course Girvan -- Ayrshire
WILLIAMSON of Bellsbank Dalmellington -- Ayrshire
WILLIAMSON of Largo Bay Flats Main Street Lower Largs -- Ayrshire
WILLIAMSON of Morven 106 Greenock Road Largs -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 1 St. Ninians Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 13 Stanlane-place Largs -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 15 St. Cuthbert-street Catrine -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 18 Barberry Drive Beith -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 2 Ballochtoul 141 Dalrymple Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 27 Thornhouse Avenue Irvine -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 3 Arthur Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 3 Arthur-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 31 Herdston Place Cumnock -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 37 Watson Terrace Irvine -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 44 Argyle-road Saltcoats and of Ivybanks Dailly both in -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 47 Braehead Avenue Ayr -- Ayrshire
WILSON of 64 Irvine Road Largo -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Bourock Farm Dunlop -- Ayrshire
WILSON of care of Workman Parkgrove South-road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Commercial Bank House Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Darley House Ottoline-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Dumfries Arms Hotel Cumnock -- Ayrshire
WILSON of East Newton Newmilns -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Ecclestown Castle Head Paisley and Glenboyde Seamill -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Estcourt Mauchline -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Grangevale Beith -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Inglis Buildings 50 Main-street Dreghorn -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Kersley Daby -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Lalghmulr Fenwick Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Lochgreen Troon -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Methven 129 Argyle-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Olentachur Lodge Pinwherry -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Parkend Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Parkend Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Parkgrove South Road West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Rarus-place 76 Main-street Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Semple Cottage 22 Barrhill-road Cumrock -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Weston Cottage 17 Dunlop-street Stewarton -- Ayrshire
WILSON of Wetherley Dunlop -- Ayrshire
WINNING of Burncroft Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WINTERBOTTOM of Lagganholm Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
WINTERTON of 4 Grange-terrace Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
WINTON of Ardovie Roebank-road Beith -- Ayrshire
WOOD of 29 Main Street Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
WOOD of 5 East Park Avenue Nether Place Mauchline -- Ayrshire
WOOD of Carlton Mansefield-terrace Dunlop -- Ayrshire
WOOD of Glencairn Dunlop -- Ayrshire
WOODBURN of 147 East Main Street Darvel -- Ayrshire
WOODBURN of Alton Lodge South Beach Troon -- Ayrshire
WOODBURN of Mrs McCulloch Bellview Low Fenwick -- Ayrshire
WOODS of Artnox 17 Braehead Dalry -- Ayrshire
WOODS of Northfield 108 Bank-street Irvine -- Ayrshire
WOODSIDE of 17 Braehead Dalry -- Ayrshire
WORKMAN of 35 Well Street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
WORKMAN of 43 Caledonia-road Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WOTHERSPOON of 28 Spring-vale-street Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of 10 South Park Avenue Girvan -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of 10 Wallace Street Galston -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of 12 Burnside-road Largs -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of 45 Ayr-street Troon -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of 57 McGregor-avenue Stevenston -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of Carrick-view Doom foot -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of Hiddlemulr Farm Tarbolton -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of Kirkhill Colmonell -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of Rewallon 4 Hutton Park-crcscent Largs -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of Roselea Crosshill Maybole -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of The Mount Burn Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
WRIGHT of Trolaine 67 Bentinck-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
WYLIE of Ardoch 30 Golf-crescent Troon -- Ayrshire
WYLIE of Gala Knowe Turnberry -- Ayrshire
WYLIE of Glenariff Grangemuir-road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
WYLIE of Kilmaho Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WYLIE of Mount Allan Auchlncrulve -- Ayrshire
WYLIE of Seaview Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of 13 Ashgrove-street Ayr -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of 3 Hillcrest Place Kilwinning -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of 32 Harling-drive Troon -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of 43 South Beach Road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of Craighead Dunlop -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of St Ronans South Beach-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of Tra-Bank Stair Mauchline -- Ayrshire
WYLLIE of West Blackyre Farm Fenwick Kilmarnock -- Ayrshire
YATES of 88 Townhead Street Stevens ton -- Ayrshire
YORSTON of Tighe-Mairi Alton-street West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 12 Glebe Road Galston -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 121 Daliyraple Street Girvan -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 14 Caerlaverock Road Prestwick -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 2 Bridge-street Catrine -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 2 Mansefield-terrace Dunlop -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 20 Mill-road Irvine -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 22 Caledonian Road Stevenston -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 22 Nelson-street Newmilns -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 2c Well Street Overton Court West Kilbride -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 45 Eglinton-road Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 6 West Doura Avenue Saltcoats -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of 7 Blythswood-crescent Largs -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Abington James Street Dairy -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Ardchollie Lodge Stevenston -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Balnowlart Ballantrae -- Ayrshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
YOUNG of Burnbrae Mauchline -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Church-lane Galston -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Dunard Jamieson Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Garfln Farm Crosshill -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Glen View Kirkland Road Darvel -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Mossdale 40 Main Road Low Fenwick -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Saint Nicholas Park Prestwick -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Somhill Farm Galston -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of The Bower Monkton -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Trynlaw Symington -- Ayrshire
YOUNG of Turf Hotel Darvel -- Ayrshire
YUILL of Cir-Mhor 12 Winton Drive Skelmorlie -- Ayrshire
YUILLE of 6 Mckellar-avenue Ardrossan -- Ayrshire
YUILLE of Laurel Bank Newmilns -- Ayrshire

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