Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Cork (town) is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADDERLEY of 15 Dyke-parade -- Cork (town)
AHERN of Soho Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
AHERNE of Laherdane Saint Lukes -- Cork (town)
AHERNE of Ursullne Convent Blankrocfc -- Cork (town)
ALLEN of 18 St Patricks-place -- Cork (town)
ALLEN of 5 Eglinton Place Western Road -- Cork (town)
ALLISON of 16 Grattan Hill -- Cork (town)
ANDERSON of 5 Grosvenor Place Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
ANDERSON of Coolbawn Blackrock Road Ballintemple -- Cork (town)
ANGLIN of 5 Fernhurst-villas College-road -- Cork (town)
APPELBE of Kilkorran Granegoleen Clonakilty -- Cork (town)
ATKIN of 7 East Ville Albert-road -- Cork (town)
ATKINS of Windygap Clare-avenue College-road -- Cork (town)
ATKINSON of 3 East Cliffe Southern-road -- Cork (town)
BAILEY of 2 Brighton Villas Western Road -- Cork (town)
BAKER of African Missions Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
BARR of 2 The Crescent High-street -- Cork (town)
BARRETT of The Lough Presbyitery -- Cork (town)
BARRETT of Villa Ronan Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
BARRISCALE of Dungail Ardfoile Avenue Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
BARRY of 3 Mahon Avenue Belvedere Lawn Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BARRY of Alvema Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BARTER of 2 Westmere Western-road -- Cork (town)
BEALE of 5 Adelaide Place -- Cork (town)
BEALE of Clifton Villas Montenoitte -- Cork (town)
BEAMISH of Coronella Glasheen-road -- Cork (town)
BEAZLEY of 280 Blarney-street -- Cork (town)
BEAZLEY of Delphi Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BEERE of St. Ives South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BELAS of 6 Charlemont-terrace -- Cork (town)
BENNETT of 8 Adelaide Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
BENNETT of Gardenhurst on the Cross Douglas- rciad -- Cork (town)
BENNETT of Hillside Fernhurst-avenue -- Cork (town)
BEVAN of Almar Glasheen Park -- Cork (town)
BEVERIDGE of Incorporated Home for Protestant Incurables -- Cork (town)
BIRD of 8 Summerhill South -- Cork (town)
BIRD of 8 Summerhlll South -- Cork (town)
BIRD of Olenlara Beaumont Crescent BallIntemple -- Cork (town)
BIRD of The Incorporated Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
BLACK of 22 Tuckey Street -- Cork (town)
BLACK of The incorporated Home for Protestant Incurables Military Road -- Cork (town)
BLACKMORE of 4Summerhill St Lukes -- Cork (town)
BLAIR of 3 Montpellier-terrace Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
BLANEY of 8 The Crescent St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
BOLSTER of Glenlohane Kanturk -- Cork (town)
BOOTH of 5 Mardyke-walk -- Cork (town)
BOOTH of Katra Ballinlough-road -- Cork (town)
BOOTH of Llsadell Trabeg Lawn South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BOUDREN of 11 Park View Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
BOWEN of Rath Mahon Blackrock -- Cork (town)
BOYD of Redgate Sidney Park -- Cork (town)
BRADY of Mossman Castlegreene Park Boreenmanna-road -- Cork (town)
BRENNAN of Copper Beech Belvedere Lawn Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BRETT of 2 Melville Terrace Bellevue Park Military Hill -- Cork (town)
BREWSTER of 3 St Lukes-place -- Cork (town)
BROOKS of 5 Wellesley-terrace Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
BROSNAN of 6 Rutland-street -- Cork (town)
BROWN of 3 Wynnevllle Evergreen Road -- Cork (town)
BROWN of Greenmount View Green Street -- Cork (town)
BROWN of Hyde Park Montenotte -- Cork (town)
BROWN of Palmeira Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
BROWNE of 4 Sawmill-street -- Cork (town)
BROWNE of Ashton Rathmore Lawn South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
BROWNLOW of Manderlay Farranlea Park Blshopstown -- Cork (town)
BRUEN of Brierholme College-road -- Cork (town)
BUCHANAN of The Hollies Ballinlough-road -- Cork (town)
BUCKLEY of 2 Eglinton Place Western Road -- Cork (town)
BUCKLEY of 36 Cove Street -- Cork (town)
BUCKLEY of Carrlg Gloss Blackrock -- Cork (town)
BUCKLEY of Coolahra Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
BURKE of parkhurst Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
BURNS of Tarmon Farranlea Park -- Cork (town)
BYRNE of 11 Lower Montenotte -- Cork (town)
BYRNE of 16 St Patricks Hill -- Cork (town)
BYRNE of 22 St Patricks Hill -- Cork (town)
CAHALAN of 63 Patrick Street -- Cork (town)
CAHALANE of 98 Olives Plunkett-street -- Cork (town)
CAMPBELL of 58 South Mall -- Cork (town)
CAREW of Peraki Nelson Place Youghal -- Cork (town)
CAREY of 10 Valentine-villas The Lough -- Cork (town)
CARPENTER of 5 Hillsboro Place -- Cork (town)
CARROLL of 10 Ferncliffe Villas -- Cork (town)
CARROLL of The Laurels Western Road -- Cork (town)
CARTON of 5 Father Matthew Quay -- Cork (town)
CASEY of 1 Adare Villas Hlghfield Avenue -- Cork (town)
CASHMAN of 10 Goldsmiths-avenue -- Cork (town)
CASHMAN of 108 Saint Colemans Road Spangle Hill -- Cork (town)
CASHMAN of Castleview Glanmire -- Cork (town)
CASSIDY of 4 Alexandra-terrace Military-road -- Cork (town)
CASSILLY of 37 Princes-street -- Cork (town)
CAVE of 16 Parnell Place -- Cork (town)
CHARLESSON of 9 Walshs Avenue Blackpool -- Cork (town)
CHATTERTON of Rock House Youghal -- Cork (town)
CHAVASSE of Seafield Castletownshend -- Cork (town)
CHILLINGWORTH of Rockville Nursing Home Bellevue Park -- Cork (town)
CHILLINGWORTH of Roclcvllle Bellevue Park -- Cork (town)
CLARIDGE of Holmkliffe Lee-road -- Cork (town)
CLARK of 4 St Vincents-view Mardyke -- Cork (town)
CLARKE of Glencooirna Hettyfield Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
CLARKE of Greenore Balllncurrlg Park Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
COFFEY of 1 Waterloo-terrace Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
COFFEY of 83 Grand-parade -- Cork (town)
COFFEY of 9 Mount Pleasant College Road -- Cork (town)
COGAN of Longview Beaumont Park Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
COHEN of 11 Cook Street -- Cork (town)
COLEMAN of 13 Gerald Griffin-street -- Cork (town)
COLLINS of 17 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
COLLINS of 7 Charlemont Terrace -- Cork (town)
COLLINS of 96 High-street -- Cork (town)
COLLINS of Dungowrney BaLllngcumlg Park Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
CONDON of Railway Street Passage West -- Cork (town)
CONNOLLY of 15 Trabeg Lawn South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
CONNOLLY of Ivy Lawn Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
CONNOR of 17 Frankfield-terrace -- Cork (town)
COOKE of 4 Park View Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
COOKE of Mardyke Cottage Mardyke Walk -- Cork (town)
COOKE of Mardyke-cottages Mardyke Walk -- Cork (town)
COOKE of The Mental Home Lee-road -- Cork (town)
COOTE of St. Brendans House Milltary Hill -- Cork (town)
CORCORAN of 5 Alfred-street -- Cork (town)
CORCORAN of Vanessa Wilton Road -- Cork (town)
COTTER of 14 MacCurtain-street -- Cork (town)
COTTER of 3 Ardecvin St Lukes -- Cork (town)
COTTER of Camden House Camden Quay -- Cork (town)
COTTER of Miriam Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
COTTER of Windsor Hotel -- Cork (town)
COTTRELL of Braemar Cross Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
COTTRELL of Carnalea Belvedere Lawn Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
CRAWFORD of 1 Shanakiel-place Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
CRAWFORD of 10 Landscape Terrace Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
CREAGH of Ardbeg Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
CREMEN of 5 Woodland View Western-road -- Cork (town)
CRONIN of 1 Rock-villas Connaught-avenue -- Cork (town)
CRONIN of 12 Sheares Street -- Cork (town)
CRONIN of 32 Palace-view Western-road -- Cork (town)
CROSBIE of Endsleigh Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
CROSBIE of the Cork Examiner Office and of Knockrea Park Douglas-road both in -- Cork (town)
CROSS of Sullivans Quay -- Cork (town)
CROWE of Greenways Laburnum Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
CROWE of St. Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of 2 North Wall -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of 2 Rock-villas Connaught-avenue -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of 3 North Mall -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of 82 Gardiners-hill -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of Carbery Hartlands Avenue -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of Llndvllle Nursing Home Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of Lota Farranlea Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of York House 1 York Terrace Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
CROWLEY of York House Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
CUMMINS of 10 St Patricks Hill -- Cork (town)
CUNNINGHAM of 6 Myrtlehlll Terrace Lower Glanmlre Road -- Cork (town)
CURTIN of 27 Palace View Western Road -- Cork (town)
DALY of 10 Hlghfield West -- Cork (town)
DALY of 3 Inniscarrig Western-road -- Cork (town)
DALY of Frankfort Montenotte -- Cork (town)
DALY of Janeville Mayfield -- Cork (town)
DARCY of Kilsinan Bishopstown Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
DAVIDSON of College View 35 Sundays Well-road -- Cork (town)
DAVY of Alexandra Cottage Western-road -- Cork (town)
DAWSON of Rossnowlagh Glencoo Park Boreemnanna Road -- Cork (town)
DAY of 2 Halcyon Villas Magazine-road -- Cork (town)
DAY of Ard Patrick St Patricks Hill -- Cork (town)
DEACON of The Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
DEHONTFORT of 8 Adelaide Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
DICKSON of 17 Grove-view Clifton -- Cork (town)
DINEEN of Ard Mhulre Farranlea Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
DINGLE of 4 Sidney-terrace Camp Field -- Cork (town)
DOBBIN of Knockrea Blackrock-road -- Cork (town)
DOBBIN of Knockrea Lodge Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
DOBBIN of The Imperial Hotel Pembroke- street -- Cork (town)
DONNELLAN of Victoria Hotel -- Cork (town)
DONNELLY of 8 Gould Street -- Cork (town)
DONOVAN of 3 Gordon Terrace Richmond Hill -- Cork (town)
DONOVAN of Roselea Blshopstown -- Cork (town)
DOOLEY of Ardnalee Wilton Road -- Cork (town)
DORGAN of Janeville Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
DOWMAN of Jesmond Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
DOWNEY of 17 Whitehom Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
DOWNEY of Wardens House Honan Hostel University College -- Cork (town)
DOWSLEY of Lodimore St. Clares Avenue College Road -- Cork (town)
DOYLE of 3 Woburn Place Lower Road -- Cork (town)
DOYLE of Llndville Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
DOYLE of The Munster Institute -- Cork (town)
DROMEY of 6 Victoria Avenue -- Cork (town)
DRUMMOND of 17 Green Park Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
DRURY of 10 Copley Place -- Cork (town)
DRURY of 4 Wood view Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
DRURY of 67 Thomas Davis Street -- Cork (town)
DUFF of Carrigmartin Magazine-road -- Cork (town)
DUFF of Number Four Rockspring-terrace StV Lukes -- Cork (town)
DUFFY of 12 John O'Connell-street Cobh -- Cork (town)
DUGGAN of Edmon Cherry Drive Cross Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
DUNLEA of St Patricks Guest House Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
DUNNE of Rayburn Cross Pouglas Road -- Cork (town)
DUTCHESS of No. 1 Civilian Mess Rheindahlen Garrison Germany and 20 Glencoo Lawn Boreenmanna Road -- Cork (town)
DWYER of 17 Leitrim-street -- Cork (town)
DWYER of 39 O'Connell Avenue Turners Cross -- Cork (town)
DWYER of Ardnalee Monteriatt -- Cork (town)
EGAN of Carrig House Lower Glanmire Road -- Cork (town)
ELLIS of Ardmannlng Togher -- Cork (town)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EVANS of 4 Gibraltar-terrace St Lukes -- Cork (town)
EXSHAW of 37 Marlborough Estate Douglas -- Cork (town)
EXSHAW of Westbury Bishopstown Park -- Cork (town)
FEHILY of SS Peter and Pauls -- Cork (town)
FINEGAN of Hovenden Glasheen-road -- Cork (town)
FINEGAN of Hovenden Glasheen-road -- Cork (town)
FITTON of The Protestant Incurable Home Military Hill -- Cork (town)
FITZGERALD of Rathmore Dillons Cross -- Cork (town)
FITZPATRICK of 1 Lansdowne-terrace -- Cork (town)
FLEMING of 1 Clarence-place St Lukes -- Cork (town)
FLYN of 3 Lower Montenotte -- Cork (town)
FLYNN of Moyallo Menloe Gardens Blackrock -- Cork (town)
FOLEY of 1 Mount Verdon Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
FOLEY of 1 Mount Verdon Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
FOLEY of 7 Egerton Villas St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
FOLEY of 7 Egerton Villas St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
FORDE of 1 Sunnyside University-avenue Western-road -- Cork (town)
FORDE of 4 Dublin-street -- Cork (town)
FORDE of 5 Homeviile-place Western-road -- Cork (town)
FOX of Auburn Cross Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
GALLAGHER of Derrlea Bellevue Park -- Cork (town)
GARDINER of Melrose Farreniea Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
GAYER of 16 Knockrea Park Douglas -- Cork (town)
GIBBONS of Snugboro Ballybraker Ballycotton -- Cork (town)
GILBERT of 2 Audley-place -- Cork (town)
GILL of St. Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
GILLERAN of 1 Dunedin Connaught Avenue -- Cork (town)
GOLDING of 1 Victoria Flats McCurtain-street -- Cork (town)
GOLDING of 18 St Patricks-place -- Cork (town)
GOLDING of 18 St. Patricks Place -- Cork (town)
GOOD of 2 Rockspring-terrace St Lukes -- Cork (town)
GOOD of 3 Alexandra-place St Lukes -- Cork (town)
GOOD of Home for Incurables -- Cork (town)
GOOD of The Moorings Woodleigh Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
GOODBODY of Bonnington Montenotte -- Cork (town)
GOULD of Hillcrest Beaumont Park Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
GRAINGER of Kllboy Hettyfield Avenue Douglas -- Cork (town)
GREALY of Paray-le-Monial Glasheen-road -- Cork (town)
GREANEY of 60 Thomas Davis Street -- Cork (town)
GREENHAM of 2 Brookfield Villas College Road -- Cork (town)
GRIFFIN of Grand Parade Market and of 4 Eglinton-place Western-road -- Cork (town)
GUY of Carriglee Sundays Well-road -- Cork (town)
HACKETT of 49 Capwell Road -- Cork (town)
HALL of 2 Aldergrove College-road -- Cork (town)
HALL of Castlewhite College Road -- Cork (town)
HALL of Glenville Cross Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
HALNAN of 6 Hillsboro Place Old Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
HAMILTON of Temple Hill Convalescent Home -- Cork (town)
HANCOCK of Windrush Shanaklel -- Cork (town)
HARMAN of Dunlea Cobh and 26 South Mall both In -- Cork (town)
HARRIS of 50 Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
HARTY of 1 Mount Brandon St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
HARTY of Rockcllffe Nursing Home -- Cork (town)
HARTY of Summerville Monkstown county Cork and of 16 Marlboro-street -- Cork (town)
HAWKESWORTH of 4 Carmelite Place Wester Road -- Cork (town)
HAYES of 11 North Mall -- Cork (town)
HAYES of Ardcasin Buxton Hill Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
HAYES of Cork Hospital -- Cork (town)
HAYES of Fembank Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
HAYES of Rockville Nursing Home Bellevue Park -- Cork (town)
HAYES of The Gift House St Peters Church-avenue -- Cork (town)
HAYHURST of Ashlette House Tracton Park Montlnotte -- Cork (town)
HAYNES of 17 Thomond Square Old Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
HEALY of Rathfadden Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
HEARD of 8 Adelaide Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
HEGARTY of Sunnyslde Lodge St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
HELEN of The Bungalow Hollymount Lee Road -- Cork (town)
HENNESSY of 3 Westcllff College Road -- Cork (town)
HENNESSY of 4 Rockgrove Terrace Lower Glanmlne Road -- Cork (town)
HENNESSY of 9 North-mall -- Cork (town)
HERON of 11 York-terrace -- Cork (town)
HERON of 11 York-terrace Summerhill -- Cork (town)
HICKEY of 31 Popes Quay -- Cork (town)
HICKEY of 33 Commons-road -- Cork (town)
HICKEY of Ilton Magazine-road -- Cork (town)
HILL of Bellvue Park Military Road -- Cork (town)
HILL of The Incorporated Home for Protestant Incurables Military-road -- Cork (town)
HOLLAND of 15 Audley-pface -- Cork (town)
HOLLAND of 3 Redclyffe Western Road -- Cork (town)
HOLMES of 27 Geraldine-place Albert-road -- Cork (town)
HORGAH of 34 Henry Street -- Cork (town)
HORSFORD of Frankvllle Brownlngstown Park East Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
HOSFORD of Deer Park Friars Walk -- Cork (town)
HOSFORD of Overton Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
HOULIHAN of Dungloe Donegal and of 31 Roman-street -- Cork (town)
HOWARD of 4 Doyle-road Turners Cross -- Cork (town)
HOWE of Protestant Incurable Home -- Cork (town)
HOWELL of 22 Mardyke-parade -- Cork (town)
HUNT of 1 Summerhill-terrace Summerhill -- Cork (town)
HUNT of Rockville Borcenmanna-road -- Cork (town)
HUNT of Rockville Boreenmanna Road -- Cork (town)
HUNT of Rockville Boreenmanna Road -- Cork (town)
HUNT of The incorporated Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
HURLEY of 15 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
HURLEY of 15 Sundays Well-road -- Cork (town)
HURLEY of 2 York-street -- Cork (town)
HURLEY of 8 Marina Terrace Albert Road -- Cork (town)
HURLEY of St Anthonys Model Fain Road -- Cork (town)
HURLEY of St Anthonys Model Farm-road -- Cork (town)
HURWITZ of 2 Dunedin Connaught-avenue -- Cork (town)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HUTTON of Lee House Prospect Row -- Cork (town)
HYDE of 3 Thornhill Terrace Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
INGLE of Braemar Old Blackrock-road -- Cork (town)
JACKSON of St Johns Blackrock-road Cork (town)
JACOB of Ballytore Woodview-road Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
JACOB of Sunnybrook Clifton Avenue Montenotte -- Cork (town)
JACQUES of Qennazano Beaumont Drive Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
JAGO of 7 Maymount Friars Walk -- Cork (town)
JAGO of The Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
JAGOE of Hill House Douglas -- Cork (town)
JENNINGS of Brookfield House -- Cork (town)
JONES of Moores Hotel Morrisons Island -- Cork (town)
JONES of St Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
JONES of Thomond Hartlands Avenue -- Cork (town)
KAITCER of 5 Anglesea Villas Anglesea Street -- Cork (town)
KAVANAGH of Ardfallen House -- Cork (town)
KEARNEY of 1 City View Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
KEARNEY of CommarKet Street -- Cork (town)
KEARNEY of Lee Road -- Cork (town)
KEARNS of 15 Hardwick Street -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of 1 Ardeevin Connaught -avenue -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of 11 Abbey-street -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of 117 Sundays Well-road -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of 20 St Finbarrs Park -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of 4 Grenville Place -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of 6t Patricks Guest House Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
KELLEHER of Lansdowne Victoria-road -- Cork (town)
KELLY of Castletreasure Douglas -- Cork (town)
KENEFICK of 48 Barrack Street -- Cork (town)
KENNEDY of 4 Aldergrove Highfield West College Road -- Cork (town)
KENNEDY of 8 Dunedin Connaught Avenue -- Cork (town)
KENNEDY of 8 Dunedin Connaught-avenue -- Cork (town)
KENNELLY of 2 Brendan-villas Glasheen-road and of The Ivy Oliver Plunkett-sitreeit both in -- Cork (town)
KENNY of 36 Parnell Place -- Cork (town)
KEOHANE of 131 St Brendans Road Spangle Hill -- Cork (town)
KIDNEY of 3 Empress-villas Summerhill -- Cork (town)
KIDNEY of Rathmore Kinsale -- Cork (town)
KIERNAN of 2 Redcliffe Western Road -- Cork (town)
KILKEARY of 2 Woolacombe-place Victoria-road -- Cork (town)
KILOH of 1 Fairy Lawm Western-road -- Cork (town)
KING of 2 College-view Western-road -- Cork (town)
KINGSTON of 28 South Terrace -- Cork (town)
KINGSTON of 8 Adelaide Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
LACY of 2 York-terrace -- Cork (town)
LACY of 3 Shankiel-place -- Cork (town)
LAHIFF of 20 Wilton Gardens -- Cork (town)
LAMBKIN of Burlington Rlverbank Dougles Road -- Cork (town)
LANGFORD of 4 Victoria Avenue Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
LANGFORD of 4 Victoria Avenue Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
LANGFORD of 4 Victoria Avenue Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
LATHE of The Home for Protestant Incurables Military Road -- Cork (town)
LAVALLIN of Lincoln-place Gratton Hill -- Cork (town)
LAW of 19 St Patricks Place -- Cork (town)
LAWTON of 16 Audley Place St. Patricks Hill -- Cork (town)
LAWTON of 16 Audley Place St. Patricks Hill -- Cork (town)
LAWTON of 49 Richmond Hill -- Cork (town)
LAY of 82 Hibernian Buildings -- Cork (town)
LAYNG of Tivoli Gardens -- Cork (town)
LEAHY of 7 Grenville-place -- Cork (town)
LEAHY of Avondale St. Francis Avenue College Road -- Cork (town)
LEAHY of Avondale St. Francis Avenue College Road -- Cork (town)
LEHANE of 29 Sundays Well-avenue -- Cork (town)
LENNOX of 13 Mountview Terrace St Lukes -- Cork (town)
LESLIE of Glencalm Upper Sidney Park -- Cork (town)
LESTER of Craigmore Wilton -- Cork (town)
LEVIS of Cooleen Ballincollig -- Cork (town)
LINEHAN of 42 Oliver Plunkett-street -- Cork (town)
LINEHAN of Roskeltcn Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
LINEMAN of 17 Gillabbey Street -- Cork (town)
LISSON of Janemount Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
LITCHFIELD of Ballymaloe Cloyne -- Cork (town)
LOMBARD of 3 Cedar Grove Qlasheen Road -- Cork (town)
LONERGAN of 116 Barrack Street -- Cork (town)
LONG of 5 Sundrlve Road Balllnlough Road -- Cork (town)
LONG of 68 Summerhlll St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
LOUGHNANE of Clonard 23 Victoria-avenue -- Cork (town)
LOURO of 49 Ninety Eight-street -- Cork (town)
LOURO of 49 Ninety Eight-street -- Cork (town)
LOVELL of Avoca Douglas-road-south -- Cork (town)
LUCAS of 4 Railway Cottages off Anglesea Street -- Cork (town)
LUCEY of 3 Pembroke-street -- Cork (town)
LUCY of Rockmount House Commons-road -- Cork (town)
LUNHAM of 1 Fernhurst-avenue -- Cork (town)
LYNCH of Mount Verdon Summerhill -- Cork (town)
LYNCH of St. Finbarrs Hospital Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
LYONS of 2 Garfield Terrace Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
LYONS of Wellesley Terrace Southern Road -- Cork (town)
MacCARTHY of Saints Peter and Paul?s -- Cork (town)
MacDONALD of Verandah Cottage St Luke?s -- Cork (town)
MACDOUGALL of Sheldon Tramore Lawn Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
MACKESY of Silverdale College-road -- Cork (town)
MACKILLOP of 17 St Patricks Place -- Cork (town)
MACMAHON of 27 Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
MACSWEENEY of 5 Highfield Avenue College Road -- Cork (town)
MADDEN of 16 Marian Place Mardyke -- Cork (town)
MADDEN of 64 Grand-parade -- Cork (town)
MAGUIRE of Silverton South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
MAHONY of 21 Dyke-Parade -- Cork (town)
MAHONY of 35 Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
MAHONY of 6 Marina View Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MAHONY of 83 Grand-parade -- Cork (town)
MAHONY of Rathlee Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
MANDERS of 5 Park Villas Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
MANDERS of 5 Park Villas Victoria-road -- Cork (town)
MANNIX of District and Youghal Auxiliary Hospital -- Cork (town)
MANSFIELD of 3 Wlllmount Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
MARKHAM of Rosbrln Ardfoyle Avenue Blackrock -- Cork (town)
MARTIN of 1 Brookfield Villas College Road -- Cork (town)
MARTIN of 29a St Patricks Quay -- Cork (town)
MARTIN of 3 Brendon Ville Glasheen-road -- Cork (town)
MASSEY of Upper Clifton Hayes Lane Montenotte -- Cork (town)
McBRIDE of Ellerslie Douglas and of 5 Merchants Quay -- Cork (town)
McBURNIE of 9 Ferncliffe Bellevue Park St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
McCarthy of 28 Dunbar-street and of St Patricks Hospital Wellington-road both in -- Cork (town)
MCCARTHY of Bella Vista Victoria-road -- Cork (town)
McCarthy of Egerton Villas Alexandra-road -- Cork (town)
MCCARTHY of Glllabbly House -- Cork (town)
McCARTHY of Mount Eden House Blarney Street -- Cork (town)
MCCARTHY of Mount Eden House Blarney Street -- Cork (town)
MCCARTHY of Redgarth Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
MCCARTHY of St. Josephs Mount Desert Lee Road -- Cork (town)
McCARTHY of Villa Marie Curragh Road -- Cork (town)
McCARTHY of Villa Marla Lee Road -- Cork (town)
McCORMACK of 23 Thomas Davis-street -- Cork (town)
McDONALd of 4 Brighton Villas Western- road -- Cork (town)
McEVOY of Rockgrove Woodview Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
MCGRATH of 3 Alta Place Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
McGRATH of 3 Wellington Square Magazine Road -- Cork (town)
McMULLEN of Trabeg Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
McNAMARA of St. Judes Brookfield Villas College Road -- Cork (town)
McNIE of 2 Ossory Place Evergreen Road -- Cork (town)
McOSTRICH of 2 Fernhurst-villas College-road -- Cork (town)
McSWEENEY of 4 St Josephs-terrace Ballyhooly-road -- Cork (town)
McSWINEY of 5 iBIoomfield-terrace Western-road -- Cork (town)
McSWINEY of Loreto Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
MEREDITH of St Anns Shandon -- Cork (town)
MILLER of Iver Carrlgallne -- Cork (town)
MILLIGAN of 10 Magdale Terrace Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
MINTERN of 5 Laurelwood Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
MOONEY of Lyndhurst College Road -- Cork (town)
MOORE of 6 Orrery Terrace Blarney-road -- Cork (town)
MORGAN of 2 Libertas Villas Blackrock -- Cork (town)
MORIARTY of 5 St. Josephs Villas Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
MORONEY of 52 Lower Glanmire-road -- Cork (town)
MORRIS of 34 Grand Parade -- Cork (town)
MORRISON of 2 Muskerry-villas Western-road -- Cork (town)
MORROGH of Lambum Farranlea Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
MOYNIHAN of Belmont Victoria-road -- Cork (town)
MUIRHEAD of Sidneyville Military-road -- Cork (town)
MULCAHY of 3 Elderwood College-road -- Cork (town)
MULLALLY of Norwood Western Road -- Cork (town)
MULLANE of 11 Devonshire-street north -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 12 Lower-road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 15 St Joseph-terrace Greenmount -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 17 Watercourse Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 2 Landscape Terrace Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 2 Lee View-place Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 23 St Patricks-hill -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 4 Ashton Lawn Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 47 Patrick-street -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of 8 St. Patricks Terrace Lower Glanmlre Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of Abbeyside North Mall -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of Bellavlsta Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of Central Hotel Princes Street -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of Kilbarron Menloe Gardens Blacknock -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of Ladles Quest House St Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of St Aidens Laburnum Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
MURPHY of Sun View House South Douglas- road -- Cork (town)
MURRAY of 3 Shanaklel Lawn Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
MURRAY of The Provincial Hotel Morrissons Island -- Cork (town)
MUSGRAVE of Metropole Laundry and of Moorlands Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
NALDER of Ashton Park Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
NAME of 1 Coburg Street -- Cork (town)
NAME of 10 Stream Hill Dillons Cross -- Cork (town)
NAME of 2 St. Marys Place popes Quay -- Cork (town)
NAME of 23 Congress Road -- Cork (town)
NAME of 3 St. Marys Terrace Fair Hill -- Cork (town)
NAME of 3 Sunimerhill St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
NAME of Mount Flnbarr Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
NAME of Small Acre Bishopstown Avenue -- Cork (town)
NAME of St Kevins Nursing Home South Terrace -- Cork (town)
NAME of St. Patricks Incurable Hospital -- Cork (town)
NAME of Woods Gift Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
NASON of 8 Adelaide-terracc -- Cork (town)
NEWSOM of Parkville Montenotte -- Cork (town)
NEWTON of The Protestant Home for Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
NICHOLSON of 6 Fernhurst Villas College-road -- Cork (town)
NOBLE of 19 Rockboro-road -- Cork (town)
NOONAN of 4 Rockspring Terrace -- Cork (town)
NORCOTT of Rockcliffe-terrace Blackrock-road -- Cork (town)
O'BRIEN of 5 Avondale Park Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
O'BRIEN of 5 Sandyhlll Terrace Popes Road -- Cork (town)
O'BRIEN of 8 St. Philomenas Road -- Cork (town)
O'BRIEN of KnocKnagow Menloe Gardens BlacKrocK Road -- Cork (town)
O'CALLAGHAN of 3 Fernhurst Terrace College Road -- Cork (town)
O'CALLAGHAN of St Annes Hostel Father Matthews Quay -- Cork (town)
O'CALLAGHAN of Sunville Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
O'CONNELL of 2 Harringtons Avenue St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
O'CONNELL of Annmount St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
O'CONNELL of Derrynane College-road -- Cork (town)
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O'CONNELL of Derrynane College-road -- Cork (town)
O'CONNOR of 4 Inniscarrig Western-road -- Cork (town)
O'CONNOR of Adelaide Lodge St Lukes -- Cork (town)
O'CONOR of 2 Palace Anne Villas South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
O'DONOGHUE of 1 Richmond Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
O'DONOVAN of 26 Commons Road -- Cork (town)
O'DONOVAN of 36 Evergreen Buildings -- Cork (town)
O'DONOVAN of Highcliff Connaught-avenue -- Cork (town)
O'DRISCOLL of Esker Wilton Road -- Cork (town)
O'FLAHERTY of 66 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
O'HALLORAN of Horan Home Montenatte -- Cork (town)
O'HEGARTY of 1 Rocklawn-terrace Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
O'HERLIHY of 2 Soho-terrace Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
O'HERLIHY of Glenville Glasheen Park Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
O'KANE of 28 Loreto Park South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
O'KEEFFE of Fairy Lawn Western-road -- Cork (town)
O'KEEFFE of Highland Cottage Lower Glanmire-road -- Cork (town)
O'KEEFFE of Innisfallen Southern Road -- Cork (town)
O'KEEFFE of St. Josephs Wilton Road -- Cork (town)
O'LEARY of 2 Empress-villas Summerhill -- Cork (town)
O'LEARY of Buxton House Sundays Well-road -- Cork (town)
O'LEARY of Parochial House Schull -- Cork (town)
O'LEARY of The Rock Rockboro Avenue -- Cork (town)
O'MAHONY of 2 Byfield Park Mayfield -- Cork (town)
O'MAHONY of 6 Woodland View Dillons Cross -- Cork (town)
O'MAHONY of 90/91 Great William O'Brien Street -- Cork (town)
O'MULLANE of 11 Devonshire-street North -- Cork (town)
O'MULLANE of 4 Park View Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
O'NEILL of 12 Landscape Terrace Glasheen Road -- Cork (town)
O'NEILL of 2 Farleigh-place Middle Glanmire-road -- Cork (town)
O'NEILL of 4 Southern View Place High Street -- Cork (town)
O'NEILL of St. Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
O'REILLY of 2 Violet Ville college Road -- Cork (town)
O'ROURKE of 1 Plnewood Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
O'ROURKE of 3 Farlelgh Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
O'SULLIVAN of Feltrlm Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
O'SULLIVAN of Mental Hospital -- Cork (town)
O'SULLIVAN of Qelnvlew 70 Commons Road -- Cork (town)
O'SULLIVAN of Temple Hlll Nurslng Home Balllntemple -- Cork (town)
OAKENHEAD of 66 South Mall -- Cork (town)
OAKLEY of Llndvllle Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
OBRIEN of 1 Saint Joseph's-terrace Greenmount -- Cork (town)
OBRIEN of 5 Sandyhill Terrace Popes Road -- Cork (town)
OCALLAGHAN of 1 Sydney Place Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
OCALLAGHAN of Myrtleville Southern Road -- Cork (town)
OCALLAGHAN of Rathmore Farm Rathmore -- Cork (town)
OCALLAGHAN of Rathmore Farm Rathmore -- Cork (town)
OCONNELL of 50 Saint Finnbarr?s-road -- Cork (town)
OCONNELL of 8 Park View Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
OCONNELL of Herbert Park Gardiners Hill -- Cork (town)
OCONNOR of 19 South-terrace -- Cork (town)
ODONOVAN of St Josephs Convalescent Home Lee Road -- Cork (town)
ODONOVAN of Woodlands Rainford Road St Helens Lancashire and of 118 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
ODRISCOLL of 39 Oliver Plunkett-street -- Cork (town)
OKEEFFE of Clifton Cottage Montenotte -- Cork (town)
OKEEFFE of Marlae Domus Wilton Road -- Cork (town)
OKELLY of Sunview South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
OLDEH of Glena Lower Clasheen -- Cork (town)
ONEILL of Mahon Well Road Douglas -- Cork (town)
OREGAN of 51 Grand-parade -- Cork (town)
OREGAN of 6 Dunedin Connaught-avenue -- Cork (town)
OROURKE of 6 Kyrls Quay -- Cork (town)
ORRETT of The Home for Protestant Incurables -- Cork (town)
OSBURNE of Rockville House Bellevue Park Military Road -- Cork (town)
OSULLIVAN of 8 Robert Street -- Cork (town)
OSULLIVAN of Ardmore Boston Park Togher Road -- Cork (town)
OSULLIVAN of Ivy Lodge Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
OSULLIVAN of Maryville Laburnum Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
OSULLIVAN of Richmond Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
OSULLIVAN of St Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
PARFREY of 16 Vincent View College Road -- Cork (town)
PATTEN of 1 Bellevue Villas Tivoli -- Cork (town)
PEARSON of The Rectory St Mary Shandon -- Cork (town)
PERCIVAL of 30 Oliver Plunkett-street -- Cork (town)
PERROTT of 13 Dyke Parade -- Cork (town)
PERROTT of 30 St Finbarrs Place -- Cork (town)
PHILIPPS of 19 Father Matthew Quay -- Cork (town)
PIGOTT of 14 South-terrace -- Cork (town)
PIGOTT of 180 Churchfield Avenue Churchfield -- Cork (town)
PORTCH of 4 Windsor-villas Highfield-avenue -- Cork (town)
POWELL of 14 Mount St Josephs-view Magazine-road -- Cork (town)
POWER of 2 Ardnagreine 8t Lukes -- Cork (town)
POWER of 2 Ardnagrelna St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
POWER of 5 York Terrace Summerhlll -- Cork (town)
POWER of Saint Teresas Mardyke -- Cork (town)
PRATT of pier View Blackrock -- Cork (town)
PRITCHARD of Beverley Ballyhooly-road -- Cork (town)
PUNCH of 4 Georges Quay -- Cork (town)
PURCELL of St. Kevins Nursing Home South Terrace -- Cork (town)
QUINN of Griel Curragh Road -- Cork (town)
RAFFERTY of 97 North Main-street -- Cork (town)
RAINSBURY of Rlnglee Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
RATTRAY of Four Wynne Ville Evergreen-road -- Cork (town)
RATTRAY of Hie Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
REID of Montevllle Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
REIDY of 73 Oliver Plunkett Street -- Cork (town)
REIDY of Montrose Cross Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
RICE of Cahergal House St Lukes -- Cork (town)
RIDDELL of 12 Hardwick-street -- Cork (town)
RING of Kingwilliamstown -- Cork (town)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RING of Lindisfarne Baltimore-road Skibbereen -- Cork (town)
RING of Ossory St Clares-avenue -- Cork (town)
RIORDAN of 10 Park View Victoria Road -- Cork (town)
ROBERTS of 81 Blarney Street -- Cork (town)
ROBINSON of 2i Richmond Hill -- Cork (town)
RONAVNE of Avoca Ballintemple -- Cork (town)
ROONEY of 6 Langford Row -- Cork (town)
ROSS of The Incorporated Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
ROYSE of Ashdale Beaiimont Park BallIntemple -- Cork (town)
RUSSELL of Carrigeen Old Blackrock-road -- Cork (town)
RUSSELL of Melrose Blackrock -- Cork (town)
RYAN of 14 Fem Villas Sheares Street -- Cork (town)
SANDERS of 30 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
SANDERS of 30 Sundays Well-road -- Cork (town)
SANDERSON of Altalr Laburnum Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
SANDERSON of Altalr Laburnum Park Model Farm Road -- Cork (town)
SAVILLE of 4 Park-view Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
SAYERS of Ardnalee Connaught Avenue -- Cork (town)
SAYERS of Dock Cottages Passage West -- Cork (town)
SCANLAN of 76 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
SCANLON of Mondbarron Summerhill -- Cork (town)
SCANNELL of 2 Wellesley Terrace Southern Road -- Cork (town)
SCANNELL of 54 First Avenue Dagenham Essex and 24 Industrial Place -- Cork (town)
SCANNELL of 6 Desmonds Scpiare Bannock Street -- Cork (town)
SCHER of 4 Annaville Western Road -- Cork (town)
SCHER of 7 Sidney Place -- Cork (town)
SCOTT of Riverslea Lee-road -- Cork (town)
SCULLY of Avoca South Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
SHEAHAN of 3 Park-villas -- Cork (town)
SHEAHAN of 7 York Terrace Summerhill -- Cork (town)
SHEEDY of 3 Rockspring-terrace St Lukes -- Cork (town)
SHEEHAN of St Finbarrs Hospital -- Cork (town)
SHEEHY of 5 Tramore-villas South Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
SHEFFIELD of 3 Carrlgfern College Road -- Cork (town)
SHINKWIN of 3 Camden Place -- Cork (town)
SHINNICK of St. Patricks Hospital Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
SHORTEN of 59 MacCurtaln Street -- Cork (town)
SIMKINS of Lilyville Summerhill St Lukes -- Cork (town)
SIMKINS of Lllyvllle Summerhlll St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
SIMS of Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
SINCLAIR of 12 Myrtle-hill-terrace Lower Glassmire-road -- Cork (town)
SMITH of 105 Sundays Well -road -- Cork (town)
SMITH of 3 Patrick-street Cork (town)
SMITH of Nirvana Hettyfield Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
SMYTH of Rosnalee Eglantine park Douglas Road -- Cork (town)
SMYTH of the Home for Protestant Incurables -- Cork (town)
SOUTER of Home for Protestant Incurables -- Cork (town)
SPILLER of Chetwynd Cross Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
SPINKS of Aldon Wilton-road -- Cork (town)
SPOTTISWOODE of 8 Highfield West College Road -- Cork (town)
STACK of 20 Connaught Place Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
STACK of 45 O'Connell Avenue Turners Cross -- Cork (town)
STANLEY of Skiddys Home -- Cork (town)
STANTON of 5 Alexandra Place -- Cork (town)
STANTON of 5 Alexandra-place St Lukes -- Cork (town)
SULLIVAN of 9 Summer Hill South -- Cork (town)
SWANTON of Cloncarrlg Douglas Lawn Douglas -- Cork (town)
SWANTON of The Home for Protestant Incurables Military Road -- Cork (town)
SWEENY of 18 Frankfield Terrace Summerhill South -- Cork (town)
SWEETNAM of The Home for Protestant Incurables Military Hill -- Cork (town)
TANCNEY of 83 St Lukes -- Cork (town)
TAYLOR of 66 Friars Road -- Cork (town)
TAYLOR of 9 Adelaide Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
TEAGO of 9 Adelaide Place St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
THOMAS of Greenfields Model Fhrm Road -- Cork (town)
THOMPSON of Beechgrove South Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
TIVY of Cork and County Club South Mall -- Cork (town)
TOBIH of 6 St. Marys Villas Western Road -- Cork (town)
TOBIN of 6 Oliver Plunkett-street and of 8 Mount Nebo-avenue Gurranebraher -- Cork (town)
TOBIN of 6 St Marys-vihas Western-road -- Cork (town)
TOBIN of 6 St. Marys Villas Western Road -- Cork (town)
TOOMEY of 3 Vaudeville-terrace Commons-road -- Cork (town)
TOWNSEND of Innishannon -- Cork (town)
TRACY of 3 Merchants Quay -- Cork (town)
TRIFFITT of Sutherland House 70 Heworth Green -- Cork (town)
TUCKER of Eversleigh Hartlands Avenue -- Cork (town)
TWOMEY of 119 Barrack-street -- Cork (town)
TWOMEY of 18 Shandon Street -- Cork (town)
TWOMEY of 5 Upper Winters Hill -- Cork (town)
TWOMEY of Highfield Villa Highfiekl-avenue -- Cork (town)
TWOMEY of Mary Villa Victoria-road -- Cork (town)
TWOMEY of View Ville Shanakiel-road -- Cork (town)
URELL of Pier House Crosshaven -- Cork (town)
WALKER of St. Brendans House Military Hill -- Cork (town)
WALSH of 1 Bellevue Park Military-road -- Cork (town)
WALSH of 1 Monaville Gasheen-road -- Cork (town)
WALSH of 10 St. Lukes Avenue St. Lukes -- Cork (town)
WALSH of 13 Sydney-place Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
WALSH of 66 Bandon Road -- Cork (town)
WALSH of Rivervlew Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
WALSH of The Cottage Rochestown Road -- Cork (town)
WALSH of The Munster Hotel Coburg Street -- Cork (town)
WALSHE of 2 Bellvue Villas Tivoli -- Cork (town)
WALSHE of 23 Richmond Hill -- Cork (town)
WARRINER of 1 Idaville St Finbarrs -- Cork (town)
WASHINGTON of Little Sulgrave Woodvlew Douglas -- Cork (town)
WATCHORN of 5 Waterloo-terrace Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
WATERMAN of Winterville Saint Patricks Road -- Cork (town)
WATSON of 5 West View Boreenmanna Road -- Cork (town)
WATSON of ClashadunnaYoughal -- Cork (town)
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WATSON of Home for Protestant Incurables -- Cork (town)
WATTS of Leemount Bellevue Park Military Road -- Cork (town)
WELCH of Kynnevllle Boreeumanna Road -- Cork (town)
WESTROP of 4 Soho-terrace Sundays Well -- Cork (town)
WESTROPP of 8 Charlemont-terrace -- Cork (town)
WHEELER of Dorville St Clares-avenue College-road -- Cork (town)
WHELAN of Mount Carmel Wilton Road -- Cork (town)
WHITE of 1 Rockview Montenotte -- Cork (town)
WHITE of 67 Oliver Plunket-street Cork (town)
WHITE of 7 St. Vincents View Mardyke Walk -- Cork (town)
WHITE of 8 Adelaide-place St Lukes -- Cork (town)
WHITE of Beechmount-piace Wellington-road Cork (town)
WHITE of Beechmount-place Wellington-road -- Cork (town)
WHITTAKER of St. Michaels Rockestown -- Cork (town)
WILLIAMS of 11 Knockrea Park Douglas-road -- Cork (town)
WILLIAMS of 3 Ashton Place Blackrock Road -- Cork (town)
WILLIAMS of 6 Aldergrove College-road -- Cork (town)
WILLIAMS of 6 Aldergrove College-road -- Cork (town)
WILLIAMS of Eudlon Castle Road Blackrock -- Cork (town)
WILLIS of Metropole Hotel -- Cork (town)
WILSON of 34 Sundays Well Road -- Cork (town)
WILSON of 38 Grand-parade -- Cork (town)
WILSON of Belmont Montenotte -- Cork (town)
WILSON of Saumount Cottage Military Hill -- Cork (town)
WOLFE of 2 Castlegreina Park Boreenmanna-road -- Cork (town)
WOOD of Home for Protestant Incurables Wellington Road -- Cork (town)
WOODCOCK of 5 Brighton-villas Western-road -- Cork (town)
WREN of 5 St Josephs-place Blackrock-road -- Cork (town)
WRIXON of Hillside Siindays Well -- Cork (town)
WYNNE of Capwell -- Cork (town)
YOUNG of Blair Castle -- Cork (town)
ZIEROLD of Passage-west -- Cork (town)

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IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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