Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Egypt is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOUD of Mena The Pyramids Cairo -- Egypt
ABDEL HAMID of Alexandria -- Egypt
ABDEL MESSIH of 7 rue Lalo Paris France and of 2 rue Seif el Dine el Mahrani Fargallah Cairo -- Egypt
ABDO of 25 Hafat Saforan-street Aden -- Egypt
ABDY of Clairmont Villa La Tour-de-Peitz Vaud Switzerland and Alexandria -- Egypt
ADDA of Alexandria -- Egypt
ADEN of Khormaksar Club Aden -- Egypt
ADES of 4 Rue Ibn Zankl Eamalek Cairo -- Egypt
ADES of 51 Rue Memphis Ibrahimieh (Ramleh) Alexandria -- Egypt
ADES of 6 Sharia Abdel Kader Hamza Pasha Kasr El Doubara Cairo -- Egypt
ADES of 9 Rue Fouad Cairo -- Egypt
ADES of Kasr el Doubara Cairo -- Egypt
AFRIAT of 104 Rue Antoine Ralli Ibrahim Alexandria -- Egypt
AGHION of Alexandria -- Egypt
AGHION of Alexandria -- Egypt
AGHNIDES of 236 Route du 26 Julllet Alexandria -- Egypt
AGOBERT of Rua Hayawati 4 Cairo -- Egypt
AGOPIAN of 13 Midan El Tahrlr Alexandria -- Egypt
AGOPIAN of Domaine de Seguine Mehallet-Roh -- Egypt
AINSWORTH of 33 Sharia Kasr El Aali Cairo -- Egypt
AINSWORTH of 33 Sharia Kasr El Aali Cairo -- Egypt
AKNIN of 11 Rue Cherlfein Cairo -- Egypt
ALDERCOTTE of Shell House P.O. Box 228 Cairo -- Egypt
ALDERSON of Norland House Bulkeley Ramleh -- Egypt
ALEXANDER of The Grotto Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
ALI of Rue Andenne Douane Alexandria -- Egypt
ALKABES of 60 Rue Fuad ler Alexandria -- Egypt
ALLEN of 13 Sharia el Bustan Cairo -- Egypt
ALLEN of Conseil Sanitaire Maritime Quarentenaire Alexandria -- Egypt
ALSFORD of 153 Sharia El Khedwi Ismail Cairo -- Egypt
AMAD of 48 Khalil Pacha Khayet Street Moustapha Pacha Alexandria -- Egypt
AMBLER of 36 Boulevard Ismail Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
ANDERSON of 20 Rue Wingate Mustafa Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
ANDERSON of 45 Rue Ruffer Ruchdi Pasha Ramleh -- Egypt
ANDERSON of 5 Sharia Baha El Dine El Karak-oush Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
ANDERSON of Cutley House Mustapha Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
ANDERSON of The Little Hall Lavenham Suffolk and of the Bayt-cl-Kidiea Cairo -- Egypt
ANDREOU of Cairo -- Egypt
ANGELL of The Anglo-Swiss Hospital Alexandria -- Egypt
ANREP of 2 Sharia Kaddis Yousef Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
APOSTOLO of 2 Boulevard de Cimiez Nice France and Alexandria -- Egypt
ARCACHE of Rue Rothacker Fleming Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
ARUGHETTI of 32 Rue Fouad Ier Alexandria -- Egypt
ASLANIS of Rue Riadi Beni-Suef -- Egypt
ASPDEN of 54 Rue Hemopolls Ibrahim eh Alexandria -- Egypt
ASSWAD of Cairo -- Egypt
ATCHISON of 3 Rue Mouillard Cairo -- Egypt
AZNAYOUR of 49 Avenue Prince Ibrahim Alexandria -- Egypt
BAGANIS of 32 Sabrl Abou Allam Cairo -- Egypt
BAILEY of 48 Rue Cordahl Rouchdy Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
BAILEY of 48 Rue Cordahl Roushdy Pacha Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
BAILEY of 48 Rue Cordali Rouchdy Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
BAKER of 305 Avenue el Horreya Cleopatra Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
BALDACCHINO of Alexandria -- Egypt
BAMBER of Archdeacons House AU Saints Cathedral Sharia Maspero Cairo -- Egypt
BANGERTER of English School Chatby Alexandria -- Egypt
BANUN of 5 Rue Neroutsos Alexandria -- Egypt
BARCILON of 12 Rue Des Pharaons Alexandria -- Egypt
BARRETT of Davies Bryan Buildings 165 Sh Emad el Dine Cairo -- Egypt
BARRS of Helmich Camp Cairo -- Egypt
BARTOLO of 3 Archimede-street Camp-de-Cesar Alexandria -- Egypt
BASFET of 7 Sharia Sultan Hussein Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
BATTING of 65 Avenue Fouad ler Alex-andria -- Egypt
BAXTER of Villa Ellena Port Said -- Egypt
BEAUCLERK of Maison Baehler Gezira -- Egypt
BEDFORD of Abu SueIr -- Egypt
BELILOS of Alexandria -- Egypt
BELLELI of 48 Rue Kasa El Nil Cairo -- Egypt
BENACHI of 10 Fatlmltos Street Alexandria -- Egypt
BENATTAR of 2 Rue Daramali Cairo -- Egypt
BENNISON of Flat 14 Building 15 Sharia Ahmed Kouad Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
BENTLEY of 24 Rue Champolllon Alexandria -- Egypt
BENTLEY of Alexandria -- Egypt
BEREKETTI of Sporting Club Station Ramleh -- Egypt
BEST of 233 rue Thebes Sporting Club Alexandria -- Egypt
BEST of Royal Air (Force Depot Aboukir -- Egypt
BEVEN of 11 Stadium-buildings Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
BIJL of Calioub -- Egypt
BIRD of The Colony of Aden -- Egypt
BLANCHARD of 9 Sharia Ismail Pasha Garden Cairo -- Egypt
BLATTNER of 3 rue Young Alexandria -- Egypt
BLEWITT of The Citadel Cairo -- Egypt
BLYTH of Flat No. 15 rue Dentamaro Sldl-Caber Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
BODMIN of 17 Hassan Sabi Pasha Street Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
BOKTOR of Flat le 12 Sharia Dar el Shlfa Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
BONNICI of 14 Fawzl El Motel Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
BORCHGREVINK of The Cliff House Bulkeley -- Egypt
BORGHESAMO of 17 Rue Heliopolis Camp de Cesar Alex-andria -- Egypt
BORSALI of 66 Sharia Ibrahim Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
BORTON of San Stefano Alexandria -- Egypt
BOUGEYA of Immenble Mohdi Rue Sekka Hadid El Hod Suez -- Egypt
BOULOS of Place de L Opera Cairo -- Egypt
BOYES of Maison Malimood Abdallah Shoubro-road Cairo -- Egypt
BOYES of rue Amberoise Rally Camp de Caesar Alexandria -- Egypt
BRAY of Port Said -- Egypt
BRERETON of 12 Sharia Helmia Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
BRIFFA of Alexandria -- Egypt
BROOKE of The New Winter Palace Hotel Helouan near Cairo -- Egypt
BROOKES of 39 Sharia Ismaiha Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
BROWN of Bakht El Ruda El Dueim -- Egypt
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BROWN of Luxor -- Egypt
BROWN of the Seamens Home Alexandria -- Egypt
BRUCE of 33 Rue Abassides Alexandria -- Egypt
BRYAN of Hafod Moharrem Bey Alexandria -- Egypt
BUBNA of Villa Amenadus Luxor -- Egypt
BUHAGIAR of the Villa Buhagiar Port Said -- Egypt
BURMESTER of 3 Sharia Haddad Chatby-les-Bains Alexandria -- Egypt
BUSUTTIL of 29 Tereer El Gabal Street -- Egypt
BUSUTTIL of Rue de Calais Ismailia -- Egypt
CALLIGAS of Alexandria -- Egypt
CAMBAS of 17 Rue Fouad Premier Alexandria -- Egypt
CAMBAS of 56 Rue Fouad Premier Alexandria -- Egypt
CAMILLERI of 437 Avenue El Horria Rouchdi (Ramieh) Alexandria -- Egypt
CAMILLERI of 5 Buffer Street Rouchdl Alexandria -- Egypt
CAMPBELL of Mustapha Pacha Alexandria -- Egypt
CAMPBELL of Mustapha Pacha Alexandria -- Egypt
CANARIS of Thomas Cook and Son Limited Cairo -- Egypt
CARLAVAS of 75 Shareh Malika Nazli Cairo -- Egypt
CARTMELL of Cairo -- Egypt
CARVER of 2 Rue Sinadino Bacos Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
CARVER of 2 Rue Slnadlno Bacos Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
CASACOS of Rue de THopital Indigene 5 Alexandria -- Egypt
CASTRO of 9 Rue Neroutsos Alexandria -- Egypt
CATEAUX of 18 Sharia Willcocks Zamalek and of Gresham House Sharia Soliman Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
CATOR of Bulkeley Alexandria -- Egypt
CATTANI of 58 Rue Giza. Cairo -- Egypt
CATZEFLIS of Alexandria -- Egypt
CHALHOUB of Sharia Kantaret el Dikka Cairo -- Egypt
CHAPMAN of 11 Sharia Kamel Mohamed Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
CHARTOULARIS of 3 Mahmoud Chanan Mazarita Alex-andria -- Egypt
CHENORHAVOR of 146 Prince Ibrahim Avenue Sporting Ramieh Alexandria -- Egypt
CHERKESLEY of Alexandria -- Egypt
CHOREMI of 4 Rue des Ptolemies Alexandria -- Egypt
CHOUEKA of Haret el Chiclnl Street Cairo -- Egypt
CHRISTENSEN of 4 Sharia Sarayat el Guezirch Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
CISLAGHI of Via 1 Khedive Corner Via Busslil 8 Alexandria -- Egypt
CLARKE of Alexandria -- Egypt
CLARKE of Hotel des Cures Helouan les Bains Cairo -- Egypt
CLEVERLEY of Alexandria -- Egypt
COHEN of 8 Rue Mariette Pasha Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
COLAITIS of 64 Rue de Taris Alexandria -- Egypt
COLE of 5 Corinth Street Alexandria -- Egypt
COLE of Helmish Cairo -- Egypt
COLLIER of 22 Sheik Ain ETSibaa Cairo -- Egypt
COLLINS of 20 Sharia Saray El Gezlra Cairo -- Egypt
COLVIN of 103 Ahmed Shawky Bey Street Mustapha Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
COMNINOS of Alexandria -- Egypt
COOK of 12 Sharia Bayoumi Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
CORBETT of 10 Sharia El Habasha Guiza Cairo -- Egypt
CORNELL of Sidi-Bishr Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
COSMATOS of Hotel Bel Air Suez -- Egypt
COSTA of kxe Saad Zagloul Ismallia -- Egypt
COULDREY of Alexandria -- Egypt
COURTNEY of 29 Sharia Mohamed Mahmoud Cairo -- Egypt
COUVELAS of 84 Rue Fouad 1st Alexandria -- Egypt
CRAFTON of 22 Rue Crafton Bulkeley Alex-andria -- Egypt
CRAMER of 10 Abdel Khalek Sorwat Pasha-street Cairo -- Egypt
CRITCHLEY of Roushdy Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
CROCKFORD of 15 Sharia Sulman Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
CRUICKSHANK of 6 Sharia Fayoun Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
CUMMINGS of Alexandria -- Egypt
CUSTON of 55 Sharia Mohamed Said Ahmed Pasha Helouan Cairo -- Egypt
DAFTSIOS of 14 Rue Victoria Alexandria -- Egypt
DAHAN of Meadl Str. No. 77 near Cairo -- Egypt
DALE of The Piccadilly Hotel 11 Shareh Horrlea Alexandria -- Egypt
DAMERELL of 6 De la Hay-villas Pennycome- quick Plymouth1 and of El Obeid Sudan -- Egypt
DAVIDSON of 10 Mahmoud Basslouml (ex rue Antlkhana) Cairo -- Egypt
DAY of 17 Sharia Abu Sefeln Old Cairo -- Egypt
de KNEVETT of Stanley House Hotel 39 Sharia Kasr El Nil Cairo -- Egypt
DE MENASCE of 60 Avenue Fouad I Alexandria -- Egypt
DE ZOGHEB KABIL PACHA of Pension Lyracuse Place Ismail Alexandria -- Egypt
DEACON of Moascar Camp Ismailia -- Egypt
DELANY of 9 Sharia Gabalaya Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
DELLAPORTA of Villa Week End 15 rue Khaled Pacha Victoria Alexandria -- Egypt
DEMIAN of 27 Baron Ehpaln Street Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
DENHAM of Abbassia Cairo -- Egypt
DEROUGEMONT of 7 Rue De Morrison Roushdl Alexandria -- Egypt
DIAMANTOPOULOS of 2 Gameh El Shakas Cairo -- Egypt
DJEDDAH of 35 Kasr El Aali-street Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
DOBBIN of 181 Sharia Emad El Dine Cairo -- Egypt
DONCASTER of Building Feilla Rue El Salam Port Said -- Egypt
DOUEK of 12 Shaaraoul Pasha Street Kouffah Gardens Cairo -- Egypt
DOUMANI of 6 Rue Tewfik Alexandria -- Egypt
DRAKEFORD of Kasr el Aini Hospital Cairo -- Egypt
DRISKELL of Flat 41 14 Emad El Dire Street Cairo -- Egypt
DRUMMOND of R.A.F. Headquarters Cairo -- Egypt
DUDGEON of Abbassia House Abbassia Cairo -- Egypt
DUFF of The Anglo Swiss Hospital Alexandria -- Egypt
DYKE of 15 Moustapha El Khadem Ibrahimeh Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
DYSON of 12 Sharia Shagaret Mariam Mataria Cairo -- Egypt
EADY of 8 Soliman Pasha-square Cairo -- Egypt
EDWARDS of Summer Palace Hotel Glymenopoulo Ramlah Alexandria -- Egypt
ELGOOD of Villa Beata Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
ELKILANI of Kafr Tahla Benha -- Egypt
ELTAWDIEH of Immeuble du Wakf Demerdache at Demerdache Cairo -- Egypt
ENGELBACH of The Turf Club Cairo -- Egypt
ENGLAND of 236 Rue 26 Juillet Mazarlta Alexandria -- Egypt
ENRIQUEZ of 18 Rue El Fostat Cleopatra-le-Balns Alexandria -- Egypt
ESSES of 7 Sekket El Fadl Sollman Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
EVANS of Royal Chambers Port Said -- Egypt
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
EVANS of Rue Halim Suez -- Egypt
EYNAUD of Korn Hefein Harlout Arkaz d'Abou Matlmlr Moudlrlch De Behara -- Egypt
FAHMY of University Farduk Alexandria -- Egypt
FANNER of 28 Sharia Adby Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
FARRELLE of 9 Rue Caied Gohar Alexandria -- Egypt
FARTHING of 15 Sharia ComVoni Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
FENWICK of Villa Hazelmere Rue Abdel Moneim Heliopolis -- Egypt
FERGUSON of 8 Sharia Sesostris Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
FESTING of Glen Cottage Great Comberton Pershore Worcestershire and The Citadel Cairo -- Egypt
FISHMAN of 30 Rue Madabegts Cairo -- Egypt
FLEMING of Sudan High Court of Justice Khartoum Sudan -- Egypt
FOSTER of 14 Sharia Daramati Cairo -- Egypt
FOURNIER of Maison Rachid Giawaclis Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
FOX of Villa Adams Maadi near-Cairo -- Egypt
FRANGOPOULOS of 7 Saad Zaghlaul Alexandria -- Egypt
FRIEDMAN of 6 Bus tan Street Cairo -- Egypt
FRIGIERI of 19 Rue Cherif Alexandria -- Egypt
FUCHS of Alexandria -- Egypt
GAMBRILL of The Helwan Portland Cement Company S.A.E. 16 Elhamy-street Kerr Doubara Cairo -- Egypt
GANNAGE of 36 Sh Yehla Ibrahim Pacha Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
GARELLI of 2 rue Aboul Freda Port Said -- Egypt
GARVIE of Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields Limited Ras Glarib -- Egypt
GASCHE of Alexandria -- Egypt
GATT of 174 Avenue Prince Ibrahim Sporting Club Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
GATT of 9 Rue Valensln Pasha Bulkeley Alexandria -- Egypt
GEAREY of 21 Avenue Koubbeh Heliopolis -- Egypt
GENNAROPOULOS of San Stefano Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
GENTLES of The Braids 8 Mosseri-avenue Maadi Cairo -- Egypt
GEORGETTI of 3 Rue Rosette Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
GERAKIS of 26 Rue Cherif Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
GIANNOTTI of 28 rue Ahmed Yehla Zlzinla Alexandria -- Egypt
GIBARA of Emad el Dine 140 Cairo -- Egypt
GIBBS of The Police Headquarters Jerusalem Palestine -- Egypt
GILIBERT of 1 Sharia Mayloum 4 Floor Flat 16 Bab El Louk Cairo -- Egypt
GIRGIS of 31 Mustapha Kamel Alexandria -- Egypt
GOAR of 1 Rue Luzzatto Pasha Sporting Club Alex-andria and of 3 Manciet Et Kalaba Cairo -- Egypt
GOAR of 49 Boulevard Sultan Hussein Alexandria -- Egypt
GOLDIE of 9 rue Colline Moss Bulkeley Alexandria -- Egypt
GOLDING of 4 Rue Eugenie Port Said -- Egypt
GOMAA of 32 Road No. 9 Maadi -- Egypt
GORDON of 19 Rue Tigrane Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
GORDON of 4a Frognal Gardens London N.W.3 and Maison Rees 2 rue Origene Mazarita Alexandria -- Egypt
GRAD of 30 Sherif Pasha Street Cairo -- Egypt
GRAHAM of 26 Sharia Hassan Sabry Pasha Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
GRAHAM of Meadi near Cairo -- Egypt
GREATOREX of Alexandria -- Egypt
GRECK of Fouad Ist-street Ismailia -- Egypt
GREEN of 147 Rue El Dine Cairo -- Egypt
GREEN of 64 Sharia el Giza Cairo -- Egypt
GREISS of 15 Kasr El Mil Street Cairo -- Egypt
GRIFFIN of Cairo Station Cairo -- Egypt
GROSE of the English School Cairo -- Egypt
GUETTA of Tanta -- Egypt
GUINNESS of 7 Abdel Waheb Pasha Maadi -- Egypt
GUIRGUIS of 8 Sharia Ishak Tewflk Kubbeh Gardens Cairo -- Egypt
GUNN of Alexandria -- Egypt
HADDAD of Alexandria -- Egypt
HAMMOUDA of 4 Sharle Ismail Raafat Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
HAMPTON of Alexandria -- Egypt
HANN of 28 Rue Rouchdy Pacha Rami eh Alexandria -- Egypt
HANNAM of 12 Section RAOC Abbassia Cairo -- Egypt
HARARI of 8 Rue Abdel Kader Pasha Hamza Kasr El Doubara Cairo -- Egypt
HARARI of Alexandria -- Egypt
HARBORD of Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
HAROUN of Carlton Hotel Sharia Fouad el Awal Cairo -- Egypt
HARVEY of 5 Sharia Sheik Marsafl Qezlra Cairo -- Egypt
HEALY of Marlet Pasha Street No. 15 Abdln Cairo -- Egypt
HEFFEY of 7 Mohamed Amis Pasha Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
HELAL of 2 Sharia Tolumbat Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
HELLENIUS of 13 Rue Kasr El Nil Cairo -- Egypt
HEMAN of 8 rue El Bahr Mansourah -- Egypt
HETTENA of 49 Street Number 82 Meade Cairo -- Egypt
HETTENA of Cairo -- Egypt
HINCH of 3 Sharia Colambaroli Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
HOCART of 8 Flat 9 Sharia Shagaret El Dor Guezira Cairo -- Egypt
HODGKINS of Hill Rise House 36 Road 15 Maadi Cairo -- Egypt
HOLBECH of 3 Rue Ahmed Kamel Rue Des Pyraiiildes Cairo -- Egypt
HOLLAND of The Egyptian Dredging Company Cairo -- Egypt
HOLT of 3 Rue Shaker Khayat Qlymenopoulo Alexandria -- Egypt
HORAN of 4 El-Adll Abu-Bakr Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
HOSKINS of The Sporting Club Alexandria -- Egypt
HOSKINS of The Sporting Club Alexandria -- Egypt
HOSNI of Cairo -- Egypt
HOWELL of 296 Avenue Fauod ler Cleopatra Alexandria -- Egypt
HUGHES of 20 Brittany Court Hove Sussex and care of Grindley and Company Limited 64 Parliament-street Westminster and the NationaLBank of Egypt Cairo -- Egypt
HUMPHREYS of Boulac Dacrour Cairo -- Egypt
HUMPHREYS of Boulac Dacrour Cairo -- Egypt
HURI of Rue Valensine 8 Bulkeley Alexandria -- Egypt
INNES of Suez -- Egypt
ISMAIL of 17 rue Mareshal French Sidi Gabr Alexandria -- Egypt
JABES of 18 Sharia Ismail Pasha Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
JABES of Cairo -- Egypt
JACKSON of 10 Sharia Amir Fouad Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
JACKSON of 13 Sharia ElMetro Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
JACKSON of 21 Sharia Splimon Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
JAEGER of the Pyramids Brewery Ghizeh Cairo -- Egypt
JAMIESON of 32 Rue General Wilson Mus-tapha Pacha Alexandria -- Egypt
JESSOP of The House in the Wood Wexham near Slough Buckinghamshire and Barclays Bank (Dominion Colonial and Overseas) Alexandria -- Egypt
JOANNOU of 7 Rue Zangarol Alexandra -- Egypt
JOBSON of 215 rue Thebes Cleopatra-les-Balnes Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JOHNSON of Ismailia -- Egypt
JONAS of 173 Avenue Fouad El Awal Lamalek Cairo -- Egypt
JONES of 6 Sharia Walda Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
JONES of Baehler-mansions Zamalek -- Egypt
JONES of Heliopolis near Cairo -- Egypt
JORY of Khartoum Sudan -- Egypt
KABALAN of 6 Rue Tambacopouls Rouslidy Pactie Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
KAHIL of Abdel Aziz Kahil Pacha-street San Stefano Station Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
KALLMAN of 63 General Hospital Cairo -- Egypt
KARAKASHIAH of 2 Rue Morelll Alexandria -- Egypt
KASHMIRI of Cairo -- Egypt
KAVANAGH of 4 Shareh Sarai el Cobra Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
KENNEDY of 25 Sharia Hassan Sabry Pasha Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
KLAT of Alexandria -- Egypt
LAFERLA of Alexandria -- Egypt
LAMBIRIS of 10 Rue El Moaiad Alexandria -- Egypt
LAWSON of 13 Boulevard Abbas Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
LECKIE of 31 Boulevard de Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
LEE of 1 Atfet El Zouhour Shubra (or Choubra) Cairo -- Egypt
LEON of 5 Haret Eogheb Sharia Abdel Khalet Sarwat Cairo -- Egypt
LEON of 6 Haret Zoghils Abdln Abdel Khalek Sarwat Cairo -- Egypt
LEVI of 16 Champollan Street Cairo -- Egypt
LEVI of 53 Sharia 14 Meadi near Cairo and of 118 Sharia Mohamed Bey Farid Cairo -- Egypt
LEVI of 6/10 Maamoun Street Alexandria -- Egypt
LEVI of 81 Boulevard Sultan Hussein Alexandria -- Egypt
LEWIS of 9 Rue Tito Bey Alexandria -- Egypt
LEWIS of Villa Montrose 7 Sharia El Abram Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
LISARDI of 22 Avenue Horreya Alexandria -- Egypt
LISARDI of Pension Astoria 22 Avenue Horseya Alexandria -- Egypt
LLOYD of 8 Quarter Anglo Saxon Village 10 B.O.D. Geneifa -- Egypt
LOSCO of 33 Sharia El Ahram Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
LOSCO of Alexandria -- Egypt
LUCAS of 90 Rue Zananlrl Alexwdrla -- Egypt
LUCAS of Gresham House Sharia Suliman Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
MACALDIN of Avenue Fouad El Awal 183 Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
MACROBERT of Douneside Tarland Aberdeenshire and of Abie-Sueir -- Egypt
MADDEN of Cairo -- Egypt
MAGHRABY of Maadi Cairo -- Egypt
MALKASSIAN of 2 Rue Soussi Cleopatra-les-Baines Alexandria -- Egypt
MALLISON of 13 Rue Sessostris Alexandria -- Egypt
MALONE of 32 St Swithins-lane London and of 61 The Union Vie Buildings Fuad El Awal Cairo -- Egypt
MANISSALIAN of Ecole Mannissalian Daher Cairo -- Egypt
MANNESIS of Alexandria -- Egypt
MANOFLA of Alexandria -- Egypt
MANOUSSAKIS of 4 Sharia Sabri Cairo -- Egypt
MANSFIELD of 7 rue Bani Tai Koubbeh-les- Bains near-Cairo -- Egypt
MARCOUS of Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
MARING of Zifta -- Egypt
MARRULLIER of 8 Sharch Abuel Sebaa Cairo -- Egypt
MARSHALL of 20 Sharia Ismail Pasha anil 28 Sharia Adly Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
MARSHALL of Alexandria -- Egypt
MARTIN of The English Mission College Qubba Palace Cairo -- Egypt
MASON of 10 Rue Station Schutz Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
MASON of 10 The Station Schutz Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
MASON of The Citadel Cairo -- Egypt
MASSABKI of Cairo -- Egypt
MATHER of 68 Sharia Ramses Heliopolis near Cairo -- Egypt
MAY of Cairo -- Egypt
MAY of Cairo -- Egypt
McBARNET of Villa Rowlatt Bulkeley Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
MCCARTHY of The Citadel Military Hospital Cairo -- Egypt
MCCAUL of Alexandria -- Egypt
MCCLELLAND of Victoria House Alexandria -- Egypt
MCDONNELL of The R.A.O.C. Middle East Land Forces Moascar -- Egypt
MCLELLAN of Flat 11 136 Sharia Fuad el Ahwal Gezina Cairo -- Egypt
MclNTOSH of Cairo -- Egypt
MCNEILLE of Flat 15 20. Sharia Yusef Eli Guindi Cairo -- Egypt
MCPHERSON of Porzuincola 30 Sharia McPherson Bein El-Saiyat Giza Cairo -- Egypt
MENACH of Cairo -- Egypt
MERDJANIAN of 6 Rue Sesostris Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
MESSINESI of 4 Sharia Maarouf Cairo -- Egypt
MESSULAM of 37 Rue-avenue Alexandre le Grand Mazaxita Alexandria -- Egypt
METAXAS of 98 Rue Ambroise Ralli Ibrahimieh Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
MIDDLETON of Flag Villa Mena Village Pyramids Cairo -- Egypt
MIFSUD of Rue Tewflck Alexandria (UAR) -- Egypt
MIKAATI of 11a Kleber Street Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
MILES of The Government Model Workshops Cairo -- Egypt
MILIAS of 45 Prince Ibrahim-street Alexandria -- Egypt
MILNE of Atholl House Pension 26 Sharia Madabegh Cairo -- Egypt
MILWARD of The Cecil Hotel Alexandria -- Egypt
MITO of El Mehalla El Kobra city -- Egypt
MIZRAHI of 3 Chareh Saluli Guizeh Cairo -- Egypt
MOHAMED of Section D Street No. 4 Crater Aden -- Egypt
MONTANT of 70 Rue Kitchener Moustafa Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
MOORE of ll Sharia Ahmed Pasha Garden City Cairo -- Egypt
MORETON of Army Audit Office Headquarters British Troops in Egypt Cairo -- Egypt
MORGENSTERN of 7 Rue Comanos Pasha Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
MORPURGO of Immeuble Adda Bloc C Rue Joseph Adda Alexandria -- Egypt
MORPURGO of Maison Lydis 34 Avenue du Prince Ibrahim Camp di Cesar Station Alexandria -- Egypt
MORRISON of 3 Place Mohamed Ali Alexandria -- Egypt
MORTERA of 20 Avenue Prince Ibrahim Alexandria -- Egypt
MORTERA of Cairo -- Egypt
MOSSERI of 25 Sharia Abou El Sebaa Cairo -- Egypt
MOSSERI of 60 Giza-avenue Giza Cairo -- Egypt
MOSSERI of Cairo -- Egypt
MOSSERI of Cairo -- Egypt
MOURAD of Alexandria -- Egypt
MOUSSALLI of Cairo -- Egypt
MOUSSALLI of Cairo -- Egypt
MOUTTANA of Othman Raid Salam Camp Aden -- Egypt
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MUCKBILL of Sharia Cassara Suez -- Egypt
MUIR of 651 Avenue El Horrleh Olanclls Alexandria -- Egypt
MURDOCH of Sharia El Amir Mahmond Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
NACCIAR of Schutz Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
NADLER of Rue Suares Alexandria -- Egypt
NAGGIAR of 58 Rue Fouadler Alexandria -- Egypt
NAHABEDIAN of Rue Sabakat Mousky Cairo -- Egypt
NAHAS of Cairo -- Egypt
NAHAS of Cairo -- Egypt
NAHMAN of 14 Rue Cherif Pacha Alexandria -- Egypt
NAHUM of 23 Sharia Kasr-el-Nil Cario -- Egypt
NAME of 1 Sharia Salah El-Dln Giza -- Egypt
NAME of 13 rue Walda Pacha Cairo -- Egypt
NAME of 20 Sayeda Amina Sldl Qaber Alexandria -- Egypt
NAME of 33 Boulevard Sultan Hussein Alexandria -- Egypt
NAME of 4 Souk Tewflkle Ezbekieh Cairo -- Egypt
NAME of 40 Sharia El Hassan Pasha Assem Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
NAME of 7 Rue Rolo Alexandria -- Egypt
NAME of Abu Sueir -- Egypt
NAME of Sombat -- Egypt
NAUDI of 1 Sharia Khalig El Noseri Cairo -- Egypt
NAUDI of 205 Sharia Emad El-Dine Cairo -- Egypt
NAUDI of 9 Rue Hypocrate Soter Alexandria -- Egypt
NAUS of the Villa les Flamboyants Cairo -- Egypt
NAUS of Villa Les Flamboyants Moudrich de Guizeh Cairo -- Egypt
NAUS of Villa Les Flamboyants Moudrich de Guizeh Cairo -- Egypt
NEAL of The 6th Rajputana Rifles H.M. Indian Army -- Egypt
NIKOLIC of 18 Sharia el Ahram el Arabl Port Said -- Egypt
NIXON of 28 Sharia Ahmed Hishmat Pasha Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
NIXON of The National Bank Zagazig -- Egypt
NUBAR of Nubar Pacha Palace Fouad-street Heliopolis -- Egypt
OSBORNE of 7 Sharia Ahmed Hishmet Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
OSMOND of 34 Sharia Soliman Pacha Cairo -- Egypt
OWEN of 26 Rue Elensis Camp de Cesar Alexandria -- Egypt
PACE of 19 Rue Abdel Hamid Abadi Bulkeley Alexandria -- Egypt
PACHTICOS of Rue Kantoret el Decca Esbeklch Cairo -- Egypt
PAPPO of Alexandria -- Egypt
PARIS of Maison Muoto Soccorso Rue Worms Port Tewfik -- Egypt
PARKIN of 6 Rue Thompson Alexandria -- Egypt
PASHA of Cairo -- Egypt
PASSALARIS of Port Said -- Egypt
PATERSON of 3 Shari El Qubba Heliopolis -- Egypt
PATTMAN of 5 Midan Sheikh Youssef Cairo -- Egypt
PAUL of Polygon Barracks Abbassio Cairo -- Egypt
PEARSON of 15 Sharia Bayoumi Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
PEILLON of 59 Rue Selim El Awal Zeitoun Cairo -- Egypt
PERKINS of 25 Ave Sidi Gaba Alexandria -- Egypt
PERROTT of 28 Sharia el Maghraby Cairo -- Egypt
PHASEY of Villa Marie Sharia Diacono Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
PHILLIPS of 36 Boulevard Abbas Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
PICCIOTTO of 14 Rue Abu El Sebaa Cairo -- Egypt
PIERCY of Egypt General Mission Cairo -- Egypt
PILCHER of The Eastern Telegraph Companys Managers Quarters Chareh El Mahkamah Suez -- Egypt
PINCHINGKCMG of 39 Rue Champol-lion Cairo -- Egypt
PISAN of 7 Rue du Telegraphe Anglais Alexandria -- Egypt
POLONSKY of 16 Rue Agrlpa Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
PONSFORD of 187 El Kayed-street Pont de Koubbeh Cairo -- Egypt
POTHECARY of 10 Sharia Abdallah Hussein Pyramids-road Giza Cairo -- Egypt
PRENDERGAST of co Airway Terminus Victoria Station Westminster Middlesex and of Imperial Airways Limited Alexandria -- Egypt
PRIESTLEY of 12 Rue Stress Alex andria -- Egypt
PRIESTLEY of 12 Stress Alexandria -- Egypt
PSALTIS of Alexandria -- Egypt
PSOMADELLIS of 7 Rue Adib Alexandria -- Egypt
PUPIKOFER of 38 Rue des Abbassldes Alexandria -- Egypt
PYNE of 8 rue des Mamelukes Appartement 5 j Heliopolis -- Egypt
QUETTA of 15 rue Madebegh Cairo -- Egypt
RAISSI of 9 Emad el Din Street Cairo -- Egypt
RAJEH of Hadje Armed Sala Said Aden -- Egypt
RALLI of 16 Oousslo Street Alexandria -- Egypt
RATHLE of 6 rue Zananiri a Choubrah Cairo -- Egypt
RAWNSLEY of Egyptian Phosphate Company Limited Safaga -- Egypt
RAWSON of Royal Air Force Abu Suier -- Egypt
RAY of Maadi Cairo -- Egypt
REED of Victoria College Cairo -- Egypt
REES of Rue Orlgene Alexandria -- Egypt
REID of Heleopolis -- Egypt
REVAH of 15 Sharia Bawaki and of 10 Sharia Mezain Mousky Cairo -- Egypt
REYNOLDS of Flat 20 1 Sharia El Mamalik Heliopolis -- Egypt
RICE of 4 Flying Training School Abu Sueir -- Egypt
RICHARDSON of Flat No. 1 Adel Abu Bakr Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
RICHES of 13 rue des Pharaons Alexandria -- Egypt
RICHMOND of 1 Rue Adib Alexandria -- Egypt
RICHMOND of 27 Rue Borchgrevink Bulkeley Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
RISO of Cairo -- Egypt
RITCHIE of Cromer House Str Kamal ! Mohamed Cairo -- Egypt
ROBINSON of 6 Amir Hussin Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
ROBSON of Assiut -- Egypt
RODOSLI of 4 Rue Padoa Bey Alexandria -- Egypt
ROFE of 83 rue Fouad and of 40 rue Farouk both in Alexandria -- Egypt
ROLIN of 14 Rue Soliman Pacha Cairo -- Egypt
ROLO of 12 Rue Pasteur Rond Point Alexandria -- Egypt
ROSS of Alexandria -- Egypt
ROWAN of Moascar Ismailia -- Egypt
ROWAN of Moascar Ismailia -- Egypt
ROWNTREE of 19 Sharia Willcocks North Ye Zireh Cairo -- Egypt
ROWSELL of 81 Rue De Thebes Ibrahlmleh Alexandria -- Egypt
RUSSELL of 27 Sharia General Baron Empain Heliopolis near Cairo -- Egypt
RUTIMEYER of 36 Rue Schedia Alexandria -- Egypt
SAAD of 709 Sharia El Khalig El Masri Cairo -- Egypt
SALFATI of 48~rue Fouad Alexandria -- Egypt
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SAMSON of 57 Rue Lavlson Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
SAPIANO of Rue Maleka Farida Immeuble Croce Port Said -- Egypt
SAPRIEL of 58 Avenue de Gizeh Cairo -- Egypt
SARAFFY of Alexandria -- Egypt
SARGISON of 71 Road 15 Maadl Cairo -- Egypt
SASSON of 3 Rue Young Alexandria -- Egypt
SAVIGNONI of 100 rue Fouad ler -- Egypt
SAVOIA of Villa Jela Alexandria -- Egypt
SAVOIE of 34 Sharia Soliman Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
SAYEGH of 10 Rue Sldi Qaber Sporting Alexandria -- Egypt
SCRIBBINS of The Palms Mataria Cairo -- Egypt
SEALY of 14 rue Omirahs Camp Cesar Alexandria -- Egypt
SEDDON of The Anglo-Swiss Pension 14 Midan-el-Antikhana Cairo -- Egypt
SELVAGE of RAF Depot Middle East Aboukir -- Egypt
SETTON of Alexandria -- Egypt
SETTON of Alexandria -- Egypt
SHAMMAH of 32 Shariah Gameh Charkass Cairo -- Egypt
SHASHOUA of 20 Rue Sarbank Pasha Laurens Alexandria -- Egypt
SHELLARD of 27 Tarlk El Guelsh Chatby Alexandria -- Egypt
SHOUCAIR of 56 Habib Shalabi?street Cairo -- Egypt
SHUTE of Blue House 2 Rue Fouad Ire Alexandria -- Egypt
SIDLEY of Maadi -- Egypt
SIDLEY of Maadl -- Egypt
SILK of Royal Air Force Depot Middle East Aboukir -- Egypt
SIMONDS of 5a Sharia el Boustan Cairo -- Egypt
SIMPER of 96 Rue Keffren Ibrahlmleh Alexandria -- Egypt
SIMPSON of 9 Gezira House Cairo -- Egypt
SIOUFI of 28 Hassan Sabrl Zamelefc Cairo -- Egypt
SLAVICK of Sharia 1st Sector Port Said -- Egypt
SMITH of 36 Balhler Mansions Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
SMITH of Flat 1 Stapledon House Port Tewfik -- Egypt
SMITH of The Heliopolis Racing Club Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
SMITH of the Residency Cairo -- Egypt
SOLAL of Alexandria -- Egypt
SOLIMAN of 4 Adel Abu Bakr-street Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
SOPHIANOPOULOS of 4 rue de la Gare Cairo -- Egypt
SOUSTELLE of 15 Boulevard Abbas Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
SOUTHGATE of No 1 Sharia Degla (1 Degla Street) Mldan Saad Zaghloul Alexandria -- Egypt
SPARKS of 18 Rue Behring Alexandria -- Egypt
SPETSEROPOULO of 4 Adly Pacha Cairo -- Egypt
SPETSEROPOULO of 4 El Maghraby-street Cairo -- Egypt
SPOONER of Almaza Airport Cairo -- Egypt
STABILE of 65 Avenue El Horreych Alexandria -- Egypt
STANSFSELD of 64 Rue Abon Dardau Alexandria -- Egypt
STEIN of 10 Safia Zaghloul Port Said -- Egypt
STEPHENS of Abbassia Cairo Egypt
STRANGE of Port Said -- Egypt
STROSS of 17 Kars el Nil Street Cairo -- Egypt
SUARES of 60 rue Fouad I Alexandria -- Egypt
SUARES of 60 Rue Rosette Alexandria -- Egypt
SUARES of 90 Rue Fouad ler Alexandria -- Egypt
SUTTON of Cairo -- Egypt
SWALLOW of El Shohada No. 16 Alexandria -- Egypt
SWAN of Ezbet-el-Zeitoun -- Egypt
SYR of 32 Rue Abdel PQialek Sarolt Pacha Cairo -- Egypt
SYRICHAS of 18 Ancienne Bourse-street Alexandria -- Egypt
SZARGIEL of Militaiy Hospital 8 EhKantara -- Egypt
SZYMANSKI of Cassasine -- Egypt
TANNER of British Airways Corporation 4 Sharia Bachler Kasr-el-Mil Cairo -- Egypt
TANTAW of 25 Homlsch Street Alexandria -- Egypt
TATLOW of N.A.A.F.I. Headquarters Cairo -- Egypt
TECTONIDIS of 37 Sharia Faronlc Cairo -- Egypt
TEDESCHI of 13 Dr Raafat Street Bamleh Station Alexandria -- Egypt
TEGG of Pont de Koubbeh near Cairo -- Egypt
THEODORAKIS of 137 Port Said Street Ibrahlmleh Alexandria -- Egypt
THEODOROU of 3 Sharia Attar Mohamed Aly Cairo -- Egypt
THLIVITIS of 47 Alexander the Great Street Alexandria -- Egypt
THOM of Alexandria -- Egypt
THOMAIDES of 1 Rue Sasson Alexandria -- Egypt
THOMAS of 10 Sharia Galal Cairo -- Egypt
THOMAS of Villa Sphinx Pyramid-road Giza -- Egypt
THOMOGLOU of Alexandria -- Egypt
THORPE of The RAF Station Helwan -- Egypt
TICE of Port Said -- Egypt
TOMLINSON of Mehalla Kebir -- Egypt
TOPALIAN of 8 Sharia Amir Said Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
TOPALIAN of 8 Sharia Amir Said Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
TOUSTZOGLOU of Alexandria -- Egypt
TOUSTZOGLOV of Alexandria -- Egypt
TOY of Alexandria -- Egypt
TRACE of 11 Shalabl Street Matarla -- Egypt
TRULOCK of Alexandria -- Egypt
TSATSOGLOU of 64 Rue Ancienne Douane Alexandria -- Egypt
TUBY of 1 Rue Nerutzos Bey Alexandria -- Egypt
TUCKSON of Ismailia -- Egypt
TUNSTALL of Port Said -- Egypt
URQUHART of Cairo -- Egypt
VAN DER ZEE of Place Ismail Premier Alexandria -- Egypt
VENESS of Shareh Mina El Bahria Port Tewfik Suez -- Egypt
VERMOND of 5 Rue Toussoun Pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
VICKERY of Cairo -- Egypt
VLASTO of 44 Rue Haidar Pacha Saha Pacha Ramlch Alexandria -- Egypt
VLAVIANOS of Fuad the First-street Mansourah -- Egypt
VOSS of 31 Rue Canope Camp de Caesar Alexandria -- Egypt
VOURDAS of Helonan Cairo -- Egypt
WAHBA of 26 Rue Sherlf Pasha Cairo -- Egypt
WAICHE of Villa Waiche Schutz Ramleh Alexandria -- Egypt
WALL of The Union Club Alexandria -- Egypt
WARD of Navy House Port Said -- Egypt
WASFI of 26 JOhn Bonny Stxeet Zaroalek Cairo -- Egypt
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WATSON of Alexandria -- Egypt
WATTS of Newbury House Pension Sharia Manakh Cairo -- Egypt
WELLHOFF of Alexandria -- Egypt
WEST of 34 Rue St. Genls Moustafa pasha Alexandria -- Egypt
WHISHAW of Sharia Sesostris Heliopolis near Cairo -- Egypt
WHITEMAN of Alexandria -- Egypt
WHITEMAN of Rbuchdy Pacha Alexandria -- Egypt
WIGG of the Convalescent Home of St Charles Maadi Cairo -- Egypt
WILDRIDGE of 31 Sharia Lazougli Helivan -- Egypt
WILKINS of Mustapha Barracks Alexandria -- Egypt
WILKINSON of 24 Rue Nassoulie Pasha Esbet-eLZeitoun -- Egypt
WILLCOCKSKCMG of Cairo -- Egypt
WILLIAMS of 25 Baehler Mansions Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
WILLIAMS of 30 Baehler Mansion Gezira Cairo -- Egypt
WILLIAMS of 8 Rue Ahmed Bey Ayoub Alexandria -- Egypt
WILLIAMS of Maison Slavick (fronting Suez Canal) Port Said -- Egypt
WILSON of 11 Sherla Abdallah Pasha Matarla -- Egypt
WILSON of Khedivial Mail Line Limited Alexandria -- Egypt
WILSON of Mataria Cairo -- Egypt
WILTSHIRE of 23 Stadium-buildings Heliopolis -- Egypt
WISSA of 1 Ibn Moyser Street Zamalek Cairo -- Egypt
WOLFE of Materia Cairo -- Egypt
WOODLEY of Heliopolis Cairo -- Egypt
WOODS of >Heliopolis near-Cairo -- Egypt
WOOLDRIDGE of Boulac -- Egypt
WRIGHT of 8 rue des Mamelukas Heliopolis -- Egypt
YEHIA of Rue Emine Pacha Yehia Alexandria -- Egypt
YELLS of 6th Etage 20 Sh Maghraby Cairo -- Egypt
ZARB of 16 Clot Bey Ismallla -- Egypt
ZARB of 67 Belslze Park Gardens Hampstead London and Port Said -- Egypt
ZAYED of Ras-el-Tin Fawyet Bakir Alex-andria -- Egypt

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