Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Invernessshire is an old place, where many people lived
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District (England-Wales):
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABINGER of Inverlochy r Castle Fort William -- Invernessshire
ADAMSON of Errogle House Errogle -- Invernessshire
AITKEN of Talgh-en-Tom Kincraig -- Invernessshire
AITKEN of Tol-en-Tom Kincraig -- Invernessshire
ALLAN of Heath Cottage Nethby Bridge Abernethy -- Invernessshire
ALLEN of Glenkirk House Tomatin -- Invernessshire
ANDERSON of Craigandarach Kingussie -- Invernessshire
ANDERSON of Teanacoll Beauly -- Invernessshire
ANDERTON of Ridgewood Viewfield -- Invernessshire
ARMSTRONG of Grampian Cottage Kincraig -- Invernessshire
ARMSTRONG of St. Vincents Home Kingussie -- Invernessshire
ASPIN of Broomhill House Dulnain Bridge -- Invernessshire
ASTLEY of Faire na Scuir Arisaig -- Invernessshire
BAILLIE of Ballindarroch Lodge Scaniport -- Invernessshire
BAILLIE of Dochfour -- Invernessshire
BAKER of Drumlnlorsalr Beauly -- Invernessshire
BARING of Beaufort Castle Beauly -- Invernessshire
BARRIE of Bank of Scotland House Beauly -- Invernessshire
BARTHOLOMEW of Hazel Brae Balnain- -- Invernessshire
BAYVEL of Blythwood Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
BEECH of Clunlebeag Kingussie -- Invernessshire
BELL of Duthie Schoolhouse Carr-Bridge -- Invernessshire
BERGER of 2 West End Terrace Fort William -- Invernessshire
BEVERIDGE of Baclabhadon Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
BEVERIDGE of Bailabhadan Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
BLACK of ftodel Hotel Leverburgh Harris -- Invernessshire
BLACK of Immerlach Carrbridge -- Invernessshire
BLACKBURN of Roshven Lochailort -- Invernessshire
BLAIN of Lonsdale Ardersier -- Invernessshire
BLAIR of Balliefirth Abernethy -- Invernessshire
BOWER of The Manse Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
BOYD of Bank of Scotland House Mallaig -- Invernessshire
BRIGGS of The Polchar Rothiemurchus -- Invernessshire
BRIGHT of An-Darroch Kincraig -- Invernessshire
BROCKIE of The Star Hotel Kingussie -- Invernessshire
BRODIE of St. Vincents Home Kingussie -- Invernessshire
BROWN of Kilicumein Lodge Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
BROWN of Westcott Kingussie -- Invernessshire
BROWNLIE of The Grey House Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
BUCHAN of The Hotel Invergarry -- Invernessshire
BUCHANAN of Craigview East Terrace Kingussie -- Invernessshire
BULL of Aberchirder -- invernessshire
BULLEN of Camus Onich near Fort William -- Invernessshire
BULLOCH of Tomatin House Tomatin -- Invernessshire
BURGESS of Camach Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
BURGESS of Camoch Drumnadroch -- Invernessshire
BURN of Bi all aid Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
BURNET of Roselynn Croyard Road Beauly -- Invernessshire
BURNS of Rhu Grlanach Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
BUTTER of Thornhill Beauly -- Invernessshire
CAIRNS of Tomboyach Boat of Garten -- InvernessshIre
CALDWELL of Morar Lodge Morar -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of 14 Limshe-road Fort William -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of 16 MacMillan Place Caol Fort William -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of 60 High-street Ardersier -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Alltshellach Cottage North Ballachulish -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Clunes Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Daralch Fort William -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Ferry House Kilchoan Acharacle by Fort William -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Island of Canna -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Manse of May Tomatin -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Rose Cottage Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of The Bungalow Corpach -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Tigh Nain Ardersier -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Tigh-Naln Ardersier -- Invernessshire
CAMERON of Tulloch Farm Tulloch -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Back of Keppoch Arisaig -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Broomhill Kiltarlity -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Croftdhuac Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Dallas Boat-of-Garten -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Drumnadrochit Hotel Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Sligachan Hotel Sky -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Springfield Carr Bridge -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of St. Vincents Nursing Home Kingussie -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of the Ark Errogie -- Invernessshire
CAMPBELL of Viewhill Gollanfield -- Invernessshire
CARGILL of Craigard Caravan Site Banavie Fort William -- Invernessshire
CARMICHAEL of Tlgb A'Bhet Fort William -- Invernessshire
CARRICK of Ardgowan Kingussie -- Invernessshire
CASSELLS of Dalbhan Onich -- Invernessshire
CATTANACH of Craig Hhor Hotel Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
CATTANACH of Lynedoch Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
CATTANACH of Moyle Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
CATTANACH of The Lodge Kingussie -- Invernessshire
CATTELL of Moorend Gollanfield -- Invernessshire
CATTELL of Moorend Gollanfleid -- Invernessshire
CHAPPELL of Glenfintaig House Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
CHRISTIE of Clach Bheo Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
CLIFF of Glenfinnan House Glenfinnan -- Invernessshire
CLYDE of Woodburn Kingussie -- Invernessshire
COLVILLE of Little House Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
CORNER of Kildonan East Terrace Kingussie -- Invernessshire
COULTHART of 69 Alma Road Fort William -- Invernessshire
CRABTREE of Badendossan Dell Road Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
CRAIK of Roselyn Croyard-road Beauley -- Invernessshire
CRAN of Chenderoh Achintore-road Fort William -- Invernessshire
CRANE of Samalaman Glenulg by Lochailort -- Invernessshire
CRANSTON of Ku-ling Corpach -- Invernessshire
CROLL of Cluny Croft Laggan by Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
CROSS of 10 Stormyhill Road Portree -- Invernessshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CROSS of Glennan Fort William -- Invernessshire
CROSTHWAITE of Glaschollle Knoydart Mallaig -- Invernessshire
CROWE of Rowan Cottage Avielochan Aviemore -- Invernessshire
CUMHING of Glengarry Kingussie -- Invernessshire
CUNNINGHAM of 11 Wades Road Inverlochy -- Invernessshire
CUTHBERT of Glenfern Kingussie -- Invernessshire
DALLAS of Lonnie Dalcross -- Invernessshire
DALRYMPLE of Glenmore Aviemore -- Invernessshire
DENT of Haycroft Lewiston Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
DICKIE of Cam Elrig Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
DONALD of Ellonbreck Nethybridge -- Invernessshire
DONALDSON of Belnagown Nethybrldge -- Invernessshire
DONNAN of Mount Pleasant Fort William -- Invernessshire
DOUGALL of Birchfield Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
DOUGLAS of Calm Dearg Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
DOW of Mulroy Fort William -- Invernessshire
DRYSDALE of Broallan Beauly -- Invernessshire
DUGUID of Barnyards Beauly -- Invernessshire
DUNCAN of 5 Albemarle Place Nairn -- Invernessshire
DUNCAN of Allt-A-Bhruals Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
EVANS of 58 Inverarlsh Isle of Raasay Kyle -- Invernessshire
FALCONER of Batgulsh Carr Bridge -- Invernessshire
FARIE of The Abbey Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
FARRELL of Culachy Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
FINLAYSON of Fasnakyle House Fasnakyle Cannich -- Invernessshire
FINLAYSON of Waterloo House High Street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
FLEMING of Burnbrae Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
FRASER of 11 Grange Terrace Fort William -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Algas House Eventide Home Beauly -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Ardtiolm Beauly -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Balnagreaichan Abriachan -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Balnagrealchan Abriachan -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Calmdhu Achlntore Road Fort William -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Clifton West Terrace Kingussie -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Cuillean Cottage Wester Galcantray Croy -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Easter Lovat Beauly -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Inveroich Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Knockie Boleskine -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Lower Bogg Belladrum by Beauly -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Riverside Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
FRASER of St. Helens Kingussie -- Invernessshire
FRASER of St. Vincents Home Kingussie -- Invernessshire
FRASER of The Stores Lewiston Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
FRASER of Vectis Cottage Ardersier -- Invernessshire
FRENCH of 9 Creagorry Benbecula South Uist -- Invernessshire
FRERE of Maryfield Inverness -- Invernessshire
FURSMAN of Ardshiel King Street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
FURSMAN of Ivy Cottage Insh Kingussie -- Invernessshire
GEORGE of Mossbank Pelnafller Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
GERRARD of Benmore Ardbrollach Road East Terrace Kingussie -- Invernessshire
GIBB of Kllvaxter Kilmuir Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
GILLIES of Macdonald Post Office Isle of Elgg -- Invernessshire
GILLIES of The Old Manse Lochbolsdale South Uist -- Invernessshire
GOLLAN of The Mackintosh Memorial Manse Fort William -- Invernessshire
GOOD of Holoman Raasay -- Invernessshire
GOODBODY of Invergarry House Invergarry -- Invernessshire
GORDON of Glllean House Tarskavalg Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
GORDON of Ivy Cottage Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
GORDON of Milton Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
GORDON of Milton Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
GOSSIP of Coul-na-Coilc Kingussie -- Invernessshire
GOSSIP of Coul-na-Colle Kingussie -- Invernessshire
GOULDER of Drumsheugh Cottage Kingussie -- Invernessshire
GOURLAY of Craigellachle Carrbridge -- Invernessshire
GRAHAM of 2 Treaslane Bemlsdale Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
GRAHAM of Kings Arms Hotel Kyleakin Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
GRAHAM of The Manse Ardersier -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Ballindoun Beavly -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Ballindown Beauly -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Couiegour Lodge Spear Bridge -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Cralgbeg Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Dalnahatnich Carr-Bridge -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Druinalan Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Graigmhor Hotel Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Hazel Brae Olenurquart -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Khockle Whltebrldge -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Lynchum Cottage Boat-of-Garten -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Lynchurn Cottage Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Mayfield Nairn -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Mount Pleasant Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Rothiemurchus Aviemore -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Rothlemurchus Aviemore -- Invernessshire
GRANT of St. Vincents Kingussie -- Invernessshire
GRANT of Viewfield Lewiston Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
GREEN of Dunvegan Cottage Dunvegan Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
GUILLEHARD of Kllravock Castle Gollanfield -- Invernessshire
HAIG of Drumalan Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
HAMILTON of Tighvonle Kingussie -- Invernessshire
HART of Monadl Liard Rothiemurchus -- Invernessshire
HARTRIDGE of The Cottage Galrlochy by Spean Bridge -- InvernessshIre
HASCHKE of Ballindoun House Beauly -- Invernessshire
HASTILOW of Mullochard Farm Carr Bridge -- Invernessshire
HAY of 4 Seafield Place Aviemore -- Invernessshire
HAY of Newark Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
HAYES of Crofton Lodge 7 Culverdon Park-road Tunbridge Wells and of Craig Gowan Carr Bridge -- Invernessshire
HAYES of Lower Craggon Crantown-on-Spey -- Invernessshire
HEAD of Inverailort Castle Lochailort -- Invernessshire
HENDERSON of 6 Clanranald Terrace Mallaig -- Invernessshire
HENRY of Free Church Manse Alvie Kincraig -- Invernessshire
HENSCHEL of Allt-na-criche Aviemore -- Invernessshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HEPBURN of Oakbank Beauly -- Invernessshire
HEPBURN of The Wayside Beauly -- Invernessshire
HOARE of Farr Mains Daviot -- Invernessshire
HOBB of West Hough Kingussie -- Invernessshire
HOBBS of Inverlochy Castle Fort William -- Invernessshire
HODGSON of Camus Onich -- Invernessshire
HODGSON of Forestry Commission Hostel Auchterawe Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
HODSON of 11 Kitson Crescent Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
HORNE of Glebe Cottage Auld Petty Dalcross -- Invernessshire
HOWITT of 14 Kitson Crescent Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
HUNTER of The Station House Clunes -- Invernessshire
HUNTER of Tigh-na-Drochaide Newtonmore -- InvernessshIre
ILLINGWORTH of Ardselma Kingussie -- Invernessshire
JOHNSTON of Moorlands Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
JONES of Coig-na-Shee Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
JORDAN of Dallburgh Isle of South Uist -- InvernessshIre
KELLIE of Balloch Buie Dulmain Bridge Grantown-on-Spey -- Invernessshire
KEMBLE of Laggan Scanlport -- Invernessshire
KENDALL of Easter Klnakyle Aviemore -- Invernessshire
KENNEDY of Bridgend Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
KENNEDY of Greystones Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
KENNEDY of The Brae Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
KEOGH of Klnakyle Avlemore -- Invernessshire
KIRKPATRICK of Kinakyle Dulnain Bridge -- Invernessshire
KLIENE of Te Potl Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
KNOWLES of Invermoriston House Glenmoriston -- Invernessshire
LAMONT of Balavil Kingussie -- Invernessshire
LANE of Tigh-na-Bruach Glenmoriston -- Invernessshire
LANG of Ashley Bellfield Park -- Invernessshire
LANG of Ashley Bellfield Park -- Invernessshire
LAWRENCE of Briarbank Cottage Bunoich Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
LEES of St. Vincents Kingussie -- Invernessshire
LESLIE of Balvenle Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
LEWIS of Westwood Beauly -- Invernessshire
LILLIS of Moymore House Moy -- Invernessshire
LINDSAY of 6 Seaview Terrace Fort William -- Invernessshire
LOBBAN of Morar Boat of Qarten -- Invernessshire
LOGAN of Gallovie Kingussie -- Invernessshire
LOMAS of Kyles Lodge Leverburgh Isle of Harris -- Invernessshire
LOVAT of Beaufort Castle Beauly -- Invernessshire
LOWE of Lochlel Drumullie Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
LOZANO of The Old Manse Guest House Gorthleck -- Invernessshire
MACANDREW of Alltabhruals Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
MacANDREW of Glen Oran Beauly -- Invernessshire
MACASKILL of MacDonald 6 Castle Crescent Dunvegan Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACBAIN of Dalnavert King-street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACBEAN of Egmont Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of 20 Grange Terrace Fort William -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of 3 Balmacqueen Ivilmaling Duntuln Skye -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of 3 Flashadder Amlsort Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of 3 Scorrybreck Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Ardechlve Achnacarry -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Arisaig Hotel Arisaig -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Blarour Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Bohenie Roy Bridge -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Chapelcroft Wester Eskadale by Beauly -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Clune Villa Aviemore -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Craignore Croyard Road Beauly -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Glen Affrlc Hotel Cannlch -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Hhlndule Lentran -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Lindisfarne Carr Bridge -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Milifiach Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Millflach Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Millflach Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Morayston Dalcross -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Roselea Ferry Road Beauly -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Stenscholl Staffin Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of The Stores Dallburgh Lochboisdale South Uist -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Trien Carbost Skye -- Invernessshire
MACDONALD of Westcott Ardersier -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of 2 Aird Road Beauly -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of Bayside Castlebay Isle of Barra -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of Bayside Castlebay Isle of Barra -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of Bayside Castlebay Isle of Barra -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of Borlum Bridge Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of Craigton Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of Eyre Kensaleyre Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACDOUGALL of St. Vincents Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACEDWARD of Grampian View Spey Street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACEWEN of St. Michaels Carrbridge -- Invernessshire
MACFARLANE of 50 High Street Fort William -- Invernessshire
MACFARLANE of The Manse Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACGREGOR of Balloch Village Culloden -- Invernessshire
MACINNES of 136 Brevig Isle of Barra -- Invernessshire
MACINNES of 6 Dulsdalenore Isle Omsay isle of SKye -- Invernessshire
MACINNES of Broadford Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACINNES of Fordslde Broadford Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACINTOSH of Balnespick Tomatin -- Invernessshire
MACINTYRE of Fassifern Villa Fort William -- Invernessshire
MACKAY of Craigville Laggan Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACKAY of Croila View High-street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACKAY of Milton of Nuide Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MacKAY of Milton of Nuide Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of 12-14 Torgormack by Beauly -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Bunchrew House Bunchrew -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Caberfeidh Onich -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Farr -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Gleribyilachy Tomatin -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Milton Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Rathmhor Lynchat Kingussie -- Invernessshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACKENZIE of Royal Hotel Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of the Larches Lynchat Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACKENZIE of Tie-na-drochlt Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
MACKINNON of Dunsingell Kyleakin Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACKINNON of Imperial Hotel Fraser Square Fort William -- Invernessshire
MACKINNON of Somerled Square Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACKINTOSH of Birchgrove Ralla Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
MACKINTOSH of Corpach Hotel Corpach -- Invernessshire
MACKINTOSH of Cottrell Glamorganshire and of Moy Hall -- Invernessshire
MACKINTOSH of Moy Hall Moy -- Invernessshire
MACKINTOSH of Moy Hall Moy -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of 12 Borreralg Dunvegan Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of Ardbeag Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of Balgate Kiltarlity -- Invernessshire
MacLEAN of Gordon Hall Farm Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of Invercauldall Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of Ruthven Farm Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of The Mains Foyers -- Invernessshire
MACLEAN of Tlrlndrlsh Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
MACLELLAN of St. Vincents Home Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACLENNAN of Achlntore Road Fort William -- Invernessshire
MACLENNAN of An Cluaran Croy -- Invernessshire
MACLENNAN of Balmachree -- Invernessshire
MACLENNAN of Rowan Cottage Abriachan near Inverness -- Invernessshire
MACLENNAN of St. Annes 70 High Street Ardersier -- Invernessshire
MACLEOD of 3 Drumfearn Sleat Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACLEOD of 6 Altvald Harloch Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACLEOD of Laggandoen Scalpay Harris -- Invernessshire
MACLEOD of Riverview Lewiston Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
MACMILLAN of Oakbank Milton Drumnadrochit -- InvernessshIre
MACNAUGHTON of 9 Montrose-square Inverlochy -- Invernessshire
MACPHERSON of Balavil and Raitta House Lynchat Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACPHERSON of Homelands Lynchat Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACPHERSON of Melville House Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
MACPHERSON of Radbrook Hall Shrewsbury and of Gaskmore Laggan -- Invernessshire
MACPHERSON of Shalamaraldh Kinchurdy Road Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
MACRAE of 14 Gloucester-place Edinburgh and of Clunes -- Invernessshire
MACRAE of Homewood Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MACRAE of Sandwlck Cottage Kyieakln Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MACRAE of Winbcrg Mallaig North Morar -- Invernessshire
MACVICAR of Invermoidart near Acharacle -- Invernessshire
MARR of Sullven Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
MARR of The Moorings Borlum Druranadrochlt -- Invernessshire
MARSHALL of Dallas Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
MASSON of Cambria Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MATHESOH of Elrlg Aberarder -- Invernessshire
MATHESON of 3 Wentworth Street Portree Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MATHIESON of Rosslyn Croyard Road Beauly -- Invernessshire
MAXWELL of Farley House Beauly -- Invernessshire
MAXWELL of Farlie House Beauly -- Invernessshire
MCANDREW of Khockvlew Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
McDONALD of Beaufort Achintore-road Fort William -- Invernessshire
McDONALD of Fanellan Farm Beauly -- Invernessshire
McDONELL of Qlenmorven Orlch Fort William -- Invernessshire
McDOWALL of Bynack Mhor Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
McINNES of 2 Kyles Tarbert Harris -- Invernessshire
McINTOSH of Balvenle Cottage Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
McINTOSH of Bellevue Kyleakin Skye -- Invernessshire
MCINTOSH of Glenavon Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
MCINTOSH of Parks High Street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
MCINTYRE of Invergloy House Spean Bridge -- Invernessshire
MCKAY of St. Vincents Kingussie -- Invernessshire
McKELLAIG of Sandholm Morar -- Invernessshire
MCKENZIE of 7 West Bank Quadrant Glasgow W.2 and Branault Achateny by Fort William -- Invernessshire
McKILLOP of Newark Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
McLEAN of Glen Castle Bay Isle of Barra -- Invernessshire
McMANUS of St. Vincents Home Kingussie -- Invernessshire
McMASTER of Mansevlew Mochrum Fort William -- Invernessshire
McMILLAN of 1 Marine Fort William -- Invernessshire
MCNAUGHTON of Lyon Cottage Klnloch Isle-of-Rhura -- Invernessshire
McRAE of Rosenberg House Beauly -- Invernessshire
MELDRUM of Fairview Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
MENZIES of Glen- feshie Schoolhouse by Kincraig -- Invernessshire
MILLAR of Knockmalloch Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
MILLAR of Knockmalloch Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
MORISON of West End Beauly -- Invernessshire
MORISON of West End Beauly -- Invernessshire
MORRISON of Alvey Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
MORRISON of Rockbank Elgol by Broadford Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
MUNRO of 5 St. Drostans Road Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
NAME of Baltra Drumnadrocblt -- Invernessshire
NAME of Borve Isle of Barra -- Invernessshire
NAME of Easter Monlack Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
NAME of Glengarry Kingussie -- Invernessshire
NAME of Legerwood Kincraig -- Invernessshire
NAME of Luaclor Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
NAME of Post Office Building Beauly -- Invernessshire
NAME of Sule Hotel Rincraig -- Invernessshire
NICHOLSON of Arisaig -- Invernessshire
NICHOLSON of Arisaig House Arisaig -- Invernessshire
NOTMAN of The Manse of Glengarry Invergarry -- Invernessshire
OTTMAH of Willow Cottage Carrbridge -- InvernessshIre
PALMER of Ardmore Kingussie -- Invernessshire
PATERSON of 10 Glencairn-crescemt Edinburgh and of Ard Rhu Onich -- Invernessshire
PEARSE of Comralch Achlntore Road Fort William -- Invernessshire
PEARSON of Wester Lovat Beauly -- Invernessshire
PETERKIN of Stable Hollow Farm Culloden -- Invernessshire
PETTY of Mamess Kingussie -- Invernessshire
PHIPPS of H.M.S. Faulknor formerly of Eilean Aigas Beauly -- Invernessshire
PIMLEY of The Old Convent Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PIMLEY of The Old Convent Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
PRINGLE of Whinknowe Banavie -- Invernessshire
PRIOR of Dunachton Kingussie -- Invernessshire
RAMSAY of Ravenswood Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
RATTRAY of Winbury Mallaig -- Invernessshire
REED of the Larig Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
REEVE of 3 Croachy Aberarder Strathnalm -- Invernessshire
REID of 2 Carr-place Carrbridge -- Invernessshire
REID of Ardbroilach Kingussie -- Invernessshire
REID of Gynack Villa High-street Kingussie -- Invernessshire
RIACH of 13 Cralgdhu Road Newtanmore -- Invernessshire
RIBBECK of 14 Grange Terrace Fort William -- Invernessshire
RITCHIE of Elnlch Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
RITCHIE of Rhelndown Beauly -- Invernessshire
ROBERTS of Ardselma Kingussie -- Invernessshire
ROBERTSON of Braeriach Aviemore -- Invernessshire
ROBERTSON of Cairngorm Cottage Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
ROBERTSON of Seaview Teangue Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
ROBERTSON of The Lodge Edinbane Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
ROBERTSON of Tir-nan-og High Street Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
ROSE of Daviot Cottage Daviot Mains Daviot -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Auchendean Dulnain Bridge -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Ben-y-gloe Aviemore -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Farley Kennels Beauly -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Foyers Hotel Foyers -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Innistore Kinlochmore Kinlochleven -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Oriole Park Kingussie -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Resaurie House Westhill -- Invernessshire
ROSS of Sunnybank Ardersier -- Invernessshire
ROWNTREE of 47 High Street Fort William -- Invernessshire
SAHLER of Lewisville Broadstone Park -- Invernessshire
SAVY of Sonnhalde Kingussie -- Invernessshire
SCOTLAND of Oallovle Cottage Carr Bridge -- Invernessshire
SCOTT of St. Vincents Nursing Home Klngtissle -- Invernessshire
SHARMAN of Borlum Fann Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
SHEPARD of Easter Uchdadh Foyers -- Invernessshire
SHUCKBURGH of Marleville Kyleakin Isle of Skye -- Invernessshire
SIDGWICK of Glasdrum Fort William -- Invernessshire
SIMSON of Dalcross Castle Croy -- Invernessshire
SINCLAIR of Torgoyle Glerimonston -- Invernessshire
SINTON of Craigerne Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
SMARTT of Seafield Fort William -- Invernessshire
SMITH of Meadow Bank Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
SMITH of Post Office House Kincraig -- Invernessshire
SMITH of The Old Manse Farr Inverness -- Invernessshire
SPALDING of Forestvilla West Terrace Kingussie -- Invernessshire
STEWART of 6 Edinbane Duirinish by Portree Isle of-Skye -- Invernessshire
STEWART of Camus-na-ha Corpach Fort William -- Invernessshire
STONE of Cluanach Insh By Kingussie -- Invernessshire
STONE of Fairwinds Corpach -- Invernessshire
STORRIE of Columba Cottage Kingussie -- Invernessshire
STUART of Elmbank Lewiston Drumnadrochit -- Invernessshire
SUTTON of Annat Mill Corpach Fort William -- Invernessshire
SWANNIE of 11. Loch Nevis-terrace Mallaig -- Invernessshire
TAPSTER of Oak Cottage Kincraig -- Invernessshire
TARN of Muirtown House Inverness -- Invernessshire
TAYLOR of Benview Lochyside Fort William -- Invernessshire
TAYLOR of Hararl Boat of Garten -- Invernessshire
TERRY of 14 Crown-drive Inverness -- Invernessshire
THORBURN of National Commercial Bank House Fort William -- Invernessshire
TOWNLEY of Mnriardh Lladh Aviemore -- Invernessshire
TROTTER of Brin House Fllchlty -- Invernessshire
TRUELL of Corrour House Rothlemurchus Aviemore -- Invernessshire
TRUSCOTT of Westlands West-terrace Kingussie -- Invernessshire
TULLOCH of Ballachraggan Kirkhill -- Invernessshire
TULLOCH of Barramore Kingussie -- Invernessshire
TULLOCH of Blinkbonny Fraser-street Beauly -- Invernessshire
TULLOCH of Katharine of Morile Tomatin -- Invernessshire
UNSWORTH of Tirvejnie Kingussie -- Invernessshire
URQUHART of Ardselma Fort Augustus -- Invernessshire
URQUHART of Blar-nan-craobh Lentran -- Invernessshire
URQUHART of Roselynn Beauly -- Invernessshire
WADDELL of Qulsachan by Beauly -- Invernessshire
WALKER of Braeslde Cottage Achdallen Corpach Fort William -- Invernessshire
WATSON of Firgrove Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
WEDDERBURN of Polnish Lochailort -- Invernessshire
WEIR of Viewmount Culloden -- Invernessshire
WILKINSON of Hurst Wood All Stretton Shropshire and Glen Urquhart House Glen Urquhart -- Invernessshire
WILKINSON of Seann Dachaldh Main Street Newtonmore -- Invernessshire
WILLIAMSON of Alvie Kincraig Kingussie -- Invernessshire
WILLSON of Ard Rhu Onich Fort William -- Invernessshire
WILSON of Firwood Nethy Bridge -- Invernessshire
WILSON of Howmore South Uist -- Invernessshire
WILSON of Wester Cairnglass Gollanfield Croy -- Invernessshire
WISHART of Clunebeg House Drumnad-rochit -- Invernessshire
WOLFENDEN of Cluny Villa Kingussie -- Invernessshire
WOOD of 8 Suidhe-crescent Kincraig by Kingussie -- Invernessshire
YOUNG of 2 Cromwell-terrace Ardersier -- Invernessshire
YOUNG of Ashlea Ardersier -- Invernessshire
YOUNG of Onich Hotel Onich -- Invernessshire

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