Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Lanarkshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABERNETHY of 2 Grange Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
ABERNETHY of Well Hall Eventide Home Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
ADAM of 33 Sheepburn-road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
ADAM of 33 Sheepburn-road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
ADAM of 374 Main-street High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
ADAM of 374 Main-street High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
ADAM of 7 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ADAM of Lynhurst Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
ADAMS of Auchinlea Cottage Cleland -- Lanarkshire
ADAMS of Beechcote Bardowie -- Lanarkshire
ADAMS of Hazelhead House 12 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ADAMSON of 2 Shenflats-road Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
ADDIE of 18 Woodview Terrace Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
ADDISON of 165 Maxwell-avenue Westerton Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ADDISON of 49 The Crescent Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
ADIE of Lansdowne Eastergreens Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
AFFLECK of Ivy Lodge 75 Carlisle-road Crawford -- Lanarkshire
AIRD of 74 Coalburn-road Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
AITCHISON of School Green Biggar -- Lanarkshire
AITKEH of East Park Elsrickle Biggar -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of 150 Glasgow Road Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of 86 Aurs-road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of Bellcraig Farm Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of Bellcraig Farm Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of Elmtree Luggiebank -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of Elmtree-cottage Luggiebank -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of Fruitfield Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
AITKEN of Muldron Midlothian and of Causeyhill -- Lanarkshire
AITON of Ravenswood 15 Dunlop Street Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
ALEXANDER of 11 Eglinton-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ALEXANDER of 22 Hathaway-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ALEXANDER of Hillcrest 10 Summerhill-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
ALEXANDER of Sunnyside Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
ALISON of Beechvale 81 Diymen-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of 119 Main-street Symington -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of 15 Victoria-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of 37 Elvan Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of 55 Biggar Road Cleland -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of 56 County Avenue Eastfield Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of Qlengalr Heath Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of Ravenswood Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of Wandel Abington -- Lanarkshire
ALLAN of West Toun Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
ALLARDICE of Greengables Coltness Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
ALLISON of 64 Greystone Avenue Burnside -- Lanarkshire
ALLISON of Rullion Green Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
ALSTON of 4 Kethers Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
ALT of Marywell Coulter by Blggar -- Lanarkshire
ALTSTADT of 12 Beechmount-road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
ALVEY of 16 Burn Road Chapelton -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 11 Holm Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 19 Bogside-road Ashgill -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 204 Caledonian Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 221 Cumbernauld Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 4 Greenhead-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 58 Brownside Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 58 Drygate Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 6 Ailsa-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 6 Carrickarden-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 673 Coatbridge Road Bargeddle -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of 86 Kenmure-avenue Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of Beehive Cottage Neilston -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of Donaldson 32 Buchanan-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ANDERSON of Newtown Covington Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
ANDISON of Sherwood 117 Manse Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
ANDREW of Avonhaugh Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
ANGUS of 5 Milton Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ANGUS of Bonhill Auldhouse-road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
ANGUS of Tlgh Aonghals Thankerton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ANNAND of 109 Braldholm-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ARCHIBALD of Brucefield Allanton-by-Newmains Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
ARDERN of 27 Hamilton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
ARMIT of Polmood Tweedsmuir-by-Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ARMSTRONG of 3 Sefton Terrace 96 Hamilton Road Rwherglen -- Lanarkshire
ARMSTRONG of Soval 60 Crosshill Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
ARNEIL of Craigampel 120 Low Craigends Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
ARNEIL of Mount View 10 Bellfield Road Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
ARNOTT of Mapledene 56 Wilton Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ARTHUR of 202 Hamilton Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
ARTHUR of 78 Gar-field-avenue Mossend -- Lanarkshire
ARTHUR of Tinto View Causewayend Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ASHFORTH of 17 Kethers Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
ATHERTON of 41 Hillhead Crescent Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
AULD of Ardlui House Helensburgh and of the Bay Inn Bowling -- Lanarkshire
AVERALL of 37 Hazelwood Drive Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
BADDELEY of 45 Busby-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
BAGGULEY of 11 Falkland Park East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BAILLIE of 1 Croftbank Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
BAILLIE of Lindula Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BAILUE of 3 Walter Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BAIN of 53 Tillan Burn Road Newarthill -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of 13 Baird Hill Murray 1 East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of 14 Queensberry-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of 16 Douglas Gardens Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of 79 Dryburgh Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of An Dunan Chryston -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of Symington Place Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of Windhill Farm Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
BAIRD of Wren Glen Vista Castleglen Busby -- Lanarkshire
BAIRSTOW of 6 Bent Road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BALLANTYNE of Croch-na-HUllln Crawford -- Lanarkshire
BALLANTYNE of Inverbeg 26 Orchard-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BALLINGALL of 52 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
BALMANNO of 13 Lilybank Avenue Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
BALMANNO of Ashton Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
BAMFORD of Cathkin House Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
BANNATYNE of Springhill Farm Douglas -- Lanarkshire
BARBER of 21 High-street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BARBOUR of 1 Park Place Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BARBOUR of South Ouplay Farm Uplawmoor -- Lanarkshire
BARNET of 153 Blairbeth Road Burnside -- Lanarkshire
BARNETT of 23 Lilybank Avenue Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
BARR of 205 Kingsbridge Drive Bankhead Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
BARR of 66 Brown Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BARR of 8 Victoria-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
BARR of Castle Hill House Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
BARR of Claddens House Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
BARR of Cralgreknowe 22 Coalbum Road Coalbum -- Lanarkshire
BARR of Darley East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BARR of Nethershlelds Farm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
BARR of The Old Manse Neilston -- Lanarkshire
BARR of Whiteshaw Farm Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BARRIE of Cullen Park Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
BARRIE of Gateiside Cottage Westtown Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
BARROWMAN of 42 Whitehill-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
BARROWMAN of 72 Rosslyn-avenue Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
BARTON of 17d Eglinton Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
BASTAIN of 105 Southbrae Drive Jordanhill Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 10 Watson-terrace Springboig -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 100 Crawford Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 11 Lochend-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 25 Sunnyside-street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 41 Woodlands Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 66 Alexander Street Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of 89 Isla Avenue Newmains -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of Claremont 42 Douglas Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of Woodlands Carmichael-by-Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BAXTER of Woodlands Farm Carmichael-By-Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BAYNE of 10 Orchard-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BEALE of 15 Baldernock Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BEARD of Bairdsyke 14 Clydesdale-road Mossend -- Lanarkshire
BEATON of Neshanic 11 Brackenbrae-road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
BEATTIE of Eastpark 33 Buchanan-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 1 Herndon Court Broom Road Newton Mearns -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 148 Shottsklrk Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 148 Shottsklrk Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 242 Hamilton Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 3 Calderbank Terrace Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 32 Hill Road Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
BELL of 35 South Crosshill Road BIshopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
BELL of Ardenlea 39 Lenzie-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
BELL of Ardenlea Lenzie-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
BELL of Chalmers Manse Larkhill -- Lanarkshire
BELL of South Park 25 Lefroy-street Blairhill Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
BENNET of 5 Craigwell-avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
BENNET of 75 Dorian-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
BENNET of 9 Finlaystone Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
BENNETT of Main-street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BENNETT of Mayfield Cottage Newhouse by Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BENNETT of Newlands 14 Glasgow-road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BENNOCH of 132 Alberta Avenue East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BERTRAM of Kaimend Hudnall Berkhamsted and of Kersewell Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
BEST of care of Stewart Craigielea Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BETT of 16 Beech-avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BEVERIDGE of 10 Douglas-avenue Carmyle -- Lanarkshire
BEVERIDGE of 24 Park-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
BIBRA of Collisdene Glasgow Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
BINNIE of 67 Clydesdale Road Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
BINNING of 59 Morven Avenue Coatshill Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
BIRD of Amulree 14 West Chapelton-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BISHOP of 76 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
BISHOP of Barncluith Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
BISSETT of 33 Alexandra Street Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of 209 Kirk Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of 24 Viewfield Avenue Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of 9 EUiot-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of Callart Kyle Park Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of Eskdale 12 Seres-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of Rowallan Eight Roadside Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of The Cottage Dunmore-street Balfron -- Lanarkshire
BLACK of West Nerston Fawn East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BLACKHURST of 69 Mossneuk Park Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BLACKWOOD of 47 Main-street Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
BLACKWOOD of 70 Springfield Park-road Burnside -- Lanarkshire
BLACKWOOD of Cloker House near Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BLACKWOOD of Moorbank 62 Belstane Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BLAIR of 20 Crawford Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BLAIR of 211 Shields Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BLAIR of 62 Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
BLAIR of 86 Stewarton Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
BLAKE of 605 Parkhouse Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
BLANEY of 53 Muirton Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
BOGGON of The Firs Shotts -- Lanarkshire
BOIASKEI of 32 Falkland Park West Mains 1 East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BONE of 122 Alberta Avenue East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BONNAR of Burnfoot Lamington -- Lanarkshire
BORLAND of Daligan 1 Ledcameroch-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BORTHWICK of 10 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BOWE of 7 Addison-avenue Douglas -- Lanarkshire
BOWIE of 94 Station Road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BOYD of 13 Faskally Avenue Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
BOYD of 66 Stewarton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
BOYD of 82 Wellgate-street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BOYD of Ardenlea Busby -- Lanarkshire
BOYD of Burnside House Allanton Shotts -- Lanarkshire
BOYD of Midcroft Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BOYD of Midcroft Nine Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BOYES of 10 Union Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BOYES of 200 Boukle Road Newmains -- Lanarkshire
BOYES of Bumbank House Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BOYLE of Hallhill Crossford Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BRACKEN of Caprino 15 Kessington-road Hillfoot Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BRADFORD of 32 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BRADFORD of 97 Dumbarton Road Bowling -- Lanarkshire
BRADFORD of Bemersyde 10 West-avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BRAITHWAITE of Bracklinn North Erskine Park Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BRAND of Intwood Symington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BRAND of Intwood Symington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BREINGAN of 30 Emily Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BREMNER of 5 Sunnyside-avenue Udding-ston -- Lanarkshire
BRENNAN of Coathill Hospital Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
BRIDGES of 7 Campbell Place East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BRIERLEY of 24 Torbothle Road Stane Shotts -- Lanarkshire
BRIGGS of 21 Buchanan Street Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BRIGHTON of Shankrainulr Farm Gartcosh -- Lanarkshire
BROADLEY of 4 Kelvin Drive East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BRODIE of Cornhill House BIggar -- Lanarkshire
BRODIE of Viewfield Balmore Torrance -- Lanarkshire
BROOKS of Azile 14 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 10 King-street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 121 High Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 121 High Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 14 Douglas-street Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 15 The Crescent lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 158 Main Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 18 Clyde Street Cliftonville Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 24 Holmswood Avenue Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 32 Glenburn Terrace Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 57 Capellng Drive East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 6 King Street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 6 Sykeside Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 68 Kilmamock-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of 9 Oxgang Holdings Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Anamba 10 Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Beechwood 60 Peel-road Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Birch Cottage High Street BIggar -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Collisdene Glasgow Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Cormiston Towers Farm Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Glentore 677 Coatbridge Road Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Glenture 641 Coat-bridge-road Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Janefield House 20 Polnoon-street Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Kerrsville Crawford -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Ri-Cruln Crawford -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Springgrove Cottage Barrachnie-near Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of St Johns Manse Symington -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Strand Cottage Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of Ten King Street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
BROWN of The Manse Glassford -- Lanarkshire
BROWNE of 5 Houndmuir Avenue Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
BROWNLIE of 21 Kirktonholme Road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
BROWNLIE of 48 Douglas Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BROWNLIE of 49 Hossneuk Park Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BROWNLIE of 8 Park Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
BROWNLIE of Beechbank 8 Park-road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
BROWNLIE of Braidwood 14 Station-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BROWNRIGG of 86 Cardowan Drive Stepps -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of 41 Carfin Street New Stevenston by Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of 76 McGregor Road Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of Aburi Lodge Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of Craiglebar Paisley Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of Glenash 20 Eastwoodmains-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of Midlock Crawford -- Lanarkshire
BRUCE of Woodlee Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
BRUNTON of Lanercost 84 Busby Road Carraunnock -- Lanarkshire
BRYAN of Waterside Farm Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
BRYANT of The Pines Symington -- Lanarkshire
BRYCE of 33 Elvan Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BRYCE of Greenside Farm Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
BRYCE of Kirktonhill 1 Belstane Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
BRYCE of Moyness 11 Hillcrest-avenue Carmyle -- Lanarkshire
BRYDEN of Monzie Springdale-drive Mid-road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BRYDEN of Woodcote Biggar -- Lanarkshire
BRYSON of 32 Robert Smillie Crescent Strutherhill Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BRYSON of Harestanes Farm Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of 135 Range Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of 19 Daleview-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of 27 Dumgryne-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of Ardelvollle 73 Glen Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of Craigroyston Campbell Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of Crowbill House Killearn -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of Dunalwyn Briarwell-road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of Spinningdale 12 Lochend-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
BUCHANAN of The Hillocks 103 Campbell Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BUCKMASTER of Netherton Cottage Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
BUICK of 3 Barrland-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BULLEY of 20 Windsor Street Shotts -- Lanarkshire
BULLOCH of Clyde-view Crawford -- Lanarkshire
BURDON of 4 Merryburn-avenue Merrylee Park Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
BURGESS of Clyde View Villa Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
BURNETT of 20 Allison Street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BURNS of 2 Claremont-gardens Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
BURNS of 51 Hamilton Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BURNS of 51 Hamilton-street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BURT of Holly Bank Silverwells-crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
BUSHFIELD of 1 Symington-place Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
BUTLER of 34 Low Avon Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
BUTTER of 17 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
BYRNE of 372 Duntreath Glasgow-road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
BYRNE of Rapallo Arthur lie Avenue Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
CADZOW of Woolfords Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
CAIRNEY of 17 Dunn-crescent Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
CAIRNS of 4 Ardock Gardens Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
CALDER of The Moorings 27 Glasgow-road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
CALDER of Woodhead Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
CALDWELL of 123 Main-street Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
CALDWELL of Davingill House Crossford by Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CALDWELL of Road Meetings Hospital Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CALDWELL of Rosslyn Balmore Torrance -- Lanarkshire
CALLAN of 15 Milton Crescent Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CAMERGN of 2 Edgehill Road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of 114 Eastwoodmains Road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of 210 Main-street Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of 29 Braldwood Road Braldwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of 5 Moore Drive Canniesburn Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of 65 Strathaven Road Boghead Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of Achnacarry Cleland -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of Benvue 300 Glasgow Road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of Chryston Cottage Chryston -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of Lindene Kirkintilloch Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
CAMERON of Old Bank House Douglas -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 1 Stirling Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 10 Randolph-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 24 Crawford Road Burnside -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 65 Kirk Street Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 7 Headhouse Green East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 71 Millbrae-road Langside Glasgow county -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 72 East Kilbride Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 8 Beech-avenue Burnbrae Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of 8 Beechmount Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of Greenshields Libberton Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of Little Camoguhill Balfron -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of Longford 1 Gardenside-street Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of Oakfield 151 Kirk Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of Rosslyn 109 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of Warrenhill Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
CAMPBELL of West End Biggar -- Lanarkshire
CAREY of 38 Kyle Park-crescent Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
CARGILL of Stanmore -- Lanarkshire
CARMICHAEL of 24Hathaway-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CARMICHAEL of Craigview Kirkfieldbank -- Lanarkshire
CARNDUFF of 6 Dunlop Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
CARRIER of 19 Oronsay-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CARROLL of 171 Main Street Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
CARRUTHERS of 68 Bath Street Glasgow C2 and Olinda 7 Mitchell Drive High Crosshill Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
CARRUTHERS of 68 Bath-street Glasgow C.2 and 3 Ashlea Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CASSELS of 52 Manse Road Newmains -- Lanarkshire
CASSELS of 9 Walter Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CASSELS of 97 Station-road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CASSELS of Wheatlandside -- Lanarkshire
CATER of 8 Glen Grove Murrays East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
CATFORD of Springbank Busby -- Lanarkshire
CHADWICK of 18 Leven-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CHALLENOR of 29 South Crosshill Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
CHALMERS of 25 Branchalmuir Crescent Newmains -- Lanarkshire
CHALMERS of 38 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CHALMERS of 69 Wishaw Road Waterloo Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CHALMERS of Orange-grove 35 Braeside-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
CHAMBERS of 37 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CHAMBERS of Rosehill Cottage 6 Torbothie-road Stave Shotts -- Lanarkshire
CHAMBERS of Wamocks Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
CHAPMAN of 1 McKenna Drive Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
CHAPMAN of 35 Balmeg-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CHAPMAN of 4 Annbank Low Banton Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
CHAPMAN of Peathill Farm Chryston -- Lanarkshire
CHAPMAN of Sunnybank Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
CHARLESWORTH of 5 Brig O Lea Cottages Neilston -- Lanarkshire
CHARTERIS of 5 Cleuch-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CHERRIE of Hartwood Hospital Shotts -- Lanarkshire
CHEYNE of 83 Dryburgh Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CHISHOLM of 7 Regent Street Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
CHRISTIE of Bedlay Castle Chryston -- Lanarkshire
CHRISTIE of Bedlay Castle Chryston -- Lanarkshire
CHRISTIE of Bedlay House Chryston -- Lanarkshire
CHRISTIE of Hillview Twechar -- Lanarkshire
CHRYSTAL of Oakwood 31 Whitehill-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of 2 Orblston Drive Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of 26 Douglas Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of 27 Edmonton Terrace East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of 28 Woodbank-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of 35 Wellview Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of 421 Cambusnethan Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Avon Lodge Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Easter Farm Busley -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Kings Knowe Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Skirsgill 1 Ravenstone-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Stanemuir Carnworth -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Stanemulr Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
CLARK of Wiston 8 Chapelton-avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
CLARKSON of 1 Frazer-street Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
CLARKSON of 114 jerviston Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CLARKSON of Ladygill House Roberton -- Lanarkshire
CLEIFF of The Coppice Broom Road Newton Mearns -- Lanarkshire
CLELAHD of Viewfield 57 Burnbank Road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
CLELAND of 159 Main-street Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
CLELAND of 19 Kirkton Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CLELAND of Rosellnn 17 Heriot Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
CLELANO of Hawthorne Melford Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
CLELLAND of Draffan 3 Douglas Avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
CLEMENTS of 129 Southfield Road Blackwood -- Lanarkshire
CLEMSON of Skellyton Farm Dalserf Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
CLIMIE of Southpark Lowndes-street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
CLOUGHLEY of 112 Merry Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
CLYDESMUIR of Braidwood House Braidwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
COCHRAN of Daldrishaig Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
COCHRAN of Wandel Abington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
COCHRANE of Ashgrove Alexandra Street Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
COCHRANE of c/o Kirkland 43 Orchy-gardens Stamper-land Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
COCHRANE of Woodcroft Symington -- Lanarkshire
COCKBURN of 10 Anchenglen Road Braidwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
COCKBURN of 16 Hamilton-drive Cambus-lang -- Lanarkshire
COCKBURN of 167 Station Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
COCKER of 44 Buchanan Street Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
COCKIN of 371 Windmill Hill-street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
COKE of Arbory Crawford -- Lanarkshire
COKE of Meadowbank Symington -- Lanarkshire
COLD of Clyde-road Douglas -- Lanarkshire
COLE of 44 Bracltenbrae Avenue BIshopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
COLHOUN of 2 St. Fillans Road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
COLLIER of Glenburn-terrace Caldercruix -- Lanarkshire
COLLINS of Kirkwood House Coulter-By-Biggar -- Lanarkshire
COLLINS of Main-street Douglas -- Lanarkshire
COLQUHOUN of 57 Underwood-road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
COLTHART of Erimus Crawford -- Lanarkshire
COLTHART of Mossglen Symington -- Lanarkshire
CONNELLY of 114 Bankhead-road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
CONNOR of 45 Mason Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
COOK of 11 Treespark Avenue Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
COOK of 6 Hamilton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
COOK of 71 Stonelaw-road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
COOK of Drummond Place 87 Busby Road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
COOK of The Hut Crawford -- Lanarkshire
COOL of 34 Lavelle-drive Cliftonville Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
COOPER of 18 Woodlands Drive Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
COPLAND of 27 Lothian-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CORMACK of Edderton 1 Glendoune road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CORRANCE of Moyhall Alexandra Street Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
COSSAR of Miltonlea 9 Miller Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
COSTIGANE of Dunedin 74 East Kilbride Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
COTTON of Beechwood 85 East Kil-bride-road Busby -- Lanarkshire
COUBROUGH of Cransley Douglas -- Lanarkshire
COULL of Ravenswood Biggar -- Lanarkshire
COULTER of 27 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
COUSIN of Ballillsk 3 Victoria Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
COUTTS of 117 Glen Avenue Strutherhill Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
COWAN of 1 Stirling Drive Burnside -- Lanarkshire
COWAN of 75 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
COWAN of Crawford 69 Campsie-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
COWIE of 63 Ashgillhead-road Ashgill -- Lanarkshire
CRAIB of The County Hospital Cleland -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of 167 Paisley Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of 21 Kenmure Crescent Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of 32 Kirton Park East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of 44 Montgomery Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of Ailsa 36 Maxwellton-road-east Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of Cambusnethan Priory Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of Donnachle Biggar -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of Donnachle Biggar -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of Over Dalser Farm Ashgill -- Lanarkshire
CRAIG of Rodgerhill Farm Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
CRANE of West Lodge Drumpellier Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
CRANSTON of Lynton 1 Douglas-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CRAWFORD of 10 Hillcrest Chryston -- Lanarkshire
CRAWFORD of 12 Johnstone-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
CRAWFORD of 3 Howe Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
CRAWFORD of 50 Victoria Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
CRAWFORD of Craig Knowe Biggar -- Lanarkshire
CRAY of 10 Cadoc-street Kirkhill Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
CRAY of 15 IBothwell-road Uddington -- Lanarkshire
CRAY of Beehive Dolphinton -- Lanarkshire
CRAY of Towers Villa Anderson-street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
CREIGHTON of 11 Regent Square Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
CRICHTON of 63 Biggar-road Cleland -- Lanarkshire
CRICHTON of Mansewood Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
CRITCHLEY of Woodend Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
CROMBIE of 3 Barloch-terrace Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
CROMBIE of 6 Viewfield Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
CROMBIE of Stanley Villa 6 Viewfield Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
CROOKS of Beau Vista 3 Whitefield Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
CROSS of Ravenscroft 24 Machan-avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
CROSSEN of Meadow Road Braldwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CRUICKSHANK of 1 Park Court Park Road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CRUICKSHANK of 19 Merrycrest Avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
CUMMING of Sommerville Stepps -- Lanarkshire
CUMNOCK of 66 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
CUNNINGHAM of 35 West Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
CUNNINGHAM of Lynnwood 6 Alice Avenue Motherwell Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
CUNNINGHAM of Mossgill 21 Alexandra-road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
CUNNINGHAM of Sheena 79 Carlisle Road Crawford -- Lanarkshire
CUNNISON of 19 Montrose Gardens Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
CURBISHLEY of Dearnston Biggar -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CURR of Hazelwood Moncrieff Avenue Lenzie Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
CURRAN of Torwood 120 Raploch Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
CURRIE of 127 Camp Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
CURRIE of 37 Beech wood Gardens1 Calder-road Mossend -- Lanarkshire
CURRIE of 40 Avondale Avenue East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
CURRIE of Kenmore 67 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
CUTHBERT of 57 West Thomlle Street WIshaw -- Lanarkshire
CYRANKIEWICZ of Cralgvlew 4 East Main Street Harthill -- Lanarkshire
DADD of 212 Lanark Road Hazelbank -- Lanarkshire
DAILY of 58 Gleneagles Gardens Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
DALE of Dumcrieff House Ashgill Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
DALGLISH of Waygateshaw House Carluke -- Lanarkshire
DALLAS of 54 Shleldhill Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
DALZIEL of 35 Commercial Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
DALZIEL of 47 Atholl-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
DALZIEL of Hayhill Cottage Gartcosh -- Lanarkshire
DALZIEL of Lyndhurst 1 Silverwells Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
DALZIEL of the Collesdene Nursing Home Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
DANIEL of Kingsbeck 6 EUiot-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
DANKS of Mayfield Cottage 185 Carlisle-road Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
DANSKEN of Carmyle House Carmyle -- Lanarkshire
DARROCH of 19 Main Street Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
DAVENPORT of Dene Holm Biggar -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of 12 Dougalston Gardens North Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of 14 Linwood-avenue Overlea Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of 14 Priestfield Street High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of 21 Klttochslde Road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of 33 Douglas Park-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of 74 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of Crosslea Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of Gleniffer Gallowhill Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of Glenkilloch Neilston -- Lanarkshire
DAVIDSON of Oakbank 16 Windmill-road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
DAVIE of Devon bank Stepps -- Lanarkshire
DAVIE of Scottlea 82 Townhead Road Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
DAVISON of 29 Overlee-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
DAWSON of 32 Balmuildy Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
DAWSON of Lenalea 48 Calderwood Road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
DAWSON of Westmont 19 Ledcameroch-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
DEACON of Willowfield Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
DEAS of 17 Lefroy-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
DEAS of 3 Bute-gardens Muirend -- Lanarkshire
DELANEY of 103 Qayne Drive Glenbolg -- Lanarkshire
DEMPSEY of 16 Drumpellier-avenue Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
DEMPSTER of 40 Hamilton Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
DEMPSTER of 50 Elvan Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
DEMPSTER of Southlea Mid Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
DEMPSTER of Thornlea 50 Vere Road Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
DENHOLM of Eagle Lodge Carmichael Biggar -- Lanarkshire
DEWAR of 31 East Kilbride Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
DEWAR of 61 Lockhart Street Sconehouse -- Lanarkshire
DEWAR of 61 Lockhart Street Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
DEWAR of 61 Lockhart-street Stonehousc -- Lanarkshire
DEWAR of Edengrove 26 Stirling Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
DEWAR of Iro Villa Garnkirk Chryston -- Lanarkshire
DEWSON of 13 High Street Lanark -- Lanarkshire
DICK of 49 Russell Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Collingwood 16 Victoria Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Dunard 21 Whitehill-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Dunard Braidwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Skellyton Farm Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
DICK of The Peel Busby -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Thistlefield 472 Carlisle Road Lesmahagaw -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Two Oaks Station-road Killearn -- Lanarkshire
DICK of Woodburn 15 Eaglesham-road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
DICKINS of 11 Lembert Drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
DICKSON of Backlawara Hawthorn Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
DICKSON of Inverlecken Greenfaulds Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
DIXON of 6 Brackenbrae Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
DIXON of Esperance 16 Hamilton-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
DODS of Culter Craigs Culter -- Lanarkshire
DOLLAR of Nyora 37 Lenzie Road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
DONALD of 22 Macfarlane-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
DONALD of 6 Thomson Street Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
DONALD of Hardington Mains 673 Coatbridge Road Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
DONALD of Kirkwood Farm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
DONALDSON of 108 Main Street Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
DONALDSON of 14 St. Vincent-place Glasgow and of Ballindalloch Balfron -- Lanarkshire
DONALDSON of 83 Kyle Park-drive Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
DONALDSON of Auchineden Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
DONNELLY of Redholme 71 Strathblane Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
DONNLEY of 3 Cliftoh-road Orchard Park Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
DOUGLAS of 13 Park Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
DOUGLAS of 22 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
DOUGLAS of 3 Lochview Terrace Gartcosh -- Lanarkshire
DOUGLAS of 30 North Lodge Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
DOVE of 118 Strathblane Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
DOVE of 118 Strathblane Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
DOVE of 33 Mansfield Avenue Caitibushlang -- Lanarkshire
DOVE of 65 Southpark-avenue Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
DOW of Moidart 26 West-avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
DOW of Warwick Croft Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
DOW of West United Free Church Manse Busby -- Lanarkshire
DOWERS of 4 Langbank Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
DOWNIE of Castleview Cottage Hospital Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
DRACUP of Hollinwood Drumchapel -- Lanarkshire
DRAKE of Murleston Coronation Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
DRUMMOND of 15 Burnside Road High Burnside -- Lanarkshire
DRUMMOND of Moreng 33 Mearns Road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
DRUMMOND of Moreng 33 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DRUMMOND of Townfoot Roberton -- Lanarkshire
DUDDY of 34 Holmswood Avenue Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
DUFF of 125 Alexander-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
DUFF of Ardinhor 12 Gardenside-avenue Uddings-ton -- Lanarkshire
DUFF of Ardmhor Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
DUFF of Sarona 5 South Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
DUNBAR of 38 Old Mugdock Road Strathblane -- Lanarkshire
DUNBAR of Deanston Biggar -- Lanarkshire
DUNCAN of 13 Nellsland Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
DUNCAN of 18 Denholm-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
DUNCAN of 2 Angus Avenue Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
DUNCAN of care of McGregor Allanfauld Farm Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
DUNCAN of Treespark Paisley Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of 29 Lochlibo-road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of 7 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of Broomhill 65 Rhindmuir Road Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of Green-hills East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of Huntfield Biggar -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of Merlewood 4 Holmwood Avenue Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
DUNLOP of Norwood South Back Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
DUNN of 10 Victoria Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
DUNN of 6 May-terrace Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
DUNN of 605 parkhouse Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
DUNN of The Linn Woodhead Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
DUNSMUIR of 55 Ewing-street Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
DUNSMUIR of Inveruglas 206 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
DUROSS of Carrachan Whitehall-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
EADIE of 48 Crosshill Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
EADIE of 87 Union Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
EAGLESHAM of Cleland Hospital Cleland -- Lanarkshire
EAOIE of Eaisdale 34 Lenzie-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
EASTON of Rosemount Four Chapelton-avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
EATON of 138 Brownside-road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
EDE of 27 Marchmont Gardens Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
EDGAR of 10 Braefoot Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
EDMONDSTONE of 9 Brooklea-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
EDMONSTONE of Duntreath Castle Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
EDWARD of 8 Carolside Gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
EDWARDS of Gartacharn Cottage Balfron Station -- Lanarkshire
ELDER of Spittal House Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
ELDER of Springfield Nursing Home 11 Burnside Road High Burnside -- Lanarkshire
ELGEE of Dunreath Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ELRICK of 17 Burnfield-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
EMOND of care of McLaren 710 Clarkston-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
ERSKINE of 99 Blairbeth Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
EVANS of 61 King Street Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
EVANS of Kirklands Mental Hospital Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
EVERSHED of 30 Monteith-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
EWING of Glencairn Eventide Home Lower Bourtree Drive Burnside -- Lanarkshire
FAILL of 9 Heathfield Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
FAIRGRIEVE of 88 Stewarton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
FAIRSERVICE of 21 Mossneuk Park Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FALLOON of 26 Somerville Street Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
FARIE of Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
FARIE of Farme -- Lanarkshire
FEARON of 19 Bentfoot Road Overtown Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FELL of Inveroran Station-road Busby -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of 1 Station Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of 15 Newton Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of 184 High Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of 2 Messneuk Drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of 20 Lochiel-road Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of 3 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of Caimhill Busby -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of Davis Park Cleland -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of Fernishaw Cleland -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of Oratava Station-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
FERGUSON of The Strathaven Nursing Home Collisdene Glasgow Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
FERRIER of 83 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Lanarkshire
FERRIER of White Yetts Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
FIELDER of 36 Hillend-road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
FILSHILL of Broomhill Home Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
FINDLATER of 175 Hamilton-road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
FINDLAY of Busby House Busby -- Lanarkshire
FINDLAY of Craigievar Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
FINDLAY of Dunar 8 Clydesdale Road Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
FINGLAND of Crossways Windlaw-road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
FINLAY of Ardunan Hotel Strathblane -- Lanarkshire
FINLAYSON of Ashgrove Thorntonhall by Busby -- Lanarkshire
FIRTH of 21 Rockburn Crescent North-road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
FIRTH of 25 Claremount-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
FISHER of 115a North Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
FISHER of 31 Sycamore Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
FISHER of 9 Barrland Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
FISHER of Warburton 18 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
FLANNERY of Lament House Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of 26 Glasgow Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of 30 Penfold Crescent Westwood East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of 72 Glasgow Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of 81 High-street Neilston -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Auldton Farm Ashgill -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Avon Mill Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Drumelzier Thanberton by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Elholm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Glenqua -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Glenqua -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Helens lea Kilsyth Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Meadowflatt Thankerton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of The Gables Bellevue Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of The Rowantrees 5 Mid Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FLEMING of The Rowantrees Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Tweedshaws Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FLEMING of Tyresson Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
FLETCHER of 37 Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
FLETCHER of Ravenscroft Machan-avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
FLETCHER of Ravenslea 5 Otterburn-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
FLITCROFT of Elibank Crawford -- Lanarkshire
FOGGO of 13 Wardlaw Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
FORBES of 33 Mossneuk Park Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FORBES of 44 Main-street and of Ivybank Tannoch-drive both in Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
FORBES of 69 Westwood Road Newmains -- Lanarkshire
FORBES of 9 St. Fillan Road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
FORDYCE of Clydeview Crawford -- Lanarkshire
FORGIE of 25 Sheepburn-road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of 17 Harestone Crescent Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of 17 Lanark Road Crossford Carluke -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Ardmay Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Arna Bog 142 North-road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Braehead Carluke -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Greenvale 61 Southfield-road Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Hope Cottage 40 Main-street Braehead Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of St. Margarets Marguerite-avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Thomhome Carluke -- Lanarkshire
FORREST of Windyridge Braidwood -- Lanarkshire
FORRESTER of 71 Main Street Salsburgh by Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
FORRESTER of Ashgrove 7 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
FORRESTER of Craigellachie 7 Main-street Holytown -- Lanarkshire
FORRESTER of The United Free Church Manse Broughton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FORSTER of 274 Tarbrax West Calder -- Lanarkshire
FORSYTH of 4 Mossneuk Crescent and.15 Main Street o both In Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FORSYTH of 48 Blairbeth-road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
FOSTER of 72 Buchanan Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
FOTHERINGHAM of Bellevue 18 Windlaw Road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
FOX of 50 Melville Gardens Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
FOX of St. Catherines House Swinton Road | Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of 01 Westcoats Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of 14 Main-street Douglas -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of 177 Stonelaw-road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Culham 29 Dunlop Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Dramblue Northcrofts Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Home Farm Corehouse -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Mount Stuart Roadside Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Roberton Colliertree Road Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Rowantree Cottage Main Street Chapelton -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Stodartdale Broughton Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of Strathview Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
FRAME of West Yett Farm Forth -- Lanarkshire
FRANCES of Quarry Knowe 91 Dryburgh Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
FRASER of 20 West Chapeton-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
FRASER of 6 Kinnellan-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
FRASER of 8 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
FRASER of Strathnairn Thortonhall -- Lanarkshire
FRASER of The Neuk 29 Crosahill Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
FREE6AIRN of 3 Brandon Court Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
FREEBAIRN of 10 Morar-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
FREELAND of Craigview Lusset Road Old Kilpatrick -- Lanarkshire
FREER of 32 Carstairs Road Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
FRENCH of The Fioll Biggar -- Lanarkshire
FREW of 1 Hope-road Blackwood -- Lanarkshire
FREW of 32 Crosshill Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
FREW of The Strathaven Nursing Home Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
FREW of Viewbank Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
FRYER of 118 Glasgow Road Garrowhill Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
FULTON of 8 Deveron-street Townhead Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
FULTON of Townhead Farm Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
GAITTENS of 24 Parkhead Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GALBRAITH of 82 Greenlees Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
GALBRAITH of Braefoot Balfron -- Lanarkshire
GALL of 37 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
GALL of Greenhill Biggar -- Lanarkshire
GALL of Nith Cottage Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
GALLAGHER of 5 Kirkton Park East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
GALLOCHER of 88 Paisley Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
GALLOWAY of 32 Dalmeny Drive Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
GALLOWAY of 83 Small Crescent Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
GARD of 113 Watling-street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GARDNER of 98 Graham Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
GARDNER of Easterton Farm Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GARDNER of Kildoon Fifth-avenue Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
GARRIOCK of Arden Neilston -- Lanarkshire
GARTSHORE of Salford Place Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GARVIE of Ozanam 9 Main Street Holytown -- Lanarkshire
GASS of Olrig Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GAVIN of 41 Tragualr Avenue Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
GEGG of 76 Ravenscliffe Drive Orchard Park GIffnock -- Lanarkshire
GEGG of Strathview Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
GEMMELL of 20 Beech Avenue Garrowhill North Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
GEMMELL of 20 Beech Avenue Qarrowhill North Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
GEMMELL of 4 Charles Street Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
GEMMELL of Crofthouse Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
GEMMELL of Highfield 22 Huntley-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
GEORGE of 15 Weir-avenue Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
GEORGE of 238 The Terrace Tarbrax Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
GEORGE of 6 Hillside Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
GIBB of 126 Windmill Hill Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GIBB of 36 Kirkton Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GIBB of 64 Hamilton Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GIBB of Brantwood Coronation Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
GIBBON of 30 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GIBSON of 16 Bute-gardens Muirend -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of 27 Ailsa-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of 6 Bothwell Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Broomside 39 Lanark-road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Collisdene Nursing Home Glasgow Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Coniston 71 Motherwell Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Mossgiel Symington -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Santa Cruz 58 Burnbank Road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of The Dean 68 Biggar Road Symington -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Westside Cottage Symington -- Lanarkshire
GIBSON of Westside Cottage Symington -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of 14 Woodlands-terrace Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of 15 Kirkton Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of 2 Market Place Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of Ardoch Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of East View 14 Kirkton-avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of Kerse Lesma-hagow -- Lanarkshire
GILCHRIST of Southdene 5 Murray-terrace Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
GILFILLAH of 52 Belmont Street Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
GILL of 22 Kirkton Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of 1 Bellshill-road Uddington -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of 13 Townhead Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of 14 Kersland Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of 14 Park Road Deeping St. James Peterborough and of 47 Hawthorne Drive Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of 4 Smith-quadrant Cliftonville Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of 8 Prospect Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of Collisdene Nursing Home Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
GILLESPIE of Fauldhead Neilston -- Lanarkshire
GILLON of 119 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GILLON of Vendome Carlisle-road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
GILMOUR of 26 Cunningham Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GILMOUR of Ardencraig Cottage 90 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
GILMOUR of Severn House Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
GILMOUR of West Neuk Ralston-street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
GILROY of Kingledores Broughton-by-Biggar -- Lanarkshire
GLADSTONE of Duncryne Biggar -- Lanarkshire
GLORAT of Glorat House Milton of Campsie -- Lanarkshire
GODDARD of Clarlnch Buchanan Street Balfron -- Lanarkshire
GOLD of Southpark Hotel Biggar -- Lanarkshire
GOLDIE of 29 Craigdhu Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
GOLDIE of Crossburn Douglas -- Lanarkshire
GOOD of 10 Allanton Road Bonkle Newmains -- Lanarkshire
GORDON of 12 Second-avenue Cannies-burn Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
GORDON of 16 Linn-drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
GORDON of Dumbet Balfron -- Lanarkshire
GORDON of Hardington Mains Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
GORE of Silverwells-cottage 25 Hamilton-road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
GORMAN of 15 Melrose Terrace East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
GORRIE of Sunnyside Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
GORSE of 90 High Street Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
GOURLAY of 15 Beaufort Drive Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GRACIE of 80 Chapel Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of 1 Peveril-avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of 14 Avon-street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of 14 George-street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of 32 Scotia Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of 93g Waverley-terrace Burnbank-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of Calgary Beaufort Drive Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of Laigh Kittochside by Busby -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of Ross-keen 2 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
GRAHAM of The Croft Stanley-road Hoylake Cheshire and Dunclutha Elvanfoot near Abington -- Lanarkshire
GRANT of 29 Farmeloan Road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
GRANT of 36 Earnock Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GRANT of 6 Dunbeth Avenue Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
GRANT of 6 Dunbeth Avenue Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
GRANT of 65 Union Street Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GRANT of Kersewell Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 10 Woodhead Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 15 Ailsa-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 2 Cartside-drive Busby -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 2 Springhead Road Allanton Shotts -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 233 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 24 Earnock Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 3 Canthill Gardens Hartwood Shotts -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 347 Glasgow Road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 4 Hareside Forth -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 66 Stamperland-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 70 Main Street Forth -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of 91 Manse Road Netherton Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of Hillington Huntley-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
GRAY of The Cottage Airdrie House Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
GREENHORN of 23 Ashlea-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
GREENSHIELDS of West Toun Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
GREER of 7 Guthrie Place East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
GREER of 97 Clyde Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GREIG of 6 Laughland Drive Newarthill -- Lanarkshire
GREIG of Coltness Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
GREIG of Ravenswood Dunlop Street Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
GRIER of Sunart Neilston-road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
GRIERSON of Townhead Letham-road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
GRIERSON of Wyndales Symington -- Lanarkshire
GRIERSON of Wyndales Symington -- Lanarkshire
GRIEVE of 86 Main Street Forth -- Lanarkshire
GRIEVE of Lawers Broughton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
GROMITT of Hartwood Hospital Shotts -- Lanarkshire
GROSSART of 4 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
GROSSART of Fossil Villa Salsbrugh -- Lanarkshire
GROVES of 12 Silverwells Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
GUNN of 9 woodhead Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
GUNN of Mossbank Biggar -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GUTHRIE of 8 Westcoats Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
HADDEN of 43 Drumsargard Road Burnside -- Lanarkshire
HADDOW of 94 Windmill Hill Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HAIRE of Auchtykernal Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
HALDANE of Whiteshaw House Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
HALL of Fir Knowe 8 West-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
HALLY of Craighead Whistleberry-road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
HAMER of 24 Motherwell Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 1 Orchard Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 11 Charles Street Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 116 Main-street Holytown -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 116 Main-street Holytown -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 25 Register Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 35 Church-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 37 Sunnyside Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 4 Caledon-street Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 60 Bowling Green Street Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 66 Chalmers Crescent East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 7 Gowanlea-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of 7 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Annbank 194 Carlisle-road Blackwood Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Auldtoun Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Auldtoun Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Azile Station-road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Beveridge 83 Antonlne Road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Broomrigg 14 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Calder Mill Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Cobblestones 26 Polnoon Street Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Crag Tower Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Crossburn House Douglas -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Dunlea Forrest Street Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of East Belmont Overtown Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Eastend Thanker-ton -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Eastend Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Easterseat Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Elmwood 17 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Glenbrook Neilston -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Hazeldine Campsie Dene Road Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Invercraig 4 Broompark Drive Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Kepplehili Farm Shotts -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Lamington Mains Lamington -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Ldchanbank 291 Carlisle Road Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Meadowbank Symington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Ravenswood 20 Machan-road Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Ravenswood 20 Machan-road Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Ravenswood 20 Machan-road Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Station House Wilsontown -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of The Rigs 12 West Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Tor Mhor 93 Manse Road Netherton Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HAMILTON of Whelpill Crawford -- Lanarkshire
HAMPSON of 10 Crowwood Drive Craigneuk Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
HANKINS of Bosfield House East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
HARCUS of Old Place House Hunthill Road High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
HARDIE of 96 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Lanarkshire
HARDIE of Garrionbank Dalserf -- Lanarkshire
HARKIN of Priory House Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
HARKNESS of Hartfell Lenzie Road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
HARPER of 58 Machan Road Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HARPER of Marnoch 24 Norwood Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HARRISON of Kilrnardinny House Kilmardinny Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HARRISON of Risings 15 Endrick-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HART of Morven 14 Anniesdale Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
HARVIE of 68 The Oval Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
HARVIE of Arden Cottage 12 Garfield Avenue Mossend -- Lanarkshire
HARVIE of Burnside Mossend -- Lanarkshire
HARVIE of Lyoncross Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
HASTINGS of Dalmeny Crawford Biggar -- Lanarkshire
HAUXWELL of Stevenson Park 26 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HAWTHORN of 23 Queen s-crescent New Stevenston -- Lanarkshire
HAWTHORN of 30 Clapperhowe Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HAY of 16 Denholm-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HAY of 2 Ralston Street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
HAY of 7 Stirling Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
HAY of Maryville Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
HAYBURN of View House Kingsonsknowe -- Lanarkshire
HAYDOCK of 58 Stewarton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
HAYDOCK of 58 Stewarton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
HAYDOCK of 58 Stewarton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
HEDDLE of 26 Springfield Road Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
HEGGISON of 108 Auchinraith-road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of 4 Morar Crescent Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of 44 Neilsland Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Blalrbum Bellevue Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Brooksby Busby -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Comsilloch Dalserf -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Consilloch Ashgill-by-Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Corrlsilloch Dalserf Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Howdenlea 67 Whitehill-crescent -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Kinchrackine Dramclog-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of Luggiebank House Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
HENDERSON of The Beeches Dalley by Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HENDRIE of 17 Limeside Avenue Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
HENDRY of 109 Dunbeth-road Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
HENRY of 1 Main Street Glenholg -- Lanarkshire
HENRY of 107 Townhead Glen Luggie Place Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
HENRY of 45 Main-street Glenboig -- Lanarkshire
HENRY of Ashwell Park Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
HENRY of Corrleview Balfron -- Lanarkshire
HENSHILWOOD of 12 Hamilton-street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HENSHILWOOD of Hamilton-street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HEPBURN of 136 Hawthorn Drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HEPBURN of Yleldshlelds Farm Yleldshlelds Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HERBERT of 25 Faskally Avenue Bishopbrlggs -- Lanarkshire
HERBERT of Ciarebert Springhill-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
HERD of 7 Vivian Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
HERON of 25 Brownlee Rows Law by Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HETHERINGTON of 1 Hathaway-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HETHERINGTON of 9 Craigmlllan Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
HIGGINBOTHAM of Napier Lodge Strathblane -- Lanarkshire
HILES of 28 Morris-crescent Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
HILL of 111 Dukes Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
HILL of 39 Dellburn Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HILL of Cralgmont 28 Lefroy Street Blalrhill Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
HILL of Maxholme 14 Roman-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HINDS of Lytham Shotts -- Lanarkshire
HINSHALWOOD of Thisbe Newmains -- Lanarkshire
HINSHELWOOD of Dunmore 20 Coronation Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HISLOP of 383 Main Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HISLOP of Auchengree Orchard-street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HISLOP of Briar Cottage Biggar -- Lanarkshire
HISLOP of Lyndhurst Belhaven-terrace Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HISLOP of Ravenshall 27 Lanark Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HOCHFIELD of 9 Elliot-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HODGE of 7 Summerhill-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
HODGINS of Glenmoray 77 Hamilton-road Mount Vernon -- Lanarkshire
HOGARTH of Meadowbank Lovoades Street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 11 Glebe View-terrace Douglas -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 119 Milngavie-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 1687 Dumbarton-road Scotstoun Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 4 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 4 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 490 Clarkston-road otherwise 14 Ormonde-park Muirend -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of 8 Glenville-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of Glenard Glen Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HOGG of paldrishaig Thornton Hall -- Lanarkshire
HOLDSWORTH of 7 Belmont Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
HOLMES of Northbank House 65 Kelvinside-gardens Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
HOOKS of Westbank Crosshill-avenue Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
HOPE of Nisbet Cottage Coulter BIggar -- Lanarkshire
HOPKIN of 10 Norfolk Crescent Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
HORN of 2 Broomside Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HORNBY of 91 Vardar-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
HORNE of Calmeview Glasgow Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
HORNE of Calmview Glasgow Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
HORNE of Limefield 35 Shand Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HORSBURGH of 8 Mid Road BIggar -- Lanarkshire
HOTSON of Riverdale Elvanfoot -- Lanarkshire
HOULDSWORTH of Castlebank -- Lanarkshire
HOUSTON of 34 Victoria Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
HOUSTON of Anderson Verreville Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
HOWAT of 228 Hamilton Road Mount Vernon -- Lanarkshire
HOWAT of Raveloe 63 New Edinburgh-road Uddingstton -- Lanarkshire
HOWATSON of Birkwood Mains Farm Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
HOWDEN of 31 Lain-road Courthill Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HOWE of 24 Carisbrook Crescent Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
HOWELL of 23 Oiurdh Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
HOWIESON of 48 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
HOWIESON of 67 Glasgow-road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
HOWIESON of Wiston Mains Laming-ton -- Lanarkshire
HOWSON of La Marne 12 High Street Newarthill -- Lanarkshire
HUGHES of 20e Nellson Street Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
HUME of Strand Cottage Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of 20 Eastwood Avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of 29 Kenilworth Avenue Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of 43 Stewart-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of Drumloch 26 burns-street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of Hillcrest Roberton Abington -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of Hunterfield Glassford -- Lanarkshire
HUNTER of The Grove 34 Buchanan-drive Rutherglcn Lanarkshire
HUTCHESON of 75 Ayr-road Douglas -- Lanarkshire
HUTCHISON of 6 Leighton-street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HUTCHISON of 9 Douglas Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
HUTCHISON of Airedale 14 Douglas-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
HUTCHISON of Blairs Orchard Overtown Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
HUTCHISON of The Buchanan Retreat Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
HUTCHISON of Watchknowe Crossford Carluke -- Lanarkshire
HUTTON of Crutherland East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
HYLAND of 5 Coniston Drive Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
IMHOFF of Tinto Hotel Symington -- Lanarkshire
IMRIE of Ardenlea Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
INGLIS of 4 Bulloch-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
INGLIS of Davaar Biggar -- Lanarkshire
INGLIS of Inglis 85 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
INGRAM of 12 Beechlands-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
INGRAM of 31 Kennedy Street WIshaw -- Lanarkshire
INNES of 13 The Croft Inrkhall -- Lanarkshire
INNES of 5 Church Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
INNES of Ochilbank Braidwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
IRELAND of Allandale Elvanfoot Crawford -- Lanarkshire
IRELAND of Birkdale Nursery Carluke -- Lanarkshire
IRVINE of Winholm Roberton -- Lanarkshire
IRVING of 63 Commercial Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
IRVING of Irving Oakdene 4 Coronation Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
JACK of 366 Ladywell-road and of 139/141 Brandon-street both in Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
JACK of Brownhill Cottage Hartlll -- Lanarkshire
JACK of Strath View Thankerton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
JACKSON of 132 Howletnest Road Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
JACKSON of Ardenlea Newmains -- Lanarkshire
JACKSON of Broomlands Symington -- Lanarkshire
JACKSON of Hartree Mill Broughton by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JACKSON of Kinellan 7 Summerhill-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
JACKSON of Lea Brae 8 Belmont Avenue Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
JACKSON of Windygates Cottage Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
JAMES of 6 Richmond-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
JAMES of Rosebank Orbiston Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
JAMESON of Angle Park 53 Biggar-road Symington -- Lanarkshire
JAMIESON of 11 Springfield Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
JAMIESON of 166 Quarry Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
JAMIESON of 37 Main-street Glenboig -- Lanarkshire
JAMIESON of Tullycross Drymen -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of 18 Cherryhill View Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of 534 Main Street WIshaw -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of Annery Camp Road Symington -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of Annery Camp Road Symington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of care of Brown 4 Bute-gardens Muirend -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of Glencairn Causeway End Biggar -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of Hillview Braidwood -- Lanarkshire
JARDINE of Wiston Manse Lamington -- Lanarkshire
JARVIE of 62 Cumbernauld Road Moillnsburn by Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
JARVIE of Burncroft Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
JARVIE of Mollinsburn -- Lanarkshire
JARVIE of Woodside Cottage High Barrwood Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
JEFFREY of 6 North-avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
JEFFREY of Edzell Greenwood Street Shotts -- Lanarkshire
JEFFREY of Moorbank 62 Belstane-road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of 260 Main-street Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of 38 Blairbeth Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of 44 Sheriff Flatts Road Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of 69 North Lodge-avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of 7 Kendal-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of 79 Main Street Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of Caldedon Lynn Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of Drlmard Eastergreens Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of Hill Farm Ashgill Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of Merlo 7 Lower Bourtree-drive Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTON of The Old Parsonage Lamington-by-Biggar -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTONE of 1 Hozier Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTONE of 29 Dumgoyne-drive Mosshead-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTONE of 34 Finlaystone-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTONE of Greenholm Carmunnock-road Busby -- Lanarkshire
JOHNSTONE of Mooredge Be Is tone Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
JOLLY of 1 Emily Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
JOLLY of 146 West Princes Street Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
JONES of 11 Jedburgh Gardens Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
JONES of 289 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
JONES of 61 McAllister-avenue Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
JONES of Braeside 51 Lenzie-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
JONES of Drysdale Arrochoyle Balmaha -- Lanarkshire
JONES of Glencairn Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
JOPE of Ardenlea 123 Kylepark Drive Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
JORSS of Lymekilns East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
JOYCE of 6 Barnflat Street Eastfield Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
KANE of 45 Baillies Causeway Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
KAY of 32 Polnoon-street Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
KAY of 57 Main-street Camwath -- Lanarkshire
KEACHIE of Sorbie Kessington-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
KEENAN of 33 Shand Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
KELLY of 2 Woodneuk Road Gartcosh -- Lanarkshire
KELLY of Duchal 3 St. Clair-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
KELMAN of 51 Telford Road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
KEMP of 36 Earnock Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
KEMP of 7 Magnolla Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
KEMP of Hallhill Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
KEMP of King Street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of 13 Station Road Netherburn -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of 146 Main-street Harthill -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of 22 Kersland Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of 3 Barrland-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of 4 Keystone Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of 4 Symington Square East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
KENNEDY of Alipore 9 Seyton-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
KERR of 2 Mansionhouse-drive Carmyle -- Lanarkshire
KERR of 24 Parklee Drive Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
KERR of 37 Maysmyth Bank Murray East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
KERR of 42 Livingstone Drive East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Arbory Crawford -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Avonbank Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Millbum 8 Crosshill-drive Ruther-glen -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Nansloe Abington -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Nansloe Abington -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Stodartdale Biggar -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Sunnybrae Main Street Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
KERR of Viewpark BIggar -- Lanarkshire
KETTLE of Devonbank Stepps -- Lanarkshire
KING of 4 Holmlea Holmfield Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
KING of The Thom 173 Station Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
KINNEAR of 113 Carlisle Road Crawford -- Lanarkshire
KINNIBURGH of 13 Hayston Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
KINNIS of Nisbet Cottage Hareshaw Cleland -- Lanarkshire
KIRK of 19 Penrith-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
KIRKALDY of 10 Dougalston Gardens South Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
KIRKBY of Littlegill Farm Abington -- Lanarkshire
KIRKLAND of 1 Mansefield Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
KIRKLAND of Dunlea 32 Alexandra Avenue. Stepps -- Lanarkshire
KIRKPATRICK of Westonlea 171 Bank Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
KIRKWOOD of 28 Barrland-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
KIRKWOOD of 35 Stirling-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
KIRKWOOD of 59 Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
KIRKWOOD of Bearsden right honourable David of Karleen Roman-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
KIRKWOOD of Glyndusk Caplethill-road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KITTERMASTER of Penvalla Broughton by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
KLINEBERG of 32 Braidholm-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
KNOX of 13 Calmlea Crescent Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
KNOX of care of Trainer Byre town Kirkfieldbank -- Lanarkshire
KNOX of Easter Farm Busby -- Lanarkshire
KNOX of Gartmore 36 Dry burgh-avenue Ruther- glen -- Lanarkshire
KNOX of Westbourne Belmont-avenue Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
LACEY of 6 Dukes Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
LACOCK of 16 Lancaster Terrace Auchenheath -- Lanarkshire
LACY of 20 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LAIDLAW of 139 Main Street Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
LAIDLAW of 79 Mavis Valley Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
LAING of 210 Dyfrig Street Dykehead Shotts -- Lanarkshire
LAIRD of 18 Beech Avenue Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
LAMB of 41 deneayles Gardens Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
LAMB of 67 Eaglesham-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LAMBERTON of Wannooks Thornton Thorn-tonhall -- Lanarkshire
LAMBIE of 16 Airedale-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
LAMBIE of 52 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
LAMINGTON of Symington -- Lanarkshire
LAMONO of Duncombe 21 Stirling-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LAMONT of 52 Robertson Street Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
LANDELLS of Kirkstyle Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LANDSBURGH of 62 Brewlands Crescent Symington -- Lanarkshire
LANG of 125 Main Street Symington -- Lanarkshire
LANG of 31 Hope-road Kirkmuirhall -- Lanarkshire
LANG of Achnacarry Cleland -- Lanarkshire
LANG of Crestvllle 46 Hillcrest Drive Newton Mearns -- Lanarkshire
LANG of The SchoolhouseHarthill -- Lanarkshire
LANGAN of 1 Hillfoot-avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LANGHAM of 34 Fallsfide-avenue Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
LAPWORTH of 7 Brouster Hill East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
LAUDER of 12 Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
LAUDER of Trewern Broughton Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LAUGHLAND of 11 High-street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
LAW of 6 Alston Street Glassford -- Lanarkshire
LAW of Fairleigh Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
LAWRIE of Hillside House 18 Old Mill Road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
LAWRIE of Tweedieside Farm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
LAWSON of 14 Beechwood-crescent Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
LAWSON of 2 Beechwood Crescent Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
LAWSON of 34 Bothwell Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
LEAN of Netherton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LECKIE of 131 High Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LECKIE of 18 Dorian-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LEDINGHAM of Camlet 14 Stamperland-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LEE of 5 Brae foot Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
LEE of Rossland Addison-avenue Douglas -- Lanarkshire
LEES of 5 Manse-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LEES of Coul 33 Overlee-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LEGGATE of 11 Wellbrae Chapelton Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
LEIGHTON of Brackenbrae Newton Hallside -- Lanarkshire
LEIPER of Cloverhill Cottage Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
LEIPER of Drumassie Crossford -- Lanarkshire
LEIPER of Newark Glassford -- Lanarkshire
LEISHMAN of 39 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LENNIE of 29 Douglas Park-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LENNOX of Craig-en-Goyne Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
LENNOX of Oartferry Mains Chryston -- Lanarkshire
LENNOX of The Bield Lindsaybeg-road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
LEONARD of 115 Station Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
LEVACK of Bellevue Bushby -- Lanarkshire
LEWIS of 1 Glenpark-avenue Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
LEWIS of Arbory Crawford -- Lanarkshire
LEWIS of Arbory Crawford -- Lanarkshire
LIDDELL of 2 New Kirk-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LILLY of 43 Ormonde Drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of 120 Station Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of 120 Station Road Shotts -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of 3 Glenview Hamilton Road Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of 3 Parkhill-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of care of Macfarlane 67 Busby-rOad Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of Carmacoup Olespln -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of Glencalm 19 Glasgow Road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of Lochanbank Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of Old Manse Roberton -- Lanarkshire
LINDSAY of The Mount 3 West Chapelton-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LINKS of 8 Rowallan-road Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
LINTON of 118 High Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LITTLE of 3 Hilrd Avenue Auchinloch -- Lanarkshire
LITTLE of Callandale Gallowhill Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
LITTLE of Crossbasket High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
LITTLE of Mossview Newmains -- Lanarkshire
LITTLE of West Flakefield Chapelton -- Lanarkshire
LIVINGSTONE of Redcliffe 8 Viewfield-drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
LLOYD of 110 Brownside Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
LOCKHART of 30 Eastwood-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
LOCKHART of Culfalrd Eastergreens Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
LOCKHART of Milton Lockhart Carluke -- Lanarkshire
LOGAN of East Shield Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
LOGAN of Ennerdale Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LOGAN of Ennerdale Ten Coultar Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
LOGIE of 34 St. Brides Avenue Viewpark | Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
LOHOAR of Holmhills Farm Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
LOHOAR of Lochlyoch Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
LOHOAR of Lochlyoch Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
LONGMUIR of 20 Machan Avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
LORIMER of 33 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
LOTHIAN of 121 Henderland-road Westerton Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
LOTHIAN of 23 Croftbank Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LOUDFOOT of 33 Dorian-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
LOUDON of 10 Jerviston Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
LOUDON of Bothwell Park House Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
LOVE of 12 Brownside Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
LOVE of Brae Farm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
LOW of 12 The Crescent Lesmahagaw -- Lanarkshire
LOW of 34 Whitehill Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
LOWTHER of Toll House Wanlockhead -- Lanarkshire
LUMSDEN of Kynerine Gartness-road Killearn -- Lanarkshire
LUNDIE of Balfron 224 Mill-street Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
LYON of Elderslie Cottage Boghead Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
LYONS of 30 Briarlea-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACADAM of 7 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACARTHUR of 36 Burnbank Road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
MACARTHUR of Islay Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
MACARTHUR of Nunnerie Elvanfoot -- Lanarkshire
MacARTHUR of Nunnerie Elvanfoot -- Lanarkshire
MACARTHUR of Roadmeetings House Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MACARTHUR of Tyndrum 4 Westbourne-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MACAULAY of 5 [WoodVale-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACBETH of 10 Garfield Drive Mossend -- Lanarkshire
MACCALLUM of 28 Crosslees-drive Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
MACCORMICK of 30 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACDERMID of 30 Deans Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of 17 Linwood-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Benview Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Hazllebank Farm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Holmneath 1 Caledonian Avenue Crawford -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Kirktonville 43 Reid-street Burnbank -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Lea Rig 36 East Hamilton Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Torr Mor Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MACDONALD of Viewfield Glenboig -- Lanarkshire
MACFADYEN of Woodllee Hospital Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
MACFARLANE of Strathview Killearn -- Lanarkshire
MACFEAT of Boglieside Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MACFEAT of Bonahaven Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACGEACHY of 1 Lochmill Milton of Campsie -- Lanarkshire
MACGIE of Oamgocer 22 Hill Road Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
MACGREGOR of 1 Wardrop Place East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
MACGREGOR of Blawlowan Mid Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MACINNES of 20 North Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
MACINTOSH of Moodiesburn House Chryston -- Lanarkshire
MACINTYRE of Glenvale 01 Hamilton Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
MACK of 97 Woodlands Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of 169 Waterside Road Carmunnocfc -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of 2 South Road Busty -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of 60 Meryton-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of 66 Monkland View Crescent Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of Baronald -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of Milton Lockhart Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of Mount-pleasant Crawford -- Lanarkshire
MACKAY of St. Ninians 9 Station Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of 24 Ferguston-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of 25 Anniesdale-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of Actiray 3 Station Road Bardowie by Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of Bennan Mhor Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of Burnside House Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of Glenisla 83 Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
MACKENZIE of Whitelees Symington -- Lanarkshire
MACKIE of 10 Norbreck-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACKIE of 29 Rannock Drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MACKIE of 55 Stamperland-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACKIE of 86 Dryburgh-avenue Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MACKIE of Craftlands Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MACKIE of Croftlands Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MACKINTOSH of Havelock 2 Douglas-street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MACLACHLAN of 99 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACLEAN of 143 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACLEAN of Branzlet Cottages Balmore Torrance -- Lanarkshire
MACLEAN of Strathaven Nursing Home Collisdene Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MACLELLAN of Netherton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MACLEOD of Lintzford Kirkhouse Crescent Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
MACMASTER of 5 Linn-d!rive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
MACNAB of 121 Hillview-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACNAB of Stamperland Gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MACNAIR of 32 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACNAIR of 32 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACNAIR of Winholm Roberton -- Lanarkshire
MACNEILL of 4 Mljjigavle Road Strathblane -- Lanarkshire
MACNEILL of Dimlra 16 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MACPHAIL of 19 Kenmure-gardens Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
MACPHERSON of 238 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MACQUEEN of 10 Henderland-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MACQUEEN of 9 Kersland Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MACROBIE of 49 Kirksyde-avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MADIGAN of 4 South Deanpark Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MADILL of 39 Mosshead-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MAIN of 26 Oakley-drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
MAIN of Hartwood Hospital Shotts -- Lanarkshire
MAIN of Stewarton Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MAIN of The Grange Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MAITLAND of Annandale 11a Kirkintilloch Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
MALCOLM of Dickson 14 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
MALTMAN of 16 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MANGER of Overbums Lamington -- Lanarkshire
MANN of Strathnalm Peel Road Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
MANN of Woodlands Symington -- Lanarkshire
MANSON of 9 Meadowbank Avenue Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MANSON of 9 Otterman-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MARCHBANK of 23 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MARR of Auchenstewart 44 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MARR of Longriggend by Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of 12 Glenville-terrace Busby -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of 19 Kirkton-avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of 34 Orchard Streets Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of 39 Craigdhu-road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of 8 Southhill Avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of Cardon Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of Collisdene Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of Lanerocskill Cottage Torrance -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of Laverockhill Cottage Torrance -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of Park House Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MARSHALL of The Popinjay Hotel Rosebank Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of 78 Crossgates Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of 9 South Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of Brookside Symington -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of East Lodge Stonebyres -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of Ha'craig Whitehall Farm-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of Hilderley 1 Victoria-avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of Thankerton House Holytown -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of The Shelling Bellevue Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MARTIN of Yards House Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MASON of 17 Thorn-drive Burnside -- Lanarkshire
MASON of 36 Station Road Law Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MASON of Westwinds Peel Road Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
MASTERS of 8 Kippen-street Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
MATEER of Hilton Bank Wellhall-road Hamilton West -- Lanarkshire
MATHER of Sarona Busby -- Lanarkshire
MATHERS of Tyne Dene Old Dalnottar Road Old Kilpatrick -- Lanarkshire
MATHESON of Braehead House Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
MATTHEWS of 62 Robertson Drive East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
MATTHEWS of Spittal Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MAXWELL of 30 Northmuir-drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MAXWELL of Baillieston House Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
MAXWELL of Crosshill Rowhead Terrace Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MAXWELL of Dunyveg 4 Otterburn-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MAXWELL of Duragoyne Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MAY of 12 Wolcott Drive Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
McALLISTER of 64 Main Street Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
McALLISTER of Glen Holm Dryburgh Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MCANDREW of 29 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MCARA of Eldrig Lowndesrstreet Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
MCARLY of Cambus Wallace Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MCARTHUR of 32 Stamperland-hill Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McARTHUR of 9 Waterside Gardens Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
MCAUSLAN of 13 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
MCAUSLAN of 6 Heathfield Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MCBEAN of 18 Dalmeny-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
McBRIDE of Ravenswood Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MCCAFFERTY of 7 Naysmyth Bank East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
McCAIG of 49 East Academy Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MCCALLUM of Achnashie 82 Cross Artliurlie Street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
MCCARROLL of 526 Clarkston-road Muirend -- Lanarkshire
McCHESNEY of 20 Stirling Drive Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MCCLAFFERTY of Parkside 4 Carstairs-road Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
McClelland of invemoran Station Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
MCCLURE of 1 Wardlaw-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MCCLURE of Duntreath Thorn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
McCLURE of Lindsaybeg Chryston -- Lanarkshire
McCLYMONT of 12 Sunnyside Drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MCCLYMONT of Lyleston 31 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MCCOLL of 23 Brora-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
McCOLL of 4 Albany Quadrant Springboig -- Lanarkshire
McCOLL of Lochaber 25 Braeside Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MCCONNACHLE of 71 Main Street Cleland -- Lanarkshire
MCCORMICK of 81 South Scott Street Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
McCORRY of 54 Montgomery Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
MCCOSH of 31 Melville Street and Southernwood House Davidsons Mains both in Edinburgh and Hardington Lamington -- Lanarkshire
McCOSH of Cornhill Biggar -- Lanarkshire
McCOSH of Easter Moffat Airdrie and of Corn-hill Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MCCOURTIE of 24 Richmond-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McCOWAN of Olenmorag 2 Mount Harriet Drive Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MCCREATH of Ardwell 41 Manse-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MCCREATH of Ardwell Manse-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
McCULLOCH of 25 Hamilton Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
MCCULLOCH of 37 Smith Quadrant Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
McDERMID of Hill 11 Birch Drive Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
McDONALD of 21 Charles Street Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
MCDONALD of 61 Busby-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MCDOUGALL of 15 Montrose-gardens Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MCDOUGALL of 21 Cleuch-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McDOUGALL of 5 Woodside Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
MCDOUGALL of 65 Carolside Avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McDOUGALL of Coralrnount Waterside Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MCDOUGALL of Inverlochy Bardowie -- Lanarkshire
McEACHRAN of Homelands Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
McEWAN of 1 Dalcharn Path Easterhouse -- Lanarkshire
MCEWAN of 142 North Woodside-road Glasgow and 16 Stamperland-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McEWAN of 4 Lavelli-drive Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
MCEWAN of 474 Clarkston-road Muirend -- Lanarkshire
McEWAN of 8 Brouster Hill East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
McEWAN of Collesdene Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MCEWAN of Cornhill House Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MCEWAN of Westfield 26 Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MCEWEN of 24 Jerviston Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
McFADDEN of 11 Albany-avenue Springboig Shettleston -- Lanarkshire
MCFARLANE of 29 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MCFARLANE of Ashcombe 19 Berryhill-drive Crerar Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MCFARLANE of Dunedin 67 Clydesdale Road Mossend -- Lanarkshire
McFARLANE of Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MCGEOCH of 13 Benview-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McGHIE of 16 Millar Street Glassford -- Lanarkshire
McGHIE of 16 Millar Street Glassford -- Lanarkshire
MCGILL of Burnside Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
MCGILL of Burnside House Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
McGINTY of 7 Whitefield Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
MCGOWAN of Killearn Mill Killearn -- Lanarkshire
MCGOWN of Qiomlea 340 Main Street Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
McGREGOR of 10 Rowanlea Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
McGREGOR of 104 Main Street Uddington -- Lanarkshire
McGREGOR of 28 Grenville-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
MCGREGOR of Gleniffer 6 Thorn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MCGRORY of care of Farrell 84 Swinton-crescent Old Monkland Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
McGURK of Ozanam 9 Main Street Holytown -- Lanarkshire
McHARG of St. Ives Douglas Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
McILROY of 142 Manse Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
McINALLY of 119 Paisley Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
McINNES of 23 Vermont-avenue Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MCINNES of Concraig Honcrieff Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
McINROY of 127 Woodside Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
McKAY of 6 Chestnut Grove Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
MCKECHNIE of 5 Ravenstone-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
McKENDRICK of 67 Main Street Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
McKENDRiCK of 96A Main Street Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
McKENDRICK of Louther View Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
McKENZIE of 12 Johnston Avenue Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
MCKENZIE of 378 Kings Park Avenue Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
McKERCHAR of Papperthills Caldercruix -- Lanarkshire
MCKINLAY of Carrochan Balfron -- Lanarkshire
McKINNON of 10 Stamperland Drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McKINNON of 13 Quarry Lane Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
MCLACHLAN of 22 Eastwoodmains-rpad Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
McLACHLAN of Priesthill Tarff Avenue Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
MCLAREN of 1 Kelso Drive East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
McLAREN of 4 Alva-street Edinburgh and of Glen-breck Cottage Coulter Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MCLAREN of 4 Roadside Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
MCLAREN of Craigard Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
McLAUGHLAN of Newhouse Hotel Newhouse by Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
McLEAN of 276 Main Street High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
McLEAN of 35 Adamslle Drive Hayston Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
McLEAN of 4 Garfield Drive Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
McLEAN of 9 Anniesdale Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
McLEAN of Morven 118 Clyde Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MCLEAN of Strathclyde Manse-road Bowling -- Lanarkshire
McLELLAN of Hillcrest Norwood Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
McLEOD of 5 Lamnermoor Terrace Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MCLEOD of Glencairn John-street Dunoon and of 72 Crosslecs-drive Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
McLERNON of 133 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MclNNES of 56 Strawfrank-road Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
MCLNTYRE of 55 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MCMILLAN of 10 West Chapelton-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MCMILLAN of 14Stamperland-averiue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MCMILLAN of 514 Clarkston-road Muirend -- Lanarkshire
MCMILLAN of 67 Main-street Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MCMILLAN of Royston 32 Thorn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MCMORRAN of care of Bellfield Farm Crawford -- Lanarkshire
MCMURCHY of Springfield Symington -- Lanarkshire
MCNAB of 8 Randolph-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MCNAIR of 16 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
McNAIR of Wright 190 Motherwell Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
McNAMEE of 18 Belhaven Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
McNAUGHT of 51 Cameron Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
McNAUGHTON of 114 Waverley Drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MCNAY of 10 The Clachan Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
McNAY of Dalveen Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
MCNEILL of 25 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
McNEISH of 3 Douglas Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
McNEISH of Ardgowan Old Coach-road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
MCNICOL of 135 Maln Street Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
MCNIVEN of 4 Burnfield-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MCPHERSON of 6 Park-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
McPHIE of 64 Kenmure Avenue Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
McQUAID of 4 Park Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
McQUEEN of 24 The Loaning Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MCQUEEN of Calsay Cottage Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
MCRAE of 14 Windlaw-road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
MCRORY of Rockcliffe Bowling -- Lanarkshire
McSHANE of 188 Pool Farm Road Acocks Green Birmingham and il Devondale Avenue Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
McWILLIAM of 4 Bungalow Drumchapel-road Drumchapel -- Lanarkshire
MEIGHAN of Kenly Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
MEIKLE of 71 Toryglen-road Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MEIKLEM of Craigie Lea Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MELVILLE of 11 Barrland-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MELVILLE of 47 Belstane Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MELVILLE of Teak Penn Albert-place Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
MENZIES of 191 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MENZIES of Lowood Balfron -- Lanarkshire
MENZIES of The Post Office Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
MEREDYTH of Lymekilns Nursing Home East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
METCALFE of Strathclyde Crawford -- Lanarkshire
METHVEN of 46-Evan Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MIDDLER of Ivy Bank Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MIDWOOD of 108 Norse-road Scotstoun Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
MILBURNE of Hillside Garwood Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MILBURNE of Hillside Garwood Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of 37 Clydesdale Road Mossend -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of 78 Gleniffer Drive Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of 93 Victoria Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of Easton Cottage 33 Hill-road Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of Glencaple Farm Abing- ton -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MILLAR of Kinnoul 93 Victoria Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of Roadmeetings House Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of Struen Glasgow Road Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
MILLAR of The School House Crawfordjohn Abington -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 1 Rosehill Torrance and Sunnyknowe Balmore -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 12 Hillcrest Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 160 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 17 Elvan Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 18 Coltness Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 7 Morar-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of 86 Woodlands Terrace Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of Aucheoheath House Auchenheath -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of Clydeville Bowling -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of Commercial Bank House Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of Coulter Maynes Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MILLER of Coulter Maynes Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MILLIGAN of 4 Windsor Street Shotts -- Lanarkshire
MILLIKEN of 16 Gold-road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MILNE of Avenue Place 4 Abbeygreen Lesmahogow -- Lanarkshire
MILNE of Beechmount Hayston Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MILNER of 9 Church-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
MILROY of 21 Bullerburn Park Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of 21 Montrose Crescent Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of 31 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of 48 Wheatfield-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of 75 Glasgow-road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of 81 Orchard Park-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Collisdene Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Duntreath Burngreen Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Eastpark Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Hazelside Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Hazelside Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Hazelside Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Kyle Akin 22 Kyle Park-crescent Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Park of Drumquhassle Drymen -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Ramleh Busby -- Lanarkshire
MITCHELL of Violet Bank 30 Station-road Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
MOFFAT of 128 Ladywell-road -- Lanarkshire
MOFFAT of 31 Overlea-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MOFFAT of 43 Fraser Street Cleland -- Lanarkshire
MOFFAT of 52 Main Street Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
MOFFAT of 5A Horners Place Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
MOFFAT of Muirhouse Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
MOFFATT of 41 Ravenscliffe Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MOIR of 35 Main-street Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MOIR of Mayfield 17 Woodlands-road Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
MONCRIEFF of Lairwell Kinfauns Forth -- Lanarkshire
MONCRIEFF of The Firs Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MONRO of Balquharrage Cottages Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
MONTEATH of Struan Cardowan-drive Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MONTEATH of The Old Manse Tarbrax -- Lanarkshire
MONTEITH of Cranley Cleghorn -- Lanarkshire
MONTEITH of Cranley Cleghorn -- Lanarkshire
MONTGOMERY of Morven 2 Courthill 208 Drymen-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MOODIE of St. Ronans Carllbar Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of 121 Carlisle Road Crawford -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of 21 Kilmorie-drive Bankhead Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of 43 Low Craigends Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of Clunaline Moncrieff-avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of Cransley Douglas -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of Kismet Kirkintilloch Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
MOORE of Westwood House -- Lanarkshire
MOORES of 134 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MORE of Grange Nursing Home 76 Glasgow Road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
MORELAND of 41 Kirkton Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MORGAN of 18 Woodhall Street Chapelhall -- Lanarkshire
MORGAN of 22 Riverside-road Kirkfieldbank -- Lanarkshire
MORRIN of Wellbank Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
MORRIS of 47 Scotia-street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 10 KirKintillock Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 43 Thomson-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 55 Waverley Drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 63 The Loaning Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 76 Alberta-avenue Westwood East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 8 Queens Gate Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of 85 Friars Croft Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of Green View Skirling Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of Hamewith 9 CampbelFavenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of The Nursery Balmore Torrance -- Lanarkshire
MORRISON of Woodbine Cottage Hirst Road Harthill -- Lanarkshire
MORROW of 48 Queens Crescent New Stevenston Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MORTON of 4 Berryhill-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MORTON of 4 John Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
MORTON of 46 Dunvegan Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
MORTON of Cordiner Manse Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
MORTON of Richland Cleghorn -- Lanarkshire
MORTON of The Camb Coulter Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MOSLEY of Sunihaven Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MOULT of 38 Anniesdale Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MOWAT of Edina 30 Victoria-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MUIL of 109 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Lanarkshire
MUIL of 5 Montgomery-street Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of 14 Uddingston Road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of 3 Garfield-avenue Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of 7 Brackenbrae Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of Gamesley Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of Gamesley Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of Minicoy Whitehill-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
MUIR of Neuck Farm Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
MUIRHEAD of Springfield Coulter by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MULHOLLAND of 19 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MULHOLLAND of 19 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MULHOLLAND of 19 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MULLEN of 148 Brownside Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
MULLIN of 1 Strathaven Road Sandford near Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
MULLINS of 24 Springfield Square Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
MUNGO of The Lissensl8Penrith-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
MUNLEY of 723 Coatbridge Road Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
MUNRO of 177 Main-street Overtown Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
MUNRO of Am-Bruach 1 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MUNRO of Braefoot 29 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MURDOCH of 1 Monreith-avenue Westexton Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MURDOCH of 22 Elvan Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
MURDOCH of Gollowhill House Larch-avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
MURDOCH of Haughhead Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
MURDOCH of Janebank Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
MURIE of 79 Woodlands Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MURISON of 45 Silverwells Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
MURPHY of Ardenrohr Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of 4 Glenburn Avenue Symington -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of 54 Sunnyside-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of 8 King Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of 9 Iona Ridge Earnock Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Calmsmore 15 Woodvale Avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Dunard Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of El Dar 17 Lochend-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Greenside Cottage 16 Kirk Street Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Rockfort 25 Tannoch Drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Spittal Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Spittal Biggar -- Lanarkshire
MURRAY of Straightsteps Wanlockhead -- Lanarkshire
MURRIE of 69 Townhead Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
MYLLES of 26 Mansefield Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
MYLLES of The Firs Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 0 Caledonian Avenue Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 10 Viewfield Avenue Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 11 Dunlop Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 21 Dunrobin Road Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 4 Glenview Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 6 Carstairs Road Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
NAME of 97 Main Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
NAME of Hartwood Mental Hospital Hartwood -- Lanarkshire
NAME of North Park North Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
NAME of Riverside Cottage Crossford -- Lanarkshire
NAME of Springfield Symington -- Lanarkshire
NAME of The Clydesdale Hotel Biggar -- Lanarkshire
NAME of Turlood Stockbrlggs Coalbum -- Lanarkshire
NAME of Wellwood Station Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
NAPIER of Acharn Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
NASH of Limekilns East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
NEILSON of Elwyn Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
NELSON of 16 Woodlands Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
NEWALL of 105 Torbrex Road Garbraln Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
NEWLANDS of Mauldslie Castle -- Lanarkshire
NEWTON of 52 St. Enoch-square Glasgow and Woodend 7 Wellknowe-road Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
NEWTON of Strathgarry CraigmiUar-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
NICOL of 11 Kippen Drive Busby -- Lanarkshire
NIMMO of Olenard 108 Olen Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
NISBET of 36 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
NIVEN of 1 Dicks Park East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
NIVEN of Westmount Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
NOBLE of Clifton House Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
NORRIS of Eastwoodhill Eventide Home 238 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
NORTHFIELD of 11c Auchinraith Road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
NOTMAN of 35 The Loaning Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
O'BRIEN of 23 Newarthill Road Carfin Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
O'DOHERTY of 22 Silverwells Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
O'DONNELL of 7 Farm Lane Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
O'NEILL of 144 Montrose Crescent Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
O'NEILL of 27 Primrose Avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
O'NEILL of Crawford Hotel Crawford -- Lanarkshire
OGG of 21 Stamperland-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
OGILVIE of Airlie 26 Braeside Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
ORAM of 123 Rockmount-avenue Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
ORD of 4 Bowling Green Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
ORR of 10a Lawhill Road Law by Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ORR of 26 Garfield Drive Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
ORR of Boclair 12 Woodvale-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ORR of Moidart Craigmillar-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
ORR of West Benhar Hartshill -- Lanarkshire
OSBORNE of 15 Central-avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
OSBORNE of Harelaw Farm Neilston -- Lanarkshire
OVENS of Lismohr Salterland-road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
OVENSTONE of The Grange Busby -- Lanarkshire
OXLEY of 1 Central-avenue Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
PAGE of 496 Main-street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
PAIRMAN of Woodward Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PAISLEY of 32A Kingston Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
PARIS of Arden-drive Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
PARK of 31 Crawfurd Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
PARK of Ingleside Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
PARKER of 16 Ronken Glen-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PARKER of 8 Kethers Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
PARKHILL of Gartlea Neilston -- Lanarkshire
PARRY of 1 Barrland-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PATE of 10 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
PATE of 30 Kirk Street Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
PATE of Birkwood Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
PATE of Bloomfield Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
PATE of The Loaning 8 The Crescent Busby -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PATE of West Browncastle Farm Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
PATE of West Browncastle Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 105 Montrose Crescent Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 12 Braedale Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 120D Raplock Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 122 Main Street Overtown by Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 16 Kemp Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 17 Moor-road Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 2 Lochview-terrace Gartcosh -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 37 West Chapelton-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 4 Broomley Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of 75 Kirkland Park-avenue Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of care of 187 Maxwellton Avenue East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Carrochan Balfron -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Castle Huntly Longforgan Perthshire and Scotstoun -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Davaar Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Hawthorndene 3 Sidehead Road Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Kilncadzow House Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Knowenoble Cleland -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Miss Mackenzie Springvale Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of The Inn Chapelton -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of The Rigs 12 West Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
PATERSON of Wardlaw Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PATON of 38 Balvaird-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
PATON of 57 Muir Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
PATON of 6 Arden-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PATON of Croftdene Crawford -- Lanarkshire
PATON of Dunalastair Crawford -- Lanarkshire
PATON of Dunarastair Crawford -- Lanarkshire
PATON of Terris Meadowfield Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PATRICK of 60 Athall-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PATTERSON of 11 Regent-square Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
PATTISON of Fernville Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
PAUL of Alcluith Auchenglen Road Braidwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
PEACOCK of 17 Giffnock Park-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PEACOCK of 55 Hamilton-drive Glasgow and The Grange Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
PEAKE of Gartocharn Glasgow-road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
PEARSE of South Parks Hotel Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PEARSON of 87 Maxwell Avenue Westerton Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
PEARSON of Glenview Station-road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
PEAT of 7 Victoria Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
PEAT of Ardshiel 23 Church-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PEAT of Strathclyde Hospital Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
PEATTIE of Strathallan 294 Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
PEDEN of 70 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
PEGGIE of Nithsdale Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PELLING of Royal Bank House Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
PENDER of 49 Cowgate Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
PENDREIGH of Braidlea Douglas -- Lanarkshire
PENGELLY of 8 Manse-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
PETRIE of 27 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
PETRIE of Winterdyne 2 Hamilton-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PETTIGREW of Hillside House Old Mill Road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
PETTY of 18 Ella Gardens Mossend Bells Hill -- Lanarkshire
PHILIP of 18 Elm Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
PHILLIPS of 13 Church Avenue Newmains -- Lanarkshire
PILLANS of Cordoba Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
PINKERTON of Lily Park Carluke -- Lanarkshire
PIRIE of St Catherines 5 Thorn-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
PITCAIRN of Blacklands Farm Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
PITKETHLY of Easterhill 12 Mount Harriet Drive Stepps -- Lanarkshire
PITKETHLY of Redholme 18 Blenheim Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
PLANT of 4 Brandon Court Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
PLANT of 61 Lomond-road Gartsherrie Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
PLENDERLEITH of 3 John-street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PLENDERLEITH of 9 Lang-row New Lanark -- Lanarkshire
PLENDERLEITH of Annleslea Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
PLENDERLEITH of Carlindean Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
PLENDERLEITH of Knocklee Cottage Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PLEWE of Stanmore -- Lanarkshire
POLLOCK of St. Johns. 50 Buchanan-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
POMPHREY of 96 Glen Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
PORTER of Bedlay Lodge Chryston -- Lanarkshire
PORTER of Kingford Heys-street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
POTTER of 46 Hillhead Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
PRALL of 425 New Edinburgh-road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of 25 Douglas Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of 81a Ayr-road Douglas -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of Kersewell Edinburgh-road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of Lynwal 6 Glenburn Avenue Symington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of Millrigg 20/22 Main-street Douglas -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of Thistle Cottage 1 West Main Street Harthill -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of Thistle Cottage 1 West Main-street Harthill -- Lanarkshire
PRENTICE of Uddingston Douglas -- Lanarkshire
PRETSWELL of Ardmore Biggar -- Lanarkshire
PRIMROSE of 52 Union Street Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
PROVAN of Gateside Douglas -- Lanarkshire
PROVAN of Gateside Douglas -- Lanarkshire
PUGH of Wood Rising Buchanan Castle Drymen By Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
PULLAN of 91 Meams-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
PURDIE of 39 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PURDIE of 5 May-terrace Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
PURDIE of 72 Corsewall Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
PURDIE of Benvlew 26 Weir Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
PURVES of Law Hospital Carluke -- Lanarkshire
RADCLIFFE of Adamson 499 Cambusnethan Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
RAE of Raploch 10 Forrest Street Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
RAESIDE of Busbyside Farm Busby -- Lanarkshire
RALSTON of 21 Cleveden Drive Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
RALSTON of 8 Carrick-crescent Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RAMSAY of High Lands Strathblane -- Lanarkshire
RANKIN of 20 Upper Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RANKIN of Grafton Lenzie-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
RANKIN of Hillend House Caldercruix -- Lanarkshire
RANKIN of Kincraig 29 Rubislaw-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RANKIN of Lochiel 126 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
RANKINE of Springdale Biggar -- Lanarkshire
RATTRAY of care of W W Anderson Rhubeg Busby -- Lanarkshire
RAWORTH of Eblana 2 Thorn-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
REA of 35 Merryton-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
REA of 7 Hamilton-road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
REARDON of 53 Kenilworth Avenue Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
REGANS of Broomfield Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
REID of 17 Fraser Street Cleland -- Lanarkshire
REID of 20 Rosslea-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
REID of 21 BurnfieId Road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
REID of 32 Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
REID of 50 Nellsland Drive Briaedale Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
REID of 58 Craigton Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
REID of 58 Craigton Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
REID of 6 Park-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
REID of 66 Lanark Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
REID of 66 Leighton Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
REID of Clyth House Carmunnock Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
REID of Craigminn 17 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
REID of Craigsheen Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
REID of Eastholm 368 Kirk Road Wishaw and The County Hospital Cleland -- Lanarkshire
REID of Kinnvale 62 Whitehill-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
REID of Redholm 16 Seres-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
REID of Saroha Busby -- Lanarkshire
REID of Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
REID of Wester Kittochside-by-Busby East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
REID of Woodlands 112 Kirk Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
REILLY of 330 Glasgow Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
RENFREW of Polmood 34 Campbell-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RENFREW of St. Ives 3 Douglas-gardens Hillfoot Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RENNIE of 10 Dunlop Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
RENNIE of 3 Klriaands Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
RENNIE of Rokeby Eastwoodmains-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
RENTON of Home Farm Douglas -- Lanarkshire
REVELEY of Library-cottages Wanlockhead -- Lanarkshire
RHODES of Laigh Kittochside near Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
RICCI of Townhead Cafe Biggar -- Lanarkshire
RICHARDSON of Stepps Cottage Stepps -- Lanarkshire
RICHMOND of 12 Glenville-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
RICHMOND of St. Malo 66 Sherifflats-road Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
RIDDLESWORTH of 26 Pendicle-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RITCHIE of 10 Hamilton Drive Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
RITCHIE of 41 Craignethan View Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
RITCHIE of 92 Kelburn Street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
RITCHIE of Ingava Morven-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
RITCHIE of St. Catherines 6 Crosshill Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
RITCHIE of The Park Douglas -- Lanarkshire
ROBB of 517 Main-street Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
ROBB of 593 Clarkston-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
ROBB of Fashoda Bonkle Road Newmains -- Lanarkshire
ROBB of Hillerest Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTS of 40 Broollee Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTS of Netherbrae Biggar and of Cornhill House Coulter both In -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of 103 Braldwood Road Broadwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of 108 Millbank Road WIshaw -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of 22 Whitehill Farm Road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of 28 Kosebank Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of 4 Broomley-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of 4 Kippen Drive Busby -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of Craiglure Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ROBERTSON of The Glebe Bent-road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
ROBIN of 24 Lochend-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ROBIN of 24 Lochend-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
ROBINSON of Kirkwood Old Manse Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ROBINSON of Wellbank Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
ROBISON of Riggend 33 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
RODDAN of 9 Kinellan-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RODDAN of Cluden Boclair-crescent Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RODGER of 3-Hamilton Drive Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
RODGER of 8 Silverwells Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
RODGER of Southland Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
RODGER of Southlands Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
RODIE of 150 Netherton Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
ROGERSON of 18 Stone dyke Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
ROLLO of Clydeholm Roberton -- Lanarkshire
ROLLO of Rowanbank Roberton -- Lanarkshire
RONALD of 14 Keys-tone Quadrant Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
ROOK of Haifa 161 Carlisle Road Crawford Abington -- Lanarkshire
ROSCOE of 333 India Buildings Water-street and 111 Lark-lane both in Liverpool and Haifa Crawford -- Lanarkshire
ROSS of 10 Balmuildy Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
ROSS of 19 Waterloo-street Glasgow and of Lea Brae 2 Belmont-avenue Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
ROSS of Biggar Park Biggar -- Lanarkshire
ROSS of Wiston Lodge Lamington -- Lanarkshire
ROWATT of 10 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
ROWLANDS of 19 Covenant Place Netherton WIshaw -- Lanarkshire
ROY of High Thorn Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
RUNCIE of 2 Evan-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 124 West End Drive Orblston Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 17 Strathblane Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 210 Eastwood-mains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 34 Crichton-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 42 Ramsay-road Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 49 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 49 Waverley Drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RUSSELL of 5 Main-street Holytown -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 5A Elmbank Drive Douglas -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 89 Stewarton Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of 9 Postgate Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Brlerlands East Kilbride Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Broomside 140 Manse Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Couthielea 52 Carstairs Lanarkshire-road Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Half Acre Auchenglen Road Braldwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Langlees Biggar -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Lynwood 23 Broughton Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Rockcrest Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Wallace Cottage Biggar -- Lanarkshire
RUSSELL of Wellcroft Biggar -- Lanarkshire
RYAN of Holy Cross Croy by Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
SABISTON of Gilkerscleugh Abington -- Lanarkshire
SAFELY of 27 High Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
SANDERS of 20 Cromarty-gardens Stamperland Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SANDERSON of 10 Hillcrest Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
SANDILANDS of The Crooks Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
SAUNDERS of 142 Hamilton Road Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SAUNDERS of St. Medans Newlands-road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
SAYERS of 132 Falkland-avenue East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
SCLATER of Cambwell Farm near Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 1 Lednock Road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 12 Grove Park Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 12 Snaefell-avenue Burnside -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 120 Raploch Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 13 Montelth Street Carstairs Junction -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 28 Ruthven-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 31 Ryde Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 57 Main Street Forth -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of 9 Allanton Road Bonkle Newmains -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Auchenheath House Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Braehead House Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Burnside Elsrickle by Biggar Lanarkshire
SCOTT of care of Penman 7 Queens-crescent New Stevenston Holytown -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of care of Tinto 26 Alexandra Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Drumassie Crossford -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Glenarbuck Bowling -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of H Johnstone-street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Inverlecken Greenfaulds Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Kilmoha 2 The Crescent Busby -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Kirkbean 197 Milngavie-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Kirkton 20 Adele Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Larkhill Crawford -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Lubnalg 58 Gallowhill Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Marchmont Douglas -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Mayfield 1 Addison Drive Douglas -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Newmalhs Douglas -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Orchard House Carluke -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Pearson 13 Bosfield Road East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Salford Place Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of Spencers Farm Magdalen-lane Ongar Essex and of Priestfield High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
SCOTT of St. Ronans 34 East-woodmains-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SCOULER of 10 Glasgow Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
SCOULER of 12 Cathkin-avenue (otherwise Cathkin-view) Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
SCOULLER of 74 Hillview Drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SEARLE of 34 Stewart-street Mossend Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
SEATON of 87 Fereneze-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SEDDON of Greenways Luggiebank Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
SEMPLE of 11 Wellbrae Chapelton -- Lanarkshire
SEMPLE of 76 Barrachnie-road Garrowhill Baillieston -- Lanarkshire
SEMPLE of Swinhill Farm Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
SEMPLE of Woodside House Dalserf Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
SENIOR of 18 Buchanan-drive Kessington Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
SERVICE of West Lodge Balfunning Balfron -- Lanarkshire
SEWELL of 5 Dunlop Crescent Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
SHANKIE of Alton Causewayend Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SHANKIE of Elmwood Symington -- Lanarkshire
SHANKS of Woodside Cottage Thankerton By Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SHARP of 26 Cartsbridge Road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SHARROCKS of 32 Clifford-street Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
SHARROCKS of Candybank Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SHAW of 3a Garrell Way Seafar Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
SHAW of Merchiston 116 Kyle Park Drive Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
SHEARER of 52 John Street Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
SHEARER of Kindarroch Crossburn-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
SHEARER of The Sheallng Symington -- Lanarkshire
SHEPHERD of 2 Knollpark-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SHEPHERD of 7 Woodbank-crescent Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SHEPHERD of Broomhill and Lanfine Hospital Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
SHERRY of 126 Mearns-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SHERRY of 17 Park Drive Newmains -- Lanarkshire
SHIELDS of Glendale Auchlnalm near BIshopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
SHORT of Luggiebank Cumbernauld -- Lanarkshire
SHORTT of 4 Wellwood Road Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
SHORTT of Valley Held Abington -- Lanarkshire
SHUTTLETON of 5 Rosslea-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SHUTTLEWORTH of 34 Catherine Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SIDEY of Cairnview Glasgow-road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
SILLABS of Easterville 6 Jubilee-gardens Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
SILLARS of Easterville Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
SIMMONS of 59 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SIMPSON of 39 Angus Avenue Calderwood East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
SIMPSON of 6 Kingsburn-drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
SIMPSON of Braemar 24 Braidholm Road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SIMPSON of Craigielea 14 Machan Road Larkhill -- Lanarkshire
SIMPSON of Redhurst East-wood Mains-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SIMPSON of Westwood 10 Carmunnock-road Busby -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of 185 Maxwell Avenue Westerton Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
SINCLAIR of Cannonholme Auchenheath -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Ellisland 16 Potassels Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Garthland Nursing Home Baronald -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Ibert Balfron -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Murrayfield Causewayend Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Murrayfield Coulter-road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Phi11Ipshill Hospital -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Post Office 324 Lanark-road Auchenheath -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Shotts -- Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR of Victoria-place Harthill -- Lanarkshire
SKELTON of 120 Crawford Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SLATER of Ardene 12 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SLIMMON of 21 Haughton Avenue Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
SLOAN of 48 Sheriff Flats Road Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
SLOAN of Allandene Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMAIL of 22 High Street Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMAIL of Castle Glen House Kittochside by Busby -- Lanarkshire
SMAIL of Roseangle Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMAIL of Westend Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMALE of 12 Brownside Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
SMALL of Carradale 31 Fallside-road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
SMART of Meadowlea Nursery Bogside Newmains -- Lanarkshire
SMEATON of Marida Lowndes-street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
SMEATON of Marida Lowndes-street Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
SMELLIE of 161 Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 1 James Square Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 28 Dalmenyravenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 3 Darnley Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 45 Brae foot Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 48 Athol-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 51 Commercial Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 53 Main Street Symington -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 67 Main Street Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 8 St. Margarets Avenue Banton Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 82 Ormonde-crescent Muirend -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 9 Livingstone Crescent East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of 9 St. Fillans-road Stepps -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Amulree Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Braevale Three Main-street Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Dllwara 33 Station Road Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Drumbeg Cottage Killearn -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Drumlaven 3 Moraine-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Dunira 24 Ledcame-rock-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Dunlea 32 Alexandra Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Elm Cottage Kirkfieldbank Lanarkshire
SMITH of Flesole Beaufort Drive Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Golfhill Crawford -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Lindsaylands Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Milnwood -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Milnwood Cleghorn-road -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Ri-Cruin Crawford -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Rus Cottage Uplawmoor -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of The Grange 10 Glasgow Road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of The School House Forth -- Lanarkshire
SMITH of Woodemailing Symington Biggar -- Lanarkshire
SNEDDON of 21 Hillhead Avenue Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SNEDDON of The Firs Shafts -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of 103 Lanark Road Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of 4 Hozier Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of 4 Hozler Street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of 40 Hope Road Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of 43 Main Street Forth -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of 43 Main Street Forth -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Baldorran Lithgow Avenue Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Covanhill Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Covanhill Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Hillcrest Bankhead-road Cam-wath -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Hillcrest Bankhead-road Camwath -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Hillcrest Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Kilncroft Ayr Road Douglas -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of Tablestone Glespln Douglas -- Lanarkshire
SOMERVILLE of The Hollies 172 Hyndford Road -- Lanarkshire
SPEIRS of 1 Campbell Drive Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
SPEIRS of 20 Stirling Drive Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
SPEIRS of 669 Coatbridge Road Bargeddie -- Lanarkshire
SPEIRS of 95 Fenwick-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SPENCE of 10 Westcoats Road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
SPENCE of Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
SPENCE of Viewfield 11 Blantyre Mill Road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
SPILLER of 5 Albert Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
SPROAT of Middlemuir House Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
SPROAT of Middlemuir House Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
STARK of 23 Russell Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
STARK of Drumslog Villa Forth Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
STARK of Stewarton 23 Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
STARK of Windways Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of 123 Kirk Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of 123 Kirk Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of 26 Scott-street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of 30 Carlisle Road Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of 365 Bank Street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of Barshagra Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of Hopetown 8 South Park-road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
STEEL of Murleston 11 Coronation Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
STEELE of 17 Orchard-grove Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
STEELE of 181 Kirk Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
STEELE of 39 Greenhill-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
STEPHEN of 44 Melville Gardens Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
STEPHEN of Adela 16 Thorn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
STEVEN of 67 Ormonde-drive Muirend -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
STEVENSON of 168 Crofthead Crescent Orblston Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
STEVENSON of 56 Manse-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
STEVENSON of Langshaw Farm Carluke -- Lanarkshire
STEVENSON of Llnnbrae Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
STEVENSON of Llnnbrae Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 12 Greenhill Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 13 Gleniffer Drive Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 132 Vere-road Kirkmuirhill -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 19 union street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 2 Barrwood Cottages Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 21 Craigdhu Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 5 CroW-road Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 52 Orchard Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 63 West Coats-road Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of 74 East Kilbride Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Brookbank Carnwath Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Carrlcldea Northbank Road Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Drumnessie Waterside Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Drumnessie Waterside Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Edendarach Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Inveroran 36 Colquhoim-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Kincara Glen Road Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Murdostoun Castle Newmains -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Murdostoun Castle Newmains -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Rowanbank Westrow Biggar -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Somerville-place Lauchope-street Chapelhall by Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of The Kennels Mauldslie Carluke -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Woodlands Hall Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
STEWART of Woodridge Bank Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
STIRLING of 1 Balvaird-crescent Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
STIRLING of 88 Greenwood-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
STIRLING of Berrydyke Waterside Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
STOBO of 76 Blairbeth-road Barnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
STODART of Rockmount Biggar -- Lanarkshire
STODDART of 41 Alston-avenue Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
STOKER of 42 Stewarton-drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
STOKHOF of 6 Douglas Drive Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
STONE of 2 Merryvale-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
STORRY of 10 Allanton Road Bonkle Newmains -- Lanarkshire
STOTT of 24 Douglas Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
STOTT of 74 Station Road Law Carluke -- Lanarkshire
STRACHAN of Hawkshaw View Douglas -- Lanarkshire
STRACHAN of Miss Paterson 25 The Laoning Douglas -- Lanarkshire
STRANG of 16 Colston Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
STRATH of 17 Hunthill-road High Blantyne -- Lanarkshire
STRATHIE of 77 Busby-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
STRATHIE of Kilmeln 13 Carmunnock Road Busby -- Lanarkshire
STREET of Innishail Myrtle-avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
STRONACH of Rathmore 21 Victoria-road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
STRUTHERS of The Manse Chapelton -- Lanarkshire
STUART of 15 Alexandra-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
STUART of 2 Westwood Avenue GIffnock -- Lanarkshire
STUART of 3 Arran Gardens Carluke -- Lanarkshire
STUART of Baldoran 166 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
STUART of Hisselshaw Carstairs Junction Lanarkshire
STUART of Milton and of Castlemilk and of Torrance -- Lanarkshire
SUMNER of 9 Clearfield Avenue Hamilton Lanarkshire -- Lanarkshire
SUTHERLAND of 13 Carolside-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
SUTHERLAND of 40 Belstane Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
SUTHERLAND of 40 Belstane Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
SUTHERLAND of 50 Atholl-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SUTHERLAND of Dalmarnock Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
SUTTIE of 11 Tynwald-avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
SWALLOW of 20 Church Road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
SWAN of 75 Scott Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
SWAN of Woodbine Cottage Harthill -- Lanarkshire
SWANSON of 5 Fifth-avenue Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
SWEENEY of Gowanlea Crawford -- Lanarkshire
SYM of Braehead 129 Main Street High Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
SYME of Grey Walls 18 Lockend-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
TAGGART of 17 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
TAIHSH of 13 Rowand Avenue GIffnock -- Lanarkshire
TAINSH of Armstrong Clachan House Balfron -- Lanarkshire
TAIT of 28 Rouken Glen-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
TAIT of Donnarky Glasgow Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
TAIT of Station House Burnbank -- Lanarkshire
TANNACK of 128 Hillview-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
TANNOCK of Highlees 14 Claremont-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
TASKER of The Alexander Hospital Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 1 Huntly-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 2 Eastwood-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 30 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 42 Green-street Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 58 Knocklea Biggar -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 79 Dumbarton Road Bowling -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of 9 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of Collierhall House Douglas Water -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of Glendouran Crawfordjohn-by-Abington -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of Mrs Livingstone 17 Lochend-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of Silverwells Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of Wandel Abington -- Lanarkshire
TAYLOR of Woodburn Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
TELFER of Kearsney South Back Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
TELFER of Stewarton House Stewarton Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
TELFER of Whitehall 20 Uddington Road Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
TEMPEST of 2 Mayberry-place Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
TEMPLETON of 2 Ardoch-gardens Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
TENNANT of Glengonarhead 111 Main-street Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
TENNANT of Main-street Forth -- Lanarkshire
THOMAS of Salainis 20 Kessington-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
THOMPSON of 34 Snaefell Avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 1 Hathaway Drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 1 Haughton Avenue Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 10 Station-road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 105 Station-road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 14 Brownside Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 14 Firbank Avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 15 Roman Dr Ire Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 16 Claremont Avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 19 Buchanan-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 2 North Deanpark Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 2 Worth Deanpark Avenue Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 221 Southview-place Mount Ellen Gartcosh -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 26 Hillside Drive Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 31 Cassels-street Carluke -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 47 New Edinburgh Road Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 7 Vicarland-place Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of 9 Queens Gate Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Auchensteuart Carluke -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Craigielea Crawford -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Craigmiln Cottages 74 Busby Road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Douglaslea Bothwellhaugh Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Gartly 62 Wilson Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Gilkerscleugh Abington -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Lynedale 10 Station-road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Mama Rosebank by Carluke -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of The Hill Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Trees Uplawmoor -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Woodlands Symington by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
THOMSON of Woodlands Symington by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
THORBURN of Bracadale Cottage 10 Beaufort Drive Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
TILLEY of Dunalastair 11 Penrith-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
TIMMINS of 44 Avon Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
TIMMINS of 72 McCracken Drive Viewpark Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
TOD of Auchlochan Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
TODD of 1 Hamilton Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
TODD of 119 Eastwoodmains-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
TODD of 16 Kincath Avenue High Burnside -- Lanarkshire
TODD of Ardoch Rowhead Terrace Biggar -- Lanarkshire
TORRANCE of 11 Vivian-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
TORRANCE of 29 Allanshaw Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
TORRANCE of 31 Lockhart-street Stonehouse -- Lanarkshire
TORRANCE of 43 Wellview Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
TOWART of Woodllee Hospital Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
TOWERS of 127 Cadzow Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
TRAIL of 7 Campbell Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
TRAIN of 22 Machan Avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
TRAIN of 25 Thorn-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
TRAIN of Cathkih Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
TRAIN of Cathkin Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
TRAIN of Westdale 22 Machan-avenue Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
TREWIN of 85 Lomondside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
TULLOCH of Westbanit 1 Alexandra Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
TURNBULL of Holmlea Broadlie-road Neilston -- Lanarkshire
TURNBULL of Lindean St. John-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
TURNER of 19 Carolside-avenue Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
TURNER of Holmfoot Cottage Crossford Carluke -- Lanarkshire
TURNER of Windyhow Heather-avenue Mosshead Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
TYRRELL of Cornhill House Biggar -- Lanarkshire
URE of Sannox Brackenbrae-avenue Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
USHER of Glenesk The Oval Benton Newcastle-upon-Tyne and of 49 Blairbeth Road Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
VALLELY of 95 Biggar Road Cleland -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of 8 Reid Street Forth -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of Diirrour Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of Southfield Victoria-road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of Southfield Victoria-road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of The Green School Lane Carluke -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of The Green School Lane Carluke -- Lanarkshire
WADDELL of Twenty Monieburgh Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
WADE of 2 Ingerbeck Avenue Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
WALDIE of Blanefield House Blanefield -- Lanarkshire
WALFORD of 122 Coalburn Road Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of 17 West Chapelton-avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of 30 Overlee-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of 373 Kingsbridge Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of Avenueplace Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of Blgrshlels Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of Burnside House Coalburn -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of care of Todd 488 Merry Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of The Neuk Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WALKER of Woodbank Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
WALKINSHAW of Kenilworth Arthur-avenue Airdrie -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of 12 Glenville-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of 19 Snaefell-crescent Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of 36 Woocilands-crescent Thornliebank -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of 38 Bruce-terrace Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of 80 Overton-road Newmains -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of 82 Sherifflats Road Thankerton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of Inglefield Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of Laigh Braehead Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of Uplands 82 Sherifflats Road Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
WALLACE of Uplands 82 Sherifflats Road Thankerton Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WALLER of Springdale 32 Edinburgh-road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WARD of 19 Flemmington-street Springburn Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
WARD of 5 Danes-drive Glasgow -- Lanarkshire
WARDEN of Brookfield Colston Bishop- briggs -- Lanarkshire
WARDROP of 252 Muir-street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WARDROP of 41 Wellview Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WARK of 15 Braehead-avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WARNOCK of Achnagowan Killearn -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WARNOCK of Rosebank Grove Park Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WARNOCK of South Howden Holytown -- Lanarkshire
WARREN of 46 Brackenbrae Avenue Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
WARREN of Homelands Thorntonhall -- Lanarkshire
WATERS of 9 Threshold-park East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 19 Stirling Road Kilsyth -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 202 Bonkle Road Newmains -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 23 Whitehill Avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 243 Main Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 35 Gallowhill-road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 7 Stirling-drive Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of 93 Kilpatrick-gardens Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Ashton Muirhead Chryston -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Burnhead Farm Netherburn -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Burnhead Farm Netherburn -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Cralgendarroch 18 Victoria Avenue Carluke -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Gaergill Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Gamgour Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Ladygill Roberton -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Moorhouse Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Neilsland Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Nellsland Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Old Mains Cadzow Avenue GIffnock -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of The Knowe Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Turlood Stockbriggs Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Upper West Arthurlie Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
WATSON of Wester Overton Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
WATT of 12 Mains Lane Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WATT of 12 Mains Lane Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WATT of 46 Leighton Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
WATT of 94 Union Street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
WATT of Arden 23 Victoria Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WATT of Belhaven Myrtle-avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WAUGH of Glengyron 38 Ayr-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WEBER of 14 Balmoral-place Mains West East Kilbride -- Lanarkshire
WEBSTER of 168 Hillview-drive Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WEDDELL of Netherpark Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
WEDDERBURN of Gillespie House Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WEEKES of 15 Roman-drive Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WEIR of 3 Kylepark Crescent Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
WEIR of 66 Clydesdale-street Mossend -- Lanarkshire
WEIR of Berrydyke Waterside Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
WEIR of Brookville Old Lanark-road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
WEIR of Dunreath Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WEIR of Thorneysuit Farm Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WELLS of 30 Crossbill Drive Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
WELSH of 10 Greenwood-drive Kessington Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WELSH of 24 Thorn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WELSH of Main-street Fintry -- Lanarkshire
WEST of 380 Kingspark-averiue Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
WEST of 8 Rowand-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WESTON of 25 Linn-terrace Muirend -- Lanarkshire
WESTWATER of 32 Miller Street Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
WHARRIE of Perryflatts Thankerton -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of 19 Hattonrlgg Road Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of 21 Nellsland Drive Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of 4 Castle Court Broomhill Avenue Newton Mearns -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of 50 Merrybee Park-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of Backfield Cottage Lamington -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of Langholm Lamington -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of Langholm Lamington -- Lanarkshire
WHITE of St. Winnins 16 Ledcamcroch-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WHITEHEAD of 6 Drymeil-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WHITELAW of 118 Glen Road Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
WHITSON of Carlton Symington -- Lanarkshire
WHITTET of 50a Seres-road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WHYTE of Craigmiln 68 Busby-road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
WHYTE of Palghar 6 Braidbar-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WILDBORE of Chappell House Gateside Road Barrhead -- Lanarkshire
WILKIE of 24 Craigwell-avenue Burnside -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of 1 North Road Carnwath -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of 17 Windsor Crescent Kirkintilloch -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of 9 Crawford Street Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of Ashffeld House Tillietudlem -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of BirkwoodThornton-hall -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of Newark Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
WILLIAMSON of The Post Office Leadhills -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 11 Mlncher Crescent Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 113 New Trows Road Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 12 Mansefield Avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 22 Macham Road Larkhall -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 3 lusset Road Old Kilpatrick -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 32 Kirk Road Carmunnock -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 34 Station Road Carluke -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 6 West-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 6 West-avenue Stepps -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 66 Craigton Avenue Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 7 Roman-avenue Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 79 Hillview-drive Carolside Park Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 81 Manse Road Newmains Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of 84 Giencalrn Tower Motherwell -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Brackville 2 Albany-street Coatbridge -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Broomhill Longriggend -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Cintra 15 Edgehill-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Cormiston Towers Farm Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Craigard Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Gattonside 31 Eaglesham Road Clarkston -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Hosebank House 4 Aucbinlocb Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Huebra Muir-street Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Kenmount Stepps -- Lanarkshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WILSON of Lyncrest Shawhill Crescent Newton Mearns -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Marchraont 11 Addison Drive Douglas -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Marionville 1a Addison-drive Douglas -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Michael Cottage 41 Brocketsbrae Road Brocketsbrae Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Rosebank Busby -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Rosebank House 4 AucKlnloch Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Rydal Mount 1 Belleisle-avenue Uddingston -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Scabgill Braehead Forth -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Southill of Dripps and of Warnocks Thornton both in Thomtonhall-by-Busby -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of St. Andrews 5 Hamilton-drive Bothwell -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of The County Hospital Cleland -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of The Inch Tweedsmuir Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WILSON of Victoria Cottage 79 Lanark Road Carstairs -- Lanarkshire
WINGATE of Nether Abington Abington -- Lanarkshire
WINK of 46 Ormonde-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
WINK of 7 Garfield Avenue Bellshill -- Lanarkshire
WINTON of 51 Langdale Road Moddlesbum Chryston -- Lanarkshire
WISHART of ColHsdene Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
WISHART of Newlands 1 Barlae-avenue Eaglesham -- Lanarkshire
WISMART of Ashton Leafield Road Biggar -- Lanarkshire
WITTON of 72 Crowbill Road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
WOLFE of 4 Queens Avenue Forth -- Lanarkshire
WOOD of 10 Balvie-avenue Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WOOD of 10 Florence-drive Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WOOD of 3 Park-terrace Park-road Giffnock -- Lanarkshire
WOOD of Burnside House 25 Main-street Douglas -- Lanarkshire
WOODFORD of Whinhurst Mugdock Road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WRIGHT of 561 Clarkson-roadi Muirend -- Lanarkshire
WYLIE of The Winnery 12 Glasgow-road Milngavie -- Lanarkshire
WYPER of Dunara 77 East Kilbridc-road Busby -- Lanarkshire
YEOMAN of 19 Deanwood-avenue Muirend -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 19 Snaefell-crescent Burnside Rutherglen -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 32 Mansfield-avenue Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 5 Crosshill Road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 58 Springfield-road Bishopbriggs -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 67 Station Road Blantyre -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 85 Braidwood Road Braldwood Carluke -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of 89 Stewarton Drive Cambuslang -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Grant 4 Garngaber Avenue Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Hyndford Cottage Hyndford Bridge -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Kirkmuirhill Farm Lesmahagow -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Little Raith Broughton by Biggar -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of M!ount Aden South Park-road Hamilton -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Mazagon Lennoxtown -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Parklea 70 Glasgow Road Strathaven -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of Parklea 70 Glasgow Road strathaven -- Lanarkshire
YOUNG of St. Lawrence 55 Victoria-road Lenzie -- Lanarkshire
YOUNIE of 26 Waverley Drive Wishaw -- Lanarkshire
YUILE of Clevelands 3 Upper Glenburn-road Bearsden -- Lanarkshire
YUILL of Mill House Cleghorn -- Lanarkshire

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WALES TOWNS Aberdare  Bangor  Barry  Bridgend  Builth Wells  Cardiff  Carmarthen  Carnarvon  Llandaff  Merthyr Tydfil  Neath  Penarth  Pontypridd  Port Talbot  Rhondda  St Asaph  Swansea 
SCOTLAND COUNTIES North Britain  Scotland  Scotland (pt 1)  Scotland (pt 2)  Aberdeenshire  Angus-shire  Argyllshire  Ayrshire  Banffshire  Berwickshire  Buteshire  Caithness  Clackmannanshire  Dumbartonshire  Dumfriesshire  Elginshire  Fifeshire  Forfarshire  Invernessshire  Kincardineshire  Kinrossshire  Kirkcudbrightshire  Lanarkshire  Lothian  Midlothian  Morayshire  Nairnshire  Peeblesshire  Perthshire  Renfrewshire  Ross-shire  Roxburghshire  Selkirkshire  Shetland  Stirlingshire  Sutherland  Wigtownshire 
SCOTLAND TOWNS small Scottish town  Aberdeen  Airdrie  Alloa  Angus  Arbroath  Arran  Ayr  Banff  Berwick  Berwick-on-Tweed  Blairgowrie  Brechin  Bridge of Allan  Broughty Ferry  Calston  Cambuslang  Campbeltown  Carnoustie  Coatbridge  Crieff  Dalbeattie  Douglas  Dumbarton  Dumfries  Dunblane  Dundee  Dunfermline  Dunoon  Edinburgh  Elgin  Falkirk  Forfar  Glasgow  Grangemouth  Greenock  Haddington  Hamilton  Hawick  Helensburgh  Inverness  Kelso  Kilbride  Kilmarnock  Kirkcaldy  Kirkcudbright  Lanark  Largs  Lockerbie  Montrose  Nairn  Orkney  Paisley  Peebles  Perth  Prestwick  Rothesay  Rutherglen  Saltcoats  Selkirk  St Andrews  Stevenston  Stirling  Stonehaven  Stranraer  Strathaven  Troon  Uddingston 
BRITAIN ELSEWHERE Britain elsewhere  Guernsey  Isle of Man  Jersey  Gibraltar  Falkland Islands  Channel Islands 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND COUNTIES County Antrim  County Armagh  County Carlow  County Cavan  County Clare  County Cork  County Derry  County Donegal  County Down  County Dublin  County Fermanagh  County Galway  County Kerry  County Kildare  County Kilkenny  County Kings county  County Leitrim  County Leix  County Limerick  County Longford  County Louth  County Mayo  County Meath  County Monaghan  County Offaly  County Queens county  County Roscommon  County Sligo  County Tipperary  County Tyrone  County Waterford  County Westmeath  County Wexford  County Wicklow 
IRELAND & NORTHERN IRELAND TOWNS Antrim (town)  Armagh (town)  Belfast  Carlow (town)  Cavan (town)  Cork (town)  Donegal (town)  Dublin (town)  Galway (town)  Kilkenny (town)  Leitrim (town)  Leix (town)  Londonderry  Longford (town)  Limerick (town)  Meath (town)  Monaghan (town)  Roscommon (town)  Sligo (town)  Tipperary (town)  Waterford (town)  Westmeath (town)  Wexford (town)  Wicklow (town) 
AFRICA Africa  Central Africa  East Africa  Egypt  Gold Coast Africa  Kenya  Nigeria Africa  North Africa  Northern Africa  Northern Rhodesia  Nyasaland Africa  Portuguese East Africa  Sierra Leone Africa  South Africa  Southern Rhodesia  West Africa 
ASIA Asia  Burma  Ceylon  China  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Malay States  Pakistan  Singapore  Straits Settlements  Turkey 
EUROPE & ATLANTIC ISLANDS Albania  Austria  Balearic Islands  Belgium  Bulgaria  Canary Islands  Cape Verde Islands  Czechoslovakia  Europe (E)  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Italy  Luxembourg  Madeira  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  USSR  Yugoslavia 
MIDDLE EAST Arabia  Israel  Lebanon  Palestine  Syria  Transjordan 
OCEANIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN ISLANDS Australia  New Zealand  East Indies  Fiji Islands  Friendly Islands  Mauritius  Philippine Islands  Seychelles Islands  Society Islands  South Pacific 
SCANDINAVIA Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Iceland  Latvia  Norway 
SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA South America  Argentina  Brazil  Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Central America  Chile  Columbia  Mexico 
WEST INDIES AND ATLANTIC Atlantic  West Indies  Bahama Islands  Bermuda Islands  Jamaica  Leeward Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands 
NORTH AMERICA USA  Canada  Alabama (USA)  Alaska (USA)  Arizona (USA)  Arkansas (USA)  California (USA)  Chicago (USA)  Colorado (USA)  Connecticut (USA)  Dallas (USA)  DC (USA)  Delaware (USA)  Detroit (USA)  Florida (USA)  Georgia (USA)  Hawaii (USA)  Idaho (USA)  Illinois (USA)  Indiana (USA)  Indianapolis (USA)  Iowa (USA)  Jersey City (USA)  Kansas (USA)  Kentucky (USA)  Los Angeles (USA)  Louisiana (USA)  Maine (USA)  Maryland (USA)  Massachusetts (USA)  Mexico (USA)  Michigan (USA)  Minnesota (USA)  Mississippi (USA)  Missouri (USA)  Montana (USA)  Nebraska (USA)  Nevada (USA)  New Hampshire (USA)  New Jersey (USA)  New Mexico (USA)  New York (USA)  New York City (USA)  Niagara (USA)  North Carolina (USA)  North Dakota (USA)  Ohio (USA)  Oklahoma (USA)  Oregon (USA)  Pennsylvania (USA)  Philadelphia (USA)  Rhode Island (USA)  Rochester (USA)  San Francisco (USA)  Somerville (USA)  South Carolina (USA)  South Dakota (USA)  St Louis (USA)  Tennessee (USA)  Texas (USA)  Utah (USA)  Vermont (USA)  Virgin Islands (USA)  Virginia (USA)  Washington (USA)  Wisconsin (USA)  Wiscousin (USA)  Wyoming (USA) 
MILITARY Military 

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