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Malta is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABDILLA of 107 Blr IR Rlebu Street Zejtun -- Malta
ABDILLA of 13 Dlngll Street Zabbar -- Malta
ABDILLA of 13 Dlngll Street Zabbar -- Malta
ABDILLA of 28/3 Gunlayer Square Florlana -- Malta
ABELA of St. Theresa of the Roses Idmejda St. Balzan -- Malta
ACIUS of 95 Strada Reale Sliema -- Malta
ADAMS of Modern Imperial Hotel Sliema -- Malta
AGIUS of 2 Alley 2 Hospital Square Zebbug -- Malta
AGIUS of 9a Capua-street Sliema -- Malta
AGLIS of 13 Parallel Street Slleina -- Malta
ALAMANGO of 18 Lapsl Street St. Julians -- Malta
ALESSANDRO of 151 St. Paul Street Valletta -- Malta
ALVAREZ of Villa Bonici Sliema -- Malta
AMATO of 46 Windsor Terrace Slelma -- Malta
AMATO of 46 Windsor Terrace Sliema -- Malta
APAP of 40 Sitrada Zecca Valletta -- Malta
APAP of 76a Strada Stretta Valletta -- Malta
AQUILINA of 6 Ta Brlja Road Slgglewl -- Malta
ARDOINO of 47 Church Street Sllema -- Malta
ARRIGO of 165 Tower-road Sliema -- Malta
ARRIQO of Sllema -- Malta
ATTARD of 106F Flat 3 Old Bakery Street Valletta -- Malta
ATTARD of 2 Saint Ann Square Sllema -- Malta
ATTARD of 220 Lamuka Street Tarxlen -- Malta
ATTARD of 42 Blackley Street Pleta -- Malta
ATTARD of 59 Umbaldesca Street Casal -- Malta
ATTARD of 67 Hal-Bajjada Street Rabat -- Malta
ATTARD of Church-street Xghara Gozo -- Malta
ATTARO of 5 Imgar-road Qala Gozo -- Malta
AUDIBERT of Modem Imperial Hotel Sliema -- Malta
AZZOPARDI of 118 St. Joseph Street Luqa -- Malta
AZZOPARDI of 195 Tower Road Sllema -- Malta
AZZOPARDI of 36 Archbishop Street Valletta -- Malta
AZZOPARDI of 44 Sacred Heart Street Paola -- Malta
AZZOPARDI of 86 Marsamuxett-road Valetta -- Malta
AZZOPARDT of 64/65 Grenfell Street St. Julians -- Malta
BAILEY of 32 Strada San Filippo Vittoriosa -- Malta
BAKER of 3 Capua-street Sliema -- Malta
BALBI of the Norman House LTndina -- Malta
BALZAN of 1 Annunciation Square Sllema -- Malta
BALZAN of 116 St. John Street Valletta -- Malta
BALZAN of 23 Parallel Street Sllema -- Malta
BARCINSKI of Mtarfa Barracks Mtarfa -- Malta
BARNES of 15 Pace-street Sliema -- Malta
BARRETT of 83 Deplro Street Sllema -- Malta
BARTHET of 302 Klngsway Valletta -- Malta
BARTLETT of 23 Strada San Giovanni -- Malta
BARTOLO of 116 Main Street Mellleha -- Malta
BATES of 32a Strada Mezzodi Valletta -- Malta
BEARPARK of 81 Tigne-street Sliema -- Malta
BECK of 10 Rue d'Argens Msida -- Malta
BELLI of 37 Orchard Street Mosta -- Malta
BELLIZZI of Vllllno Belllzzi New Street Transfiguration Avenue Lla -- Malta
BELLOTTI of 24 Good Day Street Cosplcua -- Malta
BERNARD of Villa Portelli Sliema -- Malta
BERTIE of Casa De Piro -- Malta
BEVILLE of Dar Ta L'Argentler Wardlja -- Malta
BEZZINA of 4 Cameron Street Ozlra -- Malta
BEZZINA of 5 Strada Nuova Floriana -- Malta
BIANCHI of 16 Milner Street Sliema -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
BIDDULPH of Imperial Hotel Sliema -- Malta
BLOW of 61 Luke-street Castle Paula -- Malta
BOFFA of 116 Tarxlen Road Pawla -- Malta
BONANNO of Cross Street Mellleha -- Malta
BONELLO of 116/117 St. Margaret Street Slgglewl -- Malta
BONELLO of 172 Two Gate-street Senglea -- Malta
BONELLO of Valetta -- Malta
BONETT of 34 St. Pius V Street Sllema -- Malta
BONNET of 35 St. Plus Street Sllema -- Malta
BONNEY of Flat 2 Egmont Close Sliema -- Malta
BONNICI of 112 Strada San Galtano Hamrun -- Malta
BONNICI of 112 Strada San Galtano Hamrun -- Malta
BONNICI of 198/1 Kingsway Valletta -- Malta
BONNICI of 90 Marsaxlokk Quay Marsaxlokk -- Malta
BONNICI of Birkirkara -- Malta
BOOTH of The Royal Naval Hospital -- Malta
BORDA of 31 Mrabat Street St. Julians -- Malta
BORDA of 45 Parallel Street Sliema -- Malta
BORG of 12c Grlen Ingraw Street Mellleha -- Malta
BORG of 143 Main Street Blrklrkara -- Malta
BORG of 168 Wordia-street Kala Gozo -- Malta
BORG of 199 St. Margarets Street Slgglewl -- Malta
BORG of 23 Victoria Avenue Hamrun -- Malta
BORG of 44 Mandragglo Street Vlttorlosa -- Malta
BORG of 47 High Street Balzan Sllema -- Malta
BORG of 48 Mannarlno Road Blrklrkara -- MaLta
BORG of 56 St Nicholas-square Siggiwi -- Malta
BORG of 68/2 St. Thomas Street Floriana -- Malta
BORG of 79 St. Sebastean Street Zonal -- Malta
BORG of 82 Guardamangla Hill Pleta -- Malta
BORG of 9 Main Street St. Julians -- Malta
BORG of Birkirkard in -- Malta
BORG of Qonml -- Malta
BORG of Rabat -- Malta
BOULDEN of 136 Tower-road Sliema -- Malta
BRIFFA of Flat 2 Caledonia Mansions Dragut Street Qul-sl-Sana -- Malta
BRINCAT of 168 Pieta Wharf Pieta -- Malta
BRINCAT of 27 Victory-street Hamrun -- Malta
BROWN of 83 Old College-street Sliema -- Malta
BROWN of Casal Paola -- Malta
BUGEJA of 10 Sannat-road Sannat Gozo -- Malta
BUGEJA of Sesame House Fleur de Lys Junction St. Vlnnera Blrfclrkara -- Malta
BUHAGIAR of 24 Prince of Wales Square Z abbar -- Malta
BURNS of Notabilc -- Malta
BUSUTTIL of 10 Square Approach Vlttorlosa -- Malta
BUSUTTIL of 108 The Strand Sllema -- Malta
BUSUTTIL of 14/24 Strait Street Valletta -- Malta
BUSUTTIL of 6 Addolorata Street Blrzebbugla -- Malta
BUSUTTIL of 8 St. Joseph Street Safi -- Malta
BUTTIGIEG of 56 Zachary Street Valletta -- Malta
BYRNE of 62 Andy Street Sllema -- Malta
CACHIA of 112 St. Helen Street Sliema -- Malta
CACHIA of 19 Don Paul Street Luqa -- Malta
CAFFARI of 68 Tonna Street Sliema -- Malta
CALCATERRA of 41 Dlngll Street Sllelna -- Malta
CALLEJA of 19 Cathedral Street Sllema -- Malta
CALLEJA of 67 Toima Street Sllema -- Malta
CAMILLE of 39 Ghar Iddud-street Sliema -- Malta
CAMILLER of Insida -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 10 Point Street Sllema -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CAMILLERI of 107 Anglu Malla Street B'Kara -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 23 Parish Street Mosta -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 43 St. Georges Street Luga -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 52 St. Anthony Street Mosta -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 59 Anminclatlon Street Sllelna -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 74 New Street Sllema -- Malta
CAMILLERI of 9 Count Roger Street Rabat -- Malta
CAMILLERI of No. 4 Alley 1 St. Johns Street Slgglewl -- Malta
CAMPBELL of The Palace -- Malta
CARNELL of 30 Strada Smrabat St Juliens Sliema -- Malta
CARUANA of 104 Old Theatre Street Valetta -- Malta
CARUANA of 112 High Street Zebbing -- Malta
CARUANA of 118 Pretty Bay Blrzebbuga -- Malta
CARUANA of 17 Tlgne Terrace Sllema -- Malta
CARUANA of 36 Cosplcua Road Pawla -- Malta
CARUANA of 9 New Street Marina Valetta -- Malta
CARUANA of Senglea -- Malta
CARUANA of The Star St. Monica Street Tarxlen -- Malta
CASHA of 22 Klngsway Valletta -- Malta
CASOLANI of 10 St. Nicholas Street Sllema -- Malta
CASSAR of 2 St. Dominie-square Rabat -- Malta
CASSAR of 25 Temple Street Eeltun -- Malta
CASSAR of Flat 1 Block B Government Buildings Pawla -- Malta
CAUCHI of 13 Crugnu-street Nadur Gozo -- Malta
CHALMERS of 109 Marina Street Pleta -- Malta
CHARBON of 214 Street Misida Birchircara -- Malta
CHEESMAN of His Majesty's Dockyard -- Malta
CHERRY of 53 Victoria-avenue Sliema -- Malta
CHESNEY of Casa Misida 90 Misida-road Birkirkaro -- Malta
CHETCHTI of 48 St. Margaret Street Mosta -- Malta
CHETCUTI of 58 Windsor Terrace Sllema -- Malta
CHIRCOP of 83 Bishop Carvana Str Zebbug -- Malta
CHRISTIE of Crown Hotel Shelna -- Malta
CIANTAR of Casa Clantar Gate Street Zebbug -- Malta
CIANTAR of Floriana -- Malta
CILIA of 22 Soutai Street Valletta -- Malta
CILIA of 36 Market Boimlcl Cospicua -- Malta
CILIA of 441 St. Pauls Street St. Pauls Bay -- Malta
CILIA of 54 New-street Sliema -- Malta
CINNAMOND of Osborne Hotel South Street Valetta -- Malta
COLDWELL of 2 Largo Samp Agala Notabile -- Malta
COLLIER of 9 Ghar-id-dud Sliema -- Malta
COLLINS of 5 Plazzo Santa Sofia Melina -- Malta
COOK of 147 Tower-road -- Malta
COOMBS of King George V Merchant Seamens Memorial Hospital FLorlana -- Malta
COOPER of Green Gates Cannon Road St. Vennera -- Malta
CORDINA of Msida -- Malta
COTTON of 31 Luzlo Street Slllema -- Malta
CREMONA of 49 St. Christopher-strcet Valetta -- Malta
CREMONA of 49 St. Christopher-street Valetta -- Malta
CUMBO of St. Jpseph High Street Balzan -- Malta
CURINI of 12 Saint Catherines-street Zejtun -- Malta
CURMI of 133 Pinto Street Toml -- Malta
CUTAJAR of 7 Doroinca Street Zabbar -- Malta
DAGATA of Regent Palace Apartments 74 Flat 1 Dingol Circus Sliema -- Malta
DARMANIN of 4 New Street Block 7 Cosplcua -- Malta
DARMANIN of 42 St. Georges Street Cosplcua -- Malta
DARMANIN of 45 St. Thomas Street Florlana -- Malta
DAVIDSON of 18Balluta-buildings St Julians -- Malta
DAVISON of 182 Prince of Wales Road Sliema -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DEBATTISTA of 61 St. Lucia Street Valletta -- Malta
DEGAETANO of 10 St. Mary Street Tlgfie -- Malta
DEGIORGIO of Sitka House Qul-sl-Sana Sllema -- Malta
DELIA of Villa Marchesl 6 Qoml Road Casal Attard -- Malta
DEMARCO of 43 St. Paul Street Naxxaro -- Malta
DEMICOL of 10 Bugeta Buildings Prince of Wales Road Sliema -- Malta
DENARO of Valetta -- Malta
DEVITT of 2 Denellr Flats Tower Road Sllema -- Malta
DIMECH of 160 Tower Road Sllema -- Malta
DIMECH of 52 St. John Street Mosta -- Malta
DIMECH of Balluta Buildings Main Street St. Julians -- Malta
DINGLI of 10c Bisazza Street Sliema in -- Malta
DINGLI of 42 Tlgne Sea Front Sllema -- Malta
DOWNES of 93 park End Bromley -- Malta
EBEJER of 42 Irish Street Vlttorlosa -- Malta
ECCLES of The Crown Hotel Sliema -- Malta
EDWARDS of 67 Barbara Street Hamrun -- Malta
ELLUL of 35 Beland Street Zejtun -- Malta
ELLUL of 57 St. Johns Street Cosplcna -- Malta
ELLUL of 9 Qzlra Circus Gzlra -- Malta
EVANS of 163 Conception-street Misida -- Malta
EVANS of Officers Mess R.A. F. Luga -- Malta
FALKNER of The Union Club Valetta -- Malta
FALZON of 11 St. Cataldus-street Rabat -- Malta
FALZON of 32 Hospital Street Rabat -- Malta
FALZON of 46 St. Joseph Street Zejtun -- Malta
FARRU6IA of Tarvllle Ta Xblex Mslda -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 14B Alley 1 Sanctuary Street Labbar -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 181 Tower Road Sllema -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 32 Idmeida-street Balzan -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 54 St. Lukes Street Pawla -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 6 Alley 11 Mill Street Slgglewl -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 65 Blanche Street Sliema -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 69 Llesse Hill Valletta -- Malta
FARRUGIA of 9 Balluta Buildings Main street St. Julians -- Malta
FARRUQIA of 89 St. Helens Street Sllema -- Malta
FELICI of 254 Main Street Zebbug -- Malta
FENECH of 12 Wlleg Street St. Pauls Bay -- Malta
FENECH of 166 St. Marys Street Ghaxaq -- Malta
FENECH of 23 Bwleraq Street Blrklrkara -- Malta
FENECH of 27 St. Anthony Street Mosta -- Malta
FENNEMORE of Rhoda Sacred Heart-street Casal Paula -- Malta
FERRIS of 204 Flat 1 Old Bakery Street Valletta Malta and temporarily of Apap institute St. Josephs Road Hamrun -- Malta
FERRO of 6 Bakluta Buildings Main Street St. Julians -- Malta
FIELDER of 2 Largo Sant Agatha -- Malta
FLANNERY of Villa Camp De Mar Tambier -- Malta
FLEETWOOD of 136 Tower Road Sllema -- Malta
FLORIDIA of 27 St. Plus V Street Sllema -- Malta
FORMOSA of 136 Strada Reale Zabbar -- Malta
FORMOSA of Flat 6 Second Floor Camerata Building Merchants Street Valletta -- Malta
FORSYTH of 3 Brighton Flats 126 Tower Road Sliema -- Malta
FORWARD of Flat 3 49 Main Street St. Julians -- Malta
FRANCIA of 310 Strada Reale Valletta -- Malta
FREATHY of Bua House Dingle-street Sliema -- Malta
FREATHY of Bua House Dingle-street Sliema -- Malta
FRIEND of 23 Windsor-terrace Sliema -- Malta
FRIEND of 23 Windsor-terrace Sliema -- Malta
FRISK of 3 Curml Street Marsa -- Malta
FROST of 113 Splnola Road St. Julians -- Malta
GALEA of -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
GALEA of 17 Tonna Street Sllema -- Malta
GALEA of 190 St. Paul Street Valletta -- Malta
GALEA of 191 St. Lucia Street Valletta -- Malta
GALEA of 3 Balluta Buildings St. Julians -- Malta
GALEA of 33 Ponscnby Street Mosta -- Malta
GALEA of Attard -- Malta
GALEA of Nichola Gozo -- Malta
GATT of 150 Main Street Lla -- Malta
GATT of 38 Fleur de Lis Road BlrKlrkara -- Malta
GATT of Bijouville 29 Buskett Road Rabat -- Malta
GATT of Vivi House 58 Halsaflieni-strcet Pawla -- Malta
GATT of Wallfield House Carob Road Santa Vennera -- Malta
GAUCI of 165 St. Nicholas-street Valletta -- Malta
GAUCI of 182 Main Street St. Julians -- Malta
GAUCI of Fann House Ta Sabbat Dlngll Road Dingll -- Malta
GAUD of 4 Fleur de lys Road Blrklrkara -- Malta
GEOGHEGAN of Windmill Cottage Casal Lia -- Malta
GIORDMAINA of 2 St. Publius Street Mdina -- Malta
GLAVINA of Anthony House St. Anthony Street Balzan -- Malta
GOLLCHER of Noiman House Mdlna -- Malta
GRAVES of 6 St Angustines-avenue Rabat -- Malta
GRAVINA of Valetta -- Malta
GRECH of 1 9/10 Frose Hill Vlttorlosa -- Malta
GRECH of 117 Strait-street Valletta -- Malta
GRECH of 12 Eucharistic Congress Road Mosta -- Malta
GRECH of 131 St. Helen Street Sllema -- Malta
GRECH of 166 Blrklrkara Road St. Julians -- Malta
GRECH of 167 BlrklrKara Road St. Julians -- Malta
GRECH of 212 Klngsway Valletta -- Malta
GRECH of 59 Mrabat Street Sllema -- Malta
GRECH of 9 St. Stephen Street Blrzebbugla -- Malta
GRECH of VUla Grech-Mlfsud Mosta In -- Malta
GREENALL of Valetta -- Malta
GREGORY of 16 Parallel-street Shelna -- Malta
GREGORY of 19 Mellta Junction Sllema -- Malta
GRIFFITHS of Adelaide House Tower-road Sliema -- Malta
GRIMA of 2 Mannarlno Road Blrklrkara -- Malta
GRIMA of 2 Parish Square Mellleha -- Malta
GRIMA of 68 Old Hospital Street Valletta -- Malta
GRIMWOOD of Imperial Hotel Sliema in -- Malta
GRIMWOOD of Sea Cliff Hotel 225 Tower Road Slliema -- Malta
GUSMAN of 2 Vicolo Prime Strada Marina Cospicua -- Malta
HALL of The Convent of the Sacred Heart St. Julians -- Malta
HAMILTON of 6 Married Officers-quarters Imtarfa -- Malta
HAMPTON of 37 Strada Tigne Sliema -- Malta
HARDING of 29 Luzju Street Sllema -- Malta
HARDING of 9 St. Joto Boseo Street Sllema -- Malta
HARGREAVES of Villa Helvellyn Tablex -- Malta
HARPER of 3 Saqqajja Steps Rabat -- Malta
HAYLES of King George V Hospital -- Malta
HAYLES of King George V Hospital -- Malta
HILL of 154 St. Domenlca Street Zabbar -- Malta
HOGAN of 91d St Elena Sliema -- Malta
HUDSON of Officers Hess R.A.F. Station Uiqa -- Malta
HUGGINS of 142 Mslda Street Blrklkara -- Malta
INGUANEZ of Casa Inguanez Mdlna -- Malta
IREDALE of 29 St. Anthony Street Attard -- Malta
IZZO of 18 Strada Mezzodi Valetta in -- Malta
JEFFERY of 17 Sda Mrabat Sliema -- Malta
JENKINSON of 161 St. Joseph -street Senglea -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
JOHNSTONE of 2 Married-quarters Kalafrana Birxebrugia -- Malta
JONES of 47 Strada Tigne Sliema -- Malta
KERR of 55 Strada Regina Valletta -- Malta
KERR of 84 Strada Levante Valletta -- Malta
KERR of Rue d?Argent Misida -- Malta
KINSELLA of Villa Rlmlglo Maddelena District Gharghur -- Malta
KNIGHT of Sliema -- Malta
LAMING of Chamberlain House Cospicua Casal Paula -- Malta
LANKSBURY of 15 Strait-street Valletta -- Malta
LAWRENCE of 2 Blackmans Court St. Lukes Road Pleta -- Malta
LEE of The Palms Strada Birkirkara-street Saint Julians -- Malta
LEONARD of Gzlra -- Malta
LEONARD of Gzrla -- Malta
LITTLE of 48 Strada Britannica Vittoriosa -- Malta
LOCKHART of 51 Prince of Wales-road Slicma -- Malta
LONGO of 259 St. Pauls Street Valletta -- Malta
LOW of -- Malta
MACFARLANE of Villa Dunalistair Casal Tanden -- Malta
MACFARLANE of Villa Dunalistar Tarxen -- Malta
MACGREGOR of the Royal Hotel Valletta -- Malta
MACPHERSON of St. Clair Railway Road Balzan -- Malta
MACPHERSON of Tome Cavalelrlzza Marsaxlokk -- Malta
MAMO of 52 Llgne Terrace Sllema -- Malta
MAMO of 72 St. Margaret Street Slgglewl -- Malta
MANCHE of 20 Marina Street Sllema -- Malta
MANCHE of 20 Marino Street Sllema -- Malta
MANCHE of 47 Bakery Street Lla -- Malta
MANGION of 44 Main-street Hamrun -- Malta
MANGION of Belvedere Street Gzlra -- Malta
MANGION of St. Mary Atocla Street Hamran -- Malta
MARMARA of Alexandra House Strada Zarfa Marsa -- Malta
MARR of Flat 2 37 Durgll Street Sllema -- Malta
MARTIN of 28 Dingli-strcet Sliema -- Malta
MATTEI of 54 Victoria-avenue Sliema -- Malta
MAY of Royal Air Force Station -- Malta
MAYBOURNE of 45 Romney Road Wlllesborough Ashford -- Malta
MELI of Valletta -- Malta
MERCIECA of 11 Oratory Street Pawla -- Malta
MICALLEF of 42 Falgon Street Sllema -- Malta
MICALLEF of 43 St. Pauls Street Luqa -- Malta
MICALLEF of 5/6 Alley Six Main Street Mosta -- Malta
MICHAEL of Pax House Old Railway Road Birkirkara -- Malta
MIFSUD of 117 Our Lady of Mercy Street Zejtun -- Malta
MIFSUD of 14 Berql Alley Zabbar -- Malta
MIFSUD of 34 Eucharlstle Congress Road Mosta -- Malta
MILANES of 48 Victory Street Senghea -- Malta
MILES of Flat 11 Uourdes Buildings Mslda -- Malta
MIZZI of 106 St. Mary-street Sliema -- Malta
MIZZI of 18 Saint Angelo Street Saint Jullano -- Malta
MOON of 158a Tower-road Sliema -- Malta
MOORE of 314 St. Pauls-street Valeria -- Malta
MOORE of R.A.F. Station Takali -- Malta
MOYSER of Villa Flora 86 Mslda Street Blrklrkara -- Malta
MUDD of 14 St. Ma-street Tarxien -- Malta
MUSCAT of 14 St. Margaret Street Mosta -- Malta
MUSCAT of 149 Archbishop Street Valletta -- Malta
MUSCAT of 17 St. Leonard Square Mosta -- Malta
MUSCAT of 48 Merchants Street Valletta -- Malta
MUSCAT of 54 Main street Naxxar -- Malta
MUSCAT of 9 Railway Avenue Hamrun -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MUSCAT of Casal Sebbug -- Malta
NAME of 14-23 Vlncentl Buildings Strait Street Valletta -- Malta
NAME of 20 Magazzlne Street Mdlna -- Malta
NAME of 26 Constitution Street Mosta -- Malta
NAME of 42 Mannarlno Road Blrklrkara -- Malta
NAME of 449 High Street Hamrun -- Malta
NAME of 50 Parallel Street Sliema -- Malta
NAME of 6A Block Oovenunent Buildings Pawla -- Malta
NAME of 74 Hlgji Street Sllema -- Malta
NAME of Gnlen San Paul In the limits of Blrkirkara -- Malta
NASSETTA of 60 Stella Marls Street Slelna -- Malta
NAUDI of Flat 2 107A Zecca Flats Old Mint Street Valletta -- Malta
NAUDI of Maisonette 12 Block 5 Government Buildings Gherlezlem Rabat -- Malta
O'SHEA of Villa Trafford 43 Ingaunez Street Rabat -- Malta
OHLSON of 41 Merchants-street Valetta -- Malta
OLIVIER of 145 St Helen Street Sllema -- Malta
ONEILL of Dahiia House Blanche-street Siiema -- Malta
ONSLOW of Casa Onslow Marsaxlokk -- Malta
PACE of 1 St. Agatha-street Sliema -- Malta
PACE of 141 Old College Street Sliema -- Malta
PACE of 70 Slgglelvl Road Zebbug in -- Malta
PARIS of 73 Luqa Road Pawla -- Malta
PARNIS of Crown Hotel Sllema -- Malta
PARNIS of Crown Hotel Sllema -- Malta
PARNIS of Valetta -- Malta
PATERSON of Shema -- Malta
PATON of Qoldwell Houses Aldington Ashford -- Malta
PATRICK of Springfield Locker-street Qui-sana Sliema -- Malta
PEERLESS of Senglea -- Malta
PENWILL of King George the Fifth Hospital -- Malta
PETER of 12a St Helena Flats Cospicua -- Malta
PHILLIPS of 5 Victoria Junction Sliema -- Malta
PIROTTA of 10/ll Three Churches Street Balzan -- Malta
PISAN of 9 CSiar 11 Lembl Street Sllema -- Malta
POLIDANO of The Blue Sisters Hospital Sllema -- Malta
POLLARD of 3 Roger Flats Naggu Ellne Street Gzira -- Malta
PONS of Tower Road Sllema -- Malta
PORTANIER of 197 Strait Street Valletta -- Malta
PORTELLI of 118 Old College Street Sliema -- Malta
PORTELLI of 14 St. Mary Street Tlgne Sllema -- Malta
PORTELLI of 15 Geacbin-street Nadur Ghandex -- Malta
PORTELLI of 36 Sapper Road Zurrleg -- Malta
PORTELLI of 48 Bir Ir Rlebu Street Rabat -- Malta
PORTER of St. Julians -- Malta
PRANCE of Villa Odysseus Trlq Qjaraar Xagha Oozo -- Malta
PREZIOSI of 108 St. Thomas Street Florlana -- Malta
PRICE of Villa Frere Pieta -- Malta
PRICE of Villa Trere Pieta -- Malta
PSAILA of Villa Bahar-ic-Caghaq Bahar-ic-Caghaq -- Malta
PULIS of 12 Arcade Street Pawla -- Malta
PYKE of 46 Hartlngton Court Hartlngton Road London W.4 and H.M.S. Halfor -- Malta
RAIMONDO of 55 Marina Wharf Kaikara -- Malta
RAWNSLEY of Metropole Hotel Sliema -- Malta
READ of Flat 5 Egniont Close Sllema -- Malta
REYNAUD of 2 Capua Street Sllema -- Malta
RICE of The British Hotel Valletta -- Malta
RICHARDSON of 34 San Antonia Street Attard -- Malta
RICHARDSON of Tlgne Court Hotel Sllema -- Malta
RIPARD of Dar Dun Alfred Blsazza Street Sllema -- Malta
RIPPEY of Flat H Dolphin Court Ta Xblex -- Malta
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RIZZO of 71 Pawla Road Tarxlen -- Malta
ROBERTS of 56 Dlngll Street Sllema -- Malta
ROBINSON of 164 Strade Lecca Valletta -- Malta
ROBINSON of Flat 2 61 Nazarene Street Sliema -- Malta
ROBINSON of His Majesty?s Dockyard -- Malta
ROSSI of 162 Old Cottage-street St. Julians -- Malta
RUSSELL of Flat 6 61 Onslow Square London S.W 6 and Flat 1 1 Marina Alley 2 Pleta -- Malta
SAID of 22 Wled-ls-Slr Street Mosta -- Malta
SAID of 252 St. Ursula Street Valetta -- Malta
SAID of 252 Ursola Street Valletta -- Malta
SAID of 33 January Street Xaghra Gozo -- Malta
SAID of 37 Muxl Square Lebbug -- Malta
SAID of 42 St. Cataldus Street Rabat -- Malta
SALIBA of 48 Tarxlen Street Tarxien -- Malta
SALIBA of 50 Callus Street Mosta -- Malta
SALTER of Tomaco San Pawl Tat Targa Naxzar -- Malta
SAMMUT of 16 Block 4 St. Peter and Paul Street Senglea -- Malta
SAMMUT of 193 Zerafa Street Marsa -- Malta
SAMMUT of 324 Rue D'Argens Czlra -- Malta
SAMMUT of 38 Cataldus Street Rabat -- Malta
SANDELL of Carlisle-buildirigs Tigne -- Malta
SANDELL of Carlisle-buildirigs Tigne -- Malta
SANT of 57 Paola Street Casal Tarxlen -- Malta
SATARIANO of 11 Windsor Terrace Sllema -- Malta
SAVONA of 7 Tigne-street Sliema -- Malta
SAVONA of 7 Tigne-street Sliema -- Malta
SCERRI of 103 Eerafa Street Marsa -- Malta
SCERRI of 170 Fleur-de-Lis Road St. Venera -- Malta
SCERRI of 210 High Street Hamrun -- Malta
SCHEMBRI of 101 Reid Street Qzlra -- Malta
SCHEMBRI of 4 Blanche Street Sliema -- Malta
SCI of 113 Mannarlno Road B'kara -- Malta
SCIBERRAS of 160 St. Lucy Street Naxxar -- Malta
SCICLUNA of 139 Sammat Street Pawla -- Malta
SCICLUNA of 54 Graham Street Sllema -- Malta
SCICLUNA of Dragonara Palace St. Julians Spinola -- Malta
SCLIVACHOTIS of 12 Qul-Sl-Sana Place Sllema -- Malta
SCOTT of Sliema -- Malta
SEARLE of R.N.W.T. Station Dlngll -- Malta
SEMINI of 12 Sir Themlstocles Zammlt Avenue Ta Xblex -- Malta
SHELDON of Flat 2 La Valctte Floriana -- Malta
SHELDON of St Georges Barracks -- Malta
SHORTHOUSE of Sleima -- Malta
SHORTRIDGE of 1 Pender Place St. Andrews Road St. Julians -- Malta
SINNOTT of ivy St. Michael Street Paola -- Malta
SMEDLEY of 64 St. Joseph-street Marsascala -- Malta
SMITH of Camerata Stradi Mercarti Valletta -- Malta
SMITH of Casa Nostra Qswra Road Sallna Bay St. Pauls Bay -- Malta
SMITH of Flat 1 137 Tower Road Slleraa -- Malta
SPITERI of 11 Old Bakery Street Valletta -- Malta
SPITERI of 23 St. Patrick Street Blrzebuggla -- Malta
SPITERI of 82 John Street Luqa -- Malta
SPITERI of Casal Paula -- Malta
STANLEY of 23 Pretty Bay Birzebbugia -- Malta
STARSMEARE of 112 Caspicua-road Casal Pawla -- Malta
STILON of 180 Strada Ciestojoro Valletta -- Malta
STJOHN of 56 Ta Xblen Wharf Maida -- Malta
STRICKLAND of Villa Bologna -- Malta
SULLIVAN of La Xblex Gzlra -- Malta
SWIFT of The Chantry Tal Kappara Mslerah -- Malta
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SYKES of The Metropole Hotel Sllema -- Malta
TABONE of Qonnl -- Malta
TALBOT of 116 Howard Street Shenla -- Malta
TANTI of 60 Saint Plus V Street Sllema -- Malta
TESTA of 239 St. Paul Street Valletta -- Malta
TESTA of 239 St. Pauls Street Valletta -- Malta
TESTAFERRATA of Mamlsl Palace limits of Marsaxlokk -- Malta
THEUMA of 302 St. Pauls Street Valletta -- Malta
TOOKE of Mercury House Pope Urbanus Street Balzan -- Malta
TRIMBOY of 8 Clarence-street Pawla -- Malta
TURNER of 177 St. Joseph Street Senglea -- Malta
TWELVES of 8 Spinola Bay St Julians -- Malta
TYRER of 76 Windsor-terrace Sliema Island of -- Malta
VASSALLO of 178 Tamer Road Sllema -- Malta
VELLA of 34 Hall Street Sebbug -- Malta
VELLA of 6 Alley 3 Bu-r-Rubu Rabat -- Malta
VELLA of 66 East Street Valletta -- Malta
VELLA of 75 Quneayer Street Florlana -- Malta
VELLA of 82 Shada Reale Sliema -- Malta
VELLA of Alley 2 No 1 Hal-Bajjada Street Rabat -- Malta
VELLA of Piazetta Passage No. 45 Nadur -- Malta
VELLA of Valletta -- Malta
VINCETT of 14 Caledonia Mansions Qul-sl-Sana -- Malta
VONBROCKDORFF of 4 Alexandra Street Sllema -- Malta
WALKER of 11 St Angelo-street St Julians -- Malta
WALKER of 11 Strada Saint Angelo Saint Juliano -- Malta
WALKER of 11 Strada Sant Angelo St Julians -- Malta
WALKER of Hamrun -- Malta
WATKINS of 9 Point Flats Point Street Sllema -- Malta
WATKINS of Boxer House 100 Sda B?Cara St Julians -- Malta
WAYT of Cospicua 1 Saint Helena Flats Valetta -- Malta
WEST of Sllema -- Malta
WETTIHGER of Valetta -- Malta
WILLIAMS of 86 Lascarls Buildings Lascarls Marina Valletta -- Malta
WILSON of 4 Belvedere-buildings Pieta -- Malta
WORKMAN of Royal Artillery Barracks -- Malta
WORKMAN of Royal Artillery Barracks -- Malta
XERRI of 149 Main Street Llja -- Malta
XUEREB of 1 Alley 1 College Street Rabat -- Malta
XUEREB of 117 St. Pauls Street Valletta -- Malta
XUEREB of 37 St. Vincent Street Sllema -- Malta
ZAHRA of 32 vilhena Street Zebbug -- Malta
ZAHRA of 95 St. Mary Street Qhaxaq -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 1 Pretty Bay Blrzabuggla -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 137 Sllema Wharf Gzvla -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 16 Providence Street Victoria Island of Gozo -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 170 Main Street Mosta -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 23 Strada Dietro il Bastione Victoria Gozo -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 27 Dlngll Street Sliema -- Malta
ZAMMIT of 35 Gzlra Road Gzlra -- Malta
ZAMMITTABONA of Golcar House Dragut-street Quisi Sana Place -- Malta
ZERAFA of 38 Hospital Street Rpbat -- Malta

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