Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Perth is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ABBOTT of Baldinny Coupar-Angus -- Perth
ADAMS of 7 Douglas Cottages Abbey Road Scone -- Perth
ADAMS of 74 Craigle Road -- Perth
ADDIE of Glenburn [Bellwood Park -- Perth
AIKMAN of 6 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
AINSLIE of 35 Pitcullen Terrace -- Perth
AINSLIE of Denehurst 2 Kincarrathie-crescent -- Perth
ALEXANDER of Pennylands Bowerswell Road -- Perth
ALLAN of 12 Muirhall Terrace -- Perth
ALLAN of 33 Needless Road -- Perth
ALLAN of 36 North Methven-street -- Perth
ALSTON of Dalcrue Pitcairngreen -- Perth
AMESS of 47 Oakbank-crescent -- Perth
ANDERSON of 18 Pitcullen Terrace -- Perth
ANDERSON of 32 King Street -- Perth
ANDERSON of 62 Gray Street -- Perth
ANDERSON of 64 Jeanfield Road and 16 St. John Street both In -- Perth
ANDERSON of 71 Strathmore Street -- Perth
ANDERSON of 8 Fraser Terrace -- Perth
ANDERSON of Dalgamo Murray Cottages Gannochy-road -- Perth
ANDERSON of Rathgar 18 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
ANGUS of 119 Needless Road -- Perth
ANGUS of 12 Tibbermore Gardens -- Perth
ANGUS of Culbokie Viewlands Road -- Perth
ARNOTT of 117 Balhousie Street -- Perth
ARNOTT of Tollygunge 20 Fairies Road -- Perth
ARTHUR of Murray Boyar Institution -- Perth
ASHTON of 8 Crieff Road -- Perth
ASHTON of Ellengowan Meigle -- Perth
ASLETT of 44 Balhousie Street -- Perth
ATKINSON of 11 Harley Place -- Perth
AULD of 10 Evelyn Terrace -- Perth
BAIRD of 47 George-street -- Perth
BALLENTINE of Bonkle Cottage Young Street Craigie -- Perth
BARCLAY of 25 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
BARCLAY of Benarty 105 Needless Road -- Perth
BARLOW of Beechcroft 13 Braeside Gardens Cherrybank -- Perth
BARNETT of 60 Atholl Street -- Perth
BARR of 4 MUlrhall Bank -- Perth
BAXTER of 176 Glasgow Road -- Perth
BAXTER of 8 Comely Bank-gardens -- Perth
BEAT of 160 Glasgow Road -- Perth
BEATON of 37 Craigie-road -- Perth
BELL of 183 Glasgow Road -- Perth
BELL of Belville Needless-road Perth
BELL of Kincarrathie House -- Perth
BELL of R.A.S.C. Memorial Club 10 St. Leonards Bank -- Perth
BISSET of 8 St. Leonards Bank -- Perth
BISSETT of 35 York Place -- Perth
BLOY of 162 Crieff Road -- Perth
BOOTH of West Lodge St. Martins -- Perth
BOYLE of 2 Knowles Terrace -- Perth
BRAND of 1 Balhousie Bank Hay-street -- Perth
BRAND of 16 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
BROCKIE of 16 Evelyn Terrace -- Perth
BROOKS of Dovecoteland Cottage High Street -- Perth
BROUGH of 50 Balhousie-street -- Perth
BROWN of 11 Spens Crescent -- Perth
BROWN of 3 Braeside Gardens -- Perth
BROWN of 3 Fairmount Terrace Barnhill -- Perth
BROWN of 3 Falnnount Terrace Barnhill -- Perth
BROWN of Graybank Villa Glasgow Road -- Perth
BROWN of Iona 28 Burghmuir Road -- Perth
BROWN of Letham House -- Perth
BROWN of Queenis Hotel -- Perth
BROWN of Tayhill -- Perth
BROWNE of 47 Kingswell Terrace Letham -- Perth
BRUMWELL of 10 Tullylumb Terrace -- Perth
BRUNTON of 85 Glasgow-road ajnd of 1 York- place both in -- Perth
BRYDEN of 43 Muirton Bank -- Perth
BUIST of Hunterslea 5 Western-avenue -- Perth
BURNS of 153 Crieff-road -- Perth
BURNS of 91 Muirton Place -- Perth
BURNS of Bellwood Cottage Dundee Road -- Perth
BUTLER of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
BYARB of 73 Wilson Street -- Perth
CALLOWAY of 29 Haddon-road -- Perth
CAMERON of 28 Caledonian Road -- Perth
CAMERON of 34 Hay Street -- Perth
CAMERON of 4 Charlotte Place -- Perth
CAMERON of 4 Moredun-square -- Perth
CAMERON of 58 Woodside Crescent -- Perth
CAMERON of Beechbank Cottage Rattray Blairgowrie -- Perth
CAMERON of Crieff Nursing Home Craigard Road Crieff -- Perth
CAMERON of Lochiel 107 Needless Road -- Perth
CAMERON of The Neuk Muirhall Road -- Perth
CAMERON of The Rectory Glencarse -- Perth
CAMERON of Three Comely Bank -- Perth
CAMPBELL of 16 Millar Street Crieff -- Perth
CAMPBELL of 26 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
CAMPBELL of 36a Hay Street -- Perth
CAMPBELL of 53 Muirton Place -- Perth
CAMPBELL of 57 King Street -- Perth
CAMPBELL of 73 Dunkeld Road -- Perth
CAMPBELL of Binrock Muirton Bank -- Perth
CAMPBELL of Birchwood 27 Muirton Bank -- Perth
CAMPBELL of Craigview 22 Fairies Road -- Perth
CAMPBELL of Fields Oakbank Road -- Perth
CAMPBELL of Hillside Homes -- Perth
CAMPBELL of Vifew-lands House Viewlands-road -- Perth
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
CARMICHAEL of Muir House 22 Murray-place -- Perth
CARMICHAEL of Muir House Murray Place and 71 South Methven Street both In -- Perth
CARNIE of 26 York Place -- Perth
CHALMERS of 5 Comely Bank -- Perth
CHALMERS of 5 Comely-bank -- Perth
CHALMERS of Ferguslea 5 Murray-place -- Perth
CHARLES of Denehurst Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
CHISHOLM of Hillcrest Kinnaird Bank -- Perth
CHISHOLM of Hillcrest Kinnaird Bank -- Perth
CHRISTIE of 22 Edinburg Road -- Perth
CHRISTIE of 3 Kincarrathie-crescent -- Perth
CHRISTIE of 46 Fairies Road -- Perth
CHRISTIE of 47d Glengarry Road -- Perth
CHRISTIE of 8 Kings Place -- Perth
CHRISTIE of Bondle Mackenzie and Company Writers -- Perth
CHRISTISON of 7 Moncrieff Terrace -- Perth
CLARKE of 10 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
CLARKE of VieWbank Moredun Terrace -- Perth
CLUNIE of 12 Spens-crescent -- Perth
COCHRANE of 52 Jeanfield Road -- Perth
COLLARBONE of 47 Viewlands Road -- Perth
CONDIE of Tulloch Farm -- Perth
CONNAH of 9B Ainslie Place -- Perth
COOK of 69 Burghmuir-road -- Perth
COOPER of Tully-veh Murray-place -- Perth
COWIE of 2 Western Avenue -- Perth
CRABB of 5 Craiglea Road -- Perth
CRADOCK of Rosemount Tullylumb Terrace -- Perth
CRAGGS of 23 Muirton Bank -- Perth
CRAMOND of Oraybank Villa Graybank Road -- Perth
CRANNA of 38 Glasgow Road -- Perth
CRICHTON of 50 Queen Street -- Perth
CRICHTON of The Whins 12 Fairies Road -- Perth
CROOK of Viewbank Moredun-terrace -- Perth
CROSBIE of 6 Murray Terrace -- Perth
CURTIS of Dum-lodge Isla-road -- Perth
CURWEN of Clairinnis Viewlands-road -- Perth
CUTHBERT of 2 Rose Crescent -- Perth
DARLING of 1 Glover Street and 51 Wilson Street both In -- Perth
DARLING of 2 Fitzroy Terrace -- Perth
DAVIDSON of 2 Braeside Gardens Cherrybank -- Perth
DAVIDSON of Melgund 22 Feus Road -- Perth
DAVIE of St. Johnstown Nursing Home -- Perth
DAVIS of Woodside Cottage Abbey Road Scone -- Perth
DAWSON of Westfield 103 Glasgow Road -- Perth
DENCE of Boatland Isla Road -- Perth
DEWAR of 11 Balhousie-street -- Perth
DEWAR of Dee-cot Park -- Perth
DEWAR of Lawgrove House Ruthven-road -- Perth
DEWAR of Lawgrove Ruthven Road Inveralmondby -- Perth
DICK of 20 Leonard Street -- Perth
DICKSON of St. Marks Manse -- Perth
DIXON of 63 Balhousie-street -- Perth
DOBBS of Bolfracks 119 Needlers Road -- Perth
DOE of 115 Needless-road -- Perth
DONALD of Early Bank Lovers Lane Scone near -- Perth
DONALDSON of 22 St. Magdalenes Road -- Perth
DONALDSON of 65 Angus Road Scone -- Perth
DOUGALL of Hillcrest 21 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
DOUGALL of Hillcrest 21 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
DOUGLAS of 16 Balhousie-street -- Perth
DOW of 6 Strathview Terrace -- Perth
DOW of Dunolly Young-street -- Perth
DOWIE of 9 Clyde-place -- Perth
DOWLING of 55 Balhousie Street -- Perth
DRUMMOND of 17 Wilson-street Craigie -- Perth
DUFF of 62a Malvina Place -- Perth
DUFF of 69 Jeamfield-road -- Perth
DUNCAN of 123 Needless Road -- Perth
DUNCAN of 64 High-street -- Perth
DUNNING of Barclayhills Guildtown -- Perth
DUNSMORE of 6 Comely Bank -- Perth
EDWARD of Orniston Brompton Terrace Kinnoull and 6 County Place both In -- Perth
ELLIOTT of 15 Comely Bank -- Perth
ERSKINE of Flat D 5 St. Leonards Bank -- Perth
FAIRLEY of 16 Dunkeld Road -- Perth
FALCONER of Rossall Dundee Road Barnhill -- Perth
FENWICK of 300 High-street -- Perth
FERGUS of 37 Glasgow-road -- Perth
FERGUSON of 19 Crieff-road -- Perth
FERGUSON of 23 Muirhall Terrace -- Perth
FERGUSON of 5 York Place -- Perth
FERGUSON of 6 Kencarrathle Crescent -- Perth
FERGUSON of 6 Kincarrathie-crescent -- Perth
FERGUSON of Albert House Errol -- Perth
FERGUSON of High Street Errol -- Perth
FINLAYSON of 38 Rose Crescent -- Perth
FLEMING of 12 Canal-sitreet -- Perth
FLEMING of Eastwood Brompton-terrace Kinnoull -- Perth
FLIGHT of 9 Wilson Street Craigie -- Perth
FLOCKHART of 11 Muirhall Road -- Perth
FORBES of 23 Muirton Bank -- Perth
FORBES of 9 Kinnaird Bank Craigie -- Perth
FORBES of Duneam 4 Western Avenue -- Perth
FORBES of Duneam 4 Western Avenue -- Perth
FORDYCE of 59 NeWhouse Road -- Perth
FORREST of Northfield Mhirton Bank -- Perth
FORSYTH of 3 St. Pauls Square -- Perth
FOTHERGILL of the Hydro Electric Camp Dalcroy Tummel Bridge -- Perth
FOTHERINGHAM of 27 Viewlands-terrace -- Perth
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FRASER of 1 Clyde-place -- Perth
FRASER of 31 Queen Street Craigie -- Perth
FRASER of 31 Queen Street Craigie -- Perth
FRASER of Greenwood Kinfauns -- Perth
FRASER of lb Ainslie-place -- Perth
FRENZ of 109 South-street -- Perth
GAEDECKE of 16 Pitcullen-terrace -- Perth
GALL of 23a Perth Road Scone by -- Perth
GALLETLY of 57 Jeanfield Road -- Perth
GALLIE of Crossmount Keir Street -- Perth
GARDEN of 17 Malvina Place -- Perth
GARDINER of 86 Glasgow Road -- Perth
GARDINER of Schiehallion 86 Glasgow-road -- Perth
GARDINER of Schlehallion 86 Glasgow Road -- Perth
GARLAND of 313 High Street -- Perth
GEORGE of 30 Hay-street Perth
GIBSON of 10 The Glebe Comrie -- Perth
GIBSON of Hatton Road Kinnoull -- Perth
GILLESPIE of 97 Glasgow Road -- Perth
GIULIANOTTI of 36 North Methven Street -- Perth
GLASS of 35 Dunkeld Road -- Perth
GLASS of 61 Viewlands Road -- Perth
GLENDINNING of co Weir 59 North Methven-street -- Perth
GOODALL of Atholl Bank 33 Abbey Road Scone -- Perth
GORDON of 112 Glasgow Road -- Perth
GORDON of Ivy bank Craigie-road -- Perth
GORRIE of 22 Cavendish Avenue -- Perth
GORRIE of 7 Pitheavlis Crescent -- Perth
GORRIE of Hillcrest Kinnaird Bank Craigie -- Perth
GORRIE of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
GORRIE of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
GOURLAY of 15 Pitheavlls Crescent -- Perth
GOWANB of Tynwald Feus Road -- Perth
GRANT of 6 Queens Avenue -- Perth
GRANT of 77 Glasgow Road -- Perth
GRAY of 108 Glasgow-road -- Perth
GRAY of Craigdhu Barnhill -- Perth
GREIG of 7 Logie-crescent Letham -- Perth
GRIEVE of 22 Cavendish Avenue -- Perth
GRIMMOND of 70 Cavendish Avenue -- Perth
GUNN of 29 Douglas Road Scone -- Perth
GUTHRIE of 43 Pickletullura Road -- Perth
HAGGART of Craigvar Isla-road -- Perth
HALFORD of 14 Clyde Place -- Perth
HALL of Rockciiff Craigie -- Perth
HALLY of 54 Feus Road -- Perth
HAMILTON of 13 Spens Crescent -- Perth
HAMPTON of 17 Muirhall Terrace -- Perth
HANICH of 5 York Corner York-place -- Perth
HARDCASTLE of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
HARLEY of Murray Royal -- Perth
HARROLD of 16 Mulrhali Terrace -- Perth
HARVEY of 81 Wilson Street -- Perth
HAY of 11 Pitcullen Terrace -- Perth
HENDERSON of 225 Tweedsmuir Road -- Perth
HENDERSON of 5 Strathview Terrace Scone Road -- Perth
HENDERSON of Springbank Glasgow road -- Perth
HENDERSON of Springbank Glasgow-road -- Perth
HENRY of Isla Cottage Isla Road -- Perth
HERALD of Murray Royal -- Perth
HERON of 64 Hay Street -- Perth
HILLCOAT of 32 Balhousie Street -- Perth
HINGSTON of 11 Barossa Place -- Perth
HINSHAW of the Victoria Hotel -- Perth
HODGE of Craig-Dunain Dundee-road -- Perth
HODGE of Craig-Dunaln Dundee Road -- Perth
HOGARTH of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
HORSWELL of Third Acre 2 Fairies Road -- Perth
HOWISON of 8 Comely-bank Bridgend -- Perth
HUGHES of Kincarrathie House -- Perth
HUME of St. Johnstowns Nursing Home -- Perth
HUNTER of 11 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
HUNTER of 33 Oakbank Road -- Perth
HUNTER of Messrs Macnab Gordon and Douglas solicitors of 11 High Street -- Perth
HUTCHESON of Carrick House Dundee Road -- Perth
HUTCHISON of 62 Jeanfield-road -- Perth
HUTTON of Dura Den 20 Pitcullen Terrace -- Perth
INNES of 3 Abbot Crescent Craigie -- Perth
INNES of Fairmount -- Perth
INNES of The Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
IRELAND of 54 Balvaird Place -- Perth
JACK of 32 Pitcullen Terrace -- Perth
JAFFRAY of 4 Kings Place -- Perth
JAMESON of Ashton Brompton Terrace Kinnoull -- Perth
JAMIESON of 46 Wilson Street Craigie -- Perth
JARVIE of 14 Pitcullen Crescent -- Perth
JOHNSON of 13 Burnside Cherrybank -- Perth
JOHNSTON of 17 Wilson Street Craigie -- Perth
KEAY of Boatlands Isla Road -- Perth
KEAY of Hillrlse Barnhill -- Perth
KEEVIL of 31 Mulrton Bank -- Perth
KEIR of 6 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
KELMAN of 5 Viewlands Place -- Perth
KELMAN of 79 Muirton-place -- Perth
KENNAWAY of 32 King-street -- Perth
KENNEDY of 2 Claremont-place -- Perth
KERR of 5 Tallylumb Terrace -- Perth
KERR of West-Mid-Lamberkin by -- Perth
KERRIGAN of 21 St. Johns Square -- Perth
KERRIGAN of 58 Atholl Street -- Perth
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
KETTLES of Rosslyn House -- Perth
KIDD of Kincarrathie House -- Perth
KILPATRICK of Purclewan Kinfauns -- Perth
KING of 22 Clyde Place -- Perth
KING of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
KINLOCH of 47 Oakbanic Crescent -- Perth
KINNINMOND of 30 Tulloch-terrace -- Perth
KIRKWOOD of 6 Clyde Place -- Perth
KIRKWOOD of Balnacraig Maulin Pitlochry -- Perth
KNIGHT of Elderslie Tillylumb-terrace -- Perth
LAIDLAY of Holmwood Isla Road -- Perth
LAMBERT of 13i York-place -- Perth
LAW of 6 Rosemount-place -- Perth
LAWSON of Clashburn Craigend -- Perth
LAWSON of Hazelwood 115 Needless Road -- Perth
LEES of Beech Villa 1 Brompton-terrace Kinnoull -- Perth
LEITCH of 67 Pomarium -- Perth
LEMON of Letham House -- Perth
LESLIE of 16 Comely Bank Gardens -- Perth
LESLIE of Castle View 166 Glasgow Road -- Perth
LEWIS of Wemyssfield 23 York Place -- Perth
LINDSAY of 17 Evelyn Terrace -- Perth
LINDSAY of 57 Viewlands Road -- Perth
LINDSAY of Castleview 52 Hay Street -- Perth
LINDSAY of Wemyssfield 23 York Place -- Perth
LOBBAW of 6 Glebe Terrace -- Perth
LORNIE of Croft House Craigie -- Perth
LOW of 26 Caledonian Road -- Perth
LUNAN of 99 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MACADAM of Mauderley Mount Tabor Road -- Perth
MACARA of 7 Craigie Road -- Perth
MACCALLUM of Hillside Homes -- Perth
MACDONALD of 12 Gray Street -- Perth
MACDONALD of 15 Rose Terrace -- Perth
MACDONALD of 2 Ballantine Place -- Perth
MACDONALD of 3 Harwarden Terrace -- Perth
MACDONALD of 69 High Street -- Perth
MACDONALD of Donlan Letham Road -- Perth
MACDONALD of La Quinta Lovers-lane Scone -- Perth
MACDONALD of The Pines 9 Balthausie-avenue -- Perth
MACFARLAHE of Garth Bank 46 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MACFARLANE of 5 Bose Crescent -- Perth
MACFARLANE of Garth Bank 46 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MACGREGOR of 74 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MACGREGOR of Kirkton of Mailer by -- Perth
MACGREGOR of The Royal Bank of Scotland -- Perth
MACHNIK of Polish Forces under British Command -- Perth
MACKAY of 42 Tay-street -- Perth
MACKAY of Tippermallo 11 Crieff-road -- Perth
MACKENZIE of 12 Miller Avenue Cleeve -- Perth
MACKENZIE of 3 Unity Terrace -- Perth
MacLAREN of 101 Glasgow-road -- Perth
MACLAREN of 71 Craigle Road -- Perth
MACLEAN of Culbokie Viewlands Road -- Perth
MACLEOD of 7 Viewlands Place -- Perth
MACLEOD of The Hald 24 Harley Terrace -- Perth
MACNAUGHTON of 2 Fairmount Terrace -- Perth
MACNAUGHTON of Elmlea West Huntingtower by -- Perth
MACONOCHIE of 11 Spens Crescent -- Perth
MACONOCHIE of 11 Spens-crescent -- Perth
MACPHERSON of 1 Atholl Cottages Stanley -- Perth
MAIN of 31 Balhousie-street -- Perth
MAIR of 177 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MALCOLM of 21 Muirhall Terrace -- Perth
MALLOCH of 115 Needless Road -- Perth
MALLOCH of 137 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MALLOCH of Errol Park 1 Spens Crescent -- Perth
MALLOCH of Norwood 137 Glasgow Road -- Perth
MANSFIELD of Ard Choi lie -- Perth
MARSHALL of 3 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
MARSHALL of Ruthven House Almondbank -- Perth
MARTIN of 21 Pitcullen Crescent -- Perth
MARTIN of 5 Tulloch-cottages -- Perth
MARTIN of Lindores Stuart Avenue -- Perth
MASON of 23 Queen Street Craigie -- Perth
MASSON of 10 Murray Terrace -- Perth
McAREE of Dalshian 43 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
McCALLUM of Baltimore 73 Balhousie Street -- Perth
McCASH of 11 Pitcullen-terrace -- Perth
McCOWAN of 44 Low Road Cherrybank Perth (formerly known as 14 Burnside) Cherrybank -- Perth
McCRACKEN of 147 Glasgow Road -- Perth
McCRAE of Cruachan 59 Viewlands Road -- Perth
McCUTCHEN of 8 Stormont Street -- Perth
McDADE of Yallima 34 Crieff Road -- Perth
MCDONALD of 2 King James Place -- Perth
McDonald of 38 Fairies Road -- Perth
MCDONALD of 4 Queens-avenue Craigie -- Perth
MCEWAN of 25 Melville Street -- Perth
MCFARLANE of 34 Craigie Road -- Perth
McFARLANE of 34 Craigie-road -- Perth
MCFARLANE of Prieston Road Bankfoot -- Perth
MCGLYNN of 1 King Place -- Perth
MCGREGOR of 2 Gannochy Comer -- Perth
McGREGOR of 277 High-street -- Perth
McGREGOR of 8 Croft Bank Craigie -- Perth
MCGREGOR of care of Mrs Crawford 18 North William Street -- Perth
MCINTOSH of St. Albans Manse Road Kinnoull -- Perth
McINTYRE of 16 Craigie Road -- Perth
McKEITH of Murray Royal -- Perth
McKENDRICK of 23 Friar-street Craigie -- Perth
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
McKINNON of 27 Tulloch-ter race -- Perth
McLAGAN of 180 Glasgow Road -- Perth
McLAGAN of 180 Glasgow Road -- Perth
McLAGGAN of 13 Murray Road Scone -- Perth
McLAREN of 21 Evelyn Terrace -- Perth
MCLAREN of 4 Westgrove Avenue -- Perth
MCLAREN of 6 Crichton Place 36 Friar Street -- Perth
MCLAREN of Hillside Hornes -- Perth
McLAUCHLAN of 6 Bellavista Terrace Comely Bank -- Perth
McLEISH of 66 Princes-street -- Perth
McNAB of Linn Bum Latham Road -- Perth
McNEE of 33 Priory Place -- Perth
MCNEE of Norwood 13 Murray Place -- Perth
McRAE of 27 Glover-street -- Perth
MEIKLEJOHN of 8 Atholl Crescent -- Perth
MENZIES of 9 Glencam Road -- Perth
MENZIES of Gowanlea 10 Clyde Place -- Perth
MICHIE of 22 Feus Road -- Perth
MICHIE of Melgund 02 Feus Road -- Perth
MIDGLEY of 18 King-street -- Perth
MILLER of 34 Atholl Street -- Perth
MILLER of 36 Hay-street -- Perth
MILLER of 4 Myrtle-place Dunkeld-road -- Perth
MILLER of 42 North Methven-street -- Perth
MILLER of 53 Main-street Bridgend -- Perth
MILLER of 68b Carnegie Place -- Perth
MILLER of Birnam Fairmount Road -- Perth
MILLER of Brafassi Barnhill -- Perth
MILLER of Moredun Villa Knowlea-terrace 41 Queen-street and of 74 South-street both in -- Perth
MILNE of 62 Crieff Road -- Perth
MILNE of Ardgay 2 Strathview Terrace -- Perth
MILNE of B Pitcullen-crescent -- Perth
MILNE of Silverdale 170 Glasgow-road -- Perth
MINTT of 1 Muirfield -- Perth
MITCHELL of 1 Atholl Place -- Perth
MITCHELL of 3 Windsor-terrace -- Perth
MITCHELL of 42 George Street -- Perth
MITCHELL of 43 Victoria-street -- Perth
MITCHELL of Birchwood 27 Mulrton Bank -- Perth
MITCHELL of Craigielea 3 Friar Street Craigie -- Perth
MITCHELL of Stroma 8 Fairies Road -- Perth
MONCREIFFE of Moncreiffe Lodge -- Perth
MONTGOMERY of 30 Craigle Road -- Perth
MORISON of 5 Comely Bank -- Perth
MORISON of Tullylumb Glasgow Road -- Perth
MORRIS of Rowanlea Woodslde Coupar Angus and of 22 George Street -- Perth
MORRISON of 2 Blair Street Craigie -- Perth
MORRISON of 24 King Edward Street -- Perth
MORRISON of Bon Accord 59 Balhousie Street -- Perth
MORTON of Balthayock by -- Perth
MORTON of Dunmore 25 Fairies Road -- Perth
MORTON of St. Albans Private Hotel Dundee Road -- Perth
MORTON of The Villa Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
MOSS of 4A Park Place Craigie -- Perth
MOWAT of Woodcroft -- Perth
MUIL of Kelowna Viewlands-road -- Perth
MUIR of 98 Burghmuir-road -- Perth
MUIRHEAD of 5 North Port -- Perth
MUNRO of Witchhill Kinnoull Terrace -- Perth
MUNSIE of 1 Kincarrathie-crescent -- Perth
MUNSIE of 1 Kincarrathie-crescent -- Perth
MURRAY of 125 Burghmuir Road -- Perth
MURRAY of 26 St. Magdalenes Road -- Perth
MURRAY of Quarrymill -- Perth
MVIICN of O Wilson-streeit -- Perth
NAIRN of 2 Blair Street -- Perth
NAME of 16 Craigie Road -- Perth
NAME of 28 King Edward Street -- Perth
NAME of 28 Rose Crescent -- Perth
NAME of 3 Fairmount Terrace Barnhill -- Perth
NAME of 44 Wilson Street Craighead -- Perth
NAME of 6 Francis Road ] -- Perth
NAME of 9 Abbot Street -- Perth
NAME of Ardblair 49 Unity Terrace Crieff Road -- Perth
NAME of Ardyne 39 Pickletullura Road -- Perth
NAME of Atholl Bank Cottage Viewlands -- Perth
NAME of Damlck Kinnoull Terrace -- Perth
NAME of Falimount -- Perth
NAME of Hawthorn Bank 45 Dunkeld Road -- Perth
NAME of RuthvenfleId House by -- Perth
NAME of Summerbank -- Perth
NEALE of 11 Muirhall Road -- Perth
NICOLSON of 5 Klncarrathle Crescent -- Perth
NISBET of 88 Victoria-street -- Perth
NOAD of Craigclowan School Edinburgh Road -- Perth
NORRIE of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
NORWELL of Perth
OGILVY of 29 Rose-crescent -- Perth
OLIPHANT of 39 Evelyn Terrace -- Perth
OSBORNE of 2 Tullylumb-terrace -- Perth
OSBORNE of 69 Needless Road -- Perth
PAGE of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
PANTON of Muirend Burghmuir -- Perth
PATERSON of 1 and 5 Atholl-street -- Perth
PATERSON of 196 Tweedsmuir Road Letham -- Perth
PATERSON of 29 Balhousie-street -- Perth
PATON of 2 Atholl Place -- Perth
PATON of 2 Atholl-place -- Perth
PATTERSON of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
PATTULLO of 6 Evelyn Terrace -- Perth
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
PEARSON of 48 Wilson Street -- Perth
PEATTIE of The Lee West Huntingtower by -- Perth
PEEBLES of Bowerswell Memorial Hone -- Perth
PELOSI of 5 Spens Crescent -- Perth
PETRIE of 1 Inchaff ray-street -- Perth
PHILLIPS of 38 Needless Road -- Perth
PIPER of 211 Strathtay Road Letham -- Perth
PIPER of Braco House Isla Road -- Perth
POLLARD of 3 Atholl Street -- Perth
POPLE of 3 Strathearn-terrace -- Perth
POPLE of NeWhouse -- Perth
PORTEOUS of The Atholl Private Hotel St Leonard's Bank -- Perth
PORTER of 23 Unity Terrace -- Perth
POWRIE of 167 Glasgow Road -- Perth
POWRIE of Davella Burghmuir Road -- Perth
POWRIE of Tollygunge. 20 Fairies Road -- Perth
PRESCOTT of 99 Glasgow Road -- Perth
PRICE of Hilltop Barnhill -- Perth
PULLAR of The Royal George Hotel 51 George Street -- Perth
RAMAGE of 25 Friar Street Craigie -- Perth
RAMSAY of 52 Rose-crescent -- Perth
RANNIE of 31 Glendevon Road -- Perth
RATTRAY of 11 Rae Place Dunheld Road -- Perth
REDDIE of Ruthvenfield House -- Perth
REEKIE of 46 Crieff Road -- Perth
REID of 113 Balhousie Street -- Perth
REID of 16 Skinnergate -- Perth
REID of Ardbeg 169 Glasgow Road -- Perth
REID of Ardbeg 169 Glasgow Road -- Perth
REID of Burnside Craigle -- Perth
REID of Whinniemuir -- Perth
REIDorHILL of Hazelbank Needless-road -- Perth
RENTON of Branklyn -- Perth
RIACH of Ochil View Scone -- Perth
RICE of 1 Methven-buildings New Row -- Perth
RICHARDS of 10 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
RICHARDS of 17 Mill Street -- Perth
RICHMOND of 10 Rose Terrace -- Perth
RICHMOND of 11 Barossa Place -- Perth
RIGBY of 65 Burghmulr Road -- Perth
RINTOUL of 4 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
RITCHIE of Bertha Park -- Perth
RITCHIE of Hillside. Homes -- Perth
ROBB of 15 Pitcullen-crescent -- Perth
ROBB of 29 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
ROBB of 4 Marshalls Buildings King Edward Street -- Perth
ROBBINS of 88 Brahan Terrace -- Perth
ROBERTS of 58 Dunkeld Road -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 10 Braeside Gardens -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 2 Albert Road Scone -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 3 Riverside Place Shore Road -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 30 Caledonian Road -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 46 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 7 Comely Bank -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 8 Comely Bank Gardens -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 8 North Port -- Perth
ROBERTSON of 9 Braeside Gardens -- Perth
ROBERTSON of Baldinnie 56 Feus-road -- Perth
ROBERTSON of Branklyn Barnhill -- Perth
ROBERTSON of Eastwood 10 Mulrtcn Place -- Perth
ROBERTSON of Hillview 21 Pitheavlls Terrace -- Perth
ROBERTSON of Jalna 2 Comely Bank Gardens -- Perth
ROBERTSON of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
RODGER of 22 Market-street Perth
RODGER of 40 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
RODGIE of 170 Crieff Road -- Perth
ROLLO of 3 Atholl-place -- Perth
ROSS of 10 Kinnaird Bank -- Perth
ROSS of 2 Keir Street Bridgend -- Perth
ROSS of 35 Queen Street Craigie -- Perth
ROSS of 47 Evelyn Terrace Craigie -- Perth
ROSS of Barcaldine Goodlyburn -- Perth
ROSS of Craigie Lodge 12 Queen Street -- Perth
ROY of 8D Ruthven Avenue -- Perth
RUTHERFORD of Clunemore 31 Oakbank Road -- Perth
SALTER of 102 Viewlands Road West -- Perth
SAUNDERS of 57 Cavendish Avenue -- Perth
SAWERS of 4 Nelson Street -- Perth
SCOTT of 42 Rose Crescent -- Perth
SCOTT of 42 Rose-crescent Perth
SCOTT of Overdale Brompton Terrace Kinnoull -- Perth
SCOTT of St Johns Manse 2 Murray-place -- Perth
SCOTT of Viewfield 25 St. Magdalenes Road -- Perth
SCULLARD of The Glen St. Magdalenes Road -- Perth
SHALLOW of Sheldrake Bellwood Park -- Perth
SHAND of Macnab Gordon and Douglas solicitor 11 High Street -- Perth
SHARP of 41b Ainslie-place -- Perth
SHARP of St. Heller The Acres Scone -- Perth
SHAW of 7 Marshall Place -- Perth
SHEPHERD of 1 Viewlands Place -- Perth
SIM of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
SIMPSON of 25 Barossa Place -- Perth
SIMPSON of 39 Glasgow Road -- Perth
SIMPSON of Glenardran Crianlarich -- Perth
SIMPSON of Hillside Homes -- Perth
SINCLAIR of 2 Windsor-terrace -- Perth
SINCLAIR of 5 Muirhall Terrace -- Perth
SINCLAIR of Birnam Fairmount Road Barnhill -- Perth
SINCLAIR of lb Ainslie-gardens -- Perth
SINCLAIR of Somerville 166 Glasgow Road -- Perth
Contemplative Monk
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SKIRROW of Oakley 1 Viewlands Road -- Perth
SMAIL of Redlands 40 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
SMALL of 51 Wilson Street Craigie -- Perth
SMART of 5 Strathearn Terrace -- Perth
SMITH of 118 Glasgow-road Perth
SMITH of 13 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
SMITH of 25 Scott Street -- Perth
SMITH of 35 Friar Street Craigie -- Perth
SMITH of 6 Tullylumb Terrace -- Perth
SMITH of 6 Uillyluinb Terrace -- Perth
SMITH of 64 Rose Crescent -- Perth
SMITH of 7 Kings Place -- Perth
SMITH of 76 Victoria Street -- Perth
SMITH of Claremont Dupplin-terrace Perth
SMITH of Corsiehill House -- Perth
SMITH of Corslehill House -- Perth
SMITH of Cranley Meikleour by -- Perth
SMITH of Dalntree Brompton Terrace -- Perth
SMITH of Glendhu House Ardchyle Lulb -- Perth
SMITH of Inchview 2 Florence Place -- Perth
SMITH of Lynwood 2 Western-avenue -- Perth
SMYTH of 112 Glasgow Road -- Perth
SMYTHE of Braco Isla-road -- Perth
SNEDDON of 4 Oakbank Place Cleeve -- Perth
SOLOMONS of 17 Princes Street -- Perth
SOUTAR of Ballachladich Needless-road -- Perth
SOUTAR of Hillside Homes Perth and care of Condle Mackenzie and Company 75 George Street -- Perth
SPEEDIE of 1 Squires Cottages Craigieknowes Road -- Perth
SPEEDIE of Gowrie House Tay-street -- Perth
STEC of 42 Mavisbank Gardens -- Perth
STEWART of 11 Pitheavlls Terrace -- Perth
STEWART of 3 Burnside Crescent Pitcullen -- Perth
STEWART of 33 Muirton Place -- Perth
STEWART of 4 Fitzroy Terrace -- Perth
STEWART of 42 George Street -- Perth
STEWART of 7 Viewlands-terrace -- Perth
STEWART of 9 and 11 Barossa Place -- Perth
STEWART of Beaufort 40 Needles Road -- Perth
STEWART of Beaufort 40 Needless Road -- Perth
STEWART of Glen tore 181 Glasgow Road -- Perth
STEWART of Hillside Homes -- Perth
STEWART of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
STEWART of Orlanan Brompton Terrace -- Perth
STEWART of Rosebank Dunkeld Road -- Perth
STEWART of St. Catherines 41 Needless Road -- Perth
STEWART of The Kincarrathie Home for Elderly People -- Perth
STIRLING of 4 Atholl-place -- Perth
SULLIVAN of 5 Brands Brae -- Perth
SUTHERLAND of 10 Croft Park Burnside Craigie -- Perth
SUTHERLAND of 14 Viewlands-terrace -- Perth
SUTHERLAND of Viewmount Almondbank -- Perth
SUTTIE of 6 Ardchoille Gardens -- Perth
SYME of 1 Muir ton Bank -- Perth
TAYLOR of 16 Spens Crescent -- Perth
TAYLOR of 2 Myrtle-place Dunkeld-road -- Perth
TAYLOR of 5 Bellavista Terrace -- Perth
TAYLOR of 67 Mulrton Place -- Perth
TAYLOR of co Mrs Rennie 64 Whitefriars-street -- Perth
TAYLOR of Easter Tarsappie near -- Perth
TAYLOR of Kincarrathie House -- Perth
THOM of 11 Angus Road Scone -- Perth
THOM of Auburn Cottage 40 Feus Road -- Perth
THOMSON of 13 Ballantine Place -- Perth
THOMSON of 2 Blackfriars Street -- Perth
THOMSON of 71 Needless Road -- Perth
THOMSON of Braehead Hatton Road -- Perth
THOMSON of Hazeldehe 7 Pitheavlls Terrace -- Perth
THOMSON of Inchbank Main-street Bridgend -- Perth
THOMSON of Murrayfield Cherry-bank -- Perth
THOMSON of Wellbank Kinnoull -- Perth
TODD of Rosedale Feus-road -- Perth
TORRANCE of 62 Abbey-road Scone -- Perth
TRAIL of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
TRAILL of 16 Rose Crescent -- Perth
TUBBS of 10 Viewlands Place -- Perth
TULLOCH of 7 Marshall Place -- Perth
VALENTINE of 4 Gray Street -- Perth
VOIGT of Blenheim 39 Needless Road -- Perth
WALLACE of 10 Campbells-buildings Dunkcld-road -- Perth
WALLACE of 16 Braeside Gardens -- Perth
WALLACE of Leltchill Rhynd Road -- Perth
WALTER of Westwood Balthayock by -- Perth
WARNER of Torwoodlee Dundee Road -- Perth
WATERS of Lumsden 32 Victoria-street -- Perth
WATERSTON of James Murrays Royal Asylum -- Perth
WATSON of 18 Spens-crescent -- Perth
WATT of 19 Craigie Place -- Perth
WATTERS of 10 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
WATTERS of 139 Glasgow Road -- Perth
WATTERS of 16 Fraser Terrace -- Perth
WEBB of 40 Burghmuir Road -- Perth
WEBSTER of Goss View Oakbank-road Cherrybank -- Perth
WEDDERBURN of Woodhead of Mailer -- Perth
WEIGEL of 70 Glasgow-road -- Perth
WEIR of 9 Craigie Road -- Perth
WEIR of Bon Accord 2 Viewlands Road -- Perth
WHANNELL of Creswick Dundee-road -- Perth
WHITE of 21 Cleeve Drive -- Perth
WHITE of 21 Cleeve Drive -- Perth
WHITE of 22 Viewlands Terrace -- Perth
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
WHITE of 31 Oakbank Crescent -- Perth
WHITE of Murray Royal Hospital -- Perth
WHYTE of 7 Murray Terrace -- Perth
WILKIE of 5 Hay-street -- Perth
WILKIE of 9 Marshall Place -- Perth
WILL of 10 Barossa Place -- Perth
WILLIAMSON of 23 Marshall-place -- Perth
WILLIAMSON of Verona 16 Murray-place -- Perth
WILSON of 11 Kings Place -- Perth
WILSON of 11 Muirhall Road -- Perth
WILSON of 33 Kincarrathie Crescent -- Perth
WILSON of Bellfield Burghmuir-road -- Perth
WILTSHIRE of 3 Kinnaird Bank -- Perth
WINGATE of Benview 23 Wilson-street Craigie -- Perth
WINTON of 26 Leonard-street -- Perth
WINTON of 26 Leonard-street -- Perth
WOOD of 89 Glasgow Road -- Perth
WOOD of Craighill Murray Place -- Perth
WRAY of Hillside Homes Dundee Road -- Perth
WRIGHT of Flowerdale Bonhard Road Scone by -- Perth
WYLIE of 14 Muirhall Terrace -- Perth
WYLIE of 14 Muirhall-terrace -- Perth
YACAMINI of 35 King Street -- Perth
YELLOWLEES of Greenknowe Cottage Corslehill -- Perth
YOUNG of 31 Pitcullen-terrace -- Perth
YOUNG of Lynedoch 17 St. Magdalenes Road -- Perth
YOUNG of Utilon Mount 121 Glasgow Road -- Perth

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