Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Ross-shire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAM of Glenegedale Port Ellen Isle of Islay -- Ross-shire
ADAMS of Balaphnile Nigg -- Ross-shire
ADDISON of Letterewe Invergordon -- Ross-shire
AITKEN of 6 Bank-street Plockton -- Ross-shire
AITKEN of Sea bank Plockton Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
AITKEN of Tl-na-Ruadh Fortrose -- Ross-shire
ALLAN of Castlehill Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
ANDERSON of Ardgay House Ardgay -- Ross-shire
ANDERSON of South Bonar Ardgay -- Ross-shire
ANDERSON of The Gables Dingwall -- Ross-shire
ANDREWS of the Rectory Tain -- Ross-shire
ANGUS of West Terrace Ullapool -- Ross-shire
ARNOTT of Angel Court Fortrose Ross Cromarty -- Ross-shire
ARTHUR of Arama Fortrose -- Ross-shire
BALFOUR of Sea View Morangie-road Tain -- Ross-shire
BAXTER of Dalmore House Alness -- Ross-shire
BAYLY of 7 Millcraig-road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
BEANGE of 8 High Street Invergordon -- Ross-shire
BELL of Corriemoillie Garve -- Ross-shire
BENSON of Lauderdale Tain -- Ross-shire
BISSET of Craigburn Fortrose -- Ross-shire
BLACKWOOD of Kincurdy Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
BOAD of Ardmalr Ullapool -- Ross-shire
BREMNER of The Bungalow Seabank-road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
BREWSTER of Averonbank Alness -- Ross-shire
BROADFOOT of Larchfield Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
BROCKBANK of Cromdale Knockbreck Road Tain -- Ross-shire
BRODIE of Westmoorland Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
BROOKE of Cromarty Mains Cromarty -- Ross-shire
BROOKFIELD of 19 Ladysmith Street Ullapool -- Ross-shire
BRUCE of Castle Street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
BUDGE of 12 Duke-street Cromarty -- Ross-shire
BUDGE of Easter Rarichie Nigg -- Ross-shire
BUIST of Katewell Evanton -- Ross-shire
BURBIDGE of Paye House 41 Church-street Cromarty -- Ross-shire
BURNETT of St. Duthus Hotel Tain -- Ross-shire
BURNSIDE of 20 Coast Inverasdale -- Ross-shire
BURNSIDE of 9 Croft Poolewe Gairloch -- Ross-shire
BURNSIDE of Nine Croft Poolewe -- Ross-shire
BURR of Dunvarrich Knockbreck-road Tain -- Ross-shire
BURR of Dunvarrich Knockbreck-road Tain -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Balnakyle Munlochy -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Comhill Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Duart Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of DuartStrathpeffer -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Dunellan Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Hill Cottage Ullapool -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Kingarth Fortrose -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Meadowbank Fortrose -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Meckleussie Maryburgh near Dingwall -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Rose Place Tain -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Shore-street Ullapool -- Ross-shire
CAMERON of Stronochro and Comhill Urray Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
CAMPBELL of Blackwells-street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
CAMPBELL of Cruachan Cathedral-square Fortrose -- Ross-shire
CAMPBELL of Dunhulladale Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
CAMPBELL of Langwell Achany-road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
CAMPBELL of Langwell Achany-road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
CAMPBELL of Rani Bagh Argyle-street Ullapool -- Ross-shire
CANN of Sea View Plockton -- Ross-shire
CLARKE of Croft Downie North Kessock -- Ross-shire
COBBOLD of Glencarron Lodge Achnashellach -- Ross-shire
COHEN of Rodel Hotel Leverburgh South Harris -- Ross-shire
COMBE of 46 Belgrave-square Westminster and of Cran-bourne Court Winkfield Berkshire and Strathconan Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
COMBE of 46 Belgrave-square Westminster and of Strathconon Muir of Ord county -- Ross-shire
CORBETT of Victoria Cottage Tain -- Ross-shire
CORMACK of Tower Gardens Tain -- Ross-shire
CRAIGEN of Kildonan Invergordon -- Ross-shire
CRAWFORD of Tlana-Mara Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
CURNOW of Campbell Johnston Home Dunraven Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
DAVIDSON of Ashcroft Nigg Station -- Ross-shire
DAVIDSON of Coul House Contin Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
DAVIDSON of Knockbaln Munlochy -- Ross-shire
DAVIDSON of Marsule. Craig-road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
DE WINTON of Scotsburn Lodge Tain -- Ross-shire
DENNIS of Seamer Hill Farm Seamer Stokesley -- Ross-shire
DEWAR of Allahfield West Dingwall -- Ross-shire
DEWAR of Allanfield Dingwall -- Ross-shire
DICK of The Bungalow Saltburn-road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
DOBSON of Bridgend Hotel Bridgend Isle of Islay -- Ross-shire
DODGSON of Leckmelm by Garve -- Ross-shire
DOUGLAS of 5 Admiralty-terrace Invergordon -- Ross-shire
DOUGLAS of Arboll Farm Fearn -- Ross-shire
DOUGLAS of Arboll Fearn -- Ross-shire
DOUGLAS of Maryburgh cottage Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
DOWER of 29 Cadboll-road and of Dun-vegan High-street both in Invergordon -- Ross-shire
DROUGHT of Bundrowes Poyntzfield Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
DUFF of Old Ardross House Alness -- Ross-shire
DUNBAR of 1 Woodlands Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
DUNBAR of The Park Dingwall -- Ross-shire
DUNCAN of Balnamara North Kessock -- Ross-shire
DYMOCK of Inverlael Loch Broom -- Ross-shire
ELLIOT of Knockbain House Munlochy -- Ross-shire
ELLIS of Assynt Evanton -- Ross-shire
FERGUSON of 8 Queen Street Tain -- Ross-shire
FERGUSON of 8 Queen-street Tain -- Ross-shire
FERGUSON of Assynt Evanton -- Ross-shire
FERGUSON of Dunraven Church of Scotland Home Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
FIALKA of Burnside Tain -- Ross-shire
FINLAYSON of Blythswood Cottage Balmacara -- Ross-shire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
FINLAYSON of Camasterrach Applecross -- Ross-shire
FINLAYSON of Woodslde Cottage Culdule Applecross -- Ross-shire
FLEMING of Gruinards Ardgay -- Ross-shire
FLEMING of The Little House Ardgay -- Ross-shire
FLEMING of Woodside Nigg Station -- Ross-shire
FORBES of Brooklea North Kessock -- Ross-shire
FORBES of Corriemount Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
FORBES of Corriemount Muir-of-Ord -- Ross-shire
FORBES of Culcraggle Alness -- Ross-shire
FORBES of Malton Villa Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
FORBES of Ryefield Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
FORSTER of 3 High-street Cromarty -- Ross-shire
FOWLER of Brook Cottage Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
FOWLER of Mount Pleasant Ullapool -- Ross-shire
FRASER of 13 Hermitage Street Evanton -- Ross-shire
FRASER of 23 Perrins Road Alness -- Ross-shire
FRASER of 3 Geanies Street Tain -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Ashlyn Craig Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Burnside Munlochy -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Castle Hill Tain -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Craigroyston Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Easter Craiglands Fortrose -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Faebait Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Granach North Kessock -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Greenbank Fortrose -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Jubilee Cottage Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Laurel Bank Tain -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Mayfield Tain -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Montrose Cottage Ardgay -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Oaklea conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Ormidale Place Dingwall -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Rosebrae Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Rowanbank Fearn -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Shandwick Cottage Nigg Station -- Ross-shire
FRASER of The White Cottage 5 Academy Street Fortrose -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Timaru House Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
FRASER of Trinity Buildings Dingwall -- Ross-shire
FRASER of West Park Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
FREW of Dalcraig North Kessock -- Ross-shire
FYFE of Frith View Invergordon -- Ross-shire
GABRIEL of 133 High-street Invergordon -- Ross-shire
GAGE of Nutwood House Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
GAIR of WOOD Janet of View Cottage Hill of Feam Fearn Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
GALLIE of Morangle Tain -- Ross-shire
GARROW of Bellfield North Kessock -- Ross-shire
GARROW of Scotsburn House Kildary -- Ross-shire
GARTHORNE of Cononbridge Ross -- Ross-shire
GASCOIGNE of Foresthill Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
GATHERCOLE of 41 Outram-street Invergordon -- Ross-shire
GIBSON of 11 Hartfield Street Tain -- Ross-shire
GILLANDERS of Maryburghnear Dingwall -- Ross-shire
GILLIES of Callakille Applecross -- Ross-shire
GILMOUR of 2 Springfield Tain -- Ross-shire
GLINN of Redgates Shieldalg Strathcarron -- Ross-shire
GOLLAN of Dunvournie Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
GORDON of Contln Mains Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
GORDON of East Templands Avoch -- Ross-shire
GORDON of Kilvannle Blalmlnlch Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
GORDON of Llsllard Hotel Craig Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
GORDON of Melkie Rhynie and Balrauchy Feam -- Ross-shire
GORDON of Pierhead Shieldaig -- Ross-shire
GORE of East Lodge Fairbum Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
GOW of 28 High-street Fortrose -- Ross-shire
GRAHAM of 22 Lower Barvas Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
GRAHAM of Linnmhor Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
GRAHAM of Nostle Bridge Nostle Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
GRANT of 35 Flngal Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
GRANT of 58 Bayhead Street Stornoway -- Ross-shire
GRANT of Coulmore North Kessock -- Ross-shire
GRANT of Redcroft Evanton -- Ross-shire
GRANT of The Retreat Maryburgh by Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
GRAY of Caberfelgh Plockton -- Ross-shire
GUNN of Achilty Hotel Contin Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
GUNN of Lauderdale Tain -- Ross-shire
GUNN of Lauderdale Tain -- Ross-shire
GUNTER of Torridon House Achnasheen -- Ross-shire
GUNTER of Torridon House Achnasheen -- Ross-shire
HALL of 6 Inglis Road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
HALL of Tlgh-an-Trualn Port Ellen Isle of Islay -- Ross-shire
HAMILTON of 12 Fountain Road Tain -- Ross-shire
HAMILTON of Balmacara Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
HAMILTON of Kilbrannan Earlswood Common Surrey and of Tigh-na-Dalach Plockton -- Ross-shire
HEAP of Balnagown Arms Hotel Ardgay -- Ross-shire
HENDERSON of Ben View Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
HENDERSON of Craigdhu Fortrose -- Ross-shire
HENDERSON of Nellieville Avoch -- Ross-shire
HENDERSON of Rudha Mor Plockton -- Ross-shire
HENDERSON of The Retreat Dingwall -- Ross-shire
HEPWORTH of Fieldhead Nab-lane Shipley -- Ross-shire
HERRINGTON of Lady Ross Hotel Ardgay -- Ross-shire
HILL of Strathgarve Garve -- Ross-shire
HOLDSWORTH of Ord House Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
HOOPER of Tower Gardens Tain at Dingwall -- Ross-shire
HORNE of Bralm Lodge Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
HORNE of Dunraven Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
HORNE of West Lodge Dingwall -- Ross-shire
HUSBAND of Dunbeath Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
HUTCHESON of Maida Vale North Kessock -- Ross-shire
HUTCHINSON of Whidney Auchtercaln Gairloch -- Ross-shire
INKSTER of West Lodge Brahan Urray Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
INNES of Forsyth House Cromarty -- Ross-shire
JACK of 10 Margaret Street Avoch -- Ross-shire
JACK of Geddeston Avoch -- Ross-shire
JACK of Homewood Henrietta Street Avoch -- Ross-shire
JACK of Kilmorack High Street Avoch -- Ross-shire
JACKSON of Keppoch House Strathpeffer Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
JARDINE of Rivuacban Loch Carron Strathcarron -- Ross-shire
JOHNSTONE of Denoon Villa Cromarty -- Ross-shire
JOHNSTONE of Rose Cottage Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
JUNOR of Church Place Rosemarkie Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
JUNOR of Dalrosa Seven Greenside Fortrose -- Ross-shire
KEMP of Greenhill House Killearnan -- Ross-shire
KENNEDY of 12 New Street Stornoway -- Ross-shire
KENNEDY of The Bungalow Resmarkle -- Ross-shire
KIRKMAN of Balintraid Delny -- Ross-shire
KISSACK of 2 Margaret Street Avoch -- Ross-Shire
KUBICA of Finniss Cottage West End Alness -- Ross-shire
LAIDLAW of 27 Park Terrace Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
LANDALE of The White House Cromarty -- Ross-shire
LANE of Applegrove Fortrose -- Ross-shire
LAUDER of Orange and Fountainhall and late of White House Nigg -- Ross-shire
LAURIE of Craig-an-Ron Fortrose -- Ross-shire
LEARMONTH of Tign-na-Dalach Plockton -- Ross-shire
LEYDE of Culcaim House near Alness -- Ross-shire
LILLINGSTON of Balmacara Loch Alsh -- Ross-shire
LINDSAY of Dalmore House Alness -- Ross-shire
LLOYD of Heathcote Erbusalg Kyle of Lochalah -- Ross-shire
LOGAN of Heatherlea Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
LOGAN of Kilmony Renaig Balmacara -- Ross-shire
LOGAN of Newtonville Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
LOGAN of Pitnadnthy Kildary -- Ross-shire
LONGSTAFF of Bardentarbet Lodge Achlltlbule-by-Oarve -- Ross-shire
LONSDALE of Brahan Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
LOUIS of Benirew Cottage Kirke 11 Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
LOVELACE of Ben Damph Torridon Achnasheen -- Ross-shire
LOVELACE of Tbrrldon -- Ross-shire
MACARTHUR of The Manse Lochbroom Garve -- Ross-shire
MACAULAY of 40 Upper Carloway Uig -- Ross-shire
MACAULAY of 85 Kerth Street Stornoway Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
MACCUISH of Mulbuie Schoolhouse Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MacDONALD of 12 Caroline-street Domie Kyle -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of 19 Porthenderson Gairloch -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Allan Feam -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Averon Bank Alness -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Caberfeidh Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Canberra Plockton -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of care of Livingstone Craigview Plockton -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Dunross 15 Churchill Drive Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Elian Vannin Cullicudden Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Flowerbank Upper King-street Tain -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Glen vegan Avoch -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Gowanfield Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Moullnard Tain -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Tigh-na-Garth Auchterneed Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Toscaig Applecross -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Vinas de San Pedro Huelva Spain and of Kingsway Tain -- Ross-shire
MACDONALD of Westcott Dingwall -- Ross-shIre
MACEWEN of Isle of Muck -- Ross-shire
MacEWEN of Kessock House North Kessock -- Ross-shire
MACFARLANE of 32 Seaview Terrace Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACFARLANE of National Commercial Bank House Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACGILLIVRAY of Regawan Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MACGREGOR of 109 Wood-street High Barnet Hertfordshire and of Lintrose Cottage Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MACGREGOR of 37 Ardmair Ullapool -- Ross-shire
MACGREGOR of Syall Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MACINTYRE of Culcuraig Gairloch -- Ross-shire
MACINTYRE of Findon Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACINTYRE of Findon Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACINTYRE of St. Martins Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACIVER of 6 Westview Terrace Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACIVER of Dnimindarroch House Strath Gairloch -- Ross-shire
MACIVER of Drumindarroch House Strath Gairloch -- Ross-shire
MACIVER of Drumindarroch House Strath Galrloch -- Ross-shire
MACIVER of Hazelbrae Garve -- Ross-shire
MACIVER of The Stables Evanton -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of 2 Cadboll-place Tain -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of 7 Geanies-street Tain -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Beechwood Fodderty-by Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Broomfield Culrain -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Oak Cottage Balvaird Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Reaycona 132 High Street Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Reaycona 132 High-street Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Ronan St. James Street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Scotsburn Kildary -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of The Braes Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of The Manse Contin Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACKAY of Woodside Cottage Saltburn near Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 1 Grove Place Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 114116 Achilitibuie Garve -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 2 Park House Dalmore Alness -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 22 Raxtoour Street Plockton -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 3 Klelbum Crescent Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 35 Lewis Street Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of 9 High Street Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Balavil Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Balavil Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Balmain Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Balnaln by Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Balnaln Farm Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Beaufort Craig Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MACKENZIE of Bellevue Kildary -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Blinkbonny Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Brahan Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Conan House Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Craig Lodge Nigg -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Croy 24 Obsdale Road Alness -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Drumdyre Cullicudden Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MacKENZIE of Firth View Tain -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Flowerburn Cottage Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Garve -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Garve -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Garve Hotel Garve -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Hazelbrae Garve -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Hilton Farm by Tain -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Homeland Garve Road Villapool -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Kinellan Lodge Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Klldun Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of North Glastullich House Tain -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Ord House Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Ossie Mills Maryburgh -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Rockview Portmahomack Fearn -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Rose Cottage Avoch -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Tamdune 28 Cohnton-road Edinburgh and of Beaconsfield Strathpeffer and Dalmore Alness -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Tarbat House Kildary -- Ross-shire
MacKENZIE of Tarlogie Tain -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of The Bungalow Nigg Ferry -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Victoria Cottage Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
MACKENZIE of Woodlands Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACKERCHAR of Craigdarach Academy-street Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MACKERCHAR of Craigdarach Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MACKERCHAR of Craigdarach Portrose -- Ross-shire
MACKERCHAR of Cralgdarach Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MACKINTOSH of Watson Place Fortrose Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of 11 Eollgarry Castlebay Isle of Barra -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of 13 Matheson Road Stornoway isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of 19 Churchill Drive Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of 2 Inglis Road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of 42 Upper Coll-by-Tong Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Ceann Loch Plockton -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Easter Ardross Alness -- Ross-shire
MacLEAN of Hill House 219 Altandhu Achiltibuie -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Kerrisdale Knockbreck Road Tain -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of luart Mill Street Ullapool -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Marakoti Muir Of Ord -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Suddie House Munlochy -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Tarradale Hotel Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of The Manse Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of The Manse Cononbridge -- Ross-shire
MACLEAN of Victoria Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
MACLEAY of Ellean Dubh Achany Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACLENNAN of Dolmore Eventide Home Alness -- Ross-shire
MACLENNAN of Hill Cottage Canon Bridge Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MACLENNAN of Hill Cottage Jamestown Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACLENNAN of Marine Stores Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
MACLENNAN of Strathpeffer Hotel Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACLENNAN of The Strathpeffer Hotel Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of 14A James Street Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of 3 Carrigrlch Tarbert Harris -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of 3 Stocklnlsh Isle of Harris -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Clunes Villa Park Street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Fortrose Cottage Polbain Achiltibuie -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Kinellan Lodge Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Lidston Edderton -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Lidston Edderton -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Millcraig Alness -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Newton House Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Tarbat East Manse Portmahomack -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of The Schoolhouse Feam -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of West Polbain Achiltibuie-by-Garve -- Ross-shire
MACLEOD of Woodlands Canan Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACMILLAN of Auchmore Strome Ferry -- Ross-shire
MACNAMARA of Invercharron House Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MACNAMARA of Invercharron House Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MACNEILAGE of 1 Golf View Terrace Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MACPHERSON of 5 Stirling Drive Garve -- Ross-shire
MACPHERSON of Eilteam School-house Evanton -- Ross-shire
MACQUARRIE of Woodslde Culbokle Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MACQUEEN of Waterairn Contin -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of 13 Bank-street Plockton -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of 28 Sprlnghlll Gardens Gardens Glasgow and Achtertyre Balmacara Lochalsh Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Bonar Bridge Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Bonar Bridge Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Brooinpark Jamestown Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Camustlel Applecross -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Colliemore House Kyle -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Druidaig Glenshiel -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Humphrey Lodge Nigg -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Killen Cottage Avoch -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Moruisk Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Rosenberg House Beauly and N.A.A.F.I. 1120 Messing Store Benbecula Outer Hebrides -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Torchnilin Inverinate by Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Tullochard Alness -- Ross-shire
MACRAE of Woodlands Muir of Tarradale Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MACREA of Ardeloe by Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
MACSWEEN of 2 Laxdale Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MACSWEEN of 2i Algnlsh Point Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
MARDON of Ardross Castle Alness -- Ross-shire
MASON of Wellington House Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MATHER of Dalmore House Eventide Home Alness Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MATHESON of 10 Harbour Street Plockton -- Ross-shire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
MATHESON of 9 Goathill Road Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MATHESON of Balnabeen House Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MATHESON of Dalmore Eventide Horne Alness -- Ross-shire
MATHESON of Duirinish Kyle -- Ross-shire
MATHESON of The Birches Craig Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MCCALLUM of Lerolalr Dingwall -- Ross-shire
McCALLuM of Woodlands Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MCDONALD of Bridge Villa Shunbay Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
MCDONALD of Creed Bungalow by Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MCLEAN of Dalmore House Alness -- Ross-shire
McLENNAN of 6 Inglis Road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MCLENNAN of Assynt Evanton -- Ross-shire
MCLENNAN of Rose Cottage Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
MCLENNAN of Roy Cottage Evanton -- Ross-shire
MCLENNAN of Scardroy Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
McRAE of Bendamph Torridon Achnasheen county -- Ross-shire
McWATTIE of 37 High Street Invergordon -- Ross-shire
MENMUIR of The Haven Gollanhead-avenue Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
MIDDLETON of Rosefarm Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MILLER of 64 High-street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MILLER of Eastfield Knockbreck Road Tain -- Ross-shire
MILLER of Fasslefern Cronon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MILLER of Kelso Cottage Lochcarron Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
MILLER of Royal Hotel Ullapool -- Ross-shire
MITCHELL of 4 Ordross Place Alness -- Ross-shire
MOORE of Drummond Farm Evanton -- Ross-shire
MORISON of 29 Newton Street Stornoway -- Ross-shire
MORRISON of Dunard Tarbert Harris -- Ross-shire
MORTENSEN of Seafield Cottage Kishorn -- Ross-shire
MORTENSEN of Seafield Cottage Kishorn -- Ross-shire
MUIR of 16 Seaforth Road Ullapool -- Ross-shire
MUIR of Achnalaird Ullapool -- Ross-shire
MUNDELL of Swordale Evanton -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of 1 Mansefield Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of 27 High Street Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of 5 Station Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Averon Bank Alness -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Commercial Bank House Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Ferindonald Tain -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Foulis Castle Evanton -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Gairs Buildings Bonar Bridge Ardgay -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Kinnahalrd Contin Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Rose Villa Canon Bridge -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of St. Swithins Knockbreck-road Tain -- Ross-shire
MUNRO of Viewfield Tain -- Ross-shire
MURCHISON of Ord Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MURCHISON of Toscaig Applecross -- Ross-shire
MURCHISON of Wester Alligan Torridon -- Ross-shire
MURDOCH of Tullochardi Alness -- Ross-shire
MURRAY of 4 Rowan Park Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
MURRAY of Rosemarkie Mill Fortrose -- Ross-shire
MURRAY of Swordale House Evanton -- Ross-shire
MURRAY of Tlgh-na-Mara 2B Stelnlsh-by-Stomoway Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
MURRAY of Viewfield Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
NAIRNE of The Cottage Rosehaugh Avoch -- Ross-shire
NAME of 6 Tower Street Tain -- Ross-shire
NAME of Cullsh North Kessock -- Ross-shire
NAME of Humberston Farm Dingwall -- Ross-shire
NELSON of Dunraven Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
NICOL of Balnabruach Portmahomack Feare -- Ross-shire
NICOL of Beaufort Craig Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
NICOL of Dun glass Road Maryburgh Conen Bridge -- Ross-shire
NICOL of Ferlndonald Moss Road Tain -- Ross-shire
NISBET of 7 Greenhill-terrace Dingwall -- Ross-shire
O'CONNOR of Klncurdle Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
OUTHWAITE of Main-street Hawes -- Ross-shire
PATERSON of 1116 Marne Craigton North Kessock -- Ross-shire
PATERSON of Maida Vale North Kessock -- Ross-shire
PATERSON of Nutwood Balmucara Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
PATERSON of Tomich Invergorden -- Ross-shire
PATERSON of Tomich Invergordon -- Ross-shire
PATIENCE of 3 Gowanbrae Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
PAUL of Shutters Keose Isle-of-Lewis -- Ross-shire
PERRINS of Oaiynahlne Lodge Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
PETTIFER of Bagdad Cottage Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
PHILIP of Quarry of Redcastle Killeaman -- Ross-shire
PINK of 29 Lewis Street Stornoway Isle of Lewis -- Ross-shire
PIRRIE of Barbaraville Delny -- Ross-shire
PIRRIE of Hellvlew Delny -- Ross-shire
PORTAL of Flowerdale House Gairloch -- Ross-shire
PREECE of Pasgath Lochcarron -- Ross-shire
PRICHARD of Poyntzfield -- Ross-shire
RAMSAY of Dewar Cottage Avoch -- Ross-shire
REID of Culloden View Avoch -- Ross-shire
REID of Holly Lodge Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
REID of Ivydene Burn-place Dingwall -- Ross-shire
REID of Lettoch North Kessock -- Ross-shire
REID of Mossford Park Street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
REID of Shandwick House Kildary -- Ross-shire
RENWICK of Birchfield Strathkyle Ardgay -- Ross-shire
RILEY of Railway Hotel Tain -- Ross-shire
RITCHIE of Ardlaroch Tain -- Ross-shire
ROBB of 2 Mid Street Shandwick Fearn -- Ross-shire
ROBERTS of The Cottage Conors Bridge -- Ross-shire
ROBERTSON of Ashfield Cottage Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
ROBERTSON of Castlecraig Nigg -- Ross-shire
ROBERTSON of Coulmore Ullapool -- Ross-shire
ROBERTSON of Kindeace Lodge Fortrose -- Ross-shire
ROBERTSON of Struan Swordale Road Evan ton -- Ross-shire
ROBINSON of Brae by Dingwall -- Ross-shire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ROBINSON of Brae House near Dingwall -- Ross-shire
ROLLO of Whinfield Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
ROMANES of Pitcalzean Nigg -- Ross-shire
ROSE of Rhidorroch Ullapool -- Ross-shire
ROSS of 2 Oykel Terrace Ardgay -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Bythesea Invergordon -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Dalmore Eventide Home Alness -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Hazelbank Coulhill Alness -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Merolla Drynle Court Dingwall -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Oykel-terrace Ardgay -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Rose Place Tain -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Rosedene Alness -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Rossal invergordon -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Rosslyn Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Smithfield Cottage Dunrobin Street Tain -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Syall Ardgay -- Ross-shire
ROSS of The Meadows Dingwall -- Ross-shire
ROSS of Westcott Dingwall -- Ross-shire
RUSSELL of The Manse Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
SANFORD of Coastguard Station George Street Cromarty Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
SCOTT of Glenaldie Tain -- Ross-shire
SCOTT of Gollanhead House Rosemarkie -- Ross-shire
SCOTT of The Manse Ardgay -- Ross-shire
SCOTT of Weyburn Knockbreck Road Tain -- Ross-shire
SELLAR of Eilean Darach Dundonnell -- Ross-shire
SHARP of Gandria Fortrose -- Ross-shire
SIMPSON of Old Urray Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
SINCLAIR of Morven Saint James-street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
SINCLAIR of Morven St. James-street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
SKINNER of Duncraggle Saltburn Road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
SMEATON of 7 Elliott-road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
SMITH of 32 James Street Stornoway -- Ross-shire
SMITH of Rockfield Mills Fearn -- Ross-shire
SMITH of The Croft Castle-street Dingwall -- Ross-shire
SMITH of The Meadows Old River Road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
SOUTER of Strathanmore Strathconan Muir-of-Ord -- Ross-shire
SOUTHWELL of 20 Brecks-lane Rotherham -- Ross-shire
SPILSBURY of Fannyfield Evanton -- Ross-shire
SPROXT of Assynt Mains Evanton -- Ross-shire
STEAD of Ardlarach Tain -- Ross-shire
STEPHEN of Rosehaugh Avoch -- Ross-shire
STEPHEN of Rosehaugh House Avoch -- Ross-shire
STEWART of 12 Opinan Laide by Achnasheen -- Ross-shire
STEWART of 17 Matheson Road Stornoway -- Ross-shire
STEWART of Church-road Kyle of Lochalsh -- Ross-shire
STEWART of Cuchullin West Argyle Street Ullapool -- Ross-shire
STEWART of Dalcralg North Kessock -- Ross-shire
STEWART of Grays Cottage Rosehaugh Avoch -- Ross-shire
STUART of Dunraven Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
STUART of Hilton House Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
SUTHERLAND of 2 Victoria Place Dingwall -- Ross-shire
SUTHERLAND of 6 Tower Street Tain -- Ross-shire
SUTHERLAND of Dunraven Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
SUTHERLAND of The Bothan Nigg Station Nigg -- Ross-shire
SUTHERLAND of The Bothan Nigg Station Nigg -- Ross-shire
SUTTON of 16 Murray Road Invergordon -- Ross-shire
SYM of Jamestown Manse Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
TAIT of o Craig-road Dingwall -- Ross-shire
THOM of Dinnottar 14 Goathill Crescent Stornoway -- Ross-shire
THOMPSON of Croc-na-boull Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
THOMSON of 5 Academy-street Tain -- Ross-shire
THOMSON of Riversdale Poolewe -- Ross-shire
TODD of 14 Park Terrace Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
UPPLEBY of Charlottesville Virginia USA and Edderton -- Ross-shire
URQUHART of 4 Ardross Place Alness -- Ross-shire
URQUHART of Ellerslie Ardgay -- Ross-shire
URQUHART of Scotsburn House Kildary -- Ross-shire
WALKER of Flrthvlew Evanton -- Ross-shire
WARDLAW of 10 Melville-crescent Edinburgh and Forest Hill Muir of Ord -- Ross-shire
WATT of Dunnichen Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
WATT of Kincloch Lochcarron Strathcarron -- Ross-shire
WEIR of West Lodge Tarbat Kildary -- Ross-shire
WHEELHOUSE of 30 Westcliffe-road Shipley -- Ross-shire
WHITE of Dunraven Strathpeffer -- Ross-shire
WHITE of Easter Hatchery Conon Bridge -- Ross-shire
WHITEFORD of Newton Schoolhouse Bridgend isle of Islay -- Ross-shire
WILSON of Auchintoul Invergorden -- Ross-shire
WRENTMORE of 6 Tower Street Tain -- Ross-shire
YOUNG of 16 Bank Street Plockton Ross and Cromarty -- Ross-shire
YOUNG of Cadboll Fearn -- Ross-shire
YOUNG of Glencoe Avoch -- Ross-shire
YOUNG of Kingsway Tain -- Ross-shire
YOUNG of The Priory Fortrose -- Ross-shire

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