Toms Wills: Addresses in UK wills 1931-1939.

Roxburghshire is an old place, where many people lived
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Person living in the areaMore details, including year
ADAMSON of 4 Buccleuch Terrace Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ADAMSON of The Brae Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
AGNEW of Bonjedward House Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
AINLEY of Buckholmbum Galashiels -- Roxburghshire
AINSLIE of Cragside Kirk Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
AITCHISON of 11 Whitchester Lane Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
AITCHISON of Hermitage Cottage Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ANDERSON of Smithy House Blalnslie -- Roxburghshire
ANDERSON of Woodcroft Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
ARMSTRONG of 1 George-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ARMSTRONG of 18 North Hermitage-square Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ARMSTRONG of 5 Duke Street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ARMSTRONG of Drygrange Melrose -- Roxburghshire
ARMSTRONG of Whithaugh Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ARNOTT of Lynduff High-road Galashiels -- Roxburghshire
ASHCROFT of Ancrum House -- Roxburghshire
BABINGTON of Bowden Knowe Bowden Bowden Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BAILLIE of Jedbank Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BAINBRIDGE of 3 Railway Cottages Sprouston Kelso -- Roxburghshire
BALFOUR of Ashfield St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
BALFOUR of Sunnyside St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
BALLANTYNE of Oaklea St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
BALLOCH of Corbet Morebattle Kelso -- Roxburghshire
BARR of Barrass Tannery Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BARTON of Anworth-terrace Newtown St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
BATT of Amber Cottage Hilltop-road Earley near Reading and of Fordel High Cross-avenue Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BATY of Greenhouse Farm Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
BEBBINGTON of Grooms Cottage Hartrigge Estate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BELL of Lawston Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
BELL of Park Cottage Newcastleton Roxburghshire
BERTRAM of 1 Linden-terrace Hawick -- Roxburghshire
BETHUNE of Caberfeidh Newlyn Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BLACKETT of Roanlea Kirk Yetholro Kelso -- Roxburghshire
BOAZMAN of The Hermitage Kelso -- Roxburghshire
BOGQIS of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
BOLTON of Newbigging Blrks Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BONAR of Olgll Honeyfield Road Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BOOTH of Mossrigg Lilliesleaf Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BORTHWICK of 1 Thornwood Park Hawick -- Roxburghshire
BORTHWICK of Wiridram Oxnam Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BOWDEN of Hobsburn Hobkirk -- Roxburghshire
BOYD of The Hollies Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BRAYNE of 3 Sprotholm Lilllesleaf Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BRIGGS of Arniesyde St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
BROATCH of 7 Whitechester-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Buccleuch House Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Edenside Kelso -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Frlarshawmulr Midlem near Selkirk -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Greenyards Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Holmhead Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Merrinshaw Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Murray Cottage Lanton Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of station Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Westerhouses near Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Windward Allerley Park Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BROWN of Woodside Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
BROWNLEE of 56 Headrig Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
BRUNSKILL of 19 Tofts Kelso -- Roxburghshire
BUIST of Kirkland Roxburgh -- Roxburghshire
BUNYAN of Abbey View Ormiston Terrace Melrose -- Roxburghshire
BUNYAN of Abbotsknowe Huntly Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CADELL of Waverley Lodge East High Cross Avenue Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CAIRNS of 1 The Tofts Kelso -- Roxburghshire
CAPE of Heatherlands Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
CARLYLE of 4 Princes Street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
CARRE of Cavers Carie -- Roxburghshire
CARRE of Hazelrig Jenny Morris-road St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
CARRICK of Virginia Cottage Tower Road Darnick Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CARRIE of Sprotholm Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
CATHCART of Staerough View Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
CAVERS of Netherby 18 The Tofts Kelso -- Roxburghshire
CHALMERS of Sunningdale 1 Inch-road Kelso -- Roxburghshire
CHISHOLM of Briarbank Cottage Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CIVIL of Dinlabyre Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
CLEGNORN of Rowena Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
COCHRAN of Kalemouth Kelso -- Roxburghshire
COCKBURN of 34 High Street Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
CONN of St. Abbes Hawick and Royal Bank Buildings Hawick -- Roxburghshire
CONOCHIE of Torwood Lodge Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CONSTABLE of 30 Wilton Hill Hawick -- Roxburghshire
CORDON of 8 North Liddle-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
COWAN of Eastfield Bowden Melrose -- Roxburghshire
COWAN of Hazelhope Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
CRANSTON of Selwood Cottage Weirhill Place Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CRAW of 14 Buccleuch Terrace Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
CRAWFORD of Avonlea Priorwood Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CRAWFORD of National Bank House Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
CRINGLE of The School House Nenthom Kelso -- Roxburghshire
CROALL of Korea House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
CROMBIE of Fairfield Ormiston Terrace Melrose -- Roxburghshire
CROSBIE of Bankend Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
CROSBIE of Bankend Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
CURRIE of Parkside St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
CURTIS of Ednam House Hotel Kelso -- Roxburghshire
D'ANGIBAU of Bothendene Bowden St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DAGG of 5 South Hermitage-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DAGG of Buchtrig Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
DALGLEISH of Roan Cottage Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DALL of 77 Castlegate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
DANFORD of Ash Cottage Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DARLING of Rosebank Kelso -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of 3 Douglas Square Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of 45 North Hermitage Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of 45 North Hermitage Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of 5 Oliver Place Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of Abbotsford-road Darnick Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of Cobbleheugh Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of Madras Cottage Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DAVIDSON of Madras Cottage Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DICKSON of Briarlaw St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DICKSON of Eildon Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DINGWELL of The Haven Town Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
DINGWELL of the Haven Yetholm Kelso -- Roxburghshire
DIXON of St. Andrews Convent Stirches Hawick -- Roxburghshire
DODD of 18 North Hermitage-street New-castleton -- Roxburghshire
DODD of Riccarton Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
DODDS of 24 High-street Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
DODDS of Messrs Small and Macpherson Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DONALD of Hyndhurst Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
DORWARD of St. Aidans Manse Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DOUGLAS of 38 Priors Walk Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DOUGLAS of Kildowan Wilton Hill Hawick -- Roxburghshire
DOVE of Burnshot St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DOVE of Burnshot St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DOVE of the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh and of JSurnshot St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DRUMMOND of Elm Cottage Douglas Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DRUMMOND of Newlands St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
DRYBROUGH of 21 Fraser-avenue Hawick -- Roxburghshire
DRYDEN of Musgrove Midlem -- Roxburghshire
DRYDEN of Musgrove Midlem -- Roxburghshire
DUGUID of Samieston Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
DUN of Fairview Melrose -- Roxburghshire
DUNCAN of Shirrafield Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
EASTON of Summerside Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
ECKFORD of Templeknowe St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
ELDER of Treetops Bowden Newtown St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
ELIOTT of Redheigh Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Balmar Ancrum Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Borthaugh Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Clifton Park Kelso -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Harwood Bonchester Bridge Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Hlndhope Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Kingscroft Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOT of Northfield St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
ELLIOTT of The Manse Roberton Hawick -- Roxburghshire
EVANS of High Street Melrose -- Roxburghshire
FAIR of Olivet Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
FAIRBAIRN of 4 Station Cottages Sprouston -- Roxburghshire
FAIRBAIRN of Weirhill Weirhill-place Melrose -- Roxburghshire
FALLA of Denholm -- Roxburghshire
FERGUSON of The Grove Danholm Hawick -- Roxburghshire
FINLAYSON of Linthill Melrose -- Roxburghshire
FITZHERBERT of Edenhall Kelso -- Roxburghshire
FLEMING of Greenlees Kelso -- Roxburghshire
FORD of Buncanhaugji Mill Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
FORMAN of Borthwickshiels Hawick -- Roxburghshire
FORREST of 12 Abbotsford-grove Kelso -- Roxburghshire
FORREST of Goshen House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
FOSTER of 5 Whitchester Lane Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
FOSTER of Rutherford Lodge near Kelso -- Roxburghshire
FRATER of Mayfield St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
FRATER of Mayfield St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
FRY of Birkhill Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
FRY of Dominican Convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
FULTON of Glencairn 70 Castlegate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
GALLOWAY of Cotgreen Melrose -- Roxburghshire
GARDINER of Broomfield Melrose -- Roxburghshire
GATES of Gateshaw Morebattle Kelso -- Roxburghshire
GEBBIE of Waverley Castle Hotel Melrose -- Roxburghshire
GIBB of 26 Orchard Park St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
GIBSON of 23 Bridge-street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
GIBSON of Fordel Melrose -- Roxburghshire
GILLMAN of 11 St Modans-road St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
GIRVAN of Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
GLAHOLM of Palace House Crailing near Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
GLOSSOP of Broadmead 19 North Hermitage-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
GOODFELLOW of Ferneyhill Kelso -- Roxburghshire
GOODFELLOW of The Lodge Old Graden Kelso -- Roxburghshire
GOULD of St. Bedes Melrose -- Roxburghshire
GOW of Eastlea Denholm -- Roxburghshire
GOWANLOCK of Duncanhaugh Mill Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
GRACIE of The Manse Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
GRACIE of The Manse Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
GRAHAM of 2 Dakers-place Hawick -- Roxburghshire
GRANT of Benrig -- Roxburghshire
GRANT of Elm Cottage Maxton St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
GRANT of Hermitage Kelso -- Roxburghshire
GRANT of St. Andrews Convent Stirches Hawick -- Roxburghshire
GRIEVE of 20 Buccleuch-street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
GRIEVE of 7 Lockhart Place Hawick -- Roxburghshire
GRIEVE of Boundary Bank Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
GRIEVE of Eastersyde Mazton St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
GRIEVE of Shllmont Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
GRIFFITH of Hendersyde Sydenham and Ednam -- Roxburghshire
GRINDAL of Melrose Road Newstead Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HALL of Ashville Tweedmount-road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HALL of Chesters Southdean Hawich -- Roxburghshire
HALL of Daramona Newtown-street St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HALLIBURTON of 47 Bountrees Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
HAMILTON of Brundenlaws Bowden St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HAMNETT of Coatgreen Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HANDYSIDE of Main-street Morebattle -- Roxburghshire
HANNAY of Sunnyside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HARDIE of burnbrae Bowden Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HARDIE of Burnbrae Bowden St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HARDIE of Lilliards Edge St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HARLE of The British Linen Bank House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
HARROWER of 13 Buccleuch Terrace Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HARVEY of Firview Belses Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
HAY of Kilmeny Hotel Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HEANEY of Chiefswood Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HEDLEY of Whickhope Falstone Northumberland and Howpasley Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HELBREN of Laburnum Cottage St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HENDERSON of 1 Langlands Place Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HENDERSON of Elmwood Welrhill Place Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HENDERSON of Rosebank Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
HENDRICK of Ravenslea Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HENDRIE of Templeknowe St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HENDRY of 52 Castlegate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
HENDRY of Kielbank Douglas-road East Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HERBST of St. Andrews Convent Stirches Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HIGGINS of Kildrummie Midlem -- Roxburghshire
HISLOP of 37 Castle Drive Berwick-on-Tweed -- Roxburghshire
HOBBS of Burnhead Hawick -- Roxburghshire
HOGG of 32 High Street Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
HOGG of 5 South Liddle Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
HOOD of Romany House Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
HOPE of Allerby Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HOPE of Allerley Melrose -- Roxburghshire
HOPE of Braehead St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HOWIE of Kersknowe -- Roxburghshire
HUME of Ain Cottage Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
HUME of Ain Cottage Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
HUME of Ain Cottage Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
HUME of Broomieknowe Denholm -- Roxburghshire
HUNTER of Copland Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
HUNTER of Glenfield House Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
HUNTER of Glenfield House St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
INGLIS of Ashlea Douglas-road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
INGLIS of Inglewood Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
IRONS of 21 Buccleuch-street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
IRONS of Whitton-road Morebattle -- Roxburghshire
IRVINE of Lealands Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of 3 Whitchester Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of 42 Bridge-street Kelso -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of Craigard Denholm -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of Dene House Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of Glen Douglas Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of Hassendean Hawick -- Roxburghshire
JACKSON of Mossrlg Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
JARDINE of Chesterknowes Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
JEBB of Larriston House Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
JEBB of Lauriston House Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
JENKINS of Hendersyde Park Kelso -- Roxburghshire
JOHNS of Bewliehill Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSON of St. Andrews Convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSON of The Old Mill Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTON of 3 6eorge-stfeet Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTON of Abbots Knowe Huntly Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTON of Oxnam Neuk Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTON of Townhead Cottage Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTON of Tweedmount Newtown-street Boswells -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTON of Upper Nisbet Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
JOHNSTONE of Netherknowe Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
JONES of Castle View Roxburgh near Kelso -- Roxburghshire
JORDAN of Ashtrees Farm near Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
KENDAL of St. Margarets Convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
KENNEDY of Bowmont View Town Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
KER of Fens St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
KER of Glenure Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
KER of The Hawthorns Roxburgh -- Roxburghshire
KERR of 15 Abbotsford Grove Kelso -- Roxburghshire
KERR of Lothian of Monteviot Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
KINGHORN of Parkside Kelso -- Roxburghshire
KINNEAR of Abbeymount Ormiston Terrace Melrose -- Roxburghshire
KIRKMAN of Spottiswoode House Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
KNOWLES of Roseneath Ormiston Terrace Melrose -- Roxburghshire
KYLE of Sorbletrees Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of 64 Castlegate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of Antylands Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of Belsea Cottage Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of Bongate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of Clifton-on-Bowmont Yetholm Kelso -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of Hazeldene Tetholm near Kelso -- Roxburghshire
LAIDLAW of Kippilaw-street Boswells -- Roxburghshire
LANG of Cleithaugh and Mervinslaw -- Roxburghshire
LANG of Newton Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
LAUDER of Dyke Head Penton Cumberland temporarily residing at Long-row Canonbie -- Roxburghshire
LAUDER of Rose Cottage Bailey Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
LAURIE of Queens House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
LAWSON of Schoolhouse Edgerston -- Roxburghshire
LAWSON of The Square Melrose -- Roxburghshire
LEES of 11 Albert Place Kelso -- Roxburghshire
LIGHTBODY of Brundenlaws Bowden Melrose -- Roxburghshire
LITTLE of 1 Henry-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
LITTLE of 10 Douglas Square Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
LITTLE of 13 Gladstone-street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
LITTLE of Crotchet Knowe Melrose -- Roxburghshire
LITTLE of Dlnlabyre Kewcastleton -- Roxburghshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
LITTLE of East Tweedvale High Cross Avenue Melrose -- Roxburghshire
LITTLE of Meadow View Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
LOCKHART of Clifton Cottage Kirk Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
LOCKIE of Burnlea Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
LOCKIE of Wellfield Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
LOCKWOOD of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
LOGAN of Queens House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
LOTHIAN of Monteviof Ancrun -- Roxburghshire
LYLE of Terrace House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
MABON of 48 Castlegate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MACDONALD of Lowrlewell Cottage Yetholm Kelso -- Roxburghshire
MACKAY of Earlston Berwickshire and of Eldhurst Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MACKIE of Ettrick Cottage Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MACKINNON of Drygrange Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MacKINNON of St Andrews-square Morebattle -- Roxburghshire
MACLUCAS of Hollybank Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MACMILLAN of Glenburn Hall Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MacNAIR of Orchard Cottage Denholm -- Roxburghshire
MacNAIR of Orchard Cottage Denholm Hawick -- Roxburghshire
MAIR of Dinglesyde Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MANIFOLD of Cavers Hawick -- Roxburghshire
MANIFOLD of Cavers Hawick -- Roxburghshire
MARSHALL of Cherrytrees Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
MARTIN of Glenbank Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MARTIN of Hillview Huntley Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MARTIN of Shiixafield Yethokn -- Roxburghshire
MASON of Dingleton Hospital Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MASTERS of 56 India-street Edinburgh and of care of P. and J. Stormonth Darling Kelso -- Roxburghshire
MATTHEW of 302 Galapark Road Galashiels -- Roxburghshire
MAXWELL of 5 Sunnybrae Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
McCONNEL of Sunnyside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MCDONALD of Queens House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
MCDONALD of Tweedford Kelso -- Roxburghshire
McGREGOR of Pendstead Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MciWALTER of Bewliehill Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
McKECHNIE of care of Scott Maida Ormiston Terrace Melrose -- Roxburghshire
McKINNIE of Hillside St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MCLAREN of Rosebank Melrose -- Roxburghshire
McLAREN of Whisgills Montague Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
McLEAN of Torwood Lodge Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MELROSE of Braeside St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MELROSE of Sprouston Kelso -- Roxburghshire
MIDDLEMASS of Glenfriars Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MIDDLETON of Lowood Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MILBURN of 1 Abbey Close Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MILL of Riverslea Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MILLAR of Priorsford Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MILLER of Queens House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
MILLER of The Hollies Darnick Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MILLIDGE of Holyrood Cottage Bowden St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MILLS of Birkhill Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MILLS of Denholm -- Roxburghshire
MITCHELL of 77 Bongate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MITCHELL of Dryburgh Farm St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MITCHELL of Netherhills Eildon Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MOIR of St. Marys Dingleton Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MOORE of St. Andrews Convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
MORISON of Hiltonshill St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MORRISON of Abbotshee High Cross Avenue Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MORRISON of Old Orchard Hawick -- Roxburghshire
MORRISON of The Crescent St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
MUIR of 13 Allerley Crescent Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
MURDOCH of Northfield North Hermitage-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
MURRAY of 9 Whitchester-lane Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
MURRAY of Booklaws High-street Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MURRAY of Firknowe Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
MURRAY of Whlsgills Montagu Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
NAME of Byways Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
NELSON of Southbank Bowden St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
NEPEAN of Priorwood Melrose -- Roxburghshire
NEWBOULT of Balcherry Yetholm near Kelso -- Roxburghshire
NICHOL of 31 North Hermitage-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
NICHOL of The Yett Kelso -- Roxburghshire
NICOLSON of The Rowans Bloomfield Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
OGILVIE of Chesters Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
OLIVER of 25 Woodbank-road Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
OLIVER of Broompark Cottage Bowden Newton St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
OLIVER of Douglas-square Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
OLIVER of Holm Cottage Doncaster Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ORD of Braeside Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ORD of Sunnyside St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
PATERSON of Broomlands Hawick -- Roxburghshire
PATON of 3 Council-houses Oxnam -- Roxburghshire
PATON of Northfield St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
PAXTON of Averil Gattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
PEEL of Hender-syde Park Kelso -- Roxburghshire
PENNY of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
PIPPET of East Fordel Melrose -- Roxburghshire
PLENDERLEITH of Smiths-road Darnick Melrose -- Roxburghshire
POOLE of Sunnyside Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
PORTEOUS of Newtown House Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
PRENTICE of Hyndhurst Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
PRESTON of St. Andrews Convent Stirches Hawick -- Roxburghshire
PRETSELL of Kirklands Denholm -- Roxburghshire
PRETTEJOHN of Mainhouse Kelso -- Roxburghshire
PRICE of Hawthorn Bank Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
PRINGLE of St. Margarets Heme for Invalids Myreslawgreen Hawick -- Roxburghshire
PURDIE of 49 High Street Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
RAE of Mangerton Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
RAE of Temple Farm St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
RAMSAY of Elldon Cottage Dingleton Melrose -- Roxburghshire
REDPATH of Bowden Mill Farm Bowden Melrose -- Roxburghshire
REID of Plperdale Melrose -- Roxburghshire
RIDDELL of Ashlea Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
RIDDELL of Beech Cottage Bowden Melrose St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
RIDDELL of East Nisbet Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
RIDDELL of Holmburn Melrose -- Roxburghshire
RIDDLE of Flatt Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
RINTOUL of Ellerslie Melrose -- Roxburghshire
RITCHIE of Hawkslee St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
ROBERTON of Bothendene Bowden St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
ROBERTON of Morebattle Tofts Kelso -- Roxburghshire
ROBERTSON of T Myrtle-bank Seascale Cumberland and of Westerhouses Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ROBERTSON of The Neuk Springfield Terrace St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
ROBERTSON of West End Denholm -- Roxburghshire
ROBINSON of St. Andrews Convent Stirches Hawick -- Roxburghshire
ROBSON of Hundalee Cottage Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
ROBSON of Staerough View Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
RODGER of Yetholm Kelso -- Roxburghshire
ROUTLEDGE of Shaws Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
ROUTLEDGE of The Shaws Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
RUDDICK of Bailey Mill Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
RUTHERFORD of 31 The Square Kelso -- Roxburghshire
RUTHERFORD of Belses Smallholding Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
RUTHERFORD of Lempitlaw Kelso -- Roxburghshire
RUTHERFORD of Yethouse Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
RUTHERFURD of 2 Queen Marys-buildings Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SANDERSON of Linthill Melrose -- Roxburghshire
SAYER of Rose-bank Kelso -- Roxburghshire
SCALLON of St. Andrews-convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of 1 North Hermitage-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of 15 Bountrees Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Ashyburn Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Broomlands Kelso -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Brundenlaws Bowden Newtown St. Bos-wells -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Brundenlaws Bowden St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Harden Mains Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Heronhill Hawick -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Klppllaw Melrose -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Lethem and Lanton Tower near Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Netherknowe Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Netherknowe Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Newton Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Newton Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Newton Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SCOTT of Strathaln Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
SEAR of Race Court House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
SETON of Westerloaning Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
SHELDON of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
SHEPPARD of 26 Howden Road Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SIMPSON of 23a Bridge-street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
SITWELL of Ednam House Hotel Kelso -- Roxburghshire
SLATER of Dingleton Hospital Melrose -- Roxburghshire
SLIMMON of Braeside Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
SMITH of 10 Ednam Parish of Ednam -- Roxburghshire
SMITH of Causewayend Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
SMITH of Elm Villa Douglas Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
SMITH of Main-street Denholm -- Roxburghshire
SMITH of Wallan Morebattle -- Roxburghshire
SMITH of Whitehouse Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
SNODGRASS of Charlesfield St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
SOMERVAIL of Hoselaw Kelso -- Roxburghshire
SPARK of Ellangowan Melrose -- Roxburghshire
SPOTTISWOODE of Spottiswoode House Oattonside Melrose -- Roxburghshire
STARK of Merrick St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
STENHOUSE of Whitelee Cottage Lilliesleaf -- Roxburghshire
STODDART of Alma House St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
STODDART of Kirklands near Melrose -- Roxburghshire
STRATTON of The Bridge Inn Bonchester Hawick -- Roxburghshire
SWAN of Cotgreen Darnick Melrose -- Roxburghshire
SWANSTON of 69 Orchard-park Kelso -- Roxburghshire
TAIT of Edenside Kelso -- Roxburghshire
TAIT of Wooplaw -- Roxburghshire
TALBOT of Maxpoffle St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
TALBOT of Monteviot Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
TARLETON of St. Andrews Convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
TAYLOR of 5 Douglas-square Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
TELFER of 2 Union Street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
TELFER of 32 North Hermitage-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
TELFER of 9 Doncaster-street Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
TEMPLETON of Ardene St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
TEMPLETON of Ardene-street St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
TEMPLETON of Sandyknowe Kelso -- Roxburghshire
THIN of Fairview Melrose -- Roxburghshire
THOMPSON of St. Margarets House Hawick -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of 18 Buccleuch-street Hawick -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Caverton Mill Kelso -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Cowbog Morebattle Kelso -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Denholm House Denholm -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Hopton Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Kenmore Bank Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Kirklands Denholm -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Maxton West End St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
THOMSON of Nenthorn Kelso -- Roxburghshire
THORBURN of Ednam House Kelso -- Roxburghshire
TOES of Mertoun Mill St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
TOMAN of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
TREVELYAN of The Old Manse Yetholm -- Roxburghshire
TUDHOPE of Maitland House FOrestfield Kelso -- Roxburghshire
TUKE of Hundalee Cottage Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
Contemplative Monk
Person living in the areaMore details, including year
TUKE of Hundalee Cottage Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
TULLOCH of Dingleton Hospital Melrose -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of 16 Waverley-terrace Hawick -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of Beechhurst Hawick -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of Birchgrove Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of Chesters Lodge Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of Eastfield Lempitlaw. Kelso -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of Kingscroft Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of The Allars Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of The Firs Newtown St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of The Manse Roxburgh -- Roxburghshire
TURNBULL of Toftholm Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
TURNER of East Bank Bowden Melrose -- Roxburghshire
TURNER of Woodside Kelso -- Roxburghshire
URQUHART of Heathercroft The Green St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
USHER of Wells Hawick -- Roxburghshire
VASSIE of Northfield Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
VEITCH of 49 Canongate Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
VEITCH of Bellevue Kelso -- Roxburghshire
VEVERS of 20 North Hermitage-square Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
VEVERS| of Dingle ton Hospital Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WAKELY of Tinkers Den St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
WALLACE of Mayfield Newlyn Road Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WARD of Butlers Cottage Hartrigge Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
WARNEKEN of St. Margarets Home Hawick -- Roxburghshire
WATSON of Broomhills Southdean near Hawick -- Roxburghshire
WATSON of Clairinsh Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WATSON of Easter. Softlaw Kelso -- Roxburghshire
WATSON of Townfoot Ancrum Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
WATSON of Violet Cottage Causewayend Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
WATSON of Windyridge Bowden -- Roxburghshire
WATT of Lillieslea Lilliesleaf Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WHILLANS of Charlesfield Farm St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
WHITEHEAD of Bowhill Bowmont-street Kelso -- Roxburghshire
WIGHT of Allerton Ancrum -- Roxburghshire
WILCOX of The Dominican Convent Hawick -- Roxburghshire
WILKINSON of 4 Cottage Earlside Hawick -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of 7 St. Modans Road St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Dene House Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Dingleton Hospital Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Gatesaw Morebattlel Kelso -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Lathallan Lilllesleaf-by Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Roslyn Jedburgh -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Thornielaw St Boswells -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Weir Gate House St. Boswells -- Roxburghshire
WILSON of Woodside Newcastleton -- Roxburghshire
WOTHERSPOON of Allaraine Denholm -- Roxburghshire
WRIGHT of The Bourne High Cross Avenue Melrose -- Roxburghshire
WYLLIE of Whitelee Galashiels -- Roxburghshire
YOUNG of Aldie Melrose -- Roxburghshire
YOUNG of Fernbank Midlem -- Roxburghshire
YOUNGER of Hassendeanburn Hawick -- Roxburghshire

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