Evans family of Bassaleg, Monmouthshire

David Evans [corrected error] m Ann [poss. 'Hannah' Lewis of Lantarnam m 1753]
had lots of children thereafter in Bassaleg including a Margaret 1770
. 1 Charles Evans bp 1757 St Woollos Newport
m bef 1778, Mary
Mary Evans widow m 1793 Bassaleg, William Evans [issue son Thomas 1794]
This marriage would explain who 'William and Mary Evans' were, that witnessed Margaret's marriage 1810 (below). Odd that this is the only marriage witnessed by relatives in this generation.
Charles Evans is resurrected and named in 1837 as the father of the middle-aged bride Mary, and occupation usefully given as 'fireman'.
All change! Mary's life story now known a bit more. Dies March 1845 age 101 years age 3 months at Pye Corner, Rogerstone. Unclear of her relationship to Lewis family (1841 census). Newspaper account gives her in error as Ann.
. . 1 Charles Evans bp Oct 1778 Bassaleg
m 1801 Bassaleg (bachelor), Elizabeth Lloyd
are these they?
1841 Llanarth Mon: Charles Evans 60 =Elizabeth 60 woodcutter near Feder, Llanarth Court with Eliza Evans 34
Yes they are. Probably had other children.... Obtaining their death certificates.
. . . 1 John Evans bp Mar 1802 Bassaleg (very likely)
[m 1839 Christchurch Monmouthshire - not yet ruled out]
m 9 Feb 1840 Bedwellty parish church, Elizabeth Thomas
groom: bachelor, heater, Tredegar, s/o Charles rowler [roller]
bride: spinster, no occupation given, Tredegar, d/o John miner
wit: Edward Williams (X), Hy Evans [presumably Henry Evans]
Q. Who is Henry (brother?)? This marriage fits but is not 100% proven - maiden name of Thomas believed to be from son's birth certificate. Henry son of Mary is living Mynyddislwyn 1841 with a brother Lewis (one possibility).
1841 not found
1851 agent for Monmouth Canal living Abercarn Mynyddislwyn born Bassaleg age 50, wife born Tredegar
John Evans bur 1854 Bassaleg age 53 could well be him though place of residence needs checking
1861 widow housekeeper alive living Abercarn (ditto 1871 - living with dau. 1881 Abertillery)
issue: Elizabeth 1843 (m 1863 David Mills), John D 1848 (m bef 1881, Frances 'Fannie'), Charles Lloyd Evans 11 Jan 1851 Abercarn- 1929 (m, issue). Settle in Llanelli
This all fits particularly middle name of Lloyd, mother's maiden name Thomas confirmed. Older boy CL Evans born 1840 dies 1841. Think 'Henry Evans' is a red herring. Ignore the John Evans who dies at Tredegar Lodge 1850s (will) husband of Emily Maria.
. . 2 David Evans bp Jul 1780 Bassaleg, likely marriage:
m 1803 Bassaleg, Mary Edmunds [burial 1822 age 54 unlikely as too old]
no further info - note Edmunds family appears 3 times in this generation
. . 3 Thomas Evans bp May 1782 Bassaleg
. . 4 Thomas Evans bp Aug 1783 Bassaleg 'son of Thomas Charles Evans'
is this a rebaptism of the first Thomas, or did a baby die?
m 1802 Bassaleg, Elizabeth Edmunds
issue: Mary 1804, Mary 1806
1841 Bassaleg under railway [possible entry] : Thomas Evans 70 aglab =Eliz, grandson John Jenkins 10 b Bristol at sch
even IF this Thomas was the one who married age 19/20 in 1802, there's further confusion as his mother appears to have remarried in 1793 and had a son Thomas (?) the following year
19 is early to marry but the fact two siblings married Edmunds family members lends it some weight
No idea about the 1790s Thomas but this one is indeed the railway chap. Left his cottage to his daughter Ann. Left will. Mother Mary living with him as 'Thomas Charles' in 1841.
Daughter Ann marries John Jenkins about 1840 in Bristol.
Daughter Susanna marries 1838 in Christchurch Newport to Henry Adye, shoemaker, and has family by (1) granddaughter Susan Jane, (2) son Henry Charles (NZ) and (3) possibly by daughter Elizabeth Edwards not traced (overseas?). Issue by son Thomas in Erie, PA, die out. Why does Susanna die in Southampton? Sons and some sons-in-law are mariners.
May have had other issue. Very likely to identify Susanna as her baptism is missing. Lucky find helped there.
. . 5 William Evans bp Aug 1784 Bassaleg
believe buried Bassaleg 'son of Charles' (can't find ref.)
note his mother appears to remarry 1793 and have a son William the following year
. . 6 Ann(e) bp Oct 1786 Bassaleg
Ann Evans m 1801 Bassaleg, Watkin Morgan (wit David Edmunds) - consider this too early (our Ann then 14/15)
Ann Evans m 1812 Bassaleg, John Morgan [Ann died the following year age 22/29 source age at death, and her widower married then to Rachel Jones]
Ann Evans m 1812 Bassaleg, Jonathan Francis of Newport, later cabinet maker [d 1833], issue: Sarah 1813, Mary c 1817 (no bapt.), Jonah 1821, David 1824, William 1827, Anna 1829 (these 3 bp 1830 Newport Mill Street Congreg. Chapel) - four of these living together Newport 1841. Perhaps this was our Ann. Her marriage witnessed by Mary Morgan and Mary Loyd and was by licence. These clues need investigating.
Ann Evans m 1804 [would then be 18 if ours], Abraham Pritchard. Abraham living St Woollos workhouse 1841 age 75 and died 4 years later, buried St Woollos. No further information.
. . 7 John Evans bp Jul 1788 Bassaleg
no marriage found
. . 8 Mary Evans bp Jun 1790 Bassaleg alive 1861 (d about 1867 Bassaleg/ Rogerstone)
m1 1812 Bassaleg, Rees Edmund (s)
Rees witnessed the marriage of David Thomas and Ann Jones, Machen 1809
Rees buried 1836 Bassaleg age '33' - age queried by transcriber [Mary then 46]
m2 Nov 1837 St Woollos parish church Newport, Thomas Turberville
Thomas Turberville was from Bassaleg also (son of Lewis) and also widowed.
He had had children in Michaelston-y-Fedw by wife Cecilia including Eliza (Davies). About 1835 son Frederick was born (no baptism found) - presumably NOT by Mary but by Cecilia.
Bride's father given as Chas Evans fireman.
Both couple make their marks - Thomas is a labourer and there's a sense the family were drifting down the social scale (father had been a, presumably small-scale, farmer). Witnesses: Samuel Thomas (X), Wm Jenkins
Thanks to Turberville researchers for finding and posting that 1837 information which proves Mary's Edmunds marriage.
Thomas Turberville left will 1869
Note the Rees Edmunds whose children married at Varteg/ Trevethin are another bunch.
. . . 1 Mary Edmunds bp 1814 Bassaleg
m 1846 Machen, Daniel Edmunds
d/o Rees Edmunds labourer; s/o Morgan Edmunds limeburner; witness William Edmunds most likely Mary's unmarried brother
living Twyn Shon Evan, Upper Bedwas, Mon 1851-1881
Daniel was railway labourer b c 1813 Machen or Rudry
once again - nobody in the family bothered to visit at census time!
. . . 2 Eliza Edmunds bp 1818 Bassaleg, father labourer - no further trace
Eliza Edmunds m 29 Jun 1839 St Woollos Watkin Watkins (b 1815 Newport); Eliza poss d 1840 Npt (neither proved yet; no)
. . . 3 David Edmunds bp 1819 Bassaleg; d 1879 Bedwellty area (Rumney age 59)
m May 1845 Bassaleg (laborer of that parish), Charlotte Davies (servant of that parish)
s/o Rees Edmunds labourer; d/o Benjamin Davies farm bailiff
bride makes her mark - both parties not previously married
wit: Thos Lloyd, Wm Edmunds [likely groom's younger unmarried brother]
1841 Graig (only 2 houses), Bassaleg
David Edmunds 25 aglab,William 15 (seem to be the two brothers)
1851 Rogerstone hamlet, Tregaithin Road, Bassaleg - railway plate layer
wife and family
1861 of Clydach Street, Brynmawr Breconshire
wife and family
1871 83 Hill Street Rumney (Tredegar) platelayer widower b Bazleick with two sons and married daughter and family (coalminer)
Charlotte died 1863 Bedwellty area; David died 1879
. . . . 1 David Edmunds c 1845 Bassaleg, alive 1871
. . . . 2 Martha Edmunds 1847 Bassaleg, d 1865 or m 1866 Edward Evans
. . . . 3 Mary Ann Edmunds c 1849 Bassaleg, alive 1861
. . . . 4 Louisa Edmunds c 1852 Bassaleg
m 1870 Bedwellty Dist., William Rees coalminer
living 7 Hill Street Rumney 1881
issue: Martha, Mary, Sarah J
Living 4 Nowles Square Rumney - all speak Welsh only! Only Martha at home (age 20 plus 4 boarders - others dead?)
. . . . 5 Rees Edmunds c 1854 Bassaleg, at home 1871; d 1928 age 74
blacksmith Rogerstone; lived 2 The Hollies Rogerstone; left an estate at probate
Rees spoke both languages - children only speak English
m 1876 Newport area, Fanny Alma Gimblett d 1922 age 66
several sons of whom Alfred Edward Edmunds was furnaceman 5 Grove Place Griffithstown and Alfred's only granddaughter's family still show up as living in the town 2002
. . . 4 William Edmunds bp 1822 Bassaleg
living with brother David 1841 Graig, Bassaleg
appears to be living 1851, 1861 with Keziah Edmunds, Pleasant Fields, Risca (widow of Edmund Edmunds railway agent) described as lodger born Bassaleg (listed as 'Williams Edmunds' 1851); he was same age as Keziah's children perhaps his cousins
may have been somewhat simple - however witnessed sister Mary and brother David's marriages so perhaps not
. . . 5 Rachel Edmunds b c 1824 Bassaleg (no bapt.), d 1888 Bassaleg area age 64 (as 'Wixcey')
m1 Nov 1848 St Woollos Newport, William Phillips c 1827 Bassaleg- bef 1887
groom: plaisterer, s/o Thomas labourer
bride: d/o Rees Edmunds labourer
both 'of St Woollos parish' and not previously married. Wit: Joseph Morgan and Louisa Hale (X). Louisa is a house servant in Newport 1841 and not born in area - no known connection.
Note that Edmund and Keziah Edmunds have a daughter Rachel in Risca about the year 1824, but this Rachel states TWICE that her father is Rees, and born Bassaleg, so must be daughter of Rees and Mary (Evans). Probably her parents flirted with non-conformism and that explains missing baptisms.
m2 1887 Bassaleg (age '55'), William Wixey
father of Rachel (then Mrs Phillips widow) given as Rees Edmunds platelayer (this entry - from MonGenes database was only clue to Rachel's existence). Widower found lodging in area 1891.
1841 female servant Carpenters Arms Graig
1851 tyler and plaster Pudlers Row, Rogerstone hamlet
1861 tin plate (an)nealer Tydu Graig Rogerstone
1871 anhealer in tin works Pudlers Row Rogerstone
1881 tinplate worker's wife (Rachel), Tydu Rogerstone (husband apparently then alive)
. . . . 1 Mary Ann Phillips c 1848, presumably died, probably Rachel had other children who died as well
. . . . 2 Charles Phillips c 1852 Tydu
m 1874 Newport area, Rosina Hancock bapt. 1852 Clevedon Somerset (d/o Edward, Jane)
tinplate roller, Redbrook, Newland Glocs. just outside town of Monmouth
issue 10 children (7 alive in 1911): William J, Mary J, Mary Ann, Frances E, Lily, Florence, Arthur, Kenneth
. . . . 3 Emily Phillips c 1858 Tydu; died by 1911 (alive 1901 Newport)
m 1881 Bassaleg/ Newport, Alfred Harris
(as there was only one couple in GRO refs, may have been nonconformist marriage)
plate labourer Gilbert Avenue later Mansel Avenue Newport
seven sons: William George, Alfred/ Charles, Frederick, Reginald Arthur, Octavius/ Thomas, Ernest, Ivor
family only speak English in 1891 census; what a pity.
also sadly no girls to compare mtDNA with female-line descendants of great-aunt Margaret Evans (mostly still in Deri, Glamorgan).
. . . . 4 Rosa Phillips c 1862, at home 1881 - can't find thereafter
. . . 5 Ann Edmunds c 1833
this is based on Ann living with Thomas and Mary Turberville (her mother?) in 1841
in 1851 there is Ann Edmunds 20 b Bassaleg unmarried living in Newport workshouse St Woollos
she did NOT marry Llantarnam 1855 to James Phillips - this was another Ann, a bit younger d/o Lewis Edmunds (but born Machen/ Bassaleg)
perhaps Ann was indeed daughter of Rees/ Mary - and like Rachel not baptised in parish church
. . 9 Blanche Evans bp 30 Apr 1792 Bassaleg
- no further trace. Did not marry 1815 Michaelstone y Fedw this was Blanch bp 1798 who was living Lydney 1841.
- her 'twin' named the first child Blanche which is ominous. Sounds like she died young.
Seemingly marries Edwards. Possible child Margaretta Blanche Edwards - obtaining her death certificate.
. . 10 Margaret Evans bp 30 Apr 1792 Bassaleg (timing indicates likely twins)
alive 1861 Merthyr; died likely 1862 (name mis-spelt)
m 1810 Bassaleg (of that parish), David Morton, later boat builder (Newport) and after of Abercanaid, south of Merthyr Tydfil (home of Petula Clark), Glamorganshire. Moved to Glam between 1827 and 1835.
Her marriage witnessed by William and Mary Evans, likely stepfather and mother - this would fit as Margaret was under 21 so in theory needing parental permission. (The groom had a cousin Mary also wife of another William Evans, but they were in Neath, Glam, and not known to be related.)
Issue include: Blanche 1812-68, Elizabeth, Charles, David, Griffith, Thomas, Augustus. Possibly also Mary who married in Newport 1838 to Christopher Edwards (odd as her parents by then already in Merthyr area). No baptisms found except for the youngest ('twins'), 1827 Newport.
Blanche's portrait survives and she names both her parents at her daughter's Methodist baptism 1835/6, Merthyr. Blanche is my ancestor, and that name appears in future generations - the last bearer was not strong and passed in Lawrence Co, Pa.
. . 11 William Evans (half-brother not proven) bp 1794 Bassaleg