The Dunkertons of Bloomfield

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"Elizabeth Haine their Daughter was Borne the 14th Day of Decr on Sunday Morning Quarter before 2 O Clock in the year of our Lord 1804..."

naturalised citizens of
North America...

1834.  Eight members of the Dunkerton family of Baltonsborough in Somerset arrived at Bloomfield in Ohio.
Richard 38, Elizabeth 30, John 8, James 7, Mary 5, Richard 4, Samuel 2, Eleanor.
Ages estimated.  Richard's older daughters Rhoda 18 and Eliza 14 may have accompanied their parents or travelled separately.

1.  Home of Ida Howe, built for her husband George W. Taylor, insurance agent, St Louis, Mo. in 1910.  Now the home of Washington University Catholic Student Center.

2.  Shirley Jones, the great-granddaughter of James Dunkerton, founder of Dunkerton Ia. in a town parade circa 2000.

3.  John Jefferson of Merrick County, Nebr., with his family, about 1981.  See this link for more.

home of Ida Howe Shirley Jones John Jefferson
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