Generation 'S'*

Family of William and
 Betty (Scott) Haine
Family of John and Mary (Creed) Haine Family of Thomas
and Ann (Look) Haine
Family of Joseph and Sarah (Look) Haine

the Haine family were from East Pennard in Somerset...
Martha 1802-91
William 1806-98
Susanna 1812-99
Jane 1814-83
Elizabeth 1804-86
Mary 1807-48
William 1806-95
George 1815-72
Mercy 1817-c93
Thomas 1822-92
Ann 1824-80
Jane 1827-1910
Joseph 1811-83
George 1812-95
Thomas 1813-83
Mary 1815-90
William 1817-1906

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*this is working back from Generation 'X', born about 1970.  160 years earlier - - 'S' !