The Haine's of Stone, East Pennard

In addition to Elizabeth, William and Mercy were the siblings listed below, of whom Mary and George also have families.

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HAINE.  The surname is not a common one, and we have borrowed the apostrophe, as in Haine's, to distinguish this from the separate surname Haines.  The Haine's had farmed at East Pennard for generations.  Two influences crept in with the arrival of the nineteenth century: Methodism, and the whiff of better farming opportunities in North America.

You can read about Stephen and Mary Symes by following this link.  James Haine died in 1833 at East Pennard.  Four weeks later, the youngest child married in the parish church and set sail for her groom's native township, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Elizabeth and William followed the Symes couple to Ohio over the next two years.  This left just George to manage the family farm.

Eleanor HAINE 3 May 1813 East Pennard, 7.30am- 29 May 1835 East Pennard
m 24 Apr 1834 East Pennard: John DAY (1813 East Pennard- 17 Dec 1896 East Pennard)
John HAINE 22 Jul 1810 East Pennard, 9.45pm- 29 Aug 1861 West Bradley
m 1843: Mary Ann HAINE (1804 Pilton- 30 May 1864 Baltonsborough), daughter of William Haine of Westholme.
(John) Albert William HAINE 1844 Westholme, Pilton- 19 Mar 1899 Southwood, Baltonsborough
She would have been known as Ellen, and was named after her aunt Ellen Creed (Dunkerton). Another Ellen (Maidment), her cousin, witnessed her marriage. She died in childbirth of her only son, William Haine Day, who lived to be 23. "He died at the age of 21 in England at his father's home, John Day of Huxham" written in family Bible, Ohio. John married secondly (1837 Ditcheat) to Eliza Ann Longman, and thirdly to Susan (d 1904).  John Day farmed at Huxham and later Stone, both in East Pennard. His brother Thomas Day went to Ohio circa 1838, settling at Orwell, but his wife's dissatisfaction led them to return to Somerset. Their witnesses married two years later at Pilton, Thomas and Ann Haine. In 1851 he was farming 155 acres at West Bradley, with nine labourers. He owned land at Butt Moor, Southwood, Dyke's Green, Lottisham Green and West Pennard. His estate was valued under 2000 including leaseholds. He witnessed the marriages of his cousins Susanna and William Haine at Pilton. He died in an accident and is buried with his family at West Bradley Churchyard.  His brother George of Stone and cousin William of Westholme were executors. In letters from Thomas Haine and his sister Sarah Maby. "30 Aug 1837. Cousin Mary Haine of Westholm has been dangerously ill, but is recovering. 26 Oct 1842. Cousin John Haine and Mary are not yet married but I expect it will not be long.. 7 Jun 1843. Cousin John and Mary are married and living in Westholm. They had a dairy at Parbrook having taken a farm there." m 1873: Mary Grace CATLEY (c 1851- 25 Oct 1934 Millfield Wells)
Albert farmed at Southwood, having 146 acres in 1881. He witnessed the will of his uncle George Haine, 1869. With his cousin Edwin, he was executor to his uncle William Haine of Westholme. His widow was living at Millfield Wells by 1914. He left the residue of his estate to Arthur Haine of Stone. His estate was valued at 6000. "Therefore be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of Man cometh."

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